Monday, September 5, 2016

Weekly Recap: 8/29/16 - 9/4/16

Monday (0/3/0) -  I spent my lunch hour in the gym doing my PT.  Good girl!  I recall this making me rather grouchy as all the happy runners came in.  I try so hard to not snap at them in some sort of a jealous rage.  I don't know if I am at all successful.  Bad Girl!

Time to break out the headlamp for evening dog walks.  I'm sad the sun sets earlier, happier the evenings are cooling off.

The mail basket with my hometown newspaper!

Tuesday (5.1/0/0) - A running day!  Yippeeeeeee.  My Rx was 5 x 400 meter run with walk breaks of about 90 seconds between.  I ran 8.  Not a fan of odd numbers?  It felt great, well the first few steps hurt (I reminded myself to count the number of steps the next time I could run - data is good more data is BETTER!).  I ran back and forth on a flat asphalt surface and was so tickled with myself it was like when I finished my first pair of knitted socks and they fit!

Dinner out, Dog Watch BBQ, I mention this because the food was EXCELLENT and Revival Brewing Co also has a special Dog Watch Ale, only sold there, that was perfect with the BBQ.  Now to get the restaurant snob to go.

Dog Watch BBQ

Wednesday (0/0/0) - PT morning, Sarah asks me about what I've been doing and I recapped the run and the bike on Sunday and she looked at me.  "Doubles?  And how do you feel?"  I felt a little stiff, but it was slow and flat bike ride so I didn't really think about it as a double.  She shook her head.  Finally saying "If you felt no pain I think it's fine to try a mile run this week."

The rest of the day were evenly spaced out meetings, Number One Smart Guy and Jackass in New York, Gary was on Fishers Island so it was rather quiet and dull.

Jax ready to "kick some squirrel butt"
He cracks me up

Thursday (0/3.2/0) - Last water PT class.  They've exhausted what they can do with me so now it is time for more land and full body weight PT.  Hey, if we don't talk about the belly it doesn't exist, right?  shhhh...  I got in my 20 minutes of jogging and was able to play around with different types of water core work, so that was good.

Walk at lunch, rainy and actually rather refreshing.  I'd rather run, however I'm seeing the advantage to active recovery, and Wednesday was a complete and total slug day.

Friday (5/2.8/0) - Would have been a good day to bike to work except it was Friday of a holiday weekend.  Plus I was going to get to run to day, to run my MILE!! (and well that whole disapproval for the double thing) After a 15 minute warm up walk I ran my mile and it felt awesome, well the first 45 steps hurt (remember I said I was going to count them), and my left knee got it together and the muscle tenderness on the right hip sussed itself out.  I figured, well since I did run 2 miles on Tuesday, I could do an extra mile, just to see how it felt.  It felt even better!!!  Since my lunch run was going to creep over an hour with walking the last 1.5 miles back to campus I did a third mile, it was far slower, however also on the stretch of Shennecossett that I hate, that gradual sneaky hill, I was pleased with my success and lack of pain, I can't wait to tell Sarah on Wednesday!!

Gus and Jax, up to no good.

Saturday (0/5.9/0) - Volunteering for the Westerly Track and Athletic Club's inaugural Whaneeta 5K, registration and course marshal at the split, go right for the first lap and left for the second.  It was fun and my first event as a newly minted member of the board of directors.

White blaze with a black dot, always makes me feel like I'm being watched!

I wanted to take a bike ride to Buttonwood Farms, that never materialized.  Gus was still pretty ticked from being snubbed for a walk on Friday and Dave was having truck issues and of course had a long bike adventure to go on so someone had to deal with that.  Lucky me... Gus got his walk and I got some chores done and then decided to take myself on a walk on Napatree Point.

Sunday (0/1/28) - Got my bike ride in.  As I was approaching the light at Greenhaven it was green and staying green, this never happens.  I was able to get up the sharp hill and on to US1, turning left.  Then I realized I really wanted to turn right.  Oh well.  So off to Stonington Borough to explore. I wasn't going to be breaking any records today so might as well just explore all the dead ends and side streets and see what I see.  It was a perfect day for this, sunny not humid, a bit of a strong wind kicking up now and then.  Found things I didn't know existed and that pleases me!

Foot:  26.2 for 1,213.8 for the year against a straight-line target of: 1,366.5
Saddle:  28 for 1,190.7 for the year against a straight-ling target of 1,366.5

Yeah those goals are slip slip slipping away.  Fortunately though my hip is much healthier and I had forgotten what it is like to NOT be in pain 24x7.  It's pretty darn nice.

Beth, pleased each step is easier and faster!!  Ok easier not necessarily faster!

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