Sunday, November 4, 2018

Spooky Night Hike!

October 29, 2018 - November 4, 2018

Monday (5.2) - Crazy storms in the morning, crazy wind while I ran. I am enjoying running to music again, even my Detroit playlist, well maybe not Journey, too many skeevy memories of dances on Friday night, shudder.

Amy gave me a pass to try out Boxing at Barre Coast Boxing.  When the instructor asked me 'any injuries' we both giggled and Amy said, 'Might be easier to list what's not broken?'  I laughed and the instructor looked horrified I said, 'the only concern is my knees so I won't be doing much if any jumping.'

The class was fun, exhausting, my first double in quite some time.  I was a little nervous about how my body would react.  It didn't react like my sick body reacted last time I tried that foolishness.  The class alternated between 5 minutes of different punches to a heavy bag, which was more like a super thick balloon filled with water, and 5 minutes of core and upper body work.  Not sure why we needed to do overhead presses probably to counter the punching, jabbing, hooking, uppercutting, and crossing?  I worked up a good sweat, my knees didn't hate me, score!

He's melting

Tuesday (7 + 9.6) - Hills with Ro then I was off to mountain bike with Jess.  Yeah, not a heavy work day.  That is what vacation time is for.  Ro and I talked about how sometimes we get so focused on the day to day we forget to spend time with people we don't often see.  Jess is one of those people.  For the first time, I asked her if she was available to meet up to ride Haley and Bluff.  She's been to Bluff but didn't know how to get to Haley from Bluff and didn't know anything about Haley.  I'm fairly confident in getting myself unlost there so what the hell.  We met up at 2 p.m. and zipped over to Haley and explored, going in circles as one does when they explore and then venturing to the other side of the gravel path on to trails I had only been on a few times with Gizmo and had never gotten to from where we entered them.

It was fun zipping around on the trails, I almost felt like I knew what I was doing.  These trails are for sure my speed!

Dave is sick and Jax needed a walk, and I needed to take some stuff back to the library so I took care of all that and scrubbed a few crazies off Jax.  Jax was on his worst behavior.  I think he finally got it how ticked off I was with him and he behaved himself after a particularly stupid thing he did.

Wednesday (5.5) -  Walk the long way to lunch got me out in the fresh air which helped my perspective once I realized I had meetings till 5 and my plan to take Jax to the woods to hike trails that would make the GPS shape of a ghost might not happen.  I'm stubborn, of course, I attempted it, of course I did, with the sun setting at 5:44 p.m. and us getting to the woods at 5:50 p.m. per when I started my GPS, this was really stupid.  But we did it anyway, on trails I am not completely familiar with on a course that probably can't even connect.  It was DARK, DARK DARK and there are reflectors on some of the trail markers, I think they are bicycle wheel reflectors (the ones that go between the spokes), one side peeks out of either side of the trail marker and they look like eyes.  I saw other eyes too but we aren't going to talk about that, because they weren't eyes, they were errant bicycle spoke reflectors, yes, yes they were.

Imagine, at night, your headlamp catches the reflector, spaced about a nose width apart.

I should add that Dave and I have been watching "The Haunting of Hill House" and I kept thinking about that while walking and then I'd spook my self with a shadow of the headlamp, or Jax would jump at something.  It really was comedic, I'm sure.

Then your headlamp catches this red one,

When I passed by the place where the Vin Gormely meets the OutenBack, and I do know that intersection quite well, I should have caught it much closer than 1/2 mile down the trail.  I kept saying, hmmm, I don't think this is before the OutenBack until I got to a stream crossing with the three granite slabs (going clockwise on the VG) and we turned around.  I know things are different in the dark and short distances do feel like long distances.

The three granite slabs over the river/stream

We got out of the woods about 7:30 p.m. and I texted Dave to let him know we were on our way home.  He was in Boston meeting with a musician who will be doing recordings with his new Christopher Bass Guitar.  He didn't think he'd be home till about 9:30 p.m.  Ok good, that explains why he hadn't texted asking where we were.  He had no idea about my hair-brained idea.  When I told him he just shook his head and said, "You know that was dumb, right? Why didn't you do Jax's normal loop?"  The whole but the ghost GPS was completely lost on him. Kind of reminded me of the conversation Mikey and I had earlier where he reminded me that a pedestrian got killed on Route 2, and I should never ride on that road.  But how would I get to Route 49 for Tour de Farms?

This was a one-eyed orange monster.
Jax in the background  Oh yeah the silver on his vest is reflective.

Thursday (0) Big old fat zero and I didn't even get the 100% activity level on my watch.  Dave was able to gather up enough strength to take Jax to Arcadia for a hike and get out in some fresh air.  Guess his man flu was ok for a few hours.  Meanwhile, I'm washing my hands and soaking everything in Lysol, and feel fine. Fingers crossed it lasts.

We watched the last episode of The Haunting of Hill House.  It was very disappointing.

Friday (6.2) - I ran the whole work loop, well walk/run 1:00/4:00, in the rain, it was freaking fabulous.  One wouldn't think I'd feel that extra mile, but I did.  That was the first time I'd run that loop since July 2017, and I hadn't run a 10K since December 2017.

Anybody who follows me on Strava saw this picture before, in fact, I recycle a lot of the pictures.  But anyhoodles, the story this tells is very interesting to me.  See where things started getting all wonky right before they plummeted to my slowest run ever on that course (10/24/2016)?  That was early 2016, when my injuries started, funny the signs our bodies send us and the story metrics reveal.  of course I've run this in both directions and the above doesn't show the clockstupid direction, just the clockwise.  That odd duck above the average line, that was on 2/12/17 was when I ran with Faith, running with someone does make a difference.

Oh and the 11/15/12 was a run after I completed my first marathon, clearly I was feeling pretty peppy!

What am I going to do with this knowledge?  Remind myself I am seeing progress, it is slow, however, it is pretty consistent in the correct direction.

Saturday (2.8) - Girls Night Out to celebrate a birthday and retirement all in one fell swoop was filled with laughs, and way too much heavy food.  Gak I was feeling that in my stomach and the run in my knees, but Jax was going bazonkers, so bored.

I took him out and the Imaginary Husband, who is now at about 75% healed from Man Flu, came with us.  I plugged the route into the GPS and had Jeeves give us directions on where to turn.  None of the trails in that section are marked, well Sammy C's is, but otherwise no.  It worked!  We made the Ghost!!  Yippieee I was so thrilled.  Dave and Jax could care less.  Whateves man whateves.

I watched the first part of "I, Tonya" that Dave was watching when I got home on Friday.  I didn't pay much attention to Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, other than the fact the knee bashing happened in Detroit.  I had to look up the year 1994, I was working my first Jobby Job at FoMoCo and never was much into getting wrapped up in the latest social drama.  Shortly following that was OJ Simpson which I only remember because Andrew came over that day to not talk about his mother's cancer, she passed a few days later (June 1994).

Sunday (3.2) - My intended Mountain Bike ride was thwarted by a very sad looking Jax.  I took him on a hike on his usual loop backward.  We ran and played and he brought sticks to me to play 'stick' and it was nice to be outside in the sun and fresh air. 


Finished the back and fronts, and on to the sleeves!


by Ron Chernow

Status: in progress

I have forever been amazed at how much history I don't know and amazed at how much history other people think they know based on a 2 sentence meme.   Taken out of context anything can be made to mean anything.  That point is driven home in Thomas Jefferson's opinions of Alexander Hamilton based on hearsay and second-hand knowledge.  It is epically amazing to me how much isn't known about the history of our country and how much of what is known is biased based on the sources of this information, or skewed to make a particular point.   All that aside Hamilton is the father of the excise tax on whiskey to pay for the government.  At least that is how I'm interpreting what I read.  Guess I'll have another beer and pay for the mess this country is in.

Beth, a week where she didn't have to think about running she just did it and enjoyed it.

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