Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekly Recap: 1/9/2017 - 1/15/2017

My quick nap on Sunday afternoon, paid me back by being wide awake between  2 a.m. and 4 a.m.  I even tried tricking myself that I had to be up at 5 because of course if you have to be up you can fall asleep quickly!  Well that didn't work so Monday was a bit sluggish, I really felt like doing nothing.  Fortunately Ro had rescheduled our hill work out so I HAD to do something and hoped that would give me some energy.  Not so much but at least I got a nice comment from my Garmin it went something like this "This is an unusual amount of activity for you on a Monday", yeah thanks?

Dave decided he wanted to take the dogs out for a hike after dinner.  Ok sure, in the snow in the dark on a trail with lots of rocks we can't see.  Sounds like a brilliant plan.  The brilliant part was getting the dogs out and letting them burn off some crazies, that worked.  We hiked/trudged about 1.4 miles, I think I twisted my ankle, but then I'm not sure if it isn't just hurting from snowshoeing.  Something to keep an eye on for a couple days, probably nothing more than a clue (if history tells us anything, I'll likely ignore) something is looming.

When the moon came out from behind the clouds and reflected off the snow, it looked like someone turned on all the lights.  Very cool.  The boyz had fun romping and chasing and stalking and investigating, they will reward us by sleeping soundly through the night, and well that is good by me because well, I really really like sleep!

Woke up to rain on Tuesday and the weather in the process of taking a turn to the warmer direction, I think it was raining, I stayed in for my exercise, if you can even call it that.  I think I was planning on doing one of the strength classes but got to the gym at the wrong time or something like that.  I plopped on the exercise bike did some hills for 10 miles with resistance and 100 +/- 10 cadence, while reading Discover, that was the interesting part and then did some half hearted bridges on the stability ball and called it done.  The rain hit at night and Gus pouted about not getting a walk.  I did too, kind of, but the ice with a layer of rain just seemed dangerous and frankly I wasn't feeling at all like being involved in anything.

Game of Thrones season 6 came in at the library the Imaginary Husband was looking forward to watching that after dinner and I started a sweater.  Found this great designer, her sweaters are named after cocktails.  The pattern that best matched the yarn up next in the cue is a shawl collar cardigan with some cables, named Dark and Stormy.  Gus curled up on the ottoman at my feet while I struggled with the pattern and trying to remember who the hell all these people are on this show I've now watched 5 seasons of and can vaguely recall a story line and the only person I remember seems to have changed her name!!!  Gahhhhhh...  The writing is good, the costumes and the scenery are fantastic, visually it is great, I can't keep the plot in my head, and I've even read the first two books in George RR Martin's series.  There is too much going on may be the issue.  I determined I made one stitch incorrectly and carried that mistake through the 12 rows I had knitted so I pulled it all out and by that time we were through the second episode.  Gus had moved to the couch and Jax was not happy to share the couch with him.  Those dogs...
I got some new kicks so decided I'd try them out on my run on Wednesday, INOV-8 f-lite 195s, I think they aren't my type of shoe, but they were a cool color and worth the risk.  Probably more for shorter runs and better on the trails.  It has been fun experimenting.  Just not feeling like doing anything and I had hoped the run would help me snap out of it.  Kind of.  Guess the January doldrums are poking out their nasty heads?   To top of my malaise was a mix up with spin bike reservations and nearly getting booted out of class, but because I am a regular, my name was clearly once on the list, it would be ok.  New spinner person wore perfume and ended up next to me.  Oh lovely.  Between the waves of nausea and not being able to understand Kim I was nearly ready to storm out.  I didn't.  That would really be childish.  Suck it up buttercup and move through it.  It's tough being an adult.  Definitely not for the squeamish or the childish?  Ha ha...

Restarted the sweater for episodes 3 and 4 of GoT.  Imaginary Husband contemplated cracking open either the Ommegang Valar Morghulis or Ommegang Valar Dohaeris, but we were already one beer into the evening and well while it's not dry January it is one beer on a weeknight January...  crazy talk, I know!!  Got the stitch I messed up done correctly and stopped before I needed to start any of the cable rows, I wanted a bit of time to think through how I wanted to manage that part of the pattern and had the feeling I was on the verge of messing something up.

Spring has sprung this Thursday in January, ugh... still though for my run I should have had light gloves.  Took most of the afternoon to warm up my fingers. It was a decent run, gave me sometime to noodle through a work project and finally figure out how to get that moving.  WTAC Board meeting, my first official as Secretary, I think this will be a really good experience for me over all and hopefully benefit the club also.  The evening ran late and no walk for Gus who was now not speaking to me...  I kinda figured that might happen.  Worked through the next few rows on the sweater very glad I put it away when I did because yep, I was going to make a big mistake. Got through that tricky part and worked on it for a while till things were changing again and it was time to set it aside. 

Imaginary Husband quizzed me on things happening on the show and I barely passed, I failed, ok I failed.  Gus was back on speaking terms because he didn't want to miss his pre-bedtime snack and kinda ticked Jax curled up on the ottoman at my feet. 

The malaise seemed to be short lived, woke up Friday not feeling like I wanted to crawl back in bed into the fetal position.  Not a running day, Core and Strength day!  Took Chris' class at the gym, I still am not quite getting all the exercises right, but fake it till you make it right?  All in all after a month of these (4 classes!) I'm not totally dying mid way through class.  Progress and time to step it up?

After an appointment with the financial adviser Imaginary Husband was off on a bike ride and I took Gus to Champlain for a hike.  He was a little bonkers, major fail on dog guardianship for me this week.  Dave took Jax on a ride on Wednesday so we both didn't score to many points with the pups. They didn't reward our bad behavior with any of their own bad behavior so we have that going for us.

Nice start to a long weekend with sleeping in on Saturday.  I can't believe I was out until 8:30!  I panicked thinking it must be close to noon!!  It wasn't!! I was relieved, I really didn't want to sleep the day away but guess I needed it.  Dave and I went out for a bike ride and to get some of Jax's crazies out.  He was a maniac, Jax, not Dave, on the ride; barking like a crazy dog.  He did get to meet up with one dog, then two dogs, then three dogs, all golden retrievers and very calm.  He managed to be a stupid head and one of them had to put him in his place, he came running to me  "those dogs are picking on me"  yeah, right, you did something stupid, think about it.  He decided to run and see if Dave would give him some sympathy. HA!  Fortunately less running has been helping Jax's knee, over use injuries happen in all creatures.

Putting my front tire back on my bike with the handy thru-axle I managed to not get the axle all the way through and whoops, it cross threaded.  Dave got it fixed and we had more remedial lessons on how to put the tire back on.  Guess I'm lucky I managed to get it correct before the ride and only have the OOOPS at home.  Something just wasn't right and now that I've done it 5 times in a row I THINK perhaps I'll know when it is seated properly..

Took Gus out to Barn Island on Sunday morning.  No intention of finding the illusive "border trail" we wandered in and out of side trails to see where they took us.  Gus even managed to find a trail I thought wasn't a trail.  Good catch there bud!  He's been trying to pull me down that way for a while.  With the dusting of snow on the ground it was a bit easier to distinguish what was trail.  Guess the hard packing makes the snow stick better?  I have no idea.  We also found a trail marked with pink ribbons.  Dunno, it was fun and had crossed plenty of old stone walls so Gus could jump over them.  I am surprised at how graceful he can be.  Boxers aren't running dogs, but they both holds their own when the weather is cool like this.


Don't know how I feel about not having a mileage goal.  Definitely makes it more fun to just get out and run or hike not feeling like I have to hit some magic number.  I do have to get my act together and train for the 1/2 on 4/30 in NY.

Beth, moving forward...

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  1. Glad you are feeling better! Kind of jealous of your sleeping until 8:30. Sadly, I have no issues with waking up early these days..