Sunday, November 6, 2016

Weekly Recap: 10/31/2016 - 11/6/2016

I am not lacking for scenic places to run and bike!

This was a vacation week for me.  I haven't had a weeks vacation in 5 years, in fact the last time I was here, at The Land Shark in Hatteras NC in 2011.

After getting up Saturday to run, I ran from Hatteras to Frisco on the beach, and really not enjoying it, Sunday I went on a bike ride out to Hatteras Lighthouse, (Hatteras to Buxton) it was fun on the way North with the wind at my back, not a lot of effort for speed!  So I knew the way back would be a grind, it was.  Totally worth it.  (see last weeks blog for details)

One of 601 Futuro Homes in the World!

Monday I got up and went out to run, ugh, I loathe running in the morning and low tide wasn't till later,  I thought I'd run on the road, get it over with and get on with the day.  I enjoyed none of the mile or so I ran and came back to the house and announced, I need to do what I want to do and not what people expect me to do.  It takes me a while to get in vacation mode, one would think that by day 3, or 4 if you count the drive I'd have the hang of this, not so much. 

View off the back deck 
Sunset one of the nights....

Tuesday we planned to go to Ocracoke, I went over first, because we wanted to meet up for lunch and I knew the 14 mile ride to town could take me 40 min or it could take me 70 min, all depending on the wind.  The wind was at my back this time, I was going South, so I knew the North  back was going to be a bit of a fight and I would have the pressure (?) of not missing the ferry. NC 12 is a long flat road, ocean on one side bay on the other...  I saw a few pelicans crossing the road.  They and I managed to not get all tangled up in each other.  Very cool animals.  The picture I stopped to take didn't come out to well.

Ocracoke Lighthouse

I meandered a bit around downtown Ocracoke, it's not all that big. Met up with the gang for lunch at SmacNally's, very awesome Sheepshead fish with a High-Wire Brown Ale.  Quite the ugly fish and quite tasty and the beer was also awesome, some of that made it into my car to enjoy while at home.

The bike ride back to the ferry was as expected into the wind.  I had 48 minutes to get 14 miles and it was a struggle keeping it at 15 or higher to make this cut off to the 4:00 p.m. ferry.  Fortunately Hurricane Matthew left a big dump of sand in the channel and this messed up the ferry schedule.  I made it there by 4:01 with a line of cars and a couple cheers from the folks who passed me on NC12 when I said "Pshew I made it!" and then nearly fell off my bike trying to un-clip myself.   The ferry departed at 4:30 so I had time to jibber jabber with my friends before we got on the ferry.  They kept saying, get in the truck, get in the truck.  I smell horrible I was NOT stinking up their truck with my funk!  No way!!

Wednesday was Apple Ugly day we went down to the Apple Blossom Cafe and picked up our goodies.  The Apple Uglies aren't as ugly as they used to be but boy are they bigger.  Like 4 times the size!  It was two breakfasts, it really should have been 4.  SO I was nice and buzzed on sugar and coffee and we all ventured off to do some lookey loo around the shops and galleries.  Across the street was the general store gift shop.  Thanks to Hurricane Matthew their beer coolers were not working so beer was 10% off.  I picked up a couple of six packs of local porters.  I'll venture back down there to load up on a new favorite Duck Rabbit Stout.

I think I FINALLY am getting the hang of this relaxing and vacation stuff!!

Hurricane Matthew went inland and did not attack Hatteras from the ocean, rather he snuck up from the West so their damage was from the bay!  The damage to the house we stay in was flood waters three feet up.  It's on stilts probably 10 feet high so no damage to the house, just the pool and the yard.  The island was busy with clean up and piles of garbage, dead appliances and probably other things the residents have been hanging on to because of the cost to dispose of them off the island of Hatteras.

I took a run at low tide, much nicer then, although I think I had a tiny blister starting.  I picked up a HUGE scallop shell and ran with that for near 3 miles and joining it was a conch shell.  One of the fisherman said "Hey, my buddy here wants to jog with you."  They laughed I laughed and I said, "Sure!"  The fisherman says "I bet he'll make it all the way to that bird 100 feet away , before he passes out."  HA HA.  It was funny.  The wind was non existent, so a better day for a bike ride, but hey, oh well.  I went out for a run to Frisco and back to Hatteras.  The pier is a nice thing to run to and then past for a bit.

Ok its a recycled picture!  I need to find one from 5 years ago, so much more of the pier is gone.

I was happy to be done and regretting not having drunk enough water during the day.   Happy to have the surf to run in and cool me off, it was in the low 70's.

Another laid back morning on Thursday yep I think I have the hang of this vacation stuff, wait what this is the last day???  NO!!!!  I thought about going over to see the sun rise I didn't, I'd do that before I hit the road on Friday.  

Low tide was after 4 so I went out for a run late in the afternoon and the wind was coming from the south.  I ran two miles in and out of fishermen and fishing line, into the wind.   I got pretty caught up in one of the surf casters line.  He says "Lookey there I caught a Red Bass"  Ha ha ha!!! The Garmin buzzed 2.xx miles so I turned around and walked for a bit and it was so nice, with the wind at my back and the waves splashing all over I walked most of the way back.  A couple of the fishermen commented about me running into the wind and walking with it.  They thought that a little odd.  I suppose it might be.  I may have run another mile before calling it a run.  Took a sunset meander to get over the 5 mile mark. 

Nice sunset walk on the beach, I enjoyed watching the Pelican's play while flying low over the surf, very cool!

Pelicans way in the distance

Woke up Friday to wind and cloud cover.  I walked out to the beach, oh my I was sandblasted and it was pretty apparent the sun wasn't going to make a beautiful sunrise, well shoot.  By the time I got back to the house the rain had started and it didn't let up.  Not so fun packing, I was glad I had done quite a bit on Thursday evening.  We did a big fridge clean out on Thursday night also. 

Got in the car and headed off the island.  Good byes are so hard, I was happy to have met Sheila's husband, they are well suited, as I suspected they would be.  She was pretty taken with him when they first started doing the dating dance.  It's nice to see them together and enjoying each other, knowing she was happy and met her match, it was easier to say good bye.

The drive was uneventful until a few miles of the George Washington Bridge where everyone loses their bloody mind.  Not until I got off I-95 at my exit was the drive calm again.  My least favorite part of any drive is CT.  NJ and NY are bearable, mostly.  

Cotton Field in VA

Got Gus out for a reasonable walk on Saturday morning, I had quite a few chores to complete and that was a nice break between tasks.  I was stiff and sore from the drive.  Amy came by to torture me / give me a massage and break up months of scar tissue in my right hip.  YEOUCH that was painful, probably another hours work for her to break up the last of it and get my hip free!  I knew I was very bound up as it's been hard walking, let alone doing it with any sort of acceleration.  Hopefully this will get me back on the road running.  I know I should have called her month's ago.  Warren is good, but he won't get in there and really break through the layers of bound up mass that need to be broken up.  I'll be happy to walk with a bit less stiffness and maybe this will help get me back to some regular running and the foam roller can actually do some good!

Back to the swing of things with a short dog jog and hike Sunday morning in Champlin Preserve.  I had been warned the smell of baked goods was overwhelming.  It wasn't bad.  It certainly distracted Gus for a while!  We ran and hiked as desired and it was nice to be in the woods.  The work Amy did freeing the scar tissue showed, it was much easier to run, everything felt very free.  Hip injuries aren't fun and this one took me out for nearly the year.  I can't say that this is disappointing, more frustrating?  I'm really not sure.  I've had a lot of time to think and ponder and be frustrated and be elated at small victories.  Mostly I've learned I enjoy running and not racing, I like things on my terms, spending so much time on the terms of other people and government agencies really takes it's toll.

MAC called this a.m. wanting to run Marine Corps in 2017 to get the gang back together for our 5 year anniversary.  The thought of training for a marathon is freaking overwhelming to me right now.  I know it's a year away...  I think I managed to talk her down to the four of us getting together for the 10K at MCM and then cheering on the marathoners.  Wonder if Gabe and Andrea will be ok with that...  Gabe is aiming for her first 100 for next year so quite possibly, depending on when it is.    In any event it will be nice to have the 4 of us together again.  But nothing will be like being stranded by Super Storm Sandy for nearly a week! 

All in all a good week, a nice vacation, I feel like I relaxed for the first time in a long time, which is good as I'll be traveling again in a week.  I didn't get a lot of miles, but that's my own goals going by the wayside. Hopefully I can get Gus fully recall trained so Dave can take him with when he takes Jax out to run.  He gets it, mostly. 


Feet:  Week:  18.4  for a yearly total of: 1,472.4 against a straight-line target of: 1,713.6
Saddle:  Week:  39 for a yearly total of: 1,432.0 against a straight-line target of: 1,713.6

Yeah those goals are long gone but I'll break 1,500 with ease, well unless everything goes to compete shit...  










Beth, a bit less surly (vacation) and a bit more flexible (massage).


  1. On the drive back to TX, somewhere in Louisiana I think, Andy asked a well thought question.
    Andy: So, say instead of retiring, I decided I wanted to keep working?
    Me: Okay...
    A: And then I decided to retire,
    M: Waits
    A: Does that mean we'd go back to Hatteras again?
    M: Ha! No.
    But we'd both love to do that again! So glad you made it and SUPER GLAD you unwound enough to relax! Let's do that again!

    1. You know just how hard it is for me to unwind! Andy is awesome, almost nearly as awesome as you!! I'm so glad you met your match!