Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 16: 6/27/16 - 7/3/16

I'm not giving up yet.

I can run again, fingers crossed, the week of July 11. Let's see how much fitness I can keep through biking, walking, water running, and swimming.  I could continue to run, however it will take longer to feel better.  It hurts to sleep on my right side, I like sleeping on my right side...  ugh... 

Monday (0/1.5/15) - Watching the sweaty happy runners come into the gym was heart breaking as did intervals on the spin bike.  Mikey came by to talk, so at least I felt included.  Not that I'd ever be included in anything but their post run stretches.  I'm not speedy, and probably never will be.  Still they stay true to form of runners and are nice and friendly.

Jax looked depressed, I took him for a walk, he hates walks, we really have to realize that he doesn't like this activity.  Sage didn't like walks either.  They both prefer adventure, take them to the woods or the beach or the field and let them run and explore and be kooky.  Gus was ticked he didn't get the walk, he really does enjoy them, so I'll stop making THAT mistake... 

Tuesday (0/3/40) - As I'm pumping up my bike tires, Dave yells down "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"  Um isn't it obvious by the sound?  He didn't appreciate my smart ass comment, oh well.  He assured me it was going to rain and he wasn't going to pick me up.  OK, seriously I've ridden many many miles in the rain and even the first 30 miles of the Mt. Washington Century in the rain and it really doesn't bother me, neener neener foo foo...  

Of course I forgot that its 20 to and 20 after for the Mystic Bridge and got caught...  whoopsie.  And then held up traffic climbing the hill, or so I was told.  

It was a lovely ride, I felt emotionally better than I have in a while.

The boyz were having fun telling people they rode the bike in and I suggested they wait until the sweat dries in my helmet before they put it on.  HA HA!

The ride home required a stop at the Dog Watch to chat with a few people.  I eventually met up with and passed Ro and the gals on Rte 1.  I had to keep going, I wanted to be better than Mikey on Lords Hill segment.  I missed it by 10 seconds, probably should NOT have been in my big ring.  No wonder it was tough to keep up the momentum up that hill!  WHOOPSIE!!!

That was fun, at least I keep some of my lung strength with the biking.  

Wednesday (0/3/15) - PT evaluation.  She did some crazy cold ultra sound on my pissed off bursa and that seemed to calm it down.  Got some KT tape, exercises, two more appts, on in the office and one in the pool and I was off to work.

Spin class was all standing and not exactly what i was in the mood for.  There was a pond under my bike and the sub instructor didn't turn on the fans.  FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!!!

Walk with Gus once it got a wee bit cooler.  

Thursday (5.9/2.8/0) - Hills with Ro, a little slower than our average, I needed to do something.  I was a little jealous seeing all the dripping with sweat runners.  I know I hate running in this weather so this twinge of jealousy really caught me on my back foot.  Took Gus out and about for a walk, wandered down to the park because I heard music, there was quite the show going on.  A friend spied me so we chatted for a while and Gus spied pizza and really thought we needed to go make friends with THOSE people, not jibber jabber with Karen!  Ha ha!  

Friday (0/1/0) -  After a short wander in the woods, I farted around with the gears on my bikes to get them to shift smoother and stop the chain noise from the rubbing on the front derailleur.  Seemed to work.  Dave was out with the dogs so I had the peace and quiet and no one telling me what I'm doing wrong.  

Saturday (0/3/33) - Took a ride out to Shannock RI, I've never been there and while the route is not all that creative, it was nice to have the wide shoulder and good asphalt for a smooth ride.  This one didn't feel all that hilly so I was surprised by the elevation gain.  Definitely a good one with light traffic for a quick 2ish hour spin.  

My aim was to see the Horseshoe Falls, I stumbled upon an old battle field and another falls.  

Horseshoe Falls

Shannock Falls - Indian battle ground

Gears seemed to be working in order, still a little chain rub in the upper most and lower most gear, think that is the way it is going to be.  Dave did say I should flip my chain for more even wear.  Next maintenance session...

Arrived home to understand I would be helping while the old pump jacks were taken down and we would be putting up new pump jacks.  My job was to catch the boards as he handed them down.  I'm rather surprised I couldn't find any pictures of this monstrosity we had on all sides of the house and on the last side of our house for the last, ummm decade?  I guess the bats in the house are getting to Dave, so getting moving on finishing up the shingling on the second floor is a priority.  It was nice to see the old metal and wood come down.  They will be replaced with aluminum.  A necessary evil, I keep wanting him to 'hire a guy'...  he's gonna fight me on this one.  All progress stopped when the 40 ft extension ladder flapper thingies to catch the extension part of the ladder were clearly rusted and needed to be replaced and a search for new shoulder bolts commenced!

Decided to go to Woody Hill for a hike with Gus.  Now how to get to Woody Hill, I thought I figured it out, go to Woody Hill Road... um no...  so I went to Wahaneeta and ambled around aimlessly, truly aimlessly.  Following the marked trails in no particular order.  Lots of interesting things to see and we enjoyed our three miles!  A quick check of the map I left at home told me that I covered most of the trails and could have gotten to Woody Hill on the white rectangle with black dot trail.  HA!

Sunday (0/1/0)  -   I'm tired of being in pain all.  the.  time.   I really didn't think I over did it yesterday.  For fuck sake, this is ridiculous.


Feet:  18.2,   1,036.4 against a straight-line target of  1,019.3
Saddle:  103  530.1 against a straight-line target of 1019.3

Beth, trying to ignore the inevitable actually happening...

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