Sunday, December 18, 2016

Weekly Update: 12/12/2016 - 12/18/2016

Zooming in on the longest night of the year....  and it will start getting lighter later, until, June then this all repeats itself.  But let us not dwell on that.

Monday started rainy, luckily that is now spin day!  I parked in the garage at work.  The rain was sideways and really I had no desire to fight the wind an umbrella, my purse, briefcase, and gym bag the 1/4 of a mile to my desk.  Of note: I also got a funky new running gadget, what was that Mikey's running friends were talking about, you know the REAL runners, the ones that break 8 minute miles.  Oh yeah, they were talking about posers, guess you could say that's me, but really I love gadgets and data. (I've been assured they weren't talking about me, of course, I know!  I'm not self absorbed enough to think any one gives two extra thoughts about me. Despite my imaginary husband calling this blog narcissistic.)  I  know my place and my pace and I'm mostly content with where I am and when I'm ready I'll start working on getting better, I will. I'll do it for me, not anyone else.  In all the bags and walking the even longer way to my desk my funky new gadget got lost!!  Oh shit.

Spin class was good.  Addy is an excellent instructor. I record my HR and not sure how to sync the cadence meter with the new watch so there are two entries in Strava which have confused both the imaginary husband and at least one follower who is always one to ask clarifying questions.  Love that someone actually wants to clarify what they are looking at rather than blindly Kudoing something! Anyhow I probably should keep that private, it really is for my information.  I'm a curious data whore.

Gus and I had a great time ohhing and ahhing at lights on our walk.

Olaf, on the other hand was overwhelmed!
Fortunately Tuesday I woke up to no rain after Gus' tough night because of his over indulgence of water.  Poor guy had to go out wicked bad at 3 a.m. and while I'll let him out and go back to bed the imaginary husband had to make a production out of making sure Gus was back upstairs and in his hut and then turning on and off every light in the house.  Seriously, is this necessary?  I can manage to get up and out by 5:30 a.m. when I need to go to NY and barely notice a movement from man nor beast in the house.  So more it wasn't Gus' issue it was me being annoyed by my imaginary husband and not being able to get back to sleep immediately.  Wouldn't it be lovely if spouses could live in duplexes?  One having one side and the other having the other side?  You could keep it as neat or as messy as you would like, you could decorate to your own taste, think of the possibilities....

All that aside, I had a great run around the usual course.  Not a lot of effort and I got a nice comfortable pace and enjoyed myself, that really is what it is all about.

Both the Boyz got a walk.  We made it about 2 miles before Jax was completely not interested in walking.  So we went home.  Read:  Jax became an asshole I couldn't bear.

What the hell happened Wednesday?  Hmmm why didn't I run at lunch?  Better go check my work calendar, odd....  I did Spin at the Arcadia Y.  Finally got the right digits for Jennifer so she met me there!!!  Kim was her usual un-understandable to my mid-western ear.  We did Tabbata, I LOVE this, 20 seconds high intensity 10 second rest.  It is awesome.  Fortunately the music cues the starts and stops and I just had to translate what we were doing.  

Oh I didn't run at lunch because I had training.  I also made the mistake, glad Mikey doesn't read this any more, of talking to one of the super runners at the site.  Ah well, I KNEW you guys weren't talking about me but the "poser runner" came up just as I passed through your group and started my watch for the GPS and HR search.  It was classically funny.  Well at least I thought so....  my humor was lost on him, oh well...  silly mid-westerner...

Ok so not retracing at the beach...
I decided to retrace my steps from the parking garage on Monday and see if my new gadget would be detected by my phone.  It was!  Holy cow. Someone found it and put it on the window ledge.  Some people are are really awesome.

Off to NYC on frigid Thursday, the wind was blowing and when I got off the train, out of Grand Central Terminal, and on to Lexington and 43rd the snow was blowing.  Honestly, it was frigging awesome.  There really is something about stepping outside of Grand Central in to a snowy NYC street that is so cool in that 1950's classic movie sort of way.  My mind was playing Frank Sinatra and my feet were marching me across Lex towards my office in mid-town, hoping there would be an awesome secretary there to hand me my coffee and then pour me a scotch at 4 p.m.  Oh wait, I'm a girl... I'm supposed to be pouring the coffee and Scotch ala Joan Holloway.  Ha! HARDLY!  Roger can pour me my scotch and I'll fling my pumps across the room for him to shine.  ha ha ha

Someone once said they'd like to take a whirl around whatever goes on in my mind....  enjoy.

We had a great meeting and a productive work session and I was on the 5:22 home armed with some new beers from The Beer Table.

Ugh, are you serious, I have to get up and shower and go to work today?  Friday, yep a work day.  I managed to wiggle out of a 2 p.m. meeting, so no prep for that and a fairly easy day of cleaning up the previous week and setting up for the final week of the year.  Did Addy's Stability and Core class.  Lisa and I agreed running was far easier, however these things are necessary and would I like to go to a Shred class with her on Monday?  Ummm I don't think we are taking about cheese over taco sort of shred, are we?  Friggggg.... I am so out of shape it isn't even funny.  Running is so. much. easier.

Met up with Faith when the weather was a balmy 24F and no wind, to take a lap around Bluff Point.  Nice run, I need the push and then the tolerance to let Ms. Asthmatic catch her breath and relieve a side cramp.  Friggg I forgot to dose with my Albuterol.  We jibber jabbered the whole time, Faith more at ease as this was an easy run for her, me, not so much, a push like that for 3.6 miles is good for me.  I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with my running.   Maybe nothing maybe something, for now I'm back to enjoying it and taking it for a nice way to spend time with friends, be outside, or be completely alone and have a quiet mind.

Gus likes his hat, Jax, not so much!
Saturday was all it was cracked up to be.  Lots of projects completed around the house, so there is that.  OMG DOMS from Addy's class set in strong.  Kinda feels like a wasted day but not really things that have needed to be done were done.  Nice to cross some things off the 'when we have crappy weather' project list.

Let the Christmas decorating begin!
It's that time of year to over eat and sit around with the in-laws.  Sunday Christmas Brunch in Worcester, MA was the main activity of the day.  The food was better this year than last, at least they had the mussels and clams back, no oysters, WTF.  On the drive out Dave spied a runner in a bright orange shirt, commented that should make me happy.  I'm forever complaining about people out at night and low visibility weather not wearing bright and reflective clothing, so they can be seen.   Nothing scares me more than the runner or walker on the side of the road in low light dressed in dark clothes. Seriously?  do you have a death wish?  Anyhow, many of you have heard this...  I'll stop.... I wondered if I knew this person, running on Rte 3.  It didn't look like Muddy's form, and as we got closer, too tall, hmmm, it was Eric in a Li'l Rhody bright orange shirt.  Super Kudos for being dressed brightly to be seen on a road that isn't so great to run on in low visibility conditions.  Made my day!

The tree went up, first time in years, I don't think I've been home for Christmas in a few years, while the tree was very dusty it was nice to put it up and decorate.  This is the year I finally donate the Frank's Nursery and Crafts tree I bought for my second Christmas in my Ann Arbor house, that would be 1995.  I remember because I got an ornament with my first tree, a live tree I cut down with friends, that was 1994 and I was sick as a dog for a year after that, probably from the fresh cut tree in my wee tiny house!  So that tree is 21 years old, holy crap, it's old enough to drink!

From my first tree!This started the tradition for me to do this each year. Most are labeled and all have some significance to me (or me and Dave) for that year.
Tried my funky new gadget on my run with Gus.  I think that may have skewed it a bit, but all in all interesting information.  I run next on Tuesday, with Faith, so I'll try it out again and see what I see.


Feet:  22.1 for a yearly total of 1,617.3 against my B goal of 1,702 and C goal of 1,660  
Saddle: 30 for a yearly total of 1,530.7 against my B goal of 1,644 and C goal of 1,590

Beth, wondering why there is such a discrepancy with Strava on my mileage, it is more than I would expect...  

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