Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weekly Log 10/3/16 - 10/9/16

Monday (0/0/0) - Long drive, the drive East is an  hour longer than the drive West, always has been.  I've tried leaving at different times on different days, the result is the same.

I listened to "Many Waters" by Madeline L'Engle, the last in the A Wrinkle in Time Quintet.  I wasn't at all enamored with this but couldn't not finish it all at the same time.  I like the Twins and wanted to know if they made it home safe. Glad that is over and on to the next book.  I really love being able to download books to my phone and play them through the speakers in the car.

Team entered in the lottery for the Cascade Lakes Relay!  If we get in, no PMC for me next year.  I'm thinking that may be ok.  I may be able to do the Mt. Washington Century then!  A century+ the weekend before the PMC 192 wasn't going to happen this year, although it could happen next...

Tuesday (6/5/0) - After a leisurely wake up and lots of dog snuggles I took both dogs on separate walks.  Sure it's time consuming, however the weather is ideal for October, I think this is my favorite month.

Met up with Faith for a night run.  WOW it is so much easier to breath when the dew point is in the low 50's and the air is cool!  We had a good run.  She is recovering from a hellacious trail 1/2 marathon, and me well I'm slowly getting back to running consistently.  It was nice to catch up and I appreciate her wanting to run together once a week and her flexibility between our crazy schedules to make sure it happens!  It is kind of like therapy.  We confused a driver trying to pull out of his driveway, he shouted "I was trying to figure out what kind of car had bobbing headlights!!" referring to our headlamps (get your head out of the gutter).  I'm sure we were quite visible as we have a joint pet peeve (I think it really is more anger/disgust) about people out on the roads not making themselves easy to see.  The brighter the better, right?   It is not unusual for someone to ask me if I am an alien when I am walking dog(s) after dark.  Between the reflective vest, head lamp, and now the reflective harnesses for the pups.  You'd really have to be engrossed in your text to not see us!

Wednesday (0/3/0) - Today was a volunteer day with the United Way at a women's shelter in a nearby town.  Our group was cleaning and painting a two bedroom apartment for a woman and her two children to move into.  This will be transitional housing, from 6 months to 2 years until she can fully take care of herself and her children.  The organization that runs the center gave a really informative presentation on what they do and how they help from the moment the woman (or man) and if there are children the children comes to them and work they do with them until they are able to be independent and even after.  I was surprised to hear about all of the programs for the children, while I was cleaning, and painting it gave me something to mull over.  How must a child deal with that situation and what must they unlearn or relearn as a result.

At the end of the day the apartment looked great.  We didn't finish the bathroom, however two bedrooms, a kitchen and a HUGE living/dining area were cleaned, painted and all the paint spatters on the floor were cleaned up, the bedrooms set up and ready to be made up!  It was a great experience to help someone who probably never thought she'd be worth helping, and maybe making her life and her children's life better.  I was so touched with the center's workers compassion for the family moving in.  They would be getting all new linens and towels, not just new to them, brand spankity new!  At first I was shocked, what a waste to get rid of what the last family used, and, again, during all the cleaning and painting I had something to think about, I reconsidered my shock about this and how much nicer it would be to have new, never used items.

I hope who ever ends up there has success in permanently getting out of the abusive relationship that was the catalyst to getting help, and any other abusive relationships she may have collected along the way and really, prevents her from getting involved in another one.  She is worth it, hopefully a nice freshly scrubbed and painted and furnished apartment will show here people that will never know her do give a damn.

Thursday (5.7/2.1/0) - Back to running.  I could have blown off this run, I kinda wanted to.  I'm frustrated.  It's all on me so I contemplated what I need to do and that is lose the 10 lbs I gained over the summer (I usually lose the 10 I gained over the winter, and I really don't want to do the math and end up with 20, because, crap, that didn't really happen, it's more like 15 because there is rounding of something other than my cheeks, right?) and speed work.  Two things I am not a big fan of.  I celebrated my destiny by eating 6 donuts, because that is what rational people do, right?

Took both stir crazy pups for a walk, it was torture for all three of us.  They really needed to go run leash free, and burn off their boxer boy bonkers.  I knew this going into it and tried my best to hold it together and just let them wander and sniff and not push to keep moving.  It's their walk not mine.

All in all a frustrating day, these things happen.  The culmination of being gone, and the craziness of work grinding on my nerves.  I'll chalk it all up to it being one of those days and move through it and forward.

Friday (0/0/0) - Friday meetings should be banned.  After three hours of them it was time to run or get lunch and do the actual work I needed to do on Friday.  I got lunch and worked on my to do list.  Actually not feeling all that guilty for not running, today was a PT day anyhow.

Late in the afternoon I received notification of being recognized, not allowed to talk about it but I don't think any of my co-workers read this blog, but still...  Anyhow, it is nice to be recognized, and this really helped lift me out of my somber mood.

Dave and I went to dinner, seems like forever since we've been out.  Then again it's been three weeks since we were both home on a Friday night, so there is that.

Saturday (0/3.2/30) - Volunteering for the WTAC in the a.m  The Run for the Pumpkins.  This is the second year it is a trail race.  I ran it last year after getting home in the wee hours of Saturday a.m. from what started as lunch with Heidi in Manhattan that turned into day drinking and dinner and the restaurant owner giving me a ride to GCT to catch a train and Heidi a ride to the East Village.  This year, I haven't been on a trail run since the spring.  My confidence is shot, at the moment, so I supported the running community.  Just as good right?  It is amazing see all the runners come in from the first to the last.

Got home and decided it was time to get Ruby out on the road again, how long had it been since I had a bike ride.  I love the freedom of it and the ability to be in control of my own course.  I went down to the beach and was going to head home and thought I hadn't been on 91 in a while or done the Chase Hill Gut Punch hill.  I took off all the segments on my Garmin because I wasn't going to deal with trying to beat myself or the next person in line till next year.  I was going to enjoy riding in the fall.  While I knew basically where things started and ended I didn't pay them much mind and it all felt really good.  I still haven't studied my results, yet.  It was a nice 30 miles on the bike.  I do need to get my bike re-fitted, my back feels too hunched and I wonder if my handle bars are too low.  I'll make an appointment to get that done.  It will be worth spending the $$ on it,  for a more comfortable and stronger ride.

Gus and I had a nice hike in Champlin Glacier Park.  We had no plan and ended up back at the start after a mile!  I was looking at the kiosk, and where were we and after probably 3 minutes figured out we were back at the start!  We wandered and it was just fine.  I like that preserve and feel pretty secure I'm not going to get lost.  Kind of difficult when it is surrounded by paved roads and 134 acres.  I need to get a map to keep in my pocket till I get the lay of the land there.

Dave took Jax to scrub off some energy by chasing a ball.  It is nice to have two zonked dogs.  The more they move the more they need to move.  Funny how that works.

Sunday (0/0/0) - I may do something other than PT, I may not.  Glad I got out on the bike yesterday, definitely wouldn't be a good idea with all this rain.


Feet:  25 for a total of 1,362.6  against a straight-line target of: 1,559.3
Saddle: 30 for a total of 1,227.8 against a straight-line target of 1,559.3

Beth, looking forward to OBX for a week at the end of the month!  Been a while since I had a real vacation.

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