Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bolton Road Race - Recap

On one of our fall runs Faith asked me to stand up for her at her wedding to Joe.  It would be at the Bolton Road Race in March.  It has a big hill and it usually snows were her selling points.  Not recommending a career in sales for her!

Hills don't really bother me, neither does snow, and well who knew what shape I'd be in 6 months later.  At my age I really thought standing up at a wedding wasn't in the picture.  Thankfully this required matching running shirts (no fruffy fluffy ruffly dress) and the bride provided, even better!  I loaned her my veil and hair piece in exchange for the thoughtfulness of buying the running shirt!  I TOTALLY forgot about the head piece I had, it was wrapped up in the veil (imagine that).  My paternal Grandmother wrapped a piece of wedding cake in her veil.  I found that after she passed in 1987, it was all in rather interesting shape after 46 years.  Good lord, my father didn't have a mother at my age (his father passed in 1989 so he didn't have a father at my age either).  My mother didn't have a mother or a father when she was my age.  How lucky am I?  

"Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many."

I digress, which generally makes my random smattering of thoughts more interesting?

The wedding was 45 minutes before the race start.  I cried.  What do you say about a ceremony?  It is clear they are very much in love and happy, and that is wonderful to see.  Can't say I've seen that at every wedding I've been to or stood up in. 

The race:

Don decided to run with me.  He wanted a nice easy pace.  Thanks.  Crutch joined in the fun with an easy pace.  Christ guys, it's kind of my every day pace I was going for...

Mile 1 (10:40  GAP 10:01)  Total elevation gain 69 feet.  I didn't warm up I was freaking out running with the guys, what if I really couldn't do this, what if... what if... what if... and shoot I really needed to pee.

Don and Crutch jibber jabbered about this and that and commented on the first hill, is this "THE HILL"  chalk at the bottom assured us it was not "THE HILL"

I urged them to go, they didn't.  Ok... we all jibber jabbered (me not a lot) and in the words of Mikey B "If you're talking you're not working hard enough"  oh whatever.  Goal C people, Goal C - Do not die.

Oh goals.  
A:  50 minutes (ha ha ha)
B:  sub 60 minutes (ok I gave myself way to much room there)
C:  Do not die

We got to the top and there was a nice coasting downhill to complement the up hill.  I could actually talk!

Mile 2 (9:46 GAP 9:55)  Total elevation loss of 52 feet.  I'm including the GAP (Grade Adjusted Pace) because it reflects what I'd be running on flat ground.  Typical for mile 2 of any run I speed up.  Yes, the down hill helped.  I was feeling actually pretty ok about this at this point.

Don, me, Crutch
Oh the faces I make when I run... 
"What are you talking about Crutch and why do you have to run backwards??"
Photo Credit Suzan Weller

Mile 3 (10:01 GAP 10:08) Total elevation loss of 38 feet.  But really there were hills in there, this wasn't a net down hill race!!  But yes mile 3 was a decent downhill and yes it should have matched mile 1 for GAP pace.

Well that doesn't look THAT bad....

Mile 4 (9:54  GAP 10:24) Total elevation loss of 76 feet.  Ok so yeah, appears for the GAP I dogged this one too.  We were talking and I was getting a little nervous about "THE HILL"  the sign at the bottom said "This isn't THE HILL either".

Mile 5 (11:04  GAP 10:03) Total elevation gain 101 feet.  We hit THE HILL at about mile 4:3, it was a nice sharp hill with a twist in it so you didn't see the top from the bottom.  Actually not all that bad.  After 4 miles to warm up my legs and my lungs I was probably good for another few miles after "THE HILL".  

Don and I coming in for the finish!
Photo Credit:  Suzan Weller

Crutch took off to bomb down the hill once we hit the top.  Don stuck with me.  I didn't scream through the finish chute, just ran.  It felt good. 

Chip time:  51:44  10:21 pace (my usual running in the flat lands of the shore) GAP 10:04

238th place, 106th female, 34th in division (note this was a RRCA champion event - lots of state champs - quite an elite group to be running with)

Full Results here

Would I do this again?  If a group went, yes.  Solo?  Not so much, a 90 minute drive a 1 hour race is silly.  However it was a fun race and the hills were enjoyable.  Definitely need to consider warming up before races to get my legs and lungs moving.  I'm starting to see the purpose of this as I progress through what ever phase of running I'm in.

Beth, wishing Faith and Joe happiness in all their years from now till the end. 

The happy couple!
Photo Credit: Don Weller


  1. Hey Bethie! Your pal. Hope you are doing well and you did a pretty nice job at that Bolton race I will tell you. You always just do soo good any how Bethie Pooh. Well, keep on doing what your doing and take great care. Ba-byes!

    1. Hey, Michael Weinberg. How does another talk with the police sound? Leave everyone alone.