Sunday, January 8, 2017

Weekly Recap: 1/2/017 - 1/8/2017

Well sometimes a person needs a day off from everything and assist the Imaginary Husband as he fixes a leaky shower.  That day was Monday, This required taking the whole thing apart and finding the place that wasn't caulked 9 years ago and fix that and caulk said spot reassemble shower and re-caulk said shower...  These things really shouldn't take all day but it did.  It also took 9 years for the mistake to be evident in the kitchen ceiling.  Wonder how long it will take for that to get fixed...  Seriously we need a "handyman" on retainer.  I'd love it.  Give him or her a laundry list of things to investigate and fix and magically they'd be done!  It would be brilliant, right?

Ok maybe not, but maybe?

Back to work on Tuesday, I'm actually very glad to get back to a schedule. Everyone was in good spirits and Number One Smart Guy, who was supposed to retire in April of 2016 was in good spirits, guess that happens when you know you don't HAVE to work?  He was telling the story of finally finding out the jerky he asked his wife to buy was actually dog treats. For the last four months he'd been leaving them on the counter and muching on them for a protein snack.  Granted they didn't taste all that great and Murphy and Seamus were really interested in said jerky.  He had to go looking for them, they were particularly healthy sounding Chicken and Sweet Potato, but whatever, he really couldn't figure out why his wife put them with the dog treats.  Then he read the package, AFTER putting on his glasses.

My double day is Wednesday, hills with Ro at lunch then Spin after work.  No dog walk... of course they will give me hell for this, but I'm tired....  woe is me.. first world problems!  They did need food for breakfast so that was my excuse.  I don't think they bought it, they pestered me all night long.

Up early for a Thursday in mid town Manhattan, fortunately my meeting were 10 - 3 so it was only a 6 hour day on top of a 6 hour commute.  I got into work 15 minutes late, luckily I banked an hour, I did get home with enough time to get Gus out for a nice walk and we both were better for it.

Woke up to snow on a non-running day, Friday.  Well crap.  I had already committed to go to spin with Ro at lunch and I didn't want to bail, and I really need to stick to my running schedule, even if I didn't run on Thursday because of NY....  Spin was good and we were going to be blessed with snow starting up again mid to late day on Saturday.  SO I was OK with missing this snowy run.

Addy did some 10 second sprint 10 second recover for 10 times at level 8.  OMG my legs were dead by the end of class.

I got Gus out for a snowy walk in Champlain and by the end I was struggling to get up that last hill and out of the park.  This would be my perfect excuse for my poor performance at the race!  HA!

Who says dogs can't skip, he totally was skipping!

The snow was due to start mid day, and then moved up to about the time of race start (10 a.m.) on Saturday. The wind was coming from the NNE ( 10 - 12 mph), so the bulk of the race would be into the wind.  Or at least in my mind.  Resolution Beach and Trail 5K was fun!  Snowing and windy and of course I was the wind block for 4 people (because yes, I am that LARGE) who then left me as they had fresh legs to my dead legs for the last 1/2 mile sprint on the beach. I was dying by the time I got through the stone house.  I couldn't lift up my legs.  This must be what real runners feel like?  Ha ha ha.   It was a great time and Scott Mason Photography was there waiting, he's a good guy.  He was waiting for the American Flag to come through the stone foundation and he got some great shots of that.  But I was in between the fast people and the flag so he got me too.  :)

It was fun and my slowest time on that course yet, by nearly a full minute.   It's fun to see all the competitors doing their best and to run on the beach in a snow storm, what could be better?  Nothing, at least not for me this morning.

Dave went with me to get Gus and Jax out to scrub off some crazies.  Because we are pretty much snowed in, and no one was out and about it was perfect to take the two of them up to the High School and let them run in the courtyard off leash.  If we went down to the park we'd have to walk back up hill and there probably would be more people there.  Dave did have a good point.  So we took them up the hill and did a couple laps around the courtyard to let them go bonkers. We were out a whole 30 minutes and it was just enough to let them get their kook on and give us a few laughs at their antics.

The plan was to clean out the dining room and find a way to store my three bikes (my classic circa 1995 Bontrager mountain bike will remain in the basement until the appropriate 'throw back' ride to drag out that beast) and the Imaginary Husband's 4 bikes in a way that also made the room usable as more than a bike and beer storage room, perhaps as a dining room and eat at a table like adults?  Well there was a Sunday  snowshoe hike in Arcadia with some of the NEMBA (New England Mountain Biking Association), folks  because, well with 15 inches of snow (a little less inland, probably 10) the usual Sunday crew wasn't going to be biking.  Dave encouraged me to come along, Haley would be there so I'd have a girl to talk to.  OK, sure.  Better than taking Gus out to Champlain, I probably spend too much time by myself?  Of course I'm always intimidated for group activities, what if I couldn't keep up?  Dave just laughed.  Ok so I'm silly sometimes.

Me, Jason, Bart, Dave, John, Scott
Photo by Haley, she did not want her picture taken I offered to swap places...

The snow was piled high on all the tree branches and rocks, it was so freaking beautiful.  I love the cool crispness of a winter morning after a big storm.  The bright blue sky, the sparkling untouched snow.  We hiked a couple hours 5.9 miles on the Garmin, spectacular.  Nice to get caught up with Haley, I'm not much of a talker, I need to get better about that.  But the sound of the group of the 7 of us tromping through the woods was mesmerizingly calm and soothing and seeing the beautiful woods after snow was a visual delight.

The picture doesn't do it justice
It was a good outing, and a small part of me was happy to not be complaining about hip pain that the rest of the crew was grumbling about.  Cross training is really important, only biking isn't good, only running isn't good, really important to keep a variety!

Oh and we don't have a garage, so that's why the bikes are in the dining room.... and the basement is his workshop.... in case that is where you were going next with your question.  Perhaps next weekend we will tackle the dining room project.


Feet:  25.9 for a yearly total of 33.7
Saddle: 30 for a yearly total of 30

Beth, happy for some snow, sad it will be 50 by mid week.  

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  1. The snow is all so beautiful isn't it? Great week of workouts! Too funny about the co worker eating the dog treats! At least it was human grade. They do sound healthy too.