Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 15: 7/4/2016 - 7/10/2016

Monday (0/2/65) - Yeah, I'm holding out hope, but I really think 100K won't happen, and in the same breath, I don't see why not.  So I rode 100K on my bike today to get out of the house and away from my thoughts for a while.    Decided I didn't want to load the bike in the car and drive out to Narragansett to do a loop I had mapped out.  Instead I was going to ride to Narragansett, do the loop and ride home, that would have been about 60 miles.  Kinda boring for the most part of it though, US 1 isn't really scenic, however there are tons of roads I had never been on because they end at the water and are private residential.  So I decided I'd check out those roads and see what new things I could see.  Obviously lots of water views, and I really don't get tired of them.  A couple historical sites.  Some quiet country roads. Then I got to the bigger state beaches with the usual suspects.  Watched a guy get arrested for a drunk and disorderly, it was before noon, way to NOT  hold your booze ding dong!  When I got back on US 1 the mile marker was at about 18 or 17, and that measurement starts a few miles from my house.  Even though I was only a few miles from Narragansett I turned around and braved the headwind for the last 20ish miles on a rather boring road, however it has wide shoulders and it was nice to pedal my little heart out.

I was rather surprised with the average speed being just under 15MPH, I really did piddle around and the headwind was crazy!  Wondering if my seat helps or the fact my legs are really rested from no running?  Who knows.  I do enjoy the bike on these hot days.  And to me anything over 70 is hot.

Tuesday (0/3.1/0) - Dog Watch Fun Walk for me...  my hip/quad nightmare feels better, the impact of walking doesn't make me wince and I'm walking more normal, but one sharp step down and I still have waves of pain...  The 5 lbs will come off once I start running again, right? 

Wednesday (0/5.7/0) - PT in the a.m. was good.  I have a few more exercises to do and Sarah commented I was walking better, no running, please, it will just take longer to hearl.  Hills with Ro, the heat and bad air quality got to both of us and this was our slowest hill session  yet.   Can't say as I miss running in this horrid weather.  

Thursday (0/0/0) - Pool therapy in the morning!  That was fun, Joe, was good he said "Ah my ultra runner."  Technically I am not, in my mind anyhow, that was ok to say 5/14 - 5/15, but now I'm just a runner....  he was happy that movement in the water didn't cause pain and assured me I wouldn't lose any speed if I was diligent with water running.  I assured him that speed wasn't top of my mind at the moment, that I got lapped by turtles on a regular basis and all I wanted was to run without pain.  After that it was off to MI for my friends funeral, I grabbed an ice pack to not piss off my pissed off bursa any further. 

Friday (0/0.5/0)  - I got a little walk around the block with my Nephew and the family dog.  That was nice.  My brother and his wife found a great home in a suburb.  Totally nothing either of them ever considered however, being out in the country and a stay at home mom was sending my SIL bonkers.  So they have neighbors and kids my Nephews age and other stay at home mom's.  I'm happy for them.  It's been nice to see the transformation of the second child into a father.  He is very different, mellower, as he is aging, this is nice to see and experience.

John and I went to Romeo, MI to bury a childhood friend.  Andrew was 48, he would have been 49 (my age) on July 4th, two days after he died. 

The service was surreal.  I still can't believe this actually happened, as do most of the people in St. Clements, the same church they were married in, their three children were baptized in, Clara was baptized in, and now her husband, and Eli, Adam, and Erin's father had last mass for (I'm actually not sure what it is called).  

Saturday (0/0/0)  - I drove back to RI.  Driving is therapeutic for me, hours in the car, stopping at interesting or familiar places, this recharges me.  Vinnie's CD player died so I've been stuck with regular radio.  I like listening to SCAN and stopping on songs that pique my interest.  There were so many from my 20's on the radio... Weird.  I kept smelling cigar smoke...  Weird.  The drive was the easiest one I've had in the 17 years I've been driving back and forth from MI... Weird.  

Sunday (0/2/0) - I swam and water walked, about 1,250 yards 25 laps, that is tiring.  I got to the pool too late or to early for the pool I can water run in.  Walked to the Y and back.  Tuesday I can get to the pool to water run, I'm allowed 20 minutes. Felt good to actually do something.  

Weekly Stats:  Feet - 25.7  Saddle - 65
Yearly Stats:  Feet - 1,049.7 Saddle - 594.7  against a straight line target of 1,057.9

Beth, thinking next week I'll be a rebel and run a 5K, I'm tired and feel fat.

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