Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekly Recap: 2/13/2017 - 2/19/2017

30 and 50 MPH gusts of wind, happy for Monday spin day!  Quite shocked to see Mikey come in from running outside, especially speed work, not sure who talked who into going out but the rest of that running group were happily doing their speed work on the treadmill.

Gus couldn’t convince me to go out, even after a lovely Oskar Banks Ten Fiddy mellowed me out.  He paid me back by waking me up at 2 a.m to go out and then lolly gaggling around in the back yard.  Jax took the opportunity to snuggle up in my nice warm spot and was highly put out having Gus, who beat me back to the bedroom and jumped in bed disturbing everyone.    Think maybe I really will ship him off somewhere.

Nice sunny Tuesday, dressed far too warm for my run, feh, it happens.  The feels like was 24F with the temperature 30F something (I can’t remember).  Nothing about the run felt good, that happens too.  It was sunny so I’m happy I got out for an hour to absorbs some Vitamin D!  Gus got his walk, we went nearly 4 miles. It wasn’t very exciting because no one shovels sidewalks and people drive like maniacs, fortunately there is a nice quiet neighborhood nearby we can walk to and walk around in.  Once we were home he was content to crawl up in a chair and go to sleep and completely slept through bed time and it was 5 a.m. before he came by to disturb, um snuggle with, me.  I’ll take that! 

My torn up heels are getting better, as much as I want to document and share this horror I’ll spare everyone.  Wonder how long it will take the skin to grow back.

Ro went to VT for the week so no hills on Wednesday.  I debated running them or just doing the usual loop.  I did the loop around campus, nothing exciting. The super speedy runners went out early in the day and I didn’t see anyone, it was a rather lonely run.  Yeah, I know I run alone, but I like seeing people.

Spin was good.  I cranked down on the tension and worked hard.  Thing is with the new spin bikes it seems like once you get the wheel moving in a heavy gear it seems easy to keep it moving a good pace.  Really not so much when I’d peek at the RPMs on the monitor thingy, I was losing RPM.    The guy next to me probably thought I was racing him, ha!  

No walk for Gus.  And I skipped planking.  I have no reasonable explanation for why I didn’t get down on the floor and plank for 3 minutes, it was absolutely stupid.  Maybe I’m not a streaker?

I knew it was going to be a long day on Thursday and I was really missing the hill loop.  I know I seriously have a screw loose.  Did the loop by myself at a pretty good clip!  Planked after the run and felt better about myself.

No running on Friday, Functional Strength and Core.  The whole class is getting less foreign to me and I am enjoying it.  Plus I’m not sore for three days after.  I think that is more because I’m getting used to the types of exercises not that I’m not doing them with any gusto!

Got Gus out for a hike in what is probably the last of the snow.  He was happy to be off leash and scrub off some of his extra energy.  For a 9 year old (10 in July) boxer boy he is still going strong.  We both think he is going to be a lot like Gizmo and make it close to 15/16 other than his horrible teeth he is pretty much wash and wear like Gizmo.  Even at the end Gizmo  had his bursts of energy.  These required us to run after him holding his back legs!  Maybe we can not have a repeat of that situation...   

I was not at all with it in Saturday morning, Dave was desperately trying to engage me in conversation and I was having none of it.  I felt bad for him, really all I wanted to do was drink my coffee and curl up in my chair with WWF until I finished one or the other or both and then go run at the beach.

I was a bit nervous a 7 mile run,  the longest since May.  Could I do the whole thing with no walking?  Then I felt like such an idiot thinking this.  I finished my coffee, had a cup of water and a bite of a Kind bar and set off on my run around the pond at the beach.  For some reason I thought this was closer to 8 miles than 7 miles.  I think I needed to add in Noyes Neck for that.  In any event, the wind was from the WSW and that was the direction for the first half of the run then into it for the second half with a wee tiny bit to finish up with the wind at my back.  I don't think the 7MPH made much of a difference but I did keep my pace up on Shore Road, which is also 'hilly' and into the wind.  All in all I was impressed with my consistency with barely staring at my watch, simply running and enjoying the sun and waving at the drivers.  I'm sure they thought I was some sort of odd ball.  Whatever!!  :)

Took Gus out for a romp around Champlin Forest Preserve.  He was not at all interested in this, and spent most of the hike behind me, rarely wanting to lead the way and mostly wanting to sniff and lolly gaggle around.  Huh.  I think it was the fact he didn't get his usual nap time all day long.  Between Dave working and me being home and busy with household chores he and Jax were up most of the day.   My tight calves needed the hike so at least one of us got something out of it!!

Jax got the walk on Sunday morning.  His knee if off and on, thankfully it isn't the one that was crushed, he hobbled a bit getting up but nothing like was.  Rest and recovery is always good.  After a long period of stillness, once he gets a few steps into wherever he is headed off to he's fine.   We will continue to keep an eye on him.  Diesel had similar issues although he bounced back much quicker.  Could be the stress the healing of the smashed leg took it's toll on Jax's other leg. 

For nearly 24 hours all my workout clothes were clean, so I biked in the afternoon.  The first time on the Tour de Farms and I didn't have any adventures, read:  get lost.  There are some side roads I wanted to check out but I figured 20 miles on the bike was good for a nice balmy 55F day in February.   I got a new long sleeve shirt and it was perfect with a layer underneath.  I contemplated unzipping it but really didn't need to once I changed directions.  The wind was strong from the South so I fought that most of the way home.  Nothing stellar on the bazillions of segments on the course.  I was kind of hoping my fastidious with spin over the winter months would pay off.  They probably actually are considering I didn't die on the ride?  I noticed a huge difference going up hills when I engaged my core (that sounds so silly, doesn't it?) and got into the drops.  Truly amazing.

After 6 blissful days in my multi focal contacts I was back in my usual ones today.  Hopefully the new ones arrive this week.  Everyone I've talked to had a huge adjustment period with the multi focal.  Me? Not so much.  Maybe an hour?  Most people it seemed to be weeks.  The one time it's nice to be in that small minority!

My heels seem to be healing!  The skin will take a while to get back to it's pre- blister thickness but all the redness and horridness seems to be gone.  They look like hell but don't need bandages!


Run:  22.9
Walk: 12.8
Ride: 51.6

Taking it slow and easy getting back to running has really paid off, as have the core classes and frankly this plank challenge.  3 minutes is an eternity, and as Seth said "you are just stuck there" I haven't figured a way to keep my mind occupied.  I think I'll keep on with 3 minutes until something inspires me to go longer. 

Beth enjoying the bit of spring weather we have before March sets in.  Or is April the cruelest month?

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  1. We have a thing in common: we run alone, but we like seeing people. Indeed I have many friends to run with but I don't want to slow down them.