Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekly Recap: 2/29/16 - 3/6/16

Monday – (8.1)  Last day of February, it’s finally over, the extra day and all.  I struggled on this run, still sore from Saturday is the only thing I can put my finger on. 

Weights at the Y, I’m pitching out the leg extensions and curls, they really bug my knees.  I miss TRX, have to find another class.  

Jax’s turn for a walk, two hiking adventures for Gus and he needed to give up his walk to his little brother.  Jax was good for nearly the whole walk, usually just before mile 2 his eyes start spinning in his head and he is looking for trouble to get into.   

Disappointed there was not a Downton Abbey to catch up on.

Tuesday – (6) The weather alert on my phone said 45 MPH wind gusts, but I couldn’t figure out the time frame.  Crossed my fingers it would be the usual amount of windy on my run.  Pulled the trigger on the fall ultra, all signed up, I’m terrified in that fun roller coaster ride sort of way. 

Yoga was much needed to settle my mind.   Dave was out for the night, so I made a quick stop at the Packy on the way to Yoga and picked up some new to me stouts and porters.  No I didn’t get them cold, I got them warm.  My brain was not engaged.  I did have a few things I like in the fridge at home.  My MI beer stash is very sparse,  and I need to go visit my parents,  how fortunate! 

Wednesday (6) The wind was at it again, I know living and working on the coast it should be expected, but wow, this has to be some sort of record of windy days.  Always reminds me when my youngest brother asked our father “Where does wind come from?”  Dad pointed him to the encyclopedias in the library, “Look it up.”  Back in the days before google I wonder if he ever did find his answer, he sat on the floor in the library surrounded by the encyclopedias for most of that afternoon.  I don’t know if he ever bothered to ask another question after that. 

This 6 was a struggle for me, I zigged and zagged a bit to mix it up.  Maybe next week 6 will seem normal to me.  I have some mental block with 10 miles that I am going to conquer over the weekend. 

Spin another interval class wiped me out further.  Hopefully I'll sleep like a rock tonight.

Thursday (3.2) Non-running day, and I really wanted to make it a super slug day and do nothing.  Dave took Jax out to Burlingame and he was nice and tuckered out after dinner.  Gus, on the other hand, hadn't been anywhere since Sunday and was bouncing between the silent treatment or breathing in my face.  Clearly, he was not going to let me get out of a walk, so at 9 p.m. we went for a walk.  The wind had died down so it was actually pleasant weather, and a stary night with the clear skies.  Of course this made me wired before bed fortunately Gizmo was very snuggly, Jax was happy to have someone to curl up with, so they pinned me down and the three of them serenaded me with calming boxer snores that lulled me off to sleep.

Friday (6) Probably the last snow globe run of the 2015 - 2016 winter...  it was very joyous until "The Last Train to Clarksville" popped up on the iPod.  Huh?  There have been a few songs lately that have me scratching my head 1) I don't remember putting them on one of my Running play lists 2) I don't remember even adding them to iTunes 3) Maybe the being that stole the filler hose for my windshield washer reservoir also has been messing around with my iTunes?  So that passed, eventually.  While I did like the Monkey's at one point in my life and played the hell out of my Mother's album I can't for the life of me understand how this happened.

Saturday (9.3)  Mystic Hare Hop 5K recap here.  Fun 5K.  I needed to push myself more than I did.  I'm satisfied with my time and I had an awesome time on the horrible hill out and back because I got to see everyone!!  

Took a quick shower to make it out to the spot where I planned on spectating for the Ocean's Run 1/2 Marathon, I knew quite a few people running it.  Crutch was also planning on the same spot.  Great minds.  We were at about mile 7.5, and I though the race started at 9:00 so 9:30 would get me there a bit before the front runners would be rounding the corner of Shore Road and Noyes Neck.  Well the race started at 9:15 whoops.  Crutch thought it started at 10 so he would have totally missed them, better early than late?

I wish I could have gotten an athlete list so I knew more people to look for!!!  I missed quite a few.  Got pictures of may, I probably should post the ones of the people I don't know to the event page, I won't.  I'm not in all that giving and kind mood, of late.

It was very sad to see that the RD wasn't able to get someone to marshal that corner, it was fairly busy with turning traffic.  

Took Gus out for his first trail run, we went to Grills, it seemed like if (when) I got turned around (lost) it would be easy enough to get un-turned around (found).  Yes, staying ON the marked trails would be the smart thing to do that didn't happen after I found "The Big Hill" and Gazelle's secret fort plastered with Rod Stewart album covers and empty bottles of Cherry Schnapps.  

My plan was to go on the Blue trail to the Yellow / Red trail to the Yellow trail and then the Blue trail and back to the car.  Somehow I got on a Red trail and the "Big Hill" then no marked trails.  I missed the Yellow marker?   Guess back in the day this was a big dirt bike course?  After I got down from "Big Hill" there were 'trails' unmarked and definitely worn in just not used a lot, my legs were scraped and bloodied, nothing picture worthy.  I followed a few till I really felt completely disorientated and knew the RR tracks needed to be to my right and the sun to my back to find my car.  Well I found the RR tracks so we ran along them for a while, till I found what looked like a cut in, then a Yellow trail, then no markings and well I should have stayed on the Yellow trail, we turned around.  Then found the Orange x-country ski trail, ahhh, I knew that would lead back to the car, and BOOM there was "The Big Rock" from last week.  And eventually Vinnie.

Grills Trail Map (I should probably have with me)

My GPS - the black circle is where the "lost" happened.
The yellow dots are Big Hill (the lower dot) and Big Rock (the upper dot)

Garmin gave me 5.28 miles, WoofTrax gave me 5.7 miles.  Nothing is ever exact with GPS. I'll take the 5.3 and call it good. 

Took a mile for Gus to figure out what we were doing, then he was great about letting me "chase" him, and we'd take walk breaks as needed.  Eventually he'd stall and sniff for a while and then race up behind me and pass me and look over his shoulder with this "ok runner girl, catch me if you can" look.  It was SO fun.  It has been a while since I've seen him run like that.  I think this is going to be a lot of fun for both of us.

Gus on top of "Big Hill"

Sunday (7.3 + whatever I lost in my first attempt) My plan was for 10, my bodies plan was to rebel. I got to the end of the street and it was clear I needed to turn around.  I did that.  Fixed that problem, Gizmo was on edge, comforted him for a while and contemplated this 10 miles (the mistake, thinking).  I'm having a real hard time with that number for some reason.  It is completely mental because clearly with the double yesterday I was nearing 10 and with the GPS fudge, lets call it 10....  Next weekend is Faith and Joe's wedding and the Bolton 5 miler with this hill Faith won't shut up about.  So that's got me wiggy.  I 'ran' up Mt. Washington Auto road, not once but twice and this 'hill' has me wigged.  I need to reprogram my brain!!!!

I started out on my usual route to see the cows, twice.  Made it along Canal, and stopped, and turned around.  I was done 2.1 miles, done.  I cursed myself and wondered what the hell was my problem. As I'm slogging back a Volvo Station Wagon slows down and stops and a big hairy arm comes out the window.  Ahhhh Gary on his way to Agway for chicken feed.  That made me smile, I'm looking forward to the boys stories on Monday morning.  They all got together and played cards at Gary's on Friday night.  Still didn't perk up my pace.  I did remember I do this for fun and at least I attempted the run, so no point in beating myself up.  This gem popped into my head on and off as I self medicated with the small amount of endorphins I could pull from this run.  As I passed Grey Sail Brewery Gary was back by with his chicken feed!  At least I was still running at that point.

Editor's note: Gary said I looked like I was suffering.  Not sure if this is validating or if it makes me feel better.

The afternoon was a trip to the beach for Gizmo.  It is a project getting him loaded in the car then 'walking' him through the heavy sand.  I look forward to this and I don't.  He had a grand time dragging me this way and that on the beach and finally had enough and hightailed it back to the car on the hardtop parking lot.  Goofball.  We went about 1/2 mile, easy.  

Giz at Misquamicut

Feet: 45.9 (37.4 Run 8.5 Walk)  3958 against a straighline target of 363.7

Beth, Wondering if it is time for a cutback week or integrate longer runs and one more rest day?  And I wonder if it is going to be warm enough to bike to work next week!

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