Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekly Recap: 9/19/2016 - 9/25/2016

This week it all came to a head.  Like a big old pimple.  I was re-living High School, the boys only paying attention to me for my friends...  

Anyhoodles, on with my weekly update....

Monday (0/6/0) - Wow what a day, it totally got away from me after Dave called, buying a new truck keeping the old one.  But that's neither here nor there, two car payments, again, after a 5 year break, kinda sucks....    Anyhoodles, I ran in to Mikey in the hallway, literal as he was walking distracted while I was walking distracted, collision in the gerbil tube.  He was lamenting he couldn't run till later, and hadn't run over the weekend and he couldn't take three days off and he didn't want to run in the rain.  I smiled.  I knew EXACTLY what I was looking forward to: 6 miles in the rain.  The usual calling of crazy ensued.  That IS a compliment, right?

The initial downpours were pretty strong, but I was out in the nice medium speed soft warm rain for a lovely 65, minutes, 5 minutes faster than I ran the same course on Friday.  Whoo hoo.  Totally loving the ON Cloud Cruisers, finally got the replacement shoes after a few months.  Nice company to deal with.  I believed them on the suggestion to order a 1/2 size larger than you normally do and they were way too big.  I went with my usual running shoe size and they still feel a little big I can wiggle my toes all around and that is rather lovely so I'll go with this size for now and see how they wear once I get a few hundred miles on them.

Soaking wet and very happy with this run.

The evening was spent dealing with vehicles and ignoring the dogs.  Jax was not pleased!  He was also not feeling well.  Probably had a little paper snack and this upset his tummy, but he had a funny cough, so neither of us were sure what was going on in the middle of the night, because no living thing ever feels that off during daylight hours so no one, but Gus slept well.  Well that's not entirely true, at 4 a.m. Jax decided he'd feel better if he slept in The Gus Hut and Gus was not in the mood to share, so he slept where Jax usually sleeps, on me.

Dave learning how to take selfies

He likes the first one better

Tuesday (0/0/0) - NYC for the day.  Dress, heels, and not much outside time made me a little stiff and bloated and cranky...  that and the lack of sleep due to my 'family' and having to get up early...

Dave took the pups for an adventure and they seemed fine, ok so maybe this was just a little blip with Jax.  We are on pins and needles worrying that he is going to get cancer like Diesel, yet doing everything we can to enjoy every day with both of them.

The rock pile is an interesting story.  Quite a nifty machine!

Wednesday (0/8/0) - My first double run.  5 grueling miles in the heat, is summer ever going to end??  I nearly turned back and made it a 3 mile run and said the hell with it.  My beer gut giggled and I knew I needed to keep on keeping on.  Christ, why is it so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose it?  Well I've only really been at this a week and I haven't been trying very hard, but still...  The second run was the Stavros Memorial Race at the Westerly Town Beach, 3 miles.  This was the 23rd year and the 23rd anniversary of Charlie Stavros death during a race, probably a blood clot.  Those buggers get so many people, terrifying, actually.  To die during a race.  I know we've all felt like it.  I pushed the pace, for me, for barefoot on the sand.  It felt good and nothing hurt while I was running, my calves, well as the night progressed they may tell a different story.

I've been bugging Dave about a Mountain bike.  I'm ready to ride trails again, I have the confidence I needed to get back out there after a long hiatus.  He said I could with my ancient mountain bike, but let him talk to a few of the guys and see what they think.  So looks like I'm in the market for a 29" hard tail, with 3" tires.  Yippieee!!

Thursday (3.6/0/0) -  Ok so I got in a dog walk...  ok two, the faces break my heart.  I walked them together!!  I couldn't face leaving one alone and walking the other and reversing the process. Skipping to the punch line: They were excellent. They figured out someone was going on a walk as I muttered, where is my damn watch.  Jax started his spinning in wild circles and Gus started his pout. They are so very different.  I put the harness on Gus he was all WHOOP! I'm DA DOG!!! and strutted around.  Jax looked on the brink of tears.  I put the harness on him and he was spinning so fast he spun the harness off!!  So we had to repeat the process and get it on correctly.  Off we went, me thinking I am going to regret this.  They were good, a couple quick reprimands and they focused on walking and not being annoying.

I can enjoy my beer in peace!

Friday (5.8/1.8/0)  - Tuesday with Faith became Friday with Faith because of me being in NY.  She was off on Fri and I worked at home so we met at the Westerly Y for a 5 mile run with a HUGE HILL ending mile 2.  That got a little turned around as we made a quick detour to my house, Jax needed to slobber on a new person.  He did exactly that and we skedaddled on to our appointed route.  Damn it is hard to get back to running.  My breathing is all over the place and my form is off.  Faith was in it for the company not speed.  THANK YOU!!!  I plodded along nearly on death's door and she chattered endlessly, THANK YOU!!  Mostly kept my mind off the gasping for breath and the fat jiggling.  It was a warm run, we walked a couple times and ended with a walk, over all 11:28 pace with walking nearly a mile of it - Faith had 11 so I'm good with that. I have to be, it is what it is at this point.

Saturday (8/0/0) - Westerly Heart Walk kicked off the day.  5 miles in scenic Watch Hill.  I signed up with my Physical Therapy group and enjoyed a nice 5 mile walk with another woman who was on her second hip replacement, well they were replacing parts, she was 57, holy crap.  She kept up a good pace and chattered the whole time and I was relieved.  I wasn't in a chatty mood and really suck at chatter with strangers.  People who know me, well they know me and kind of expect the unexpected to come out of my mouth, people who don't, well I think this is an off putting trait.  My filter is broken.

Took the boyz for another double walk and while that had it's challenges it was good.  An hour massage to work out more of the kinks in my legs and back, still not there, yet.  And my day was pretty much over.  Quite content to call it a day and flip on the TV, a rarity for me and catch up on recorded shows, Gotham and Blindspot, and binge watch Vikings!

Sunday (0/4/0) - The test drive of the Stashe Mountain Bike doesn't actually count as biking, but I was on a bike and it was FUN!!!  NBX has a nice little course, and I mean little, to test the bikes on.  It felt good and comfortable and it only took a second to remember how to shift the mountain bike versus a road bike.  Weird with such a wide handle bar and front shocks and big tires.  Thinking there will be one of these parked in the dining room soon.   I want to be out on the trails, and this will get me there until when my  hip can't.  

Took the boyz out for an evening constitutional to wrap up the week.


Feet:  37.2 for a total of 1,313.8 against a yearly total of 1,482.2
Saddle:  0 for a total of 1,247.8 against a yearly total of 1,482.2

Beth, happy the harassment has ended.


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