Sunday, August 14, 2016

Weekly Recap: 8/8/16 - 8/15/16

Feeling  a little bit lost with nothing looming in the future...

Monday (0/0/0)  -  I had a few meetings first thing in the a.m. then went to PT and then the grocery store.  Anyone who things going during the day during the week is easier, they are insane.  It was horribler than the horrible experience of the weekend, maybe because people were non-destination orientated?  I rarely go to the store hungry, I went in for eggs, milk, 1/2 and 1/2, and OJ, came out with that plus deli meat, bread, cheese, enough ingredients for 4 spinach quiche, a couple large potatoes, and surprisingly only one tub containing 2 dozen cookies.

Dave mentioned the cookies seemed a bit light when I got home.  Well, I was 'attacked' in the parking lot by 3 small children with glasses of milk chanting "Cookies"  "Cookies"  much like the paperboy Better Off Dead "I want my two dollars".  I HAD to open the cookies and give each of them 2.

Yeah he didn't buy it either...

After all that trauma, I went to the Y to do some aqua jogging figuring the warm water would feel good.  Of course my inability to understand the scheduled showed through as I attempted to get into the pool during "MA'AM THESE ARE PRIVATE SWIM LESSONS YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE POOL"  whoopsie, ok, gotcha... sheesh no need to be surly...   much to their dismay grabbed a water belt and went to the cold pool, sheesh...  relax people, relax.  Have you never encountered an idiot?  We are everywhere!!!  ;)

This was all followed by a superb 2 hour power nap.  Drool included.  The rest of the night was spent cooking only two quiche and polishing off a bottle of the most amazing beer.

Tuesday (0/0/0) - Back to work and into training to sit all. fing. day.  I was going stir crazy.  I needed to move my legs were stiff and swollen and sitting, no matter how much shifting and sitting cross legged, was uncomfortable.   I sucked it up and suffered through.  They had cookies and brownies... so it was OK.

Massage at night, it was painful, and necessary (the massage and the pain to work out a large percentage of the bound up muscle), I'll be back in a few weeks to get the rest of the kinks out.  I am very remiss with massage and I pay for it when I do get them because they are painful, two days after I'm glad I did it.  Mid yearish resolution, make an appointment once a month and just freaking do it.

Wednesday (0/2.2/0) -  More training.  OMG who was the moron who thought THAT was a good idea....  oh yeah, me...  whoopsie...  Sitting made me cranky, and it kind of showed...   besides table top exercises with report outs are stupid, who's with me on that?  

I am so not ready to get on the bike again, even though I have a new pair of bike shorts.  I'll wait till Fri, if not Saturday when I'll take Faith to a bike path for an uber easy ride.  A friend reminded me of the bruises I had on my rear after the Mt. Washington century and wondered if I had the same, um no. Not that I noticed,  I had TOTALLY forgotten about those, thanks a lot for the reminder... file that in things I'd like to forget and a century I WILL ride again, it was amazing.

Took Gus for a humid walk, it's like walking through water.  The humidity is tough on me with no exertion, I can't even fathom how I used to even attempt to run in this shit...

Thursday (0/2.8/0) -   Aqua Jogging + core work in the pool in the a.m.  Next week will be my last week, I'm kinda sad and I'm kinda glad.  As I started on my usual list of exercises, waiting for the session to begin, I wondered if I should really be here.  Got to step up the tempo on some of the core work in the pool and that was fun.  For those who think it's a vacation, try it, the water creates tension and then the water is, you guessed it, fluid, so when you move one way that's the way the water goes, well you have to move another way and have to fight that current you've created. Then there is the buoyancy factor to contend with for some of the exercises, while it's great the water lifts up the leg, you really have to work to bring it back down. It is a brilliant way of recovery therapy and strength therapy. 

Armed with my 'routine' I'll be able to keep this as part of my regular exercise schedule.

Debated going for a bike ride, the weather was iffy and well, why push it.  

Jax deserted me for the evening and went up to the bedroom to, as I later found out, chew on a roll of toilet paper, Dave will have fun cleaning that up!  Gus was dancing around for a walk, so we went on one.  He nearly melted.

Friday (0/0/0) - I haven't been as focused on work as I should be, so I did that today...  Dave took me for my Birthday Ice Cream at Buttonwood Farms, and I'll take him for his when we get around to it.  Yeah so my birthday was like 3 months ago, Birthday Ice Cream is Birthday Ice Cream and on these horridly humid days, it is welcome!!

He took the dogs to the field to run and I stayed home and cleaned my bike.  Gak it was a disaster, between the icky Gatorade (ugh I hate that stuff, it is necessary, but it kills my stomach for days afterwards - 2017 remember some Scratch or Heed or Edurolytes.  At least replenish the salt and not have the weeks worth of icky stomach afterwards.  Love sugar, prefer it in cookie form.

Both the boys were sacked after dinner.  

Saturday (1.3/0/0) -  I am so over this heat and humidity, bring back the snow.  I'm miserable.  

This was the big day, my first RUN.  Well more of a "run", 4 laps (I did 5) jog the straights walk the curves at the Stonington track as they have a turf field. (And they REALLY need to replace their American Flag, it is in atrocious shape)  In retrospect I think Joe meant for me to run on the field not the track, feh...  Felt freaking fantastic and horrible all at the same time.  My first opportunity to sleep past 7 a.m. in WEEKS so I did that which put me out on the track after 9 a.m.  Slight breeze was OKish...  All in all it felt good, a bit of discomfort in the hip when I pushed the pace, when I backed down (staying just below 10) it felt better so that's good.  I'm pleased and I get to do it again on Tuesday!

I couldn't even fathom going out in the humidity.  Gus was disappointed he didn't get a walk, he'll live.

Sunday (0/3/15) - Took the bike out to Narragansett to cheer on the crazies running in this weather at the Bobby Doyle Summer Classic 5 miler.  It was hard to breath walking.  Cheered from the start but every one was all glommed up and the only people I could pick out were the Walkers.  Went to a different spot, where everyone had been running about a mile, probably not even that, and the front runners were DRENCHED.  Ugh.  Spotted many folks I knew, cheered when I could get my act together.  The owner of the driveway suggested I get out of the way as they were leaving, I said, maybe the wanted to wait a few minutes there were quite a few runners coming down the road.    Don't people pay attention when the race officials let the people know there will be a race in their neighborhood and their road maybe congested for a 30 minute period on a particular day?  This unfortunately put me in a bush behind a telephone pole with not a lot of opportunity to move (and stay in the shade) once the runners started coming!

Decided I wanted to take advantage of lovely flat Narragansett and go out to the Lighthouse.  Got to stalk a few runners, so that was fun!  The closer to the ocean it was a bit cooler, all relative when you are dealing with soup for air.  Negotiated with myself to go out on the bike path for a bit.  I lost AC won.  


Feet:  9.3  1,211.6 against a straight-line target of 1,250.8, the ~120 is probably recoverable at this point, but who knows.

Saddle:  15 1,068.2 against a straight-line target of 1,250.8,  ~200 is recoverable however not sustainable, and I kinda knew that going into the year.  But hey, I have quite a few months left to bike!

All in all I am still feeling a little lost a week out from the PMC, pretty typical.  I think not having any century rides planned or race commitments adds a little bit to the uncertainty.    I checked into a few centuries, the timing didn't work out, so I'll be tackling the 87 mile Hilly Ride again the weekend after the Rhode Warrior (Aug 27 or 28, which ever looks to be the better weather day) and digging through maps to find a century I can self support and not completely lose my mind doing for September and October.  

Running will pick up in September, I'm really scared of the pain coming back, it was awful for a long time.  I'll take it slow and see where I land as the local races start coming up closer on the calendar.  I do have the RnR 10K Nov 13th in Las Vegas with some work colleagues.  Can't stay that I'm looking forward to running in the desert. 

Beth, on to the next adventure!


  1. This is really not a bad time to be on a running break. Now that I'm getting some miles in again, I realize how HOT it is and how tough it is to train in the summer. How did I do this in past years?

    I like the snow picture at the top of your blog. Puts it all in perspective.

  2. I was looking at the snow in your picture on the top of your blog thinking "I would love to be out in that right now" its not even that hot or humid in Montana right now, I'm just really over summer.

    Sitting all day for training is so killer, glad you survived it! I think it's painful even for the once a month mandatory staff meetings.