Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekly Recap - 4/17/2017 - 4/23/2017 (possibly an offensive rant)

Catching up on other's blog, there is always something that sticks out to me or reminds me of something I said with a lot of passion.

"Well, anybody can jog or walk a marathon and not pass away, but to run/race it with gusto, you have to suffer every time." -- Muddy Puddin'

The Boston Marathon was Monday.

I have a tremendous amount of respect and awe of this particular race.  You have to meet a standard to even apply to run Boston, and that isn't a guarantee you get in!  Could this be construed as unfair?  Perhaps.  Personally, I'm not all about a trophy for everyone. 
Skip to ENDS if you don't want to read my opinionated rant... Fore warned is fore armed!

I've nothing against charity running, I've done it, several times, two half marathons and two marathons, and now I bike a charity bike event, my team was formed specifically for raising funds for lung cancer.  I have a tremendous respect for those who do this.  What I have equal respect for is the sanctity of the Boston Marathon.  It is an elite event, one you qualify for, one you train for, one you race with gusto and you suffer.

Not everyone qualifies for the Olympics, right?

Several people I know were charity runners at the Boston Marathon, I donated to them, either for their cause to show support for their efforts or both.

It became clear one of these charity runners was only in this to say:  "I ran Boston".  The training commitment wasn't there; the commitment to the charity was non-existent, the injury list became longer and crazier as marathon Monday approached.  They made it to the start line and were disqualified when they didn't make the cut-off for a timing mat.  Seven hours and many facebook posts later they crossed the finish line and someone gave them a medal. (There is so much wrong with this picture) 

There is being a tourist in races to enjoy the scenery and the experience (me, usually) or being a tourist by walking 26.2 miles, and believing they are justified to be pissed off that everyone went home.  This annoys me, no this chaps my ass, and there I said it.  It annoyed me long before Mikey qualified for Boston, however, missed gaining entry by 8 seconds, and was it one of these charity bibs?  I dunno, however, that is what it is most easy to direct my disgust towards. 

If this makes me a horrible human being, so be it.  I'm a horrible human being.  My mother has assured me, in general, I am not horrible, however when I whine, weelllll then I'm really not very likable....

Anyhoodles, it takes a lot of time, energy, concentration, and dedication to training to run those paces to qualify in your age bracket.  Boston is for the elite, and those who treasure what it means to them and to the running community, not a means to get a BOSTON STRONG 26.2 tattoo...

Guess I wasn't quite done, I certainly am opinionated, yes, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  This is my space to let out my opinion.  I'm not lobbying for anyone to agree with me on this point.  Or argue with me.


After an eating, standing and being uncomfortable, trying to make awkward conversation with Dave's brother's wives and the three teenage girls and the 6-year-old boy (I seem to do best with the boy) fest at the in-laws, I woke up in a grouchy mood on Monday.  No surprise there, except Dave always seems to be surprised by my surly attitude.  I was awake well past 11 p.m. I stood in his mother's kitchen for 5 hours trying my best to be the good daughter-in-law, sat and ate for an hour, and then drove home,  Welcomed, after 10 p.m. by starving dogs who didn't know if they wanted to be fed or go to bed because it is way past dog dinner time and dog bedtime or be mad at us.

Yes, yes I don't like my time taken away from me and get nasty about it from time to time.

After I got off the bike on Saturday, I was cold and hunched up in the shoulders and managed to tweak something in my neck, so I had a stiff neck on top of all this.  I couldn't turn my head to the right, so of course, people wanted to stand to my right to talk to me.  They got a lot of side eye, and it all wasn't just because I couldn't turn my head!  Fortunately, Amy was in the gym today and she could straighten me out a bit and ordered me to ice my neck. UGH, I know heat feels better, however, ice is healing.  I obeyed Ms. Sharp Elbows and dealt with the rash of crap the boyz gave me.  I did get in a very very short run, and it felt good to be outside and moving.   

Nope, still surly....

Gus got a walk, we explored a new path I've been observing being built.  I kind of thought I knew where it went, and for the first time, probably ever, I was correct. It dumped out into a dead end in a ‘subdivision'.  Kind of a nice distraction from the usual routes we take.  Lots of bunnies! Gus was quite interested in trying to chase them!  My right arm is now longer than my left!!  ha ha ha

Ok maybe a teensy less surly....

After a reasonable night sleep, Tuesday wasn't so horrific, or I wasn't so horrific, other than it being tax day.  There were still a couple three numbers Dave needed for his portion of the taxes.  These required me to make a few phone calls and deal with some uber helpful customer service folks!  All in all not bad and I became slightly more informed and thanked the uber-helpful customer service gal!!

I really really didn't want to run, and that meant I really really needed to run.  The 5 was completely average and instead of the usual clock-stupid direction around Eastern Point and Avery Point I ran clockwise.  This also afforded me to not run into the icy south wind coming off the Long Island Sound.  Good grief I work and run in such a beautiful place during the week.  I was a little more able to turn my head to see over my right shoulder to not get smacked by a car, so this was also good. 

My planking was particularly good, yeah me.  I'm really thrilled I'm sticking with this.  If I gave up the beer I might even have enough confidence to run in a sports bra!

The evening switched back to cool which meant both dogs came to bed with me, Jax to find a warm spot to snuggle in for the night and Gus to wake me up at 3 a.m. because he was cold and I needed to do something about this.  Dogs are perpetual 2-year-olds, aren't they? 

Fortunately, Wednesday didn't start as abruptly as I expected it might, my 3 a.m. wake up decided to snuggle in with his face on the pillow and not his butt and fart, thank-you Gus for that small favor?  Yes, not letting dogs in the bed would also solve that problem, however, they are boxers and very much pack animals where togetherness is essential.  Meanwhile, Dave had his half of the bed all to himself, lucky him.  And really, besides being a horrible human being, I love my dogs and love snuggling with them, no matter what.  Well, not so much after they get skunked.
Sleepy Jax!

Ro and I did our last hill power walk until June!  She and her boyfriend are going out West for 6 weeks for some epic rafting, biking, hiking, and skiing adventures.  We were talking about how they first started talking about this trip and it seemed so far in the future, and now, here it is, they leave on Sunday.  I'll miss her while she is gone, and I'll enjoy seeing her and her boyfriends' adventures for the next 6 weeks.

NYC for the day on Thursday.  We met with the team lead and she very awkwardly asked us to 'slow your roll' for a month or so, we were getting through the documentation too quickly and they couldn't keep up.  Huh, well that certainly is an interesting turn of events.  So we will have our Thursdays back for the next month and go from there.  We think this may be a two-month hiatus, just in time to be in NYC in the dog days of summer.  I'm happy to get Thursday back at least for a few weeks.  The project is mentally exhausting and it takes us till Monday to feel right again.  It's nice to use the old brain for a new experience!
This cracks me up, Jay takes Blossom for a walk and Yoko (the crazy orange cat) tags along for a stroll!

Sluggish Friday was met with rain and a circuit class; I'm enjoying the strength training.  Based on how much I didn’t feel the workout on Sunday, I need to up the ante to 15 lbs as my heavy weights.  Work consumed me the rest of the day.

Either Friday or Thursday I threw my hat in the ring for Seven Sisters, this was the beginning of my undoing in 2015.  I'm healthier and in better shape, I may not have the miles under my belt, so recovery may be a bit tender and extended. 
This is more because I did give up during that race, and I know why I gave up.
I've dealt with that demon.

I met up with a friend to bike in Mansfield, CT on Saturday.  When I got up I did the usual weather check and the rain was going to hold off until 3 p.m.   Well that changed on my 50-minute drive out to meet Jess.  We had coffee for an hour and took the time to chat, which was really nice, so much easier than talking while riding.  I have to say that I'm glad it turned out that way!  The weather app said the rain was ending so we went out.  Well, THAT storm ended and a new one started.  We soldiered on. The course seemed to be a lot of downhill in the beginning... and we were both a bit bummed it was raining and slippery and best to ride the breaks down the hill.  Eventually, the rain slowed, after pounding for a bit, and the uphills started!  HA HA HA!  It was such a beautiful ride with an enjoyable companion I'm happy I went and didn't bail because of just a little rain.

The rain followed me home... oh well.  Ruby needed a good cleaning, she was a disaster!
Oh my poor bike, so gritty!

Finally feeling normal and getting a good night sleep Sunday was fun.  My legs felt like lead from the cold wet ride on Saturday, I managed 6 and that was good, it should have been 8, Gus took me on a 2 mile cool down walk, and later we went on a 2.25-mile hike. 
New outdoor dog beds.
Jax is a little dubious, they both came and laid with me on the one I took the picture from.
Then they were happy and both checked out the other one. 
Soon it will be warm enough for sunbathing.


As expected I managed to nearly complete the button band on the trip up to Worcester to visit the in-laws. 

Finished "Wilde Lake" by Laura Lippman, it moves slowly in a delicious sort of way, never rushing never feeling like you HAVE to get to the next thing, it unfolds just as it should.  Even the ending, she finished the book at the same cadence, and it ended and I didn't feel like I was exhausted with the sprint through the finish chute, it ended just as it should end, slowly fading away.  I really enjoy Lippman's writing style.
Started “The Scribe" by Matthew Guinn, another one that is evenly paced in its writing and how the story unfolds.  A murder mystery set in the Reconstruction Era. A very interesting story set after Atlanta burned.  So far, this is excellent and accurate historical fiction.


I knew going into this week it was going to be a low mileage week, sort of a taper for the 1/2 marathon on the 30th and sort of a result of my general mood and available time.
Not quite 20 running and not quite 9 walking with 23 on the bike.  Planking is good.  All in all, for my general disposition I got a lot done.

Beth, onward with a better attitude (finally)...


  1. 100% agree with you on the Boston rant. I'd love to run Boston, in fact, I was hoping to BQ at Grandmas to get to Boston. Before RA had to f**k with me, I could have done it. But now I don't even know if I'll be running Grandmas. It's ok, I'm fine with it. People have said to me that I could be a charity runner. For Boston? Oh hell no. If I'm going to Boston it's because I qualified. Like you said, it's an "elite" thing.

    Thanks for putting into words what's been in my head.

  2. From the Sisters to the Dirty Girl, you have a lot of bitches to contend with. :)

  3. Good rant! I knew there was trouble brewing when you kicked it off with a quote from Muddy. Love the October 28th race title too by the way, hahaha :)