Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekly Recap: 3/7 - 3/13

Monday (6.1) Walking to the gym I so didn't want to run, changing I nearly left the gym.  Getting out on the road, first going South (left out of the gate) and into the wind I turned around and headed North.  Remembering it was a SW wind and North was going to be better because the wind would be at my back at Avery Point.   Made it a mile and thought, I should just go back and call it good, this suck my pace is for shit, my legs are for shit, my mind is...  oh my mind is in a bad place,  keep going Beth, keep going.

I got on Shennie along the golf course with the wind mostly at my back and it wasn't so bad.  

Plant Street, well if I turned right it would be a 5K, that's ok right?

No, no that is not ok.

Down to Jupiter Point and back out and we are at 3, ok 3 more to go.  Heading West.  Wait, what, West?  Crap, I am so direction-ally challenged (those of you who are good with directions probably caught this at the point I turned around) I am now going to be running Avery Point, on the coast INTO the wind.  Lovely.  Just Freaking Lovely.  

I managed to get through that,  it was tough, and it was done.  And it was a choice, one mile back to campus going straight and I could pick up another mile in the neighborhood just South of campus or into the wind and along the shore, again, into that freaking SW wind the whole way back to campus.  Or go left, around Eastern Point, along the shore and up the hill and down the hill and back to campus. I went left, then veered off and went straight down Eastern Point, contemplated just going back to campus, 5 would be ok, wouldn't it, no, no Beth it won't, I wandered in and out of the neighborhood South of campus and finally to campus and clicked off at 6.1 mile.  Done and done.

The run goes Clockwise starting from the green dot partially covered by the black and white dot
1 is the first street I contemplated turning around and heading back to campus
2 is Plant Street, the second time I contemplated heading back to campus
3 is what I avoided with the SW wind (arrows)
My face showed how horrible I felt this run was.  It was a mental battle the whole hour I was out there.  It reminded me of the mental battles I fought in the 50K I did in 2014.  This is the IMPORTANT part of training to fight through those battles and JFGID  (Just Fking Get It Done).

I'm pleased that I didn't cut back at 2 mile or 3 mile or even 5 miles, I did the 6 I intended on doing.

I may not be fast, and that doesn't matter, what does matter is I am determined, and I need to remind myself of that fact from time to time.

Chalk one up to a mental run.

My day at work was a shit show, my run was a mental triumph, and it was another (literal) shit show when I got home.  Dave suggested a beer, I though that was the  most brilliant thing he has said in a very very very very very very long time, and I suggested he turn off the oven and I'll cook what I had planned another night, why don't we go to the Malted Barley for dinner.

So ended Monday...

Tuesday (0) - I took a zero, I did nothing I didn't even get my minimum steps (15,000 or 7.5 miles) on my FitBit.  Which hurts, it really does, the little competitive bitch in my brain is having a hissy fit and I swear pinching a nerve in my neck.  Piss off gimme some space!!

Wednesday (6) - A not bad run, fueled by moodiness and Oreo cookies, on a very lovely 50F day.  Nice South breeze. 

Spin was good.  I think the AC was on in the gym, I didn't sweat as much as usual.  Maybe I didn't work as hard?  Naw....  

Thursday (0) - As one of my besties Nieces would say "New Nork City"  Meetings were successful, my feet hurt from heels, and my hips hurt from a dress and not being able to sit Indian-style / lotus in a chair.  Bitch. Whine. Moan. Complain. (stop, doing that useless stuff Beth)

Friday (6.1) - I really fear my mood is never going to improve.  The run helped a bit.  I got a late start because of a meeting and I worried (I seem to like to do that) I'd get hungry or light headed.  I think this is my brain's ploy to psych me out.  My maternal Grandmother's birthday is the 11th of March.  I tried to focus on her and all her calmness in the face of adversity, she is the only source of diplomacy of all the women I inherited traits from.   I thank her for what little I am able to muster these days.    Sara(h) was born in 1919, she hated the h and dropped it.  She passed away July 26, 1976 @ 57 years old.  Cancer.

Saturday (10.1) - Woke up knowing I was meeting JB and JW for some School Street hills which really is code for let's go gorge on Paul's Pasta.  I'm good with that.  After waking up slowly, it was clear I was going to be able to get in a basic run.  I made it to the meeting place a little more than an hour before our 11 a.m. meet up time and went for a 6 mile run.  It felt good overall.  I think the best part was meeting up with the Jennifer's running a few hills and then eating that awesome pasta and catching up.  

Gus and I took a stroll.  I didn't have it in me for a double what with Faith and Joe's wedding and the race tomorrow.  Figured I should at least make an effort to put in a decent time.  I'm still wigged about this hill, and that is absolutely asinine.  

Sunday (7.5) - Bolton Road Race recap to follow.   Faith and Joe were married before the race.  I was one of the bridesmaids!  It was a fun wedding, then race, then reception.  They both beamed, that is nice to see.  

Gus was distraut, Dave took Jax out for a bike trip around the North side of Burlingame then he took Gizmo to the beach, I was gone all day and was he ever going to get a walk?  We got in a short walk on a lovely warm winter evening.  Lucky thing to, the weather is supposed to turn.

Weekly Miles:  35.9  (run 30.3 walk 5.6)  this was supposed to be a cut back week, and it was.

Yearly goal:  431.7 against a stratighline of 402.3 

Beth, who appreciates you skimming through her whinging. 

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