Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Weekly Recap 12/28 - 12/31 - Another year in the books

Monday -  Left the house with no particular place to go, no particular time goal, no particular anything except no long straights and right angles.  On top of having to get up and run and not lazy around for a bit and warm up the joints then run, the straight lines and 90 degree angles in my parents 'neighborhood' were really getting to me.  I enjoyed meandering here, there and wherever my whims took me.  Finished up with the Oak Street and Tower Street hills.  Kurt is a segment on Oak Street, did not know that.  PRd the Mechanic Street segment, which is part of a 5K course so huh...  Wondered if I should start paying attention to those things and decided against it.  Why suck the enjoyment out of something I enjoy?

Tuesday - Back to yoga!  Class was good, different instructor, quite enjoyable and I managed side planks without my wrists collapsing, so there's some progress. We were thoroughly dressed down by the bartender post yoga.  Guess he missed the three of us after a month?

Wednesday - Back to Spin. I meet up with Jennifer for the 5:15 class at the Arcadia Y.  The class has 16 bikes, so space is at a premium and there are many regulars.  I have my phone alarm set to call by 8 a.m. on Tuesday to reserve bikes for Wednesday.  This Y is half way between her work and my work, so it works.  Friday's she comes to Westerly for weights and the pool.  Why is any of this important?  I doubt it is, I'm in a rambly mood at the moment.

The Westerly Y is getting some high tech bikes, I forgot to ask if the Arcadia Y was upgrading or maybe getting Westerly's used bikes?

It was a good class, lots of climbing and a few sprints and jumps.  I still can't understand the instructor even with a microphone, at least she is talking and not yelling and eventually I figure it out.  I should add in a second class at some point.  There is so much I want to do and not a lot of free time to fit it all in.

Thursday - Took a run along the Mystic River, peppy pace for me of late.  Felt good to run into the wind and then back with the wind at my back and the sun on my face!  Nice last run of the year.  My last walk of the year was yesterday taking all three on different walks...

And here it is graphically.  I did manage to eek past last years total miles thanks to spin class and a couple extra dog walks!

Friday - Stairs and probably a run

Saturday - Can I sneak in a bike ride?  Which makes me wonder if I should sell the old bike or keep it and ride it in the winter...  hmmmm... We have 5 bikes in the dining room and two in the basement, 3 are mine...  or maybe I might need to get a mountain bike?

Sunday - Resolution 5K

Beth, probably should look to see how far off she is from her goals set 12 months ago!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

My Wednesday was actually spent driving. So that was my Tuesday. 

This was a view on Wednesday

This was the rare non rainy part of my trip West. 

Beth, wishing all fun wrapping and unwrapping! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Weekly Recap: 12/21 - 12/27 (Final)

Wow, Yule, Christmas, Giz's birthday, Mom's birthday, and what else happens this week?  It is JAM PACKED with celebrating!!

Monday - A knitting day.  Wove in all the ends for the blue sweater.  Now I need to steam block the edging so it lays flat and put buttons on it.  It's on the list.  Last day of work for me for the year.  Went to the Y and lifted. I'll feel that on my long drive on Wednesday, no doubt.   Did some Christmas shopping, all done but a stop at the package store for local beers to bring home to my dad and brothers.  Consumables are the best gifts!  They don't collect dust, well unless it's pickled herring well not if you give it to my mother, she inhales that stuff.

Tuesday - First day to sleep in, and I did.  Got up slowly went on a run around town, saw Jeff V, and planned out my day.  I have a feeling I'm going to be rushing to get things done before bed tonight because I haven't motivated myself to work on the mental to do list.  It happens.

Wednesday - Drive to MI for three days of running right angles and seeing family.

Thursday - SW 15mph wind there was no getting away from!

Friday -  Christmas / Mom's 71st b-day / Gizzy's 15th b-day.   5 mile run around the block.

Saturday - Nephew time!  I could not face the same old boring route.

Sunday - Drive to RI and hoping nothing imploded.  If you happen to know where I live and run by, make sure the place is still there.

Beth, Happy Christmas!

Oh I can blog on the Kindle. Cool!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Old Mountain Field 5K - Recap

First up in the 5th year of the 4th Season Trail races:  Old Mountain Field 5K, put on by Mike G and family!!

A little history, in 2011 this was my very first (real) trail race!  I was so nervous about running in the woods with people, and still very unsure of my abilities. I had run the trails of Bluff Point, and ran the 3.6 mile trail race there in 2010 and 2011, but those are kind of Playskool My First Trail sort of trails.

I have only missed one year, when I was training for the 50K, and was not going to get side tracked, plus it was uber snowy and I didn't need to risk injury on the trails (I did 10K of hill work on the icy roads instead - proof here! )

2011 (Dec)  33:54 (87 ft)
2012  (Dec) 34:29 (86 ft)
2014 (Jan) See above  (oh and that was 412 ft)
2014 (Dec) 33:19  (83 ft)
2015 (Dec) 37:18  (101 ft)

The course doesn't stay exactly the same year after year.  This year Mike mixed it up pretty well, on top of running it the opposite direction, he made it more technical and Mother Nature helped to make it nice and muddy and slippery. Someone said there was more elevation gain...  I checked my Strava, yep!  15ish feet is 15ish feet, especially with slippery leaves.  (People with different space watches had triple the elevation I did, huh)

Full results here.

My time is pitiful, as I told Jeff H, the worst I've ever run.  Mike G's comment of "Way to sprint to the finish there Beth." nearly caused me to cough up the remnants of lung I have left!!!

Bottom line:  It was fun!

The start flat grass, it is NECESSARY to get everyone all sorted out with where they belong.  I started towards the back and got passed.  I watched who passed, as I always do.  Who wouldn't I see again, who would I see, and how far into the single track would I see them.  Always a fun little game.

Mile 1:  quarterish mile on the grass, and then into the woods.  We sorted ourselves out and the pack that I entered the woods with I pretty much stayed in the woods together for the first mile, we passed and passed each other back, the majority of my passing happened when there was the ick factor over getting wet and muddy and the possibility of slipping.  I trust my shoes and my balance.  I fell once, on nice flat even ground, right into a puddle BOOM!  Sweet.

It was a nice run, quick climbs and descents, and then we got into the muddy slippery part.  I like the rocks over water parts,  Those are pretty fun in that slightly dangerous slippery rock fall into the water sort of way. I too my tumble in the flat during this mile.  Whoopsie.  There was a part that was two way, going out to a loop.  I hoped I would not see anyone coming the opposite way.  I didn't!  Yippieee!!  I don't know if anyone did but it would be tough passing each other.

Mile 2: finishing up the lollipop we split up pretty well, got back through the two way to be greeted by more quick climbs and descents.  Then on to some wooden bridges around the lake.  We shrank from about six to three. We three gals probably running in age order, older first, Rose B, I've chased her in other races.  I hope I am that spry in 20 years!!  The one behind us I didn't recognize.  But definitely an age group less than me (from the results 2 age groups below me).

Mile 3: off the bridges, nice and flat, a little rooty and then a surprise, another OPEN area.  The gal behind us took off and I didn't see the other gals I thought were close behind her.  Huh..  And then in to the woods again, some quick climbs and descents and then the feeling of running in tighter and tighter circles began!  The end would be soon or I will have tied myself in a knot, it could see people here and there and wasn't sure if they were ahead or behind or where was I and where was the end.

The end - I didn't know we didn't have a big long run on the grass, it was short. (I wasn't paying attention when Mike G was telling us about the course) I was ready to be done running, I had coughed up chunks of who knows what and kicked myself for no albuterol before the race and was kinda thirsty.  There was Mike G, I pointed, "That's it?"  He said "Yep" and wrote down my time and said "Way to sprint to the finish there Beth."  Yeah, that wasn't a sprint, well maybe for a turtle (the animal not the running club).

And it was over.

37:17 official time
9/13 in my age group
89/110 overall

Team competition:
Women:  WTAC  First.
Men:  WTAC second...  The competition has been heating up with the men.

I quick got my inhaler and changed into dry socks, shoes, and shirts, and documented I was actually on a trail:

Teeny cut and blood!
Some mud!

Beth enjoying a fun muddy race and the last for 2015.  Wow...

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Weekly Recap: 12/14 - 12/20 (Final)

Another slow week, slowly recovering from the latest mookus.  Hopefully this doesn't mean I'll be sick off an on all winter.  Dunno... 

The doc put me on some corticosteroid last Thursday.  Odd dosing schedule for this even odder named drug.  It seemed to do the trick and allow me to swallow and eat!  Two very important things to me!  And some pseudoephedrine, I had to sign my life away to get 12 tablets and promise I wasn't going to go all Breaking Bad and make meth with them.  Like I'd even know how to make meth let alone follow a simple chemistry experiment.  I assured the pharmacist in training I passed freshman chemistry by the skin of my teeth,  in the days of cassette tapes and I barely remembered the formula for water or salt.  

Monday - Notified I won the lottery for entry into the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler on April 3rd in DC.  This should be an absolutely beautiful race (course is primarily along the Potomac) and wonderful experience!  Typically a knitting day, I finished the sleeves on the sweater.  Now to sew on the buttons and weave in the ends and steam block it.

Tuesday - NYC for end of the year stuff, breakfast with the General Counsel where he called me Liz. I immediately corrected him, to the horror of the other people around the table.  Hey my name is Beth, not Liz.  Guess this is pay back for calling someone by the wrong name on Saturday.  At least I called Mary Kathy, does that make it better or not that I was so far out of the ball park?  This then launched into a discussion I would have TWICE on Tuesday about my name when someone called me Elizabeth when I was introduced as Beth.  The conversation was around my LEGAL name.  I said my legal name like all 5 of them or my legal first name?  This drew even more odd looks, is it wrong to ask clarifying questions before I launch into a litany of names and not answer the actual question?  Beth, I said, my legal name, the name on my birth certificate is Beth.  Even more quizzical looks.

Apparently this seemed quite odd to them, to up the lunacy ante I explained that my father wanted my name to spell something, why do I feel like I've told this story here before?  Anyhow, my initials are BELL, and then when I got married my initials became BELLS.  Do you have any idea how difficult it was to find someone I could tolerate enough to marry who could tolerate ME enough to marry with a last name starting with an S?

Needless to say to the lawyers I work with they could not wrap their brains around any of this and asked, well which ones are family names?  Huh?   

Wednesday - Run w/Ro at lunch.  Meetings truncated the run and ouch, that hurt my lungs.  We walked a bit and still managed a peppy pace.  I made spin bike reservations and felt obligated to go.  I went to the YMCA in Westerly instead of Arcadia.  Jennifer couldn't make spin and why drive so far when I didn't need to?  Interesting class, just two of us.  I should have tried out the upgraded spin bike.  The one that tracks actual mileage and RPM, fancy.  These will be installed in March.  Nifty!  Wonder what happens to the old ones?

Thursday - I couldn't get out before the rain, and had meetings for all but an hour so I went to the gym and did some TRX.  Felt that on Friday.   Girls dinner and present exchange.  Most of the scarves I knit over the year went to their forever homes!  Nice way to end the year with a nearly empty 'done' basket!  

Friday - Work lunch, lasted all afternoon, I did nothing but carry my gym bag around. Took Gus for a well deserved and long over due walk in the crisp night air.  Poor guy has gotten a raw deal when it comes to walks this week. 

Saturday - Old Mountain Field 5K  recap here..

Sunday - Smith family obligations.  Hopefully I can sneak out before departure time for a run.

I made it back in the nick of time for a 10 a.m. departure!!  5 miles, all albuteroled up and I wasn't breathing as heavy.  The wind was a bitey dry cold.  Winter is coming.  My new shirt was filled with snot by the time I got home.  It absorbed it well and didn't make my arms all soggy.  I may buy another one!







Beth, a slow week is good for health recovery?

Friday, December 18, 2015

Newport Christmas 10K - recap

Mikey kind of harassed me into signing up for this race, I think he likes to see me in pain?  Dunno.. Either way, I ran it two years ago with the club and was happy to run it again.  I signed up as did several other WTAC folks and eventually Mikey signed up.  

After begging off carpooling with Crutch and Joe due to my latest plague, spending 45 minutes in a closed up car sharing my germs wouldn’t be nice of me.  I drove myself in, Crutch has a child so he has an immune system, Joe’s kids are grown, his immune system is probably like mine weak to non-existent.

With the newly developed cough, my breathing was heavier than usual, (Joe said I sounded like an obscene phone call during the mile and a half warm up, um thanks?) who knew how long this was going to take.  

A Goal:  Less than 60 minutes
B Goal:  More than 60 minutes
C Goal:  Do not die (possibly not a gimmie considering my breathing issues!)

I love running in Newport RI.  The course has about 3 miles along the water, and it is generally into the wind, sometimes we are treated with sea spray and other times with flooded roads with a side of seaweed from high tide.  Today it was only a headwind, and not a horrible one, nothing like the headwind in the Gansett ½.  Being able to look out at the water and see the birds and the rocks is so peaceful and calming.  Some day I am going to have to take a bike ride out there and get some pictures to share.  It truly is beautiful and peaceful.

Since it worked so well for Li’l Rhody Run Around, I employed Way’s strategy of start slow and taper.  He also stops at bars along the way, I never remember to carry cash to do this.  

The start was funny, all of a sudden the horn went and people were all “wait, is that the start?  Why yes it is, good luck see you at the end!”

Mile 1 I think it starts on a little bit of a downward roll, followed by an upward roll as you run past Fort Adams, sometimes there are sheep out cheering the runners on, ok they are looking at them like they are nuts, we can all spin our stories our own way!  It was the usual watching people fly past me and me wondering which would keep up the pace and which I’d pass later on.  9:32

Mile 2  We get into some residential areas, nice homes, expensive homes I’d imagine.  I remember commenting once I wouldn’t want a house that grand as I wouldn’t want to clean it, my girlfriend said, if you could afford that house you would pay someone to clean it.  Oh, yeah!  Picked off a couple of the flyers, they were already walking.  I made note of them because chances are I’d be seeing them again when they re-energized. Flat mile 9:39

Mile 3  And the water appears, so pretty, and what a lovely head wind.  I was keeping pace with a lady in the age group one up from mine, she kept a good race pace for me, I made a note to keep an eye on her and not lose sight.  I ducked in behind a person or two but was clearly slowing my pace, still keeping the lady in my sights.  Flat windy mile 9:45

Mile 4 Ok the wind is getting a little annoying and the lady was slipping away.  10:05  

Mile 5 Back into a neighborhood and I walked a little bit, actually a lot bit, I was surprised how far I walked and picked back up the pace.  10:54

Mile 6 – I wondered all race if I would see the leaders of the pack running backwards on the course as their cool down.  They would all be done about 15 – 25 minutes before me, plenty of time for a cool down.  I remembered cresting a hill and seeing them two years ago, I crested that hill and didn’t see them, oh well.  Then I saw Jeff, obviously hell bent on running me in, Crutch cautioned him I might be a little disagreeable.  I usually am.  I was happy to have the energy burst of seeing everyone, and really it was everyone, Crutch led the pack to go find me and everyone else joined in Tom, Shara, Mikey, Joe, Jeff (obviously intending on running me in).  I let Jeff push and coach me down the hill then up the very last hill (I’m sure it was a mountain).  I can see the spike in my pace when I saw them, it was quite significant.  Jeff suggested I rein it in a bit as there was a hill in about 50 yards and it was about 1/10 of a mile long so perhaps saving some of this new found energy would have been a good idea?   Yeah, he was correct.  I gained back a few seconds! 10:35   

last 2/10ths - I struggled to keep it together the last 2/10ths of a mile (the picture Jana took it is clear I’m struggling a bit) 10:18 finished at 1:02:35,  a skitch over 2 minutes slower than two years ago.  I coughed up my remaining lung and Jeff’s wife took a picture of most of the WTAC folks they could assemble.

Finish:  1:02:33  (2013 was 1:00:27)

Full results here

Please let this be over soon.  Please let this be over soon.  Please let this be over soon.
Photo by Jana Walker

Probably one of my most favorite pictures this year.
Joe, Tommy, Shara, Mikey, Crutch, Me, Jeff
Photo by Jana Walker
Beth, glad she ran this, even if she did have to go back and scrape up her lungs from the pavement.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Beth, lucky in running lotteries, maybe she should try her hand at money lotteries?  

Fingers crossed there are cherry blossoms in bloom and no snow in DC on April 3rd.  2016 seems to be shaping up to be the year of running fun races for fun!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weekly Recap: 12/7 - 12/13 (final abridged)

I didn't save, I thought I did, I lost most of my work...

Abbreviated post...  drats...

Well this was going to be a tough week to motivate myself to run.  3 days in NYC with a big division meeting for the team to pull off on Wednesday (the CEO was participating, and new technology for remote sites - so no pressure, none at all).  Oh and I don't think I shook that bug from a couple weeks ago, so yeah me.

Monday - I allowed my self the 'late train' at 7:50, which got me into the city just before the final checklist meeting at 10 am (in prep for Wednesday)  to determine the final lose ends and rehearsal from 1 - 3 that afternoon would keep me fairy busy.

Fortunately I had the shared office to myself for the day and could talk myself off the ledge and work through the simple stuff.  My end of the year "to do list" seems to grows daily with "Failure on your plan does not constitute an emergency on my part." 

I usually don't run on Monday, so I forgave myself and figured I'd do some weight work at the hotel after work.  I took a walk down 5th Avenue instead.  I surprised myself by slowing my pace and staying on 5th Ave to peek at the windows in Sax, they were cool.  I made a note to come back tomorrow night and take it in.  I strolled around Sax wondering if anything would jump out at me that I really needed.  Nothing.  

Tuesday - The boss was in the office, nice to have some company.  I got to the dungeon for a 5K on the treadmill.  That thing sucks.  Fortunately when I got back to the office the office pot luck was in full swing and I had some yummy food followed by eating my weight in desserts.

Took a longer walk up 5th Ave to Tiffany's and back down to Rockefeller Center, admired the tree and the light display on Sax 5th Avenue.

Wednesday - Show time.  All went well.  Minimal last minute recoveries.  Back into New Haven in time for rush hour, I took a tour of the city instead of sitting on the Interstate, I'd rather be moving than sitting.

Thursday - Holiday 5K at work.  It was supposed to be Ro, Dar, and I running and walking, Dar is training for a 1/2 marathon in April.  Germaine joined us so it was speed walking.  Wow that hurts my shins.  After that ended I ran two miles to make it an 'even' 5.

Friday - Slug fest.  Opted for Friday afternoon nap and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Saturday - Glass blowing class in the a.m. and a bike ride in the afternoon.  Both very fun!

Sunday - Newport Christmas 10K  write up to follow.   Besides running in 50 degree weather in December this ended nicely with the running club running me in.   Jeff lead the charge, Mikey told me to suck it up, and Crutch reminded them I get testy when I get pushed.  It was very fun and a great way to end the race for me.  I only coughed up one lung so I had one left.  









Beth where has the time gone?  And how in the hell did I manage to lose my post.  Argh..  guess it was kind of blathery, probably a good thing?

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pearl Harbor Masters - race recap

December 6th, Waterford CT VFW hall start, 5.2  mile course.  Advertised as both a 5K and a 5 Miler, HA!  Too funny!

I've never done a masters race, 40 and above!  It was really nice, no kids, lots of us fun old slow farts enjoying jibber jabbering and trotting along!  Of course there were the speedy old farts in the front, go for it, knock yourselves out!

Results here.

Today was a great day for a race, I over dressed, two long sleeves and a hat, whoops.  It was icy and cold earlier in the a.m. and I think my bike ride yesterday prompted me for an extra layer.  I probably could have gotten away with short sleeves...  feh, whatever.  50 degrees, low wind, and sunny, oh so nice and sunny.  What a blessing.

Faith said the first down hill would also be the last up hill to the finish.  I took note, sort of.  She also said this was one of her favorite courses and it rolled.  Oh goodie!  I was so anxious for a new course and to run, it had been since Friday, I was ready.

The crowd was jibber jabbering and the announcer was trying to get our attention and BOOM the starters pistol went off and we all marched along.

The first hill was nice and smooth and down,  At the bottom (1/2 mile in) I peeked at my watch 8:40 pace.  Um yeah, I may pay for that.  I really didn't have any goal other than a 10 pace, do not die, and enjoy the experience.

This race has three long stretches, which is nice, yet it did make the miles seem a bit longer.

Mile 1 (9:15) was a nice drop of 91 feet and I rolled in mile 1 at 9:15, too fast for a flat 5.2 miler, but I wasn't going to fast I was just going.  People were sorting themselves out on the down hill.  It would be interesting to see what happened when it got flat, would those I passed pass me, would I continue to pass what would happen?

Mile 2 (10:12) was nice and flat and got us off the main road and into some nice rolly sections in a residential area along the Niantic River. We got a bit more spaced out, I passed a few people who flew by me, the gang of old guys passed me but as they would peel off to go pee in the woods they would have to re-pass me!  That was funny.

Mile 3 (10:05) was along the water and rolly, net net flat.  We were all sorted out and I had a couple gals to chase, and I do well with that.

Mile 4 (10:17) I was gaining on one of the gals I chased, and I could hear someone gaining on me.  This would be interesting, it's kinda late in the race for that and it's kinda early, we still had over a mile to go.

I caught sight of the gal passing me.  April,  she took me at the bottom of a hill and I could see her struggling to get up the rise.  I yelled, "Run with your ass April!"  I saw her form change and she powered up the hill.  Took me a bit to catch her, she got a side stitch and wasn't having any of it.  I tried to get her to get back in the game.  Talking with her husband after the race he said she probably thought you mean to run with me!  Probably not, but it was funny.

Mile 5 (10:16) this was it, and the hill.  I passed another gal and then the hill, I went at the hill with a little trepidation, I found my hill running rhythm, tucked in, focused, engaged the core and counted backwards from 1,000.  This is what works for me, it gets me in a perfect 1 2 3 4 grove and I could push the 1/2 mile of 115 feet up to the finish and I did it and I passed someone, I felt like an ass.  I felt like an ass till the awards when she placed in her division.  I learned this is the fun of the masters race!  

Last 0.2 (7.23) I was flying, all that pent up climbing I guess!  

Official time 50:53 / 9:47 pace on a super fun rolly 5.2 mile course.  (I was 6th in my division 67 over all)

A lot of fun, beautiful course, fantastic company, excellent food.  Exactly what I needed today.

Beth, who really needed and is grateful for a fun run today!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Weekly Recap: 11/30 - 12/6 (Final)

Wow, December already.

Monday - I missed 100 running miles in November by 4, whoops.  I spent most of the last week fighting off some sort of bug and the last day of November was ushered out either sleeping, in writhing bone pain, freezing, or sweating.  It was a joyous way to say good bye to November, not.

All that seemed to be over when I woke up on December 1st and was glad for that small miracle, ok HUGE miracle if I'm going to continue on with the drama.  I am serious about the bone pain, felt like someone stabbing me with a needle into my bone and it radiating out about a foot from the impact site.  Fortunately Monday was a rest day so I wasn't going to get those 4 miles anyhow!

Tuesday - Decided what a better way to usher in feeling like my 'normal' self with a 10K run in the spitting rain and chill!  I so loathe when Strava tells me "you have 4 matched runs" and the nice little graph with the pace going down, which actually means my pace is getting slower. Not where you want to see a downward trend.  Feh, what evs, no seriously, what evs...  

I was kinda pissed at myself when I forgot that I had to do the Eastern Point beach loop (0.4 miles) to make from the stop sign on whatever that road is named and back to campus 2 full miles so i could get a proper 10K in.  So I subbed in 0.15 in the little cul-d-sac by the odd little Church, to get in a bit more and hopefully only have a few feet to run to click over to 6.2 miles at the guard shack.  There is no parking for that church, how do people go there?  Maybe they fly?  Which reminds me I need to take my own broom in for a tune up!

What evs... 

No yoga, I wanted to get a solid nights sleep and make sure this evil bug was gone, so I skipped yoga.  No dog walk, rain, fending off the evil bug.  Ended up taking Gizzy out with an umbrella.  He thought that was kind of odd and once he stood under it he was all, ahhh I can pee and not get rained on this is pretty cool.  So we traipsed around the soggy yard while he did his thing and didn't get too soaked.  The other two were soaked and were all excited about that and then getting toweled off.  Oh the grand life of dogs, eh?

I finished up The Walking Dead Mystery Knit Along (I'll post on that later) it was a shawl, interesting construction, a fun project.  A mystery knit along is where you don't know what the finished project is going to be, usually these are shawls or scarves, although they could be socks, generally something small.  Clues were issued each Sunday.  TWD had their mid season wrap up on Sunday night so I wasn't too far behind.  Boy this 1/2 season was a big snoozer, it has to get better or it has to end, then again how many zombies getting slaughtered story lines could there possibly be?

Wednesday - Spin day!  I took the yoga class at lunch in the gym at work.  Marsha put on a good class for 50 minutes I got a work out, kinda surprised by that, in a good way surprised.  Flipped the dog and the triangle, who knew a triangle could be flipped, not me!  It was fun, it's just weird to be in an exercise class with people you work with and see on a daily basis, honestly it gives me the creeps.  The locker room is bad enough.  I don't really want to have my downward dog observed or observe anyone else.  Shudder... 

Figured I don't need to run AND spin, I don't have anything to prove to anyone and it was really making my Thursday runs suck.  I'll do weights or TRX for my Wednesday at work work out.  Work through lunch?  Are you kidding me?  No way Jose!!

Thursday - The weather seems to be looking up so a lunch run

What happened?  Despite the 18 MPH westerly wind (which was sort of north westerly) the run wasn't bad.  Did I want to fight the wind along the water or not was the big question, fight the wind along the water turn right out of the guard shack.  I turned left, figured it would be nice to run with the wind for the Avery Point section.  It was.  Even when Mikey B scared the crap out of me.  I know that most runners go left out of the guard shack and I have to beware I will get passed!  I was off in my own little world, which is getting a bit shook (or is it shaken) up at the moment.   The circle of life sort of stuff, a cousin took an unexpected turn for the worse and her daughters (also cousins - I'm not getting into the first second and removed sort of business - cousins is fine) and I were best buddies growing up and with Facebook we've reconnected very solidly.  Email was good, but this daily interaction over FB, awesome!!

Christmas 1972
May 2012

It wasn't supposed to be Tobi and Darci's mom who went before mine, it wasn't.  Not that I want my mom to die, however, in the grand scheme of life, my mom has been sick! This was a very unexpected turn for Jo after a serious operation (non-cancerous brain tumor removal to improve quality of life).  So we all knew there were risks, death wasn't at the top of the list.  

The Schultz Women - Jo, Beth
My grandmother and Jo's mom were sisters
family is family
Same eyes and chin

SO, that's that...  And Schultz was derived from the pronunciation of the Polish SZCZURZA sounds kinda like Shirtzle  but with more of  hard J JurtZel (oh I am crappy with this how things are pronounced business - ask me, I'll tell ya!).  And from the documents of my Great Grandfather's immigration to the US and his life, I can see fully why Szczurza became Schultz, there were several different spellings from his immigration in 1901 to Lily PA, until this spelling in 1920 census, it sounds very similar when pronounced in Polish and well from what I've learned about him he was a man to argue, so the German Schultz probably suited all concerned.  

Adam with his grandkids 1943, Lakewood, OH my father is the youngest, in his arm.
My dad said he was kind of a scary man, when they would go down to the lake (Lake Erie) to go fishing he would demand "HAMBURGER" as he was not allowed them at home due to his health.  His 4 daughters (as stubborn as their late mother) were very keen on keeping their father alive and hes was very keen on disobeying their dietary restrictions!

Friday - Lunch run with Ro is planned, then weights and swim with Jennifer, aiming on another 500 meters, maybe more, we shall see how we feel.

What happened?  I ran to Ro's we walked the loop and I tacked on a mile and a half run back to campus.  Walking was in the cards more than running, although Ro walks at a pretty fast clip! 

I did my weight circuit, upping the weight and going to fail before 10 reps.  I did the base building to prevent injury.  I can up the weight a little bit more, I was able to up 5 lbs for each set.  I still need my cheat sheet of what comes next!  I like the security blanket of my little square of paper!  Swimming didn't happen.  I got all mixed up on time and thought I needed to be at dinner at 6.  I was there for 6, reservations were for 7.  A fun night out with some runner gal pals.  It is so interested how we are very similar and vastly different all at the same time.  I don't spend enough non running socializing time with these gals. 

A quad of very accomplished runner ladies!

Saturday - someone mentioned stadium stairs so that may be an option

What happened?

The weather looked to be nice (50 no/low wind) and I wanted to get in one more bike ride.  After spending a good hour cleaning my gunky chain.  Dave said I should be embarrassed how messy it was.  Once it was all cleaned and sounding good I took it out for a ride and got it all dirty again.  Well not as dirty as it was!

I rode with the intention to see some of my favorite roads and cow pastures, it was nice and relaxing.  After 20 miles I was ready to be done, not cold, a little hungry, a little chilled, and ready to go home, not even bothering to go up and down the street to get to a flat 22 miles!

Sunday - Pearl Harbors Master race, a 40 and over race starting at the VFW Hall.  I don't know much about the race or the course, however I like the idea of a Masters Race, plus I probably don't have anything else to do.

What happened?  I ran the race.  It was fun.  Recap in the link below.

Pearl Harbor Masters Race - Recap

After dinner a dog walk, probably won't be as exciting as the one last night. This is the post from my Walk For a Dog app (It gives the shelter you pick a donation)  link here.  Actually pretty cool.  I use it when I walk the dog, it doesn't track miles exactly (I use Map My Walk for that) close enough and I feel like I'm helping as well as getting one of the walking pups out for some exercise.  

"Beth wanted to go see some Christmas lights and she's been a little weepy lately I thought that may cheer her up. It did! I have no idea about Christmas lights but I sure am glad she didn't take Jax, they had a yard full of the blow up things and Jax probably wouldn't of slept for a week!! Then once we were going back into RI a bunch of cop cars were all with their lights on! One asked Beth if she saw people fighting. She said, no but a gang of guys were yelling and they went that way. Who knew cars could talk??? That was so cool!!! Talking cars. Pshew what a night, Gus"

Gus!  He is very intense, is there a word meaning more than intense?  That would be Gus.

Rain / no dog walk
Yoga and Spin

2.7 21.8



Beth, wondering if I'll she'll be able to get out on the road bike in December (oh first she needs to clean the chain)