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Weekly Recap: 4/18 - 4/24

Monday (8.4) - Wowza was my body tired.  I didn't want to stop my run, I ran out of time not motivation.  It was going to be tight getting lunch and getting back to my desk for a 1 p.m. call under normal circumstances!  So I called it and it was 5.4 all said and done, probably 5.48 but Strava doesn't round up!  My left knee was still a little janky, but mostly the pain I felt was chafing on already chafed areas, not a lot of fun, and as I type this, some days later, I still haven't picked up a new Glide.  The one I have has given up the ghost and it's not gliding on..  Aquaphor worked just as well, just no nifty stick form to apply.  Although it was much easier to feel the disaster of scabbing line on my back than to guess I hit the right spot.

Still got to the BARRE class.  Heather is the instructors name, she asked my name again and said I remembered your athletic build but not your name.  Um ok...  it was a good class.  Again I felt limber like I did the previous Monday.  Score, think I've found what I need.

Gus got a nice stroll.  He needs to get me up at 6 a.m. and not snuggle in bed with me so we can both get our day started on time.  Used to be we were up and out walking by 5:45 once upon a time.  Guess we've both gotten lazy in our old age.

Gus and Jax helping by pre-cleaning and rearranging

Tuesday (6) - Felt a little more put together but got caught on my back foot with someone calling to me "Hey Elizabeth!" I think the horrified look on my face coupled with "What did you call me? Martin?" in that tone Crutch knows from trying to push me along at a race (or at the end of a race). Put him on his back foot.  Then I said, "Beth, my given name is Beth."  He looked confused. And I felt like an ass, I was focused on getting into the locker room and getting changed, not having a conversation about my name!   I've yet to run into him again and his desk is near mine (and perpendicular to Mrs. Crutch's desk)...   So that rolled around in my mind for the hour I was out running on a beautiful day where I was told "go out in short sleeves" by another runner (Lisa) on my way to the gym and her way back from the gym.  Awesome advice.  The wind has kicked back up into the 20's and it was kind of welcome as the sun is getting strong.  My freckles (well sun damage spots) are becoming more plentiful and darker.

My most favorite part of this day was the three hours of me time!  Knitting and watching TV.  I'm not a big TV watcher but wanted to catch up on a series I am kind of interested in.

Nice runner tan lines showcasing my normal Irish skin tone.
This is an afghan for a friends granddaughter.  Her mother used to make these for her grandkids and Ann has no interest in knitting.  An excellent seamstress, no use for knitting.  Long time ago she asked if I would fix one of the kids afghans that had been used as a chew toy by the boys pup!  I asked for the pattern so I could re-knit the section with the  yarn I salvaged.  At that point I thought, what and awesome mindless pattern.  It is three rows, one you have to pay attention to, one you knit and one you purl and repeat. I finished the one for her grandson when I was at my parents in April.  This one should be done by the end of the month (it is much smaller) and I can get them off to her to give to her grandkids just in time for the summer warmth!  Good timing, eh??

Wednesday (7.6) -  Wednesdays are Ro days.  She has a fracture on the backside of her patella (skiing accident). No impact activities.  Walking is fine.  We power walked hills to get our cardio up.  Wow that felt really good!  She is an active person, like 3 times a day exercising, ok maybe maniac is more the right term.  A humming bird on speed.

She got out and seemed in much better spirits when we got back to her house.  She has 4 weeks restricted activity and is thankful in the 6 weeks she's been avoiding seeing the doctor that she didn't do any more damage running or teaching spin class...  She can cycle though so wasn't too sure on this no spinning or no teaching spin...

Gizmo being not appreciative of his little brother, Jax, trying to help him relax
Thursday (0) - Active rest day.  TRX for some core work in the gym and a short hike in Pequot Woods. I felt like being a slug so I was!  I didn't even hit my 15,000 steps...

Friday (9) - Hour run with Faith.  First run in any real heat.  Neither of us are a fan, we got it done!  Also my fastest run of the week and her slowest.  Ha ha we are a pair!!  Fun conversation, heart rate, poop, stupid running articles for women, insurance, and running.

Think I have a path forward on my Heart Rate thing, the standard 220 - age for max heart rate is quite low for me and most active people.   I do need to get my resting heart rate, which is my heart rate before I get out of bed.  I did that on Sat with an app, 71!  WTF? Dave's was 49 and he had been out of bed and back into bed.  Perhaps the three beers and big meal before bed and the fact I didn't sleep well.  Even sitting at my desk at work my HR is 60...  weird.  Well maybe it was because I am tired.  I can't have that shitty of a cardio vascular system, could I?

Saturday (3)  - Today was a morning clean up at a local land trust for Earth Day.  Pulling out years old garbage from the woods.  People suck. I will say that those plastic grocery bags do decompose.  But the crap people put in them does not.  It was an interesting experience, one I will do again.

My family used to plant trees for Earth Day, and by trees I mean more than a few, like 10,000 it was a 3 days project...  These are all planted in the farm fields around my parents farm. 70 acres of trees we've planted  Now it is all on its own, turning into a forest in parts and in some parts, not so much, the land and the trees did not agree.  Random trees and bushes have been filling in those areas.

I didn't get to test out either new pair of bike shorts or get in a run.  Gus got a walk and that is good enough to call it a day!

Sunday (5.5) - Having an aging dog I don't get to spend as much calm time with as I'd like, before he goes over the rainbow bridge.  I think he will be much happier there running around with Sage and Diesel, Dave and I don't see eye to eye on this.  It's kind of a big deal sort of thing to not agree on.  So that sucks up a lot of time and thought.

I got out for a nice bike ride in the afternoon.  I didn't plug the route in to my Garmin, like a good girl.  I decided I would be able to remember.  I missed about 5 miles of the ride.  Yes, it will go in my Garmin.  I see exactly where I messed up and knew I did when I saw Hangman Hill road because I knew at some point I needed to be on that road.  It was lovely and one I will do again, low number of cars and really super pretty and pleasant, plus lots of cows and farms, helped me get through my gloomy fit this a.m.

Gus and I went to Grills while Dave and Jax went to Burlingame.  My intention was to run Grills with Gus, Gus did not have the same intention.  Instead of pushing him to do something he didn't want to do, it was pretty clear after a mile.  We hiked 5.5 miles and ran a few downhills and a couple flats but only when he'd start.  I think we both needed to decompress after the stressfest with Giz in the a.m.

Weekly total:  39.5 (run: 22.7 walk: 16.8)
Yearly total:  676.3 against a straight line target of 633.6

Biking:  212 against a straight line target of 633.6, not as depressing... will be able to get in more biking as the weather has improved immensely.

Not a bad week, not a great week, a so-so week.  Two weeks left till I have to get serious about following my training plan.  KO 5/9/16  (my birthday)

Beth, bitten by a tick, will be interesting to see how this plays out...

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