Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekly Log 3/6/2017 - 3/12/2017

Ok so yes it is a double race weekend, no I'm not slipping back to running all the races, that got me no where very very fast.

Both of these races this week have a special place in my heart.  I mean REALLY I showed up a week early for Belleville Pond 10K and then the Bolton Road Race was where I stood up to watch Faith and Joe get married, and my track record with standing up for people and them lasting is iffy... no matter how much I tried, Faith wasn't letting me out of this responsibility...

Paula and Dave (1986) - still married still happy, Simone and Eric (1987) -  still married, Tammy and Craig (1990) - well the army isn't conducive to marriage so I won't take the hit there, Lisa and Mark (1991) - 3 kids and probably more affairs before they split, it was his 3rd marriage 3rd time isn't the charm, Andrew and Clara (1997) if he hadn't died they'd still be married and just as happy as ever, and Faith and Joe (2016)....  I think they will last.  Were there any more?  I can't remember, I did wear one brides maid dress to two weddings, and one made a friend a great (sorry Lisa) Dennis Rodman costume for Halloween.... the third, not exactly sure what happened to it, but it was hard as hell to get the shoes dyed to match the tea length dress, they matched in sunlight or they matched in indoor light, but not both...

Well my search for Tom as Dennis Rodman turned up a different trek down memory lane...  that happens. I KNOW I have photos...  another day.


Monday is supposed to be Spin, but this is an off week at the gym and Ro was heading up to VT, we power walked hills.  I can't call at 14 pace on hills walking, I just can't but I also can't call it running.  I will say that I've regained a lot of my lung capacity and rebuilt a lot of my base heart rate with this activity we do and I'm happy for that. It seems easier than it did when we first started, it isn't but we can pick up the pace and the last and final hill isn't killing me like it used to.

Both the boys got walked, Jax's ACL is doing much better, well based on his stiffness when walking.  Really all we can monitor.  I think we got lucky that he didn't rip it majorly and it is healing.

Off to NYC on Tuesday.  It was raining when I got home, rain I can handle, dark I can  handle, but both after a long exhausting day.  I drank beer and slept like it was a well paid job.

Got in a nice 6+ mile run at lunch, on Wednesday, it's feeling like less of a struggle and my cadence is upping (which is really correlated to pace or is a higher cadence a cause of a higher cadence or is the pace causing cadence?)  Anyhow, the Pfast Pfolks were out and while I'd manage a hand slap on both sides my left is still really sore and the thought of slapping anyone's hand made me cringe so I hung close to the shoulder to save that poor injured shoulder from any further trauma.  It is super fun to be recognized and even though my pace is conservative to still be considered a runner by that crew.  But OMG my shoulder.  I ran into a fellow biker in NYC and he didn't sound hopeful that this was minor, I'm approaching week 6 with no improvement...  I'll give it a couple more weeks till I get any professional advice, until then I'm careful how I lift and use my left shoulder.  Shit...

I still haven't repaired Barney's tires.  Dave was going to get the 'stuff' to go tubeless but that hasn't happened.  I have to tear apart his tires, and patch the tubes and get the thorns out of the tubes.  I think I may have been better off with a gravel grinder...  but really Barney and I need more time on single track.

A wild windy run on Thursday, at points I felt like I was standing still or dealing with Coach Dunham's uphill into the wind wind sprints for my ill fated year of track in High School.  Or was it two, I can't remember, in any event a stress fracture in my foot put the end to any thing further.

Gus got a solo walk and was so happy about this, pranced his way around town for an hour, he started dragging his feet the closer we got to home.  Too funny.  Jax got a hike on Wednesday, he was bummed to be home alone, or maybe not.  Maybe he enjoys the quiet.

No running on Friday, it was a snow globe day.  I need to save something for Belleville 10K now that I've got the correct date set in my mind.  No strength class, only yoga.  It was good but damn my shoulder really isn't right. It's been 6 weeks...  Yoga was good, got in my plank and called it a day at the gym.

Dave decided we'd take both the dogs to Burlingame, then no, then yes, it's like living with a woman.  Make up your mind, if you don't want to risk Jax and Gus playing chase and aggravating Jax's injury, no biggie.  I think he was more concerned about both of them sacking out for the night, so we took both.   The woods after a snow are beautiful, after this snow they were even more beautiful, the snow seemed more white.  The moon was coming up and it was full and looked beautiful through the trees also, made them sparkle.

Up at the usual annoying 6 a.m. on a Saturday, are you kidding me?  At least it gave me some time to wake up and contemplate my stupidity for this trail race in the 'feels like 4F' temperatures.  My only hope was that it was sunny and it was mostly in the woods and twisty and windy so maybe most of it wouldn't suck and I wouldn't freeze?

Mike tinkered with the 10K course and it turned into more of an 11K race than 10K, 220 221 whatever it takes!  We had a nice layer of snow to make the woods bright and pretty and clean.  It was a nice run in the woods in the snow on a sunny day where the wind was a bit challenging when I was out of the woods.  I've only missed this race once, and while I told Crutch I'd sit this one out, I didn't.  Too nice of a day to not run in the woods in the snow.

I decided to bag Bolton on Sunday.  Remember, my goal, fun, well I invoked that, besides I could get some hills closer to home and not spend minimally 3.5 hours driving to and from a race and running a race.  5 turned into 8 when I felt really good.  New shoes too.  I found some Saucony Glides on sale and figured if nothing else I did need a new pair of dog walking shoes.  I really liked them as did my right bunion (it is wee tiny, nothing of note but ouchy from time to time) that is starting to give me fits and my knees.  The hobbling I usually do after a run was minimal.  Interesting.

It was a nice napping afternoon, sun and a couple dogs not completely opposed to the idea, they'd rather an adventure, I'd rather have not.  That chili from the Oakhill Tavern really did a number on me!  They got a walk after dinner.


"The Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt I'm about 30% into the book and I don't hate it.  I think partly it is because it is narrated by Robert Pittu and he narrated most of the 39 Clues series and I loved those, so it makes the book more of an adventure.  Although we have reached a point in young Theo's life where major changes are happening, well after the tragedy...  I'll keep with it.  I have it for 4 more days and hopefully I can renew, I don't think I'm going to get through the whole thing.

I started reading ."The Practice House" by Laura McNeal, so far it is good.  I haven't had much time to read, I've been exhausted at night and really can't concentrate.


I need to take a picture of this sweater in the daylight, it is actually turning out quite nice.  Knitted from the top down and while it gives me fits once in a while I'm enjoying it.  I'll have more time to knit on it when I visit my parents.


Feet:  41.6
Saddle: 15  I think that it will be light for a couple weeks.

Beth who thinks it is nice to have a higher running mileage week and not feel like I did.


  1. I was stoked to see you coming down the last 100 yards at Belleville! I was thinking while I was out there that you'd really have liked it, glad you went out! It really wasn't bad in the woods, either :)

    1. :) it was TOTALLY worth it. I was mostly joking, and glad I didn't wimp out. Such a beautiful day to run in the woods.