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Weekly Recap 7/3/2017 - 7/9/2017

One of those odd weeks with two Fridays!  I couldn't take off Monday and waste a perfectly awesome quiet day in the office.  It was me, the intern, and the brit.  I went out for my lunch run and the intern had left for the day and the brit was head down elbows up doing his best Schroeder imitation on the keyboard.   This was nice it gave me time to think through a project I am really not invested in, those suck, and I have two of them.  This one just needed a kick in the pants, to get me pointed in the right direction.  Fortunately, some feedback from a co-worker on my initial communication really helped me get some forward momentum.

It was hot for my run, it is late morning in July, kinda typical.  I was slogging along my hip flexors very not happy with me.  I can't imagine why?  100 miles on the bike in two days?  Eventually, they shut up and felt normal as did everything else.  My turnover was super slow, and my heart rate stayed low, which is actually very good.  I was going to head back after 2 miles, but the breeze off the water at Eastern Point was pretty nice, so I ventured off to Avery Point and it was just as lovely.  On my way back I debated doing another lap at Eastern Point and saw Dawn and Beth out with the same kind of melting pace, we high fived each other and this really perked me up.  They are out there getting it done!  I did the lap at Eastern Point Beach, wishing the gal that sits in the admission booth a good afternoon, and decided I'd take the long way up the hill and not the short way.  Pretty happy with all of this especially when I hit the top of the hill and had the last few 1/10's of a mile downhill kind of in shade!

Relive the run here.  I really do get to run in a pretty spectacular place during working hours.  Nothing to complain about!

After realizing I didn't get my day to myself on Tuesday, I got out of bed when Jax woke me up and fed the dogs and tried to maybe fall back asleep.  That wasn't happening.  I was in the mood for some Dave's Coffee and a muffin.  Not exactly in the diet plan, but then what really is?    I got up got dressed pumped the tires, faced a bleary-eyed Imaginary Husband questioning what I was doing.  "Going on a ride, to the beach, not sure where else, see you in a couple three hours."  I really wanted the peace and quiet of being with me, myself, and I before an afternoon and evening of his people.  I'm cranky like that or use your own c-word, I really don't care.  They aren't my people, my people have their own quirks, not being flexible to allow a working person to be home well before 8 p.m. to decompress enough to get to sleep at a regular normal time, isn't one of them, they are totally hip to your schedule.  Perhaps being from uber-schedule orientated genes on both sides really helps with respecting a person's personal schedule.   Perhaps being from a lay all the cards out on the table sort of people makes a difference in figuring out what will work for all the people, not some of the people?  Yeah yeah, I get it we are all different.  I wholeheartedly believe in being honest in what you want and expect will get a group further than going with "my way or the highway" as option A.

I had a lovely ride, it was as I expected with lots of cars, a few impatient people, and gridlock at the intersections leading to Misquamicut.  I got out to Dave's Coffee, there was a line!  I have never seen a line.  I have seen these guys and gals in action so I knew it would be quick and painless.  It was!!!  A Cold Brew coffee and a Blueberry muffin and I was happily ingesting sugar and caffeine via the muffin and the coffee.

The day with not-my-people was fine.  We are all different and our ability to integrate with not-our-people says a lot about a person.  The Imaginary Husband hasn't been to MI in a decade...

This cracks me up every time we pass it...
If corn oil comes from corn does baby oil come from babies?
Then old man oil comes from old men?
A late night, we did get to see some fireworks on the drive home, I really wanted to leave before dark because, "amateur night". It's the New Year's Eve of the Summer; a day spent drinking at the beach and then navigating home after fireworks.  Oh yeah....

I wasn't really in the mood to deal with people on Wednesday, fortunately, Jackass is with his not my people in Pittsburgh, Number One Smart (#1SG) guy was in, and still on the high from his daughter's wedding, so he was fun to be around!

Ro texted they were back from VT so hills were on.  I was a little bummed to not run, but once we got walking and talking I was so much happier to spend the 5.6 miles with Ro.  Such an awesome friend.  Someone who you can say anything to and talk about anything, definitely glad I pursued this friendship.

Gus went on the Sotalol, this is a beta blocker and it will even out his heart rate. Lots of hoomans take this drug.  We will be able to increase his activity, slowly, and soon I'll have my hiking buddy back.  I'm not kidding myself that this isn't serious, however, there is no point in him not having fun, life isn't so great if you aren't having fun.  He will get another 24 hour Holter monitor test in a few weeks and nothing further has been discussed on the mass on his heart.

After 6 years of walking by this statue, Jax finally noticed and was all WTF is that guy doing on that rock??
Happy Thursday isn't a running day, Rachel begged off Beer'd and I'm not disappointed. I'd rather go for a ride after work.

Circuit Class today, Addy killed us again, I have a feeling my shoulders are going to feel all the flys and overhead presses.

New bike shorts were in the package on the porch when I got home.  They were ok, a little big in the waist and longer than I'd like.  But I think they will work for long rides.  I'm super picky and they don't accentuate my pooch so I'm ok with them.  Plus they don't make my legs look like overstuffed sausages.  Where are all these thighless women bike shorts seem to be designed for?  I went out for a 20-mile ride, nothing spectacular, mostly to see how they rode and what the chamois did or rather didn't do (shift).

Got the boyz out for a walk, Gus seems to be ok on this Sotalol dosage, after a whole 24 hours we won't know anything, it takes a few weeks.

He enjoys smelling flowers?

The last thing I wanted to do on a rainy Friday was to get out of bed and go to work.  I didn't really even want to run, but at 10:45 I picked up the backpack and headed to the fitness center before my brain even realized what I was doing.  Guess that's a good thing?  My run was nice, it was a bit rainy and then not and then misty.  Saw Mikey and the boys out on their run.  Sarah stayed in, Mikey tried bullying her into going out and she stood her ground!  Good for her!  Don't let those boys bully you!  Finished up the 10K goal for a Strava badge.

Gus got a walk after I got Friday afternoon nap and dinner.  OMG I wanted that nap ever since I woke up, it was grand!  It has been too long since Friday afternoon nap.  The rain stopped but it stayed misty most of the afternoon and into the evening, and for our walk.  We need the rain.

Not sure what it is about Saturday's lately but I don't want to do anything.  I go to bed Friday night sore with plans for an awesome Saturday and wake up not so sore and unmotivated.  After basic housewifery and cleaning my road bike (Ruby) and messing with the tubeless tires on the mountain bike (Barney).  I did not know I needed to pump them up and spin them to get them to reinflate... so that's fixed and now I can take Barney out again.  I was feeling too lazy to load Barney up in Eddie and go out to Barn Island so I took Ruby out for a quick spin along some favorite roads.  That seemed to pull me out of whatever the hell this Saturday blah feeling is.

Early to bed and up early on Sunday to drive out to Caramel NY to ride the Tour de Putnam with Tanya!  This is her neck of the woods and she has come out to mine twice to swim for the Rhode Warrior 1/2 IronWoman relay while I biked and we managed to sucker someone into that horrific run.

It was a great ride!  I don't get to ride with people very often so it is a treat!  Relive it here.

Gus got a walk and didn't pass out so I'll call that a win!  Let us make it until fall when the weather is more suitable for a boxer and then he can run and jump and play and what happens happens.


Finished "Boston Girl" by Anita Diamant, a story about a woman's life very well told and enjoyable.

Started "Lilac Girls" by Martha Hall Kelly, stories from my favorite time periods to read about, the Holocaust, Nazi Germany, and WWII.  It's not a favorite time period, I love reading about the time period.  The perseverance and senseless tragedy.  I'm really drawn to this time period and the stories about the heroic women, fiction, and non-fiction.  What strikes me about this book is the three families of women and their friends, very female focused book.


I really am not making much progress on anything.  I did get some buttons to sew on sweaters, and there they sat there mocking me until I sewed on some of the buttons.  It is hard to think about sweaters in this weather.


Feet:  24
Saddle: 136

I have fallen off the daily plank wagon, however, I do them after I run....  1 min each side and 1 min front or 30 front and 30 back.  My back planks need a lot of work!

Not unhappy about the low feet mileage, however, I will be after Run With The Beavers next Saturday, biking is more fun for now.

Beth chugging away

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