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Weekly Recap: 2/22/16 - 2/28/16

Monday - (8.2) We are into week 3 of this cold, I'm counting the week I woke up with a headache every frigging day as the first week.  What a miserable bug this one is.  Seems like I'm sick every couple months?  Guess the last one was pre Thanksgiving... better start keeping track, somehow.

In the process of training for training for this ultra I feel the need to set my sights on minimum runs, if I'm going out, it won't be worth it unless I run X miles.  Since the beginning of the year I've aimed for 5 for my runs and I think I'm pretty good with that.  While that may not seem like a lot to some, it is still 50+/- minutes of time for my pace so I have to balance in the time it takes.    This week I'm aiming for 6 and see how this goes.  I know training plans have varying miles per day in my mind I believe I need to do this, mental stamina training, not cutting short at 5 miles.  Daily runs may only be able to top out at 6 or 7 for be depending on how long I can get away at lunch.  Or run before work... which may need to happen in the summer.   But who knows my company is going through some upheaval, hard telling where it all will fall out in the late summer.

Did weight training after work.  I feel odd putting that as public entry in Strava.  It had been a few weeks and I definitely needed to drop 5 lbs on a couple things and up a couple others.  The leg extensions and curls bother my knees.  And yes, free weights and squats and lunges would be the better substitute.   I'll get all this figured out as my insecurities about free weights wane

Tuesday - (8.4)  That 6 mile run was tough, the wind made it fun, gloves would have been nice, my fingers were icy and the defrosting process wasn't as painful as I thought it might be. The wind was mostly coming from the East, I ran into it for stretches. The most was 1/2 mile stretch directly East. It was fun, in that perverse way running into the wind can be. When I was treated to running with the wind at my back I was impressed with how far the wind would carry my spit (I'm a child). 

Bailed on Yoga sometimes I need a quiet evening.  Dave was supposed to be at band practice so the house would be quiet.  No dice, between the bass playing and the equipment running in the basement I should have gone to yoga.  Oh well, perhaps tomorrow night.  He only had one thing to finish up so it was quiet when I got home from a snowy walk with Gus, I don't think he was all that much into the walk, but he wanted to go, so, oh who can figure out dogs anyhow?  Dave and I settled in to watch Monday nights episode of Better Call Saul, we aren't totally sold on the prequel thing but the shows are actually pretty good so far.  As evidenced by me talking to the TV.  He just laughs, and agrees, it was a good episode.  If I'm quite then it usually wasn't a good episode.  This is probably why we don't go to many movies, me talking to the screen.  

Wednesday - (6.2)  Met up with Eric on the way out of the building, he said his run was good, the weather was actually nice, IF it didn't down pour.  Considering I didn't want to run 6 and the thought of a down pour...  oh well... what needs to be done, gets done.  I decided to torture myself with two laps of the hill Faith and I did on Friday (in 'the neighborhood') for my wanting to say 5 would be good enough.  As I got closer to campus the rain was coming down harder, it was refreshing.  Plus I knew Thursday I'd be in NY with no opportunity to run so I should really enjoy this run.  

Spin at the Arcadia Y, good interval class, I think the floor boards warped under my bike from all the sweat.

The rain and lack of energy prevented a dog walk.  I made pancakes and shared them with the hounds, hoping that a little real maple syrup would gain me some forgiveness and not upset any stomachs.

Thursday -  (2.9)  NY for the day.  The weather was cranky and my meetings were scattered hither and yon, so I ate 6 cookies and a salad for lunch.  For dinner I picked up a Left Hand Brewery Hard Wired Nitro Stout, ok 2.  Brought Ruta Sepetys new book "Salt to the Sea" with me.  Fifty pages in and I was riveted.  Similar to how "Between Shades of Grey" captivated/gripped me.  "Out of the Easy" was about a different time period however a similar escaping destiny theme.

To say it was a stellar diet day, would only be appropriate dripping with sarcasm.   Got home to nothing but noise and Gus nosing me to take him for a walk.  Sure at 8 p.m. perfect time for a walk...  I wanted to go to sleep I was crashing from my poor dietary choices and having to be up at 5:30 a.m. and on the ball all day.  I took him, he's such a sad creature sometimes, he will never fully recover from the abuse he endured the first 3 years of his life.  It is nice to see him happy and confident.

Friday - (5)  The wind was NNW, so I decided to run to the Gold Star Bridge and back, about 5 miles, not hitting my 6 goal but I have a race tomorrow?  Does that count?  Yeah, probably not.  So I ran up hill into the wind for most of 2.5 miles and then similar hill profile on the way back to campus. The second half of the run was considerably faster than the first.  I enjoyed the wind in my face, well except for the part with the street sweeper and the dirt, and then enjoyed the wind at my back.  Kind of felt like flying in either direction.  I'd of run the bridge, even with my ballast a good gust probably could have lifted me up and over the fence. 

Gus didn't get a walk, he didn't seem to distraught about it.

Saturday - (10.1)  Belleville Pond 10K 3rd in the 4th Season Trail race series (recap to come)  I placed 5th in my age group and 114th overall (130 finishers)  33 minutes after the winner, no wonder why there was barely a car left in the parking lot!!  HA HA HA HA!!  My time was just under 3 minutes slower than my fastest time on this course.  30ish seconds a mile, I'll account that to 1) age 2) the extra 10 lbs of beer belly I'm harboring like a criminal and 3) oh who really cares!!

After hobbling home, holy guacamole not running trails since Old Mountain Field really showed in my knees and my bum and weirdly my shins (that's a new pain), I tried to nap however Gizmo wasn't having any of that and wanted his walk around the block, he won, of course.  I read a bit in "Salt of the Sea" and then took Gus, no matter how much he hates car rides, he does enjoy the destination (other than the vet) I took him to Barn Island.  I hobbled and he waited for me to catch up as he sauntered hither and yon. 

Sunday - (7.7) 10 a.m. meet up with Jennifer B and Jennifer W to run the hills by Jennifer B's work.  JB is up to about 4 miles and we were good with that.  She brought along Mox, her adopted 8 year old lab.  She is Mox's 3rd and final home.   He, like most adult rescues have a sad story.  Honestly I have a hard time calling a puppy a rescue, the mom of the puppy is the one in rescue probably because she got knocked up, and she is the tough luck case, the puppies well, they have the misfortune of being born to an abandoned (and possibly abused or neglected) bitch.    Mox enjoyed the run, his second guardians were runners and used to take him for runs, so he knew the routine.  Labs are built for running, for sure.   It wasn't a break neck pace it was 4 miles, much needed recovery miles for me.  I am so surprised how much Belleville Pond beat me up.

Cute trail marker!

Took Gus for a stroll through Grills Preserve in the late afternoon, I've never been there and I've seen the guys run in there quite a bit.  Wow, I am really missing some nice easy relaxing trails.  Gus and I wandered here and there, I got lost, per usual.  Fortunately the trails are fairly well marked (also USUALLY I can remember where the sun was when I started out and know it needs to be opposite to be heading back to the car) and we ended up back at the starting point for both loops we did!  Next weekend, time and energy allowing we will go for a run there.  I think he will enjoy that.  He has proven time and time again he will listen to me when I say stop and he doesn't get more than 10 feet ahead of me, he takes note of squirrels, birds, and mice running hither and yon however he doesn't dart off to chase them. 

Don't go around, go through!  Good Boy!!

Bi Ped Bridges are for sissies!

Wow, that really IS a big Rock!


Week: 48.6 (33.7 run 14.9 walk)  
MTD:  349.1 against a straight line target of: 325.1


Beth, exhausted and starting week 4 of the mookus cold.  Blargh.

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  1. Ugh I have had the never-ending cold bug as well... With all the gross drippiness on all my runs, I would think I should be rid of this by now! So frustrating, I feel your pain!

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