Sunday, January 27, 2019

If you can't convince them; confuse them

1/21/2019 - 1/ 27/2019

Monday (0) - I went to the grocery store and that was my outing for the day.  The temps never broke into the double digits and the wind chill stayed in the double digits.

Jax decided he wanted to play tug o' war so we did that for a solid half an hour.  I guess that could count towards activity?  A couple laps around the house for good measure, plus it annoyed Dave while he was playing his bass.

We planned our big summer adventure, basically finding the available dates at the destination campground so we could determine our departure date and a rough plan of the route.  Dave said our special treat would be an electric hook up at one place so we could have the AC if it got hot.  Funny thing to think about while we keep bundled up in our drafty old house!

Tuesday (0) -  Work was crazy, the time I carve out to run or go to the gym was taken over with the Quality Issue, it turned into the most bizarre "Blamestorm" I've ever weathered (haha, see what I did there?).   Wow.  I really am going to have to figure out how to work with this person going forward, or maybe, just maybe, this was the straw that broke the camel's back?  Wow, just wow.  As my mother said, "If you can't convince them; confuse them."  Definitely the motto of this particular person.  It makes me laugh despite me being in the middle of this mess; I do not think this is going to harm my reputation, although I am concerned.

Dave got Jax out for a long hike so at least someone in the house got some activity?

Wednesday (0) - Keeping the ZERO streak alive!  New York for the day interviewing 2nd and 3rd-year law students for an Equal Justice Works Fellowship.  Really a great part of my year, being on the selection committee and watching these "baby" lawyers blossom through their fellowship as well as into their careers.   To go from a field of 450 to a slate of 4 (the 5th one dropped the day of the interviews) is impressive in an of itself, but to be the one to be funded by a sponsor, amazing.  It is so hard to make the decision; the top candidate was crystal clear, between their proposal, the uniqueness of their idea, the sustainability of the program.   I am so excited to make the phone call once all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed.  This is going to be a great opportunity for the candidate!  We all see great things for the candidate and hope they also accept to be our sponsored fellow.

Jax and I played hide and seek after I got back from NY.  Fun game, at least he decided we'd play with the moose and not a ball.  I throw the object upstairs, he runs up the stairs to fetch the object, I run and hide and he comes and finds me, then we run around the house until I catch him and get the object to throw up the stairs.  The ball, I throw like a girl, and it bounces everywhere, it isn't just a mess, the moose, well that's pretty easy to toss.  Once up a time Diesel invented this game, he and Dave worked out the process and the rules, it was fun watching it come to its final iteration.  It's good for about half an hour, there aren't many places to hide.  At least it was warm enough to go outside and hide!

Thursday (3) - Half an hour on the elliptical with Mikey, we were both surprised we managed 3 miles on that damn thing, but with someone to talk to it makes the time pass.  Followed that with Booty Core day #13.  I can honestly say there is a difference and my glutes are engaging.  The niggly hip thing seems to be gone for the last few days, wonder if that will reappear after my next run?

I do try.  I don't always succeed.

Friday (5) -  Time to pull up the big girl panties and actually run, none of this walk-run nonsense.  Well that was what I told myself as I walked out to the gate, patted the pocket in my running shorts (not walk-run shorts, running shorts) and realized I forgot my badge.  After finding a kind soul to let me in the building and then another to let me in the fitness center I headed back out for an actual run.  At about mile 2.5 I ran into The Bee Guy and he gave me a hug to congratulate me on running and looking happy while I was running.  Awwww.  That was probably the best part of the run.  I walked a bit here and there but for the most part, ran the whole 5 miles.  I was pretty pleased with myself and a couple hours after did feel a bit stiff in the hips and knees but nothing horrendous.  I was secretly happy Dave didn't text about going on a hike with Jax.  I was pretty much ready to be done with any form of exercise for the day.   They had a nice 4-mile hike in Arcadia.

There is a purple yarn knitted into the sock in the blue circle.  This is for an 'afterthought heel'
Engineers and knitters will appreciate this.
I take out the purple yarn, leaving the loops of two rows.
I pick up the top and the bottom row and make the heel.
The heel will be with the red yarn when I get to that point.

Saturday (3 + 2) - The Charlestown Early Learning Center 5K was at 1 p.m.   I have been tossing around the idea of running it, and since I managed 2.5 miles of non-stop running on Friday, it seemed like a good idea.  I grabbed the soon to expire M-43 beers to give to Jonny since I never did manage to see Crutch to give them to him.  Jonny leaves his car unlocked so it was easy to give them to him.  He was happy to find them.  The race was good.  I ran 18 seconds less than last year.  All based on when I stopped my watch, I'll take it as fact.  I do remember walking a bit last year, I could probably look at the Strava race recap and see but I won't.  I'm quite pleased with myself and thank Leslie and my Mom for this outcome.  Leslie's wasn't directed at me, my mom, well she's a tough cookie, she was pretty clear I was to stop this foolishness and suck it up and be a real runner.  Well not really, but it's my blog and I can say what I want to.

This may be the first time he saw harvested corn.
On Strava, I saw Muddy went out to some trails I didn't know but wondered if there were trails back there, and thought they looked flat and would be perfect for a hike with Jax after my race.  Dave took him on quite the adventure on Friday so I knew he only needed to get out for an hour or so and didn't need adventure.  The trail was part of the North-South trail and I'm sure there are other trails mixed into the network.  Basically, it was a farm road through a corn and sod field.  Jax was delighted with a flat place to run and curious about the corn stalks.  To me, frankly add in some snow it was like running from my parent's house.  Jax had a ball!  I was gobsmacked at how much fun he had.   I stopped at the Village Wine and Spirits Packy and found it to have a nice selection of beer and pretty extensive spirits.  Guess we were both happy with this outing?

The Icelandic Wool I found didn't work for my project but after the caretaker sent me this about the wool:
"Those skeins are from Rue - she was a bottle baby of ours a few years back and as such she’s so friendly and curious. Always at the front of the line when I head out to pasture with treats :)"
I had to break my vow not to collect wool with no clear project.
I believe these (two skeins) will become mittens.
It is just as soft and cozy and wooly smelling as it looks. 

Sunday (2) - My knees didn't hurt from the 5K!  Yeah!  I took Jax out to Mount Misery on a beautiful Sunday.  Not well planned on my part.  We hike half way up and met up with a couple with three dogs so we quickly turned around and went up the road to the outlook and then hiked back down.  There were also some sled dog races going on, well no sleds, just huskies pulling people on mountain bikes.  Looked like grand fun.  The outlook from Mount Misery was really cool and Jax was par for the course running up to the edge and scaring the bejeebers out of me.  There were some icy parts I was afraid he would fall and at that time I managed to slip!  Whoops!

A top Mount Misery
Truly a beautiful sunny day!
I don't think we are ever going to get snow... 

All in all a week starting on a downbeat with the weather and my lack of motivation to get bundled up and get outside, ending well with running a 5K in 33 minutes.  I'm happy with that as progress towards an unknown goal.  Maybe I'll work towards breaking 30 minutes on a 5K.  I will let this unfold as it is going to unfold see what or who inspires me to do more.

Beth noting what a difference a year makes.

Monday, January 21, 2019

I have no creative title....

1/14/2019 - 1/20/2019

Monday (4) -  I was totally feeling like bailing on this running day and maybe taking a nap.  My whole me was dragging and I said: "Hey, you don't have to prove anything to anybody, just get out there and move for 30 minutes, ok?"  I agreed with this deal for myself and on the walk to the door to go out I decided I'd up the run interval to 4:30.  Seems like I was setting myself up for failure, yet, I did it anyhow.   Surprisingly, the first mile energized me and I didn't feel like the 4:30 was a total mistake by the end.  Guess it will be 5:00 for next week?  I probably need to drop the walk part at some point, of course, I'm going to do this slowly.  If you ever meet my mother ask her how much I tortured her learning to walk.  I've been doing things at my own pace since I was 1.  Oh yeah, actually pre-birth, I also tortured her hanging out for a couple extra weeks in her uterus and then her being in labor for 2 days or something obnoxious like that.

Glad this comes in a tall can now!

The rest of the day was much better and I didn't feel like I needed a nap.  It has been a long time since a run gave me a big boost of energy like that.  Usually, it helps me focus for the rest of the day and curbs my desire to backhand people or swear at the computer or backhand the computer and swear at people.

This was from some article on classifying dogs.  I didn't save the link.
Pretty spot on for Boxers

Tuesday (2 + 1) - 2 mile warm up on the elliptical.  Oddly one of the lawyers I work with chose the machine next to me, I thanked him for the assistance he gave me yesterday, he gave me his usual long explanation on the history of the universe, plugged into his headphones and went about his business on the stair stepper thingy.  OK.   Booty Core Day #11, I thought we were supposed to start using the bands more, not yet.  This was a lot of supersets and I like those very much.  I'm feeling a difference in my stability, so maybe this is making a difference.  Now I'm kind of wishing I did the bum pics, just for my own curiosity!

Dave waited till I got home so we could both take Jax out.  Clearly, he was going bonkers being inside all day.  Jax, not Dave was going bonkers.  It is a struggle to convince Dave 30 minutes a day outside is not a punishment in the winter.   We had a nice quick hike determined it is much easier to hike roads in the dark.  The sky was clear and the moon and stars bright.  Always nice to see.  Jax doesn't care about that nonsense however did find things to smell and was pretty peppy running all over.

Gus Gus.  Jan 2017.

Wednesday (5)  Ro is still in the land of Orks and Kiwis, I started out half-heartedly to walk/run our usual loop and did the whole thing, yes it was kind of a surprise to me!  It was so cold I couldn't feel my watch vibrate for the walk segments, I threw in 30 second walks randomly.  Perhaps I can forgo the walking?  Something to try.  I'm not going to be running more than a 10K at a time.

The way it should be.  The peep in the dog bed and the dog in the boy peeps spot.
As Paul Jackson astutely remarked, "the blankets are on the couch to keep it from getting dirty from the human, right?"

I skipped hills last week, last Wed was a rough day for me emotionally.   Anniversary of a friend's birthday, he would have been 52, even after all these years, he passed in 1998, he was run over on the side of the road in an attempt to rescue a dog, it hurts to remember a life ripped away so young by an impatient driver. His girlfriend lived to tell the story.  I can't even imagine.  Dave was a mentor to me when I was at Ford, I learned so much from him.

"Patiently" waiting for his pizza crust.
Jax and Dave had a day of 'goofing around' going to the post office, the dump (they call it a transfer station out here), and then a hike.  I think those are all pretty necessary things, and not so much goofing off.   Of all of it Jax was hard pressed to say if he liked the dump or the hike better, both had good smells.

Thursday (2 + 2) - Booty Core Day #12, I definitely liked 11 better BUT I there was more band work with 12.  Elliptical to warm up, was booorrrrinnngggg because Mikey wasn't there to entertain me.

I think this was Sammy C's trail.
Who goes there? -- Jax and the Boy Peep.

Took Jax on a hike at Burlingame before dinner.  He is getting into hiking at night more, this is good since we have many more months of early sunsets.

Friday (5 +3) - Just like Monday I was not feeling this run at all.  Ran into Beefcake on the way to the gym and he wasn't feeling it either so we made a deal to just freaking do it.  Sometimes that is all you can do.  The run was tiring, however, the wind was low and the sun was out and I enjoyed myself.  I was secretly hoping to take a nap when I got home from work.  That didn't pan out...

Now I know where the sign is.  Up so high no one can see it!

Took Jax on a hike when I got home, a different combo of trails.  He was really running around like a goofball.  Maybe he knows Sunday is going to be one of those "are we ever leaving the house days"?  The pending rain/sleet/snow storm from late Saturday through Sunday has us planning carefully our time in the woods to make sure we can both get out on our bikes and get Jax out for a hike before the storm hits.  We are in such a bizarre weather triangle between the Race in the Long Island Sound and Long Island and the Atlantic things can completely miss us or hammer us.  Snow is fun to play in, rain, not so much.

Oh, I wish I knew a long time ago how warm and cozy covers were. -- Jax

Saturday (5 + 2) - Went out for a mountain bike ride in Arcadia.  It would have been less cold had I turned around and went back to the car and put on my windbreaker.  Biking isn't running, if you start out chilled you get frozen.  It was a week of inappropriate wardrobe choices.  The ride was fun and I'm sad I had to cut it short, but any longer and it was a crap shoot if my body was going to seek revenge if I got any colder.

But I think it would be OK if I went out on the ice to get that stick.  -- Jax

Took Jax to Carter Preserve for his "C" hike.  Loosely thinking I'll try and find a place for him to hike with each letter of the alphabet.  I probably should start keeping track or not, who knows.    We hadn't been to Carter since the beginning of hunting season and we parked at the Kings Factory Road parking lot this time I took him to the Rte 112 parking lot.  It is a big preserve and I wanted to see the other side and we had about an hour before the sunset.  We hiked the White and Orange loops.  Very cool!

Sunday (2) - It rained as predicted, ended earlier than predicted so we took the beast out.  My plan was to walk the paved roads of Burlingame.  Dave thought other people may have that same idea so we went to the old camp loop, and stayed on the not too terribly flooded roads.  Jax was full of energy, and it was nice to move.  We both agreed Monday was going to be a complete veg day with the low temperatures, it probably wouldn't get into double digits.

For Pete's sake stop taking my picture and let me get a stick to break. -- Jax


I ripped out the sock on Tuesday night and restarted on Wednesday.  I will add in a pattern repeat and that should make a difference.   The pattern repeat seemed to make a difference and then I had to remember how to do the afterthought heel and this required math in my head.  Ouch.  My head hurts.

My Icelandic wool connection (I found a farm in VT) let me know she didn't have what I ordered but had a sub in the same weight yarn but only 1/2 the quantity.  I said send what you have and refund the rest of the money.  Who knew this stuff was so hard to find.  Well, I think because the original supplier (from MT) is out of business and this yarn is from way back when my middle brother was married to his first wife.  He married his second wife in 2007...  He must have married his first wife in 1998?  I honestly can't remember, but it was after Dave and I started dating and that was 1997 and it was definitely before I moved East (1999) it really isn't a surprise to me I'm having a tussle with this.  I'll take what I can get and see how it all works and well if it doesn't then I'll rip it out and make something else.


"Washington:  A Life"
Ron Chernow
Status:  Finished

I loved this book.  I didn't know much about George and especially nothing about Martha.  Chernow does a great job of writing about the facts and figures so prominent in history and adding in the human interest element to make a very enjoyable biography.   There is so much I did not know, I'm not surprised that I didn't know stuff, its history and as my mother can attest, I am a circumspect student of history.

Ron Chernow
Status:  Started

So far enjoying this.  The big question was how was Chernow going to handle Grant's love of the drink.  Interesting.  His wife is a character and seems to cause him a lot of angst.

All in all a good week, guess I felt more like not doing anything it was a struggle, nothing insurmountable.

Beth, still writing 2018 21 days into 2019.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Two weeks instead of One

The week got away from me and I didn't manage to post before Wednesday so this becomes a two-week post.

12/31/2018 - 1/6/2019

Monday (6 + 1) - We had big NYE plans, ha!  Hardly.  I got out on my mountain bike and explored more in Woody Hill, found 'the monument' I see noted in Strava posts.  I felt pretty psyched actually finding it.  I also found the remains of a deer, the hunters clearly took the good parts leaving the rest for the ever-growing coyote population of Westerly.

I was laughing to myself, as I'm winding through tight turns between the trees, about Razz and his 800mm bars being too big and me saying to Dave that I have 800mm bars would I break my knuckle too?  He said you don't ride aggressive enough to run into a tree like that.  I thought aggressive enough no, he is quite on point with that comment, but clumsy enough, yes, and I clipped a downed branch on my pedal and jerked to a standstill and didn't topple over or smash into a tree, PROGRESS!  But I need to remember my knee pads, just in case, I do topple over.

Goofy Jax

Took Jax out for a quick walk, hoping to get done before the rain, he wanted to sniff and piss and the mist started and then the rain started.  It's his walk, but really can we wrap this up Little Black Dog?  Chop Chop.    I got the usual teenage girl scowl and he tromped towards home.

Tuesday (4 + 3)  Quick ride at Woody Hill, I had about 2 hours to ride and shower before taking Jax on a hike.  It was a good ride, I forgot my gloves, fortunately, the temperatures were in the 50's so my hands weren't cold, a little scratched up from the brush on the side of the trails and sore from my death grip on the handlebars.  I managed to get back in the area by the quarry with the plethora of "Do Not Enter" "No Trespassing" "Keep Out" signs and guided myself back to where I was supposed to be and here comes a medium-sized yellow dog in an orange vest.  Wonder how this is going to go?  I got off my bike and moved off the trail. The owner was coming up over the rise and the dog was completely not paying attention to her.  Fortunately, nothing horrible happened and the young dog was interested in checking out the new person, not gnawing on her.

That face...
I have a similar picture on the same day with him and Gus giving me that face.
I was probably eating peanut butter out of the jar.

We took Jax on a slow hike on parts of different trails in Arcadia.  Pretty much a winding uphill and then taking a double track road down.  Dave is explaining to me where we went in relation to where we've biked and hiked.  I nodded and said, "Yep, yep."  Clearly not grasping any of the running 'we hiked along that ridge' and 'we've ridden to the East of here' commentary until we came upon a big sand area where there is usually a big yellow excavator.  And then it dawned on me where we were in relation to where we've been and it all sort of made sense if you haven't figured it out I navigate by landmarks. I'm surprised I connected the lack of the excavator to where it usually is.

The purpose of this was to show how tall the scrub tree was next to me.
The trails are fairly overgrown.
You can't really see the tree.  I'm pretty obvious in the orange, though!
Jax is on the lookout for something.

Wednesday (5 + 1)  Back to work and back to a schedule.  I do like schedules and routine, I'll admit it.  Hills with Ro before she and her fiance are off to New Zealand and Australia for a month.  They are doing retirement right, for sure!  I'll miss her for the next month, maybe I can find someone to do Wednesday hills with me...  you know that routine thing, gotta stick to it.

Jax finally learned how to get me to take him for a walk!  I'm so proud!  It took him a while to finally put it all together.   Get in front of the Girl Peep and make your noise.  Diesel stomped and barked, Gizmo decided sitting in front of me and whining was more effective, Gus picked up on Giz's signal and I'd have both of them sitting in front of me Gizzy whining and Gus grumbling, the whole time Jax was running around in the background flinging toys this way and that.  Sage didn't much care to go on walks, adventures to the beach, yes, she was all over that but a walk, nah, she'd amble for a 1/4 mile and stand on the sidewalk completely uninterested, with me standing there perplexed on how to get us home.  I wasn't going to carry her, eventually, her brain would turn and she'd amble back home looking at me like why did you think THIS was a good idea.  Anyhoodles, Jax stood in front of me and nose whistled, that is his noise.   When I didn't immediately respond he picked up on another one of Gizzys tricks (who knew he was actually paying attention) and threw himself on the floor and flopped around distraught his need wasn't being met.   We walked down to the park and back, a mile and a million things to smell, it is his walk NOT mine.  Yes, they are spoiled, they live for such a short period of time.

Thursday (1)  Elliptical for a mile and then Booty Core Day 7, this was more core and stretching, kind of a relief I was not feeling all that into anything, life, exercise, work, nothing... not even chocolate...

Part of 12 days of Milkshake Stout from Rochester Mills Brewing
Little did I know all 12 cans were different!
It's been enjoyable trying their different creations.

Friday (5 + 2)  Nice 5 mile run on the Mikey B route.  Nothing stellar pace-wise, but it was nice to be out in the sun and fresh air.  Mostly I needed the escape before a meeting on the ongoing issue I'm having at work.  At the end of the latest correctional meeting, I was told that I rocked and was probably the easiest person to work with.  Thanks?  For Fucks Sake I really want to get this nightmare behind and not to have to interact any governmental agencies.  Krikies, I thought I volunteered for an easy peasy assignment, nope, fortunately, the contingent assigned to this case is also easy to work with.   I can imagine how these meetings can go horribly wrong with combative personalities, someone who can't take the least bit of criticism or be questioned.   Of course, I mentioned this observation, just to see what sort of reaction I would get.  Have to say I may miss this group once this is cleared up.


Dave waited so we could take Jax on a night hike.  We got about 1/2 way there I realized I left my headlamp at home.  Dave said, "I have my, oh shit, it's in my coat at home."  Turned around, we did.  The crazy orange cat was sitting on the front porch and Jax was all "WAHOWIEEEEE I've been dreaming of this, let me at him."  the look of utter disgust as Dave left him in the car was priceless.  Poor guy was heartbroken he didn't get the chance to chase the cat.  We had a lovely hike and crossed paths with someone having a mountain bike ride.  Quite the adventure!

Dave's headlamp is brighter than mine and I cast a gigantic shadow.
Maybe that helps frame the photo so you can figure what you are looking at, you can see my head and one arm up towards the top left of the photo.  Jax is the glowing thing to the right in the photo.
It really is a 'you had to be there' moment.  But it's fun pretending I'm the 60-foot tall woman chasing Jax down the trail.  

Saturday (1) Rain rain rain... did Booty Core Day 8, Jax helped, this is completely out of character for me to exercise in the house and he was quite concerned and wanted to help and stop me all at the same time.  Gus and Giz were always good about helping me with my PT exercises, but this was far more than Jax could comprehend, he was truly perplexed.

He got me rousted for a walk once the rain stopped.  He is a little dubious of one of the local folks who wander around talking on a cell phone.  Tonight we encountered him walking the same direction only on the other side of the road.  Made for an interesting adventure.  I wanted to go down to the river and see where the drunk drove in, Jax was good with a lap around the park TYVM.

See the ball there Girl Peep?  Pick it up and toss it for me, nowish. - Jax

Sunday (4 +3) - Took myself on a mountain bike ride to Woody Hill, the local Mountain Bike club has been busy building trails in part of the management area and naming them after beers, and grading them like ski courses, green, blue, black, easy, medium, difficult.

Dave's coat matches the yellow blaze!

Since we had about 3/4 of an inch of rain on Saturday the trails would most likely be squishy and if they were flooded I would leave them be, it is better to be a good steward of the forest rather than the fun of getting muddy.  Although I did get a little muddy on some of the double track roads.  There were one or two wet spots on "Naughty Nurse"  another rider had gone through them earlier in the day, and left minimal ruts, still I should have walked my bike through.

We couldn't walk over this section, Jax was not quite meant to scramble up and over boulders.
We took the spur.

I enjoyed exploring some different parts of the management area, at one point the gunfire got louder and I was clearly riding toward the hunters, so I turned around.  It was a short ride but I managed to get over a stone wall I have had to walk in the past and up a steep hill, I have also had to walk, progress!

Jax conquering his apprehension of bridges

As for the hunters, one of the guys setting up for his ride asked about mine and I mentioned the gunfire seemed to be coming from that direction (pointing).  He said there was a gun range back in that direction.  Oh DOH!  That would be why there was so much gunfire, I couldn't imagine why something needed to be shot that much but then didn't think anything more about it.  I'm pretty much concentrating on watching the trail and not crashing into things or launching myself off my bike, mountain biking it is a great way for me to completely unplug from my overactive brain.

We got out late for our hike with Jax, I wanted to see some of the 666 Mountain Bike Time Trial course and suggested that for our hike, while we weren't going to have time to do the whole course, we could intermingle that with some other trails.  Dave pondered this on the drive out to Arcadia.  The hike was good.  Part of it was on the North-South Trail, while I may never do the whole 78 miles, it has been fun sort of section hiking it (that really stretches the term).   This had the big boulder section.  Why on earth someone thought a trail through the middle of all those boulders was a good idea is beyond me.  Jax clearly wasn't going to be able to navigate this, he tried but wasn't having much success.  We used the cut off to go around that section.  Still, it was pretty rocky and wet and about then the light mist turned to snow.  Quite the weather variety in a short hike.

Knitting - I got the blue sweater sewn up and some of the buttons on it.

The experimental sweater continues.  I am going to need to buy some more wool for the sleeves.  The question becomes how much will I need.

Reading - George Washington is fascinating, both him and the government and how things really haven't changed since the 1790s, well people are far crasser, however, the media still aligns itself with a side and politicians are out for their own self-interests above anything else.

1/7/2019 - 1/13/2019

Monday (4 +1) -  Good run at lunch, went out to Jupiter Point and back, the Mikey B Route, to avoid the wind, well there is no avoiding it but at least have the south wind work in my favor back up that long slog on Shennie I despise.

Dave and I took Jax out to Burlingame for a night hike, Dave forgot his headlamp, again.  We decided to try a new loop, it would be short and easy, but with all the rain and freezing temperatures, there could be some dicey spots on the bridges.  It was good, and I now remember where I "lost" a sock on a long run in Burlingame when I used to be able to run long.

Tuesday (1) - Not a running day.  Beefcake tracked me down to let me know that I should have been running, thanks pal, but my body won't let me run every day, don't get old was my advice to him.

Jax and Maxine
Some sort of dog moose yoga, I'm not really sure.

Booty Core day #9 with a mile warm up on the elliptical.  I think I'm starting to figure out how that thing works.

Wednesday (4 + 1) - Windy run with my favorite hat.  Not a great day, not even a good day, a crap day, frankly.   Wait, I did get some of my favorite 603 beer, and a new to me Moat, and Jax was very entertaining flinging Maxine the Moose all over the house, the important parts were fun, it wasn't all crap.

And what do you think you are looking at Girl Peep?  You should be scratching my back.  -- Jax

Thursday (2) -  Therapy on the elliptical with Mikey.  It's nice to talk to someone who gets it.  I don't know which is worse to have the world crash down all at once (Mikey) or to have it slowly get worse (me).  Then I did Booty Core day 10, christ how did Leslie do this every day for three weeks.  I honestly don't know if it is making a damn bit of difference, but the exercises are getting less awkward and my balance is returning.  Not being one for classes (says the ex-step aerobics instructor) or videos or home exercise equipment, I am liking this online class and may consider something else from Daily OM, maybe.

Follow up appointment with my Rhuemetologist in the afternoon.  Inflammation levels back up to nearly pre Prednisone heights.  I knew I wasn't feeling quite like I did when I first started on the 10 mg of Prednisone (that was only for 2 weeks).  The 5 mg wasn't holding the inflammation at bay so he upped to 7.5 mg and we will see what happens.  I was a wreck before this appointment.  I saw my test results and knew what they meant, the current protocol was not working.   We had a really great conversation and I had to remind myself it is the practice of medicine and to take it one day at a time.  I do like and trust this doctor.

One interesting thing was he now has a scribe to take notes during our appointment.  Versus him scribbling down notes.  It was nice to look him in the eye when we spoke versus him behind a tablet making notes.  A friend of mine has a doctor for a spouse and she posted an article on doctors and technology and how that is damaging the patient relationship.  I think Yale is making a good step forward in having a scribe.  Granted in this age of data privacy I should probably be more concerned with my privacy.  However, I found this made it easier to talk to Dr. D, not feeling like he was trying to figure out when to write things down, versus listening to me, the patient.    Yes, this all roots back to billing, with anything follow the money and you can see why things are done.  BUT for me, it was a good change, following the money or not.

The BEST windblocking hat, ever!

Friday (3 + 2) - Windy nasty cold, long tights weather, a balaclava would have been nice also.  My bum didn't warm up for the rest of the day.  Night hike with Jax, the usual Friday night old camp loop, order pizza, have a beer, and binge watch Netflix.  We are in season 4 of Homeland.  I don't think my bum ever warmed up.

Saturday (4) - Jax allowed us to put a blanket on him and he had a much better nights sleep.  Stilly dog was cold on Thursday and won't snuggle under the covers.  Hopefully, we've solved this problem.  He is the only one who won't burrow under when he is cold.  Made for a pretty rotten day for him on Friday as near as we can tell.

It was a gorgeous day!
Tillinghast Pond
I caught him not moving or avoiding having his image captured by the camera.

I took him out to Tillinghast to do the pond loop and what I thought was going to be a field loop.  The field loop was anything but!  Yeah!  Very nice rolly trail.  I suspected the pond loop to be pretty popular and hesitated to even take the crazy boy on it, but we did, and only ran into 3 other hikers and a dog.  Definitely worth the drive and I'll take him out there again some time in the near future.

Warm winter coat!

Sunday (6 + 3) -  Drove Barney out to Woody Hill to ride and come up with another perverse ride title, but the parking area was full and it seemed like there wasn't a legal place to park and I didn't want to put my car on the road.  I guess I really didn't want to ride there anyhow.  I went over to Burlingame and rode the Wildlife Trails, got lost because I haven't been on those trails in a while.  Funny it's the same way I got lost the first time I ran the loop I rode.  I also think they have new markings, but I'm not sure.  Anyhoodles.  I managed to get myself, while on Barney, up some hills I had to hikeabike in the past.  That was a nice accomplishment!  Mountain bike riding is definitely interval work, and I was thoroughly enjoying feeling like my heart was going to explode and I'd never catch my breath.  I haven't enjoyed feeling like that in a very long time.

Very cool ice formed on the running stream.

We took Jax out to Arcadia for a hike, mostly new trails to Jax and I.  Slowly I'm seeing how things fit together.  The only part about this hike was being next to the busy road with a crazy dog who likes to chase cars, I swear he kept going close to the road, just because he knew it made me nervous.  Actually, I am certain he was, he'd turn and give me that look, and then veer towards the road doing his galloping goofball move.  UGH..

Dorky.  Who says balaclavas need to be black and boring!
Although I still need ear warmers, the wind whips through at speeds over 10 MPH!

We all were definitely ready to chill for the rest of the night.

Reading:  George Washington continues!  I was a little irked with the second presidential election and Chernow saying "It was the most contested election", it was the second election!!!    All in all, a really good book and I am going to miss hearing about George and Martha when it ends.

Knitting:  Finished up the last of the Icelandic wool and manage to track down the original farm for the wool only to find the owner sold off her business to someone and that person is also selling off the business.  I hope the sheep find good homes.  She sent me to the daughter of a friend of hers, she didn't have the weight wool I needed, shoot.  Googling around I found another farm in Montana with Icelandic sheep and the right weight wool. Fingers crossed this works and the weight is similar, I'm not worried about the color, it is natural white, not dyed, wool, plus it is already three colors of natural wool so even a slight variation in the white won't matter.

To pass the time waiting for the wool to arrive I finished up the last batch of baby sweaters and then pulled out a new project.  Colorwork, something I haven't done since the fair isle vest.  It took a few rows but my hands remembered what to do and so far so good!

This will be a sock, and then there will be another sock.
And there you go, the last two weeks, in my usual run on sentence, badly punctuated, over use of commas, stream of consciousness blather!  Highs and lows, trying to focus on the highs and find some humor in the lows.

Beth, who think's it's pointless to recommend she take a remedial writing class at this age. *wink*

Saturday, January 5, 2019

2018 In The Rear View Mirror

"99% of failures come from people who make excuses.” ― George Washington

I debated doing one of these posts.  I stopped keeping track of mileage and updating my graphs earlier this year, not only can one KonMari their stuff they can also KonMari their life, shedding things not bringing joy!  It was a great year of getting rid of what was dragging me down, making battling my corrupted immune system more miserable than it needed to be.

What data do I have to show?  Strava!  Whoop!

Strava did a pretty decent recap for me and I'll go with that. Strava has been very helpful in documenting the sharp decline in my endurance. I am honestly happy to have this record, it has demonstrated the last three years were not the normal aging process, and has proven very helpful by factual data for conversations with my Rheumatologist!

2018 Year in Review - Strava Animation

288 - Days Active
78 Miles - Longest Activity
136,573 Feet - Elevation Gain
416 - Hours of Activity
2,423 - Miles

Quite possibly continuing to push through the top of a dropping threshold then spending days or weeks recovering only to once again push through an even lower threshold, demonstrates my progressing insanity,  who am I to judge my own sanity?  I'll leave that to people who enjoy that sort of thing.

So there you have it.  2018 is done and dusted, the good, the bad, and the sad.

My least favorite time was watching my beloved Gus quickly decline and having to put him down, he did go in the middle of a snowstorm, his timing continued to be impeccable, a white dog getting lost in the whirling flurries of snow.   

It's hard to say if the Airstream or summiting Mt. Washington was the highlight.  

What does 2019 have in store?  I'm pretty sure it has running, biking on the road, biking off the road, hiking with Jax and Dave or solo, lots and lots of camping, beer, s'mores, campfires, knitting, reading, the possibilities are endless, however I recognize my energy is not and I will pick and choose mindfully.

Beth, Closing the book on yet another year, with the ground under me, far far better than the alternative.