Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekly Recap: Week 2 - 5/16/16 - 5/22/16

Monday (8.8) -   Run with Faith has changed to Monday due to her rotating work schedule.  After my 10 or 14 whatever you want to call it miles on Sunday I was feeling less than stellar and told myself if Faith could run nearly 20 miles with 13.1 of them being racing, I could suck it up and not bitch and moan during our run.  She had run 8 with Crutch on the trails before meeting up with me.  

Crutch was finally getting in a long run before his upcoming 50 mile race (June 4th)  I cannot fathom how he can piece together short runs with lots of elevation and still manage to successfully complete long and ultra races.  Boggles my mind.  Running really does have a HUGE mental component to it and his positive happy go lucky attitude serves him well.  

So anyhow, Faith and I met up and went the way we'd been running, both a little dubious about the gusting 20 MPH NW winds up the back side of the route along the golf course.   The wind really was all over the place and the back side isn't a true North there is a bit more of a West to it, so we catch the West wind, and it's a long but not steep, just relentless up hill of over 80 feet.  

So we ran and she pushed me, she claims I pushed her.  A 5+ mile run at a sub 10 pace for me is not ordinary anymore.  Clearly I have gotten lazy.  Or maybe I really do enjoy running with people because I have someone to talk to and to keep up the tempo? It's not like I can't run faster...

Gus got a walk, boy oh boy is he adamant about these things.  I had dinner out and was home by 7, so not a late night by any stretch of the imagination.  Still Gus was there tapping his doggy watch at 7:25 letting me know I wasn't getting off the hook.  We took a bit over an hour stroll in a quiet neighborhood.  Now that I know which house is Jeff V's I will wave.  Gus really enjoys the empty lot between you and the crazy barking beagles.  There are all sorts of good things to sniff in there. 

Tuesday (4.7) -  Meetings sucked up the middle of my day and I ate a salad around 11:15 and figured that would be done and dusted before my run after 1.  Yeah, it sat there like hunk of tres leches cake and combine with my aching joints made the run miserable.  I cut it short and ended up with a whopping 2.5 miles.  Yeah me....    After my shower I noticed I only had in one earring.  I know I had two before I ran.  Perhaps taking off the buff that was supposed to collect the sweat before it got in my eyes I snagged it? Hopefully it ended up in the shower drain because the maintenance guys and gals are super good about saving them and putting them up on the front desk.    If not my collection of single earrings is growing and I need to start wearing them in the second hole in my left ear...  

Dinner out again!  This time I was home just at 7:30, but Dave had just fed the hounds so Gus wasn't giving me that disapproving look while tapping his doggy watch immediately, he finished his meal and wiped his food face on my pants first.

Gizmo has mellowed out and is rather calm and relaxed so we are holding off on any euthanasia for the time being.  He has his routine in the evening and seems content.  I've talked this situation through with several people and ultimately it is our decision to or not to...  as long as he holds his bladder, can navigate around on his front feet, and is happy we are all happy.

Wednesday (o) - After spending the evening ignoring all of the Metro North inbound/outbound delay alerts I realized at 5:35 a.m. that the trains were running on a Saturday schedule and not all tracks were being used.  Due to a fire under the tracks in the vicinity of 118th street in Harlem.  A garden center was ablaze to a 4 alarm fire.  One of my co-workers who lives two blocks from there was rather surprised to hear about this happening.  I asked if perhaps she noticed any increase in the noise level, perhaps the air having the smell of a fire? She looked at me thoughtfully and said, "Um, no. But I did find it odd to get a Taxi right away when I left my building to come to work."  Needless to say she is, has been, and always will be a favorite co-worker.

My 1 hr 47 minutes a.m. commute was 2 hours and 30 minutes and the train was stuffed to capacity. I didn't get my right hand side seat by the window, so no nap.  I didn't really mind the guys hip hitting me in the ear from time to time.  I was rather concerned he'd let go some gas and I'd be hard pressed not to have a frothing fit about it, especially being at nose level and all.  But he was fine.  It was the girl who bathed in her fragrance that squished into the wee space left in the aisle I wasn't so sure what to do with as my head started pounding and my eyes watered and I berated myself for fearing a Methane and Hydrogen Gas emission.

The horrific commute to led to a day of downs and up and fortunately it was not an even more horrific commute home...

Thursday (8.7) - Hills with Ro.  I feel a little guilty for a crap run then a day off, and then a power walk.  I think it was what I needed.  I fully woke up, finally, on that walk, I felt like I'd been in a haze since Wednesday morning.  I don't do well when I don't get my hour nap on the train!  Even two huge vats of coffee never shook me fully awake yesterday.

Gus got me out for walkies and that helped me feel a little less out of sorts. 

Friday (4.6) - Lunch run thwarted due to lack of socks.  I could have run sockless and run (ha ha) the risk of mangling the skin on my feet and making my 14 mile run on Saturday miserable.  I opted to not do that and deal with some work and then head home and take Gus, still a little out of sorts from liberating what was left of a box of Lara Bars from the pantry counter, to Grills to pick up empty beer cans and go for a hike or run.  Gus wasn't in the running spirit and actually spent most of the walk behind me! 

Saturday (7) -  Shit run.  Shit mood.  Shit nights sleep.  Ready to throw in the towel.  I had a good cry,  took the old guy on a trip to DQ and he finished up his DQ and we had a sit in the park doing some people watching.  

We got home and had a nice 2 hour nap that included drooling.  I always know I've slept well when I drool.

Sunday (3) - After attempting to pour my coffee into the wrong side of the mug (yeah another crap nights sleep)  I thought I better not do anything risky today.  So I went swimming at the Y.  In the drizzle I walked so I could run some errands on the way there and on the way home.  I forgot my credit card so getting milk was kind of out of the question now.  Whoops.

Made more coffee, then took Gus out for a walk on the beach.  Crap May 2nd starts no dogs on the beach from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  we broke the law, there were maybe 10 people on  a 3 mile stretch of beach in Watch Hill.  He loves the beach and I've not been taking him there and I'm not really sure why.  Probably because I used to take Giz and Sage to the beach every Sunday afternoon and after she passed I stopped and never got back in the habit.  I really forgot how soothing the sound of the ocean is.  It's 3 miles from the house and I don't get there often enough.

He is a handsome boy for sure and happy to be out on the beach and in the surf

The rain never really materialized so I switched my seats on my bike, I think the seat is the problem not the chamois, and took off for not exactly sure but I was going to get the part of Jeff V's Tour de Farms correct and I did then I decided to test my crown and see if it would hold up through the craptastic road - Clarks Falls - this is where they put all the pot holes when they are finished filling them.  The crown stayed and I managed to not chip any teeth so I decided to explore, got a little turned around, so glad for the maps in my Garmin.  This meandering took me to Chase hill where I was tired but still wanted to see what I had left in me for the Chase Hill Gut Punch to be able to enjoy the long winding cruise DOWN the back side, ahhhhhh....

View atop the climb on Chester Maine - Heaven

My butt was much happier in the bike shorts they used to hate.  Figured I might as well go for the gusto and test the hypothesis I worked up in my head with the most offensive bike shorts I had.  At the end of the nearly 30 mile ride, when even after a summer of cycling my butt would be unhappy, it wasn't at all concerned, huh, it really was the saddle.  Crap I endured pain for a whole summer with that seat and this was such a simple solution.

Weekly mileage:  36.8  (r: 20.7 w: 16.1)
Yearly mileage: 834.7 against a straight line target of 787.9

Bike mileage:  279,9 against a straight line target of 787.9  - I'll catch up!

Beth, at the end of a not a great week, not a bad week, a week.


  1. How? Because I'm Batman. Don't tell anyone, OK?

  2. You're coming on the next group trail run by the way, I insist! We had a blast getting poured on and filthy muddy yesterday :)