Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weekly Recap: 3/14/16 - 3/20/16

Monday (5) - The time change coupled with a pretty busy weekend did a number on me.  I was determined to get out and run rain or not.  I found I did not have a sports bra.  I exclaimed out-loud my dismay and the gal that is usually next to me handed me one of hers and said "Here".  I took it, what else was I going to do?  It wasn't my type of bra.  One of those pull over the head things that make me feel like I'm wiggling into a straight jacket and then fighting to get out of a soaking wet straight jacket when I go to take it off.  The first mile was a little tough getting the thing to work like it should, fortunately the rain was drenching and lycra sticks and things were much happier after that!

The decision was to run 3, figuring in the equipment malfunction and not wanting the lasting pain I knew I'd have because of it.  I felt pretty good and decided maybe 4, then thought really, why 4 go for 5 and if you feel it do the 6.  But I kinda thought I'd like to just do 5 and have an 'easy' day.  So I did.

Tuesday (7) - The rain was letting up and it was looking nice for a run.  Figured I'd do some of the hills, Proud Mira, The Bitch, and Meech.  I initially thought that would get me 6 miles, but as my watch clicked 4 where it would be 3, I thought, well lets make up for the missed mile yesterday and see how I feel.  So I continued on the regular route, taking the 2 miles along the water instead of 1 mile straight back to campus.  I felt pretty darn good after that.  Guess my 'minimum' run thing is kind of working?

Wednesday (9)  - Everything seemed to click after the first mile today.  Interesting.  The run was the fastest in a while for me and it didn't feel like it for the most part.  Probably the dry weather and my attitude is returning to it's usual self.  The North wind was a plesant fight.  It only makes me stronger, right?  Gives me the stamina necessary to get through my upcomming training.  Funny, training to train, but that actually sounds right.  Building some sort of solid mileage base to work on.  

My left knee will be happy for a rest day tomorrow, for sure!

A nice daylight pre-dinner walk with Gus.  I bailed on Spin.  It has been nice being home after work and not having any activities.  Why can't we stay on Daylight Savings all the time??  I like it light later at night...  sigh.

Thursday (0)  drove to MI uneventful trip which is always nice. Listened to "The Rosie Project" by Graeme Simsion, super charming well written story. Had me laughing out loud!

Friday (7) Usual run around the block over. Windy biting damp get into your bones cold. Even the farm dogs weren't bothering to leave the shelter of the barns to greet me! 

Took Mom on a mile walk around the farm. She enjoyed it and it's nice to get her outside and moving around. Hopefully she will continue to walk a couple times a week.  It's good for her. 

Saturday (5) Hoping to avoid the fresh gravel I went around the block. Blocks are 5 miles, so my runs are in increments of 5 miles. We are in the intersection of Washtenaw and Lenawee counties and Bridgewater Township I was hoping they hadn't done their roads. No luck.  Another biting damp get into your bones wind and with few trees to block it it is relentless. No dogs to run along with me either. Oh well. 

Sunday (3.5) I wasn't liking anything about this run and tried a few things to get myself into it. No dice.  As my Dad said when I left "Whatever" for how long I'd be gone.   I was considering two blocks (yeah that didn't work out) If I wasn't back in an hour they'd come looking for me.  Not too many places for me to go... So that's that.

Mom and I walked back to the woods.  Saw a heard of about 8 deer.  Nice to see her wanting to walk!

Weekly Total: 36.5 (31.7 run 5 walk)  Feh, not great not bad, based on my paces of late I needed a break.

Yearly Mileage:  Feet:  468.4 against a straight line target of 440.9  (this makes me happy!)

Beth happy to have some time with her parents and feeling very recharged and ready to face life

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