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Weekly Recap: 4/11/16 - 4/17/16

Monday (9.7) – Way to follow up a long run!  I’m pleased I got in 6.5 although Strava gave me 6.9 for the same 1:07, a 9:30 something pace.  HA, hardly.  I knew something was screwy when I was at an 8 ish pace going up the hill on Benham then a 17 pace going down the hill on Shennie.  Not steep hills mind you, more like gradual rises and falls.  Just enough of rise then fall for me to have a 30 secondish difference in paces from the first mile to the second.

Blue is where I ran, red is where Strava said I ran. Fascinating!

After much internal and some external debate about what to do about core strength training I decided on a BARRE class at the Westerly Y.  I miss TRX dearly, but refuse to pay for a class at the Y.  Beth logic, don’t question it.  I think we pay enough and aren’t getting full use of our membership so an additional expense seems silly.

BARRE as described by the Y – “Barre:/Barre Blend: workout is a series of movements that strengthen the entire body and insures that no muscle is overlooked with a combination of functional strength, the core conditioning of Pilates and the flexibility of Yoga.”  It does fall in the intro/beginner class category, a workout is what you make of it, you can focus and apply yourself or you can move through the motions and get nothing from the hour.   \

I do need to get one other session of yoga or something… this will work, for now.

Gus got a much wanted walk about town; still not keen on this tooth brushing business.

Tuesday (5) – Rainy run in some new shorts!  Way to give them a test.  I was rather skeptical, they seemed too short.  Actually quite flattering and didn’t ride up and held up great through the rain and dried rather quickly!  Plus a zipper pocket.  Oiselle is the brand.  I’ll give them a couple months in the rotation. The other pair I’m still not quite sure about, but if I run in them I’m gonna have to keep them…  Always fun to have new running clothes to try.    Are guys as picky about their running gear as women?

Next up on the difficult to please me list are bike shorts.  My favorite ones aren’t made anymore, so I’m trying new ones.  I found some that seemed good till it went on a ride where I got off the bike for a bit and the chamois has a minor weave in it and it felt like I was sitting on a waffle iron.  Guess those are quick trip bike shorts eh?

Wednesday (6) - Beautiful sunny day and me with a stiff knee and lead legs, I could not pass up on going out.  I got in my 6, I wanted to stop because I was so sluggish, that wasn't an acceptable reason.  My knee never loosened up and it never felt worse, so I kept going.I can't even say that I gutted it out, I ran, period.   Another new pair of shorts.  I think they are a bit short.  A friend, unprompted, said he could tell they were new because he could see my tan lines.  Thanks?  But he assured me I was not too old and could pull off the extra inch of skin showing.  Hmmmm...

Spin at the Arcadia Y.  I think I'll keep going to the class through the summer, it really is a good class.  We did hills and speedwork.  While it would have been better to be actually out on the bike it is nice to have the class and catch up with Jennifer.

I really need to consider this 1/2 on Sunday and maybe some sort of taper. I want to at least finish and not implode!!

Thursday (7.3) - I took a Zero for an active rest day.  My lunch walk felt great! It was nice to see the things I run past on weekdays.  Even at my pace I miss things.  Like the giraffe statue in someone's back yard.  Huh...

Gus and I had a nice stroll.  He found a dime.  We have a fund for the dog's yearly Dairy Queen trip, it is all the change and paper currency found on dog walks.  I think we are at $3.50 or something like that, after the plusses and minuses.  Yes I do take them to DQ and they do get a small ice cream all of their own.  I really don't keep it in a separate jar, I really should though.  It probably adds up over time.  Gizmo found a $5 once, that was pretty exciting.  I find money running or on bike rides.  There was a wad of dollar bills in a ditch, there were 14 of them, wonder how they managed to get there.  It certainly was worth turning around on that busy road to see what exactly was that wad of what looked like dollar bills!

Friday (5.5) - Friday's with Faith have resumed!  Thing is this is both of our 'rest' days.  Well not mine until May 9th when my training officially starts.  Faith's 100K starts July 16th. We did an 'easy' 5.  My suffer score was through the roof and hers?  Well, not so much.   I may need to figure out my HR training zones?  It was a nice run where we weren't scared by Mikey B.

Saturday (0) - Drive to NJ to Mary Ann and H's place, pick up bibs have a great dinner, watch a few movies, have beer and then remember we have a half marathon to run in the a.m.!

Sunday (16.3) - Rutgers Unite 1/2 Marathon - recap to follow.  This was a long run for me, I had goals, I met one well two, I didn't die.  I learned a few things and had a really good time on what is actually a very flat and fast course.

Gus demanded a walk after dinner and is now snoozing quite contentedly on the couch.  A walk is good for recovery and it was nice to get another hour of fresh air today after being in the car in crazy NJ/NY/CT traffic for 6 hours today.

Weekly Mileage:  49.8  (r: 36.3 w: 13.5)

Yearly Mileage:  636.8 against a straight line target of 595.1

Overall a good week, my mileage is getting up there, nearly 40.  I haven't had a 40 mile week since September.

Beth, kinda tired....

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