Sunday, February 26, 2017

Weekly Recap: 2/20/2017 - 2/26/2017

Seems like I just push publish on this thing and I have to start over.  Ugh....

Ro is turning into a ski bunny so she was planning on being in VT for Wednesday Hills w/Ro session, so we moved to Monday.  This means I miss spin and well I did ride 20 on the roads on Sunday so that would be ok.  We had a good power walk and talk.   Ro had a crash skiing last year and fractured the back of her knee cap so she's been somewhat tentative to get back into skiing.  I'm glad she bit the bullet and is making good use of the condo and season pass she has.  The 3 months of nothing but walking really did get to her and she is still on the road to recovery gaining any speed.  On one hand she laments the loss and on the other she's much happier not busting her ass.  It is a fine line to walk, isn't it?  Racing versus running.

Sucks when all the fun to be had has been had - dog problems

Took both the boys out for a walk.  Jax's knee is getting better!  So a few more weeks of not chasing Dave on the mountain bike are in order and then he can slowly get back to what he likes to do.  That is NOT walking calmly on a leash for 1- 2 miles!  Poor guy.  He does hold it together best he can until we get home then he runs around and throws toys about, essentially losing his mind.  Gus stares on in amazement with this "WTF" look on his face. 

Running day on Tuesday, it was nice outside and I met up with Faith for two of the three points loop.  She kept me moving at a nice clip, someday I'll see 10's on my own, for now I need Faith pushing me when she really isn't pushing me. I was glad for a good run and some company.  We talked the whole way and that says that both of us could have gone faster, so perfect run.  

Pretty nifty tracking device

I like this feature with Strava, I can see the trends with my runs.  The big drop was post injury recovery.  I'll get back to my happy 10/10:30 pace eventually.

Time to get back to hills, we may get into Mt. Washington even if not the hill repeats do help me overall.  Wednesday I went out for 4 - 5 School St hill repeats and did 5.  Good enough.  The hill out there and the hill back make for a total of 7 hills?  Not a bad run all in all. Feeling very strong and healthy, I haven't felt this way in at least a year.  Nice change of pace.  

Looks more hilly on a smaller narrower screen

Oh my run I wiped my eye, my left contact was kind of bugging me.  I managed to wipe it out of my eye and catch it and on the first reinsertion attempt I dropped it on my cheek.  Then on the second it fell to the ground, and while I could find it, I thought better of using some spit to get rid of the grit ad sticking it back in my eye.  I ran with one, and constantly closing my left eye, winking at everyone and everything,  Fortunately I had an extra set in my purse, once I got back to my desk I could see from my left eye.

Just Gus for a walk, he enjoys our solo time together, or enjoys not having to deal with Jax.  I'm not really sure.

After three active days and Friday being full of meetings, who makes meetings for Friday?  Thursday I took the "Back in Action Class" at the gym, essentially Bootcamp for dummies, it was a good class and I do need those.  Took both boys out for a stroll after their second dinner.   Dave was out for the evening with the new band.  I asked him to feed the dogs before he left but I had no confirmation he had done so, so I fed them.  It became pretty clear that they weren't all that hungry, once I set the food down.   

Plank Rows - who thinks up this torture?

All Dave could say was "You asked me to feed the dogs before I left so I did."  I ask him to do lots of things, it doesn't mean they get done!!!   To two dogs with very full bellies were very easy to walk.

After a crazy day of meetings on Friday that weren't spaced far enough apart to get in a run I took Gus out to Riverwood for a lap, mostly the inner section I knew this wouldn't be to swampy and while my white dog loves to get muddy I wasn't really feeling like hauling a gallon of water with me to rinse him off and load him back in my car.  We had a nice hike.  Dave took Jax for his own hike, so we shall see how stiff Jax's leg gets after an hour or so of lounging around after dinner.  

Gus - king of the ledge

My shoulder is finally feeling less angry after my crash on Superbowl Sunday.  When Amy worked on me on Tuesday she couldn't feel anything odd, so who knows. I said "When I do this it hurts" and lifted up my arm, Amy said "Well, don't do that."  How can you not love this woman with the sharp wit and elbows! 

On tap for Saturday was 6 miles per my training plan, but I did 7 last week and only ran 10 during the week so I figured 8 would be fine.  It gets me close to 20 running miles for the week, and that should be okayish.  I went down to Misquamicut, why?  it is pancake flat, plain and simple.  It was a good run a bit peppier than last Saturday and that made me happy.  I rarely looked at my watch to see pace so when I pressed end I had no idea where I'd be.  In the 11s for sure but high or low, not a clue.  I was pleased with 11:18  (11:26 last weekend for 7 miles).  It was unseasonable warm but with that damp coolness that gets in my bones so I had on a short sleeve over a long sleeve and that was fine, I never felt too chilled or too hot.  Then again by Saturday night I felt like I was coming down with a cold, my ears were itchy and that usually means nothing good.  Considering Dave is on cold three for the year I'm doing ok.  

After my run I decided to do my plank on one of the picnic benches at the pavilion at the beach.  Figured that would be nice.  After the plank I got this brilliant idea to use the timer on the iPhone and take a picture of me planking on the picnic table.  That resulted in a brilliantly smashed screen.  I'd already been sporting a few spider cracks in the upper left.  I didn't balance the phone well or my scrambling to the bench disturbed the precariously balanced iPhone. THAWACK it went down.  I picked it up and was a little leery to even touch it, what if some of that glass got stuck in my finger!?!?!?  

My view planking!

I'm the proud owner of a new screen and a new screen protector.  I did have a screen protector for a good long while then I dropped the phone enough it cracked and I did get glass in my finger so I peeled it off and well, a month or so later I managed to drop it just right and crack the screen a tiny bit and with subsequent tumbles it spider-webbed (ha ha) from there.   All in all for as many times as I've dropped the silly thing it's in marvelous shape!

Gus was all ants in the pants on Saturday night and it carried on into Sunday morning.  I didn't take him anywhere on Saturday as I had the intention on a 5 mile hike around Wahaneeta and Woody Hill.  I knew where the two connected and had a rough description of a 5 mile trail.  Yeah, these things don't go to plan with me.  I really need to defer to his superior intellect about getting us where I want to go.  My map reading skills are sub par, my ability to remember where the sun was in relation to the car, non-existent, having to turn the map to the direction we were hiking well not the best way to way find?  We had a lovely adventure, not seeing the fort I wanted to see, or the cemetery, but lots of foundations, a lake, a beaver dam in the midst of reconstruction and lots and lots of trees and rocks!

A directional arrow!  I need more of these, or marked trails!

I knew eventually one of the fire road / two track would dump us out on a hard top road if I was completely stymied. I started Strava too late to track where we were in relation to where I wanted to go.  

Red was me, blue was basically what I was attempting

The blue was roughly my aim, between the map I pinched from a friend's Strava and a description in RI Hikes I should have known better.   I'll try it again.  It's not too likely I'll get so lost I can't find my way to a main road.  I was happy to find the famous beaver damn and next time I'll find the fort and the cemetery.


Feet:  40  -- Kinda low on the running mileage...  gotta get in a 4th run.
Saddle: 15  

Beth, some days things go to plan, some days not so much. 


  1. I hate it when I crack my screen! I have gone through so many screen protectors but so far the real screen is holding up really nice and i have had my phone for 2 years now. The battery however doesn't hold up at all. Time for a new phone soon!

  2. My son just cracked his screen. I told him to go get it fixed but he says he's "ok" with it... Ok then...