Saturday, November 12, 2016

Weekly Log: 11/7/2016 - 11/13/2016

Wow, getting back into the swing of things post vacation was a bit easier with the time change.  I was up on time on Monday morning.  I rarely use an alarm clock, unless I have to be up.  In fact I unplugged the bedside clock a few years ago because the light was keeping me awake. My FitBit has a clock if I really need to know the time and my phone for an alarm if I have to be up at a certain time.  Generally I sleep till first light.  Then Gus wakes up because he wants to snuggle and he is not a good snuggler.  He has to stand there and stare for a while until he jumps up, spins around rather clumsily and slowly and stiffly lays down and sort of curls up, even then it’s like snuggling with a sack of cement.   All the other dogs just sort of slid into bed and melted up against me, I barely noticed them and went right back to sleep.  Not so much with my neurotic Gus.  He’s 9 there isn’t much going to change him and he just started this cuddling in the morning thing after Gizmo passed.   I thought maybe he’d get better at it, not really.    So up and at it I was, leaving Gus to have the nice warm comfy spot that was once mine.  

I’m still a bit sore and bruised from Amy, the run with Gus on Sunday was perfect, I was limber enough to enjoy it and the pace slow enough to ease back into running on solid ground.  The temperature on Monday was perfect for running, combine that with a light breeze and sunshine, it was darn near epic!  I wasn’t sure how this was all going to go.  Fortunately everything stayed limber and I wasn’t run/waddling and actually got some decent speed and movement in my hips and felt good, no excellent, I felt excellent.  First time in a long time; I keep trying to convince myself every run is better, it is or it isn’t I’m not really sure.  Monday was good, very good, I could have kept on going after I got back to the gate. 

Both boyz got a walk.  They weren’t too terrible, well Jax wasn’t too terrible and Gus wasn’t too put out about having Jax along on the walk.  We can go about 2 miles then Jax pretty much starts losing his mind.  Not enough adventure for him, walks on the sidewalk are boring, I guess.  So he decides jumping on Gus would be fun and Gus, well Gus doesn’t think that is much fun.

Woke up to a beautiful morning on Tuesday, looked like it would be spectacular running weather however, I had an appointment mid-day that took the hour I’d have spent running.  Well it was kind of necessary; I want to look my best as I receive my award and awkwardly give a speech next week!  Dinner after work with some runner girls was fantastic; not to mention a pleasant distraction from the big event of the day. 

After a struggle getting up on Wednesday, kind of hard when I’m trapped under a dog and the other one is sticking his feet in my face.  I swear those two knuckle heads team up to make it impossible to get out of bed!  The struggle is real!  First world problems!  I had a really good run.  I could really only run for 50 minutes and not be late for my 12:30 meeting.  I ran for 59 minutes and was 7 minutes late for my 12:30 meeting.  It didn’t actually get started till 12:45, kinda how I expected it to go, it was a lunch meeting I was dialing into, they’d be messing around with getting food for at least 10 minutes.  *smirk* 

Spin was good.  Really, good in fact.  Must be something to breaking up all the bound up fascia / adhesion on my right hip?  The night got away from me, again.  Oh well.

Thursday started chaotic, and didn't let up, I didn't get out to run until late and I figured I'd get Avery Point to complete the typical three point run and then get back to work.  The run actually felt good, I was still a little 'delicate' (as one of my Brit friends says) from Wednesday night.  That got me all righted and I was awake enough for the running club board meeting.  Tried using a lead to connect the boyz while they walked, stop getting tangled up in the leashes.  We made it 1/4 of  a mile and that was that.  They don't walk side by side, they walk single file, and side by side and then one has to stop and smell and pee and the other one gets 'in line' behind the first and does the same thing.  Then Jax spins when he poops and I could see that going all pear shaped!  I'll take it back.  I need to find the handle I used to connect the two leashes when I walked Diesel and Gizmo, it has been years since I did that, seeings how Diesel's been dead for 6 years.    Thursday would have been Sage's 14 birthday, I can't imagine her that old.  She was pretty creeky and arthritic before she passed in what would have been her 11th year.  I do miss having that boxer girl attitude around the house.  She was a character, for sure.  

I behaved myself on Thursday night, or at least I think I did... 

The 11th day of the 11th month, Veteran's Day.  Friday, Facebook was filled with Memorial Day versus Veterans Day - know the difference.  I abstain from posting, I used to put up a picture of my Grandfather in his Army Uniform, however, with the current climate I am laying low.  

Did my PT today!  It's been a while.  Felt good actually, I do need to do this more than once a month!!

Dave and Jax and I did a nice loop in Arcadia on the mountain bikes Saturday morning!  It was nice, my assignment was to do the last two assignments, not fall so much, and hop the front tire over logs.  I did pretty well.  Other than getting incredibly tangled up IN my bike as I crashed trying to go over as stone wall.  Got some rather nasty scratches on Barney and a nice bruise on my bum.  Fairly bloody legs from the trails, glad tights season is upon us, that will make me less self conscious in a dress with my legs looking like those of a 12 year old boy bruised and scratched.

Gus and I got out for a too short hike in Champlin, I was exhausted and still had this looming packing project for a week in Nevada.  I haven't been on an airplane since 2014, flying isn't my thing, well unless we are talking down hill on a bike!  He enjoyed himself and probably doesn't know I shorted him a mile. 

Sunday is going to be spent on an airplane flying to Nevada, and then in the evening running the Rock and Roll Marathon 10K on the Las Vegas Strip as part of a team building.  I'll write about that later,  The race starts at 5 or 6 p.m. (I know I should know this) and that is 3 hours ahead of my current time.  I am going to be a disaster!  Oh well it will be a fun experience. 

Weekly Mileage  (as of Saturday): 

Feet:  21.8 for a yearly total of 1,494.2 against a straight-line target of  1,752.2

Saddle:  23.9 for a yearly total of 1,455.9 against a straight-line target of 1,752.2

Beth, figuring she should get this posted or it won't happen for a week.

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  1. Had no idea that airplanes don't agree with you. For me, it's the really small planes that bother me, even since a choppy seaplane ride and landing in a lake in Maine as a teen. The bigger the plane, the better.
    My legs are usually scratched up every week lately running trails; I try to cover them up when I'm wearing a dress.
    Always enjoy your blog posts and introspection.