Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekly Recap: 4/416 - 4/10/16

Monday (6) - The Cherry Blossom race sent out a note that we should take a couple days off and resume running 2 days after our race and maybe run 2 or 3 miles at an easy pace.  Hmmmm, but it's Monday and it's time to run.  So I did.  And well if I run, I run 6.  I really don't think this applies to me, and honestly, I didn't race the race, I ran it, and damn if running those flat flat flat roads was so easy on my knees!  Brrrrr-lingame beat up my knees pretty well.

It was a good run and I enjoyed being out, bummed I missed the last of the snow and ended up running in the rain.  Took a peek at where the car went into the drink at Eastern Point Beach.  This is a huge fear of mine! Fortunately she is OK.  But really I do double check that I'm in the right PRNDL since starting to drive an automatic.  At least with a stick you have a bit of a warning you are going the wrong way, automatic and step on that gas solidly and whosh there you go!

We are having weather some people dislike (snow) again and people are losing their minds.  Really?  I thought New Englanders were a hearty bunch.  OK, the runner ones are, the rest of them, wow, go pull up your big girl and boy panties and move somewhere else.  Meanwhile, despite the ballerina neckline this totally suits the ones not whining!!

Moral:  Make the best of your situation!
Gus didn't get a walk, he did get his teeth brushed, to say he wasn't pleased is pretty accurate.  He enjoyed the 'poultry flavored toothpaste' but the brush not so much.  This is going to be a long process.  SO he didn't get a walk post brush to reinforce good things happen when he cooperates.  Guess we shall see if he curls up with me Tuesday a.m. if he forgives me.

Yeah, no this wasn't the case.  It was more me talking sweet and getting the toothbrush in his mouth and trying to hit one of his 4 teeth, although it felt like there were more teeth in there, hmmmm....
Tuesday (9.1) - Dave was up and out by 6 a.m. to get some instrument wood in New Hampshire, leaving me with solo dog duty, I wish he'd of let me know before I left work Monday so I could have made Tuesday a work from home day.  Oh well.  The dogs were all ready for me to hunker down on the couch. When he's not home I'm perfectly content to work from home.  Besides I may have actually been able to get started on the dreaded taxes!!

The day started with a headache about 4 a.m. some acetaminophen was all that dumped out of pill bottle on my table so I took those.  Gus took the opportunity to curl up with me in the space Gizmo and Jax weren't using.  Didn't even put a dent in it so when I was up at 7 I rooted around for the Vitamin I and dealt with Dog Breakfast.  Got into work and immediately downed some coffee, yes, that was going to help.  Um no...  Went out for my lunch run a bit early.  Maybe the sun and the fresh air would do me some good?  Not so much.  I enjoyed the run for its ability to take me out of my mind and blared my music maybe a little Pop Evil, AC/DC, and Motley Crue would drive away what ever demon was twisting my brain lobes in to ever tighter ropes.  Guess the good thing was I couldn't feel any other aches!!

After some food more Vitamin I downed with iced tea for more caffeine a bit of the edge came off.  When I got home I took Gus for a walk and that helped clear my head a bit more and the twisting and poking in my brain seemed to go away, really the evil little thing was hiding behind my left eye.  Yippieee....

Thinking it's either because I'm a girl or I have a sinus infection.  Guess if my teeth hurt tomorrow I'll know it's a sinus infection.

Wednesday (2.8) - The little demon headache was running around trying to hide in my brain, but eventually went away and my teeth felt fine.  Girl logic, don't question it, it's really not worth it.

Ro and I used to run on Wednesdays, till the skiing accident.  She can't run, and hasn't run.  She begged off, I insisted we walk if she could do that.  We walked.  I thought I might run after, but for whatever reason I'm hungry and can't even fathom running, so I had lunch.  Feh, tis what it tis.  I can run on Thursday, more important to catch up with Ro and her torn meniscus.

Because of things going on with my company my evening meeting wasn't necessary (I had to forgo spin for this meeting and I was on the wait list but still didn't get a bike) so I found a massage appointment.  I'm always leery with a man masseuse,that they will be too gentle, they won't be as aggressive with their elbows in my difficult to break apart fascia to get to my problem muscles.  Well, lemme tell you, Warren rivaled Amy tonight.  I finally had to say UNCLE when he got at the bound up crap on the right side of my lower spine.  PERFECTION!  I'd totally let him and his elbows go after my pirifomis.  After 55 minutes on my back I can finally turn my head and see over my left and right shoulder.  Hmmmm... since Amy seems to have fell off the planet, it may be a good idea to see if I can get another appointment with Warren.

Thursday (5.3) - It was raining and I needed to run.  So run I did.  I didn't make my 6, but Muddy still gave me kudos.  It looks like I put in effort, I kind of did and kind of didn't.  It was really a fun run aiming for the puddles and enjoying being outside drenched.  It reminded me of the one Girls on the Run 5K I did, poor Sophie, her first 5K and pouring rain.  She skirted the first puddle, I suggested she run through it and I stomped through it and she looked at me like I was nuts.  By the end she was plowing through the puddles too!  Good effort on my part and I enjoyed being out for the run and the novelty of being a weirdo.

An evening of chaos and not home till nearly 9, as a result Gus is a little ticked with me.  I'll take him out on the trails over the weekend.

Friday (5) - No I'm not back sliding.  I ran with Faith and let her push me a bit.  I need it once in a while instead of my usual shuffling.  Plus I'm tired, whine whine whine...  We had a nice run which I managed to take us into the wind the whole time!  Whoops!

Saturday (4) - Yeah it looks like I'm backsliding, seriously I'm not.  I took a zero today and went to the most killer Yoga class with Jennifer at LA Fitness in Cranston.  Wow, excellent.  Then we swam, it felt good to get back in the pool.  Laps on my front and laps on my back.  I prefer swimming with my face out of the water.  We all have our things.  The class was late a.m. and we all slept in so even a morning walk with Gus didn't happen.  Neither of us could remember the last time we slept till 9 a.m. we both needed it.

After I got home Giz and I went to the beach dragging him around for 1/3 of a mile in the sand is exhausting so I took Gus out to Barn Island for a walk to relax.  He hasn't been out and I feel guilty.  Dave takes Jax out a couple times a weeks to Burlingame he rides and Jax runs. As Dave says "all dogs all the time" yeah, it's kind of true.  They are so sweet and they let us sleep in this morning, no 6 a.m. WOOHOOO IT'S A NEW DAY LET'S GET IT STARTED, WHERE'S MY BREAKFAST, OPEN THE BASEMENT DOOR I GOTTA PEE running up and down the hall jumping on and off the bed crazies...

My plan is a long run on Sunday, 10 miles or maybe 11.

Sunday (13.5) -  There may be a dog walk later who knows.  I really need to clean out the flower gardens and it would be nice for Gizmo to get some time to sit in the sun and get some fresh air.  There was a dog walk, Gus is rather persuasive.  The grocery shopping didn't get done... oh well, who needs food.

For whatever reason this long run took a lot out of me.  I am more tired than after Brrr-lingame or the Cherry Blossom, how can that be?  I wanted to stick to a slow pace 11:30.  Hey, even 11:30 is slow, for me!!  ha ha ha.  I peeked at my watch every couple times it buzzed and it seemed like I was reading 11:40ish pace.  Imagine my surprise when 11:30 on the nose popped up as the pace for the run. Weird.  All in all a good run, I felt good for all but a few miles when I was desperate for a porta potty.  This is happening regularly and beginning to disturb me.  Mile 7 there was one in Avondale.  I went by the boat yards, in season they have them, off season, not so much.  So the track of my run goes hither and yon a couple times as I was on the hunt for the blue or green box of relief!

Weekly Mileage:  45.6  (run:32.9 walk: 12.7)
Yearly Mileage: 587 against a straight line of 556.5  (for a bit of a bank going again)

All in all the week ended better than it started.

Beth, off to do some gardening she guesses....

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  1. New Englanders are supposed to be hardy. Exactly!