Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Weekly Recap: 8/14/17 - 8/20/17 & Wahaneeta recap

Oh wow!  I am behind in these.  Now let's see how clearly I remember the last week.

The week was going to be a little screwy with Ro and I walking on Monday after a track workout on Sunday and the bike ride.  We did flats versus our hill loop.  I think it was a bit muggy and I know I was a bit not looking forward to hills, which is unusual.  I keep thinking I'm coming down with a cold, but I think it is the air-conditioned world drying out my sinuses.  I can't think of anything of note on Monday.  Gus and Jax got a joint walk and that is always interesting.

Jax sure that piece of bark is a threat.
This was after he knocked me on my ass going after the cat.
The plan was to bike in on Tuesday and bike to the Dog Watch, walk the route, and then bike home.  Well it was raining when I woke up and the radar looked iffy and the prospect of riding in and then dealing with wet bike shoes really wasn't appealing.  I loaded my bike and gear into the car and drove into work.  It wasn't certain all the chaos Hurricane Gert was causing this far North was going to produce rain in the afternoon or not.  There would be a bit of rain between 4 - 5 but clear after that so Ro, Anita, Karen, and I biked to Dog Watch.  Anita's husband's job was to meet her and Karen and bring their shoes.  Mark brought Ro and me our shoes.  Hey if someone is going to transport my gear I am not going to say no!  So they were out for the walk.  Anita lives 3 doors down, Mark could have easily brought their stuff had they known Jack was having a senior moment.  It was a nice walk, the last Dog Watch fun run for the year and probably forever...  kinda sad the bad behavior of a few eliminate a fun event at least 100 people participate in. I got my free beer slammed it down, as I needed to be off on my bike by 7:15 p.m. as sunset was 7:46 p.m. That way I'd be home (6 whole miles) before sunset, I don't mind riding in the dusk, I have lights and brights.  Gives angry drivers something to aim for right?

These crazy geese all lined up on the green space on campus.
Maybe they were waiting for the goose bus?

As I rode home Tuesday I needed to ride in on Wednesday morning, which worked out well because I had meetings 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. with one small break to get some food for lunch.  The ride in was a grind, I was tired. Imagine that....  I was so happy that I wasn't going to have to ride home, but by the time quitting time rolled around I would have been happy to ride home.  Guess that's how it works right?  Jax and Gus to a together walk, again.  Twice in a week!

Impressive field for the WTAC Wahaneeta 5K
I didn't have any other interesting pictures to share
Credit:  Jana Walker

Back to running with Faith on Thursday, it's her easy run and my run run.  We eventually do walk about a mile of the 5 miles so it all works out.  I'm never much good at running after I walk so this is helpful training for me.  We have our usual bitch fest and pity party and it's soul cleansing for the both of us.  I'm not sure why I asked to walk, but I did, and I knew that would make the last two miles a struggle, we managed, Faith keeps me going, faith and Faith, I guess?

First lap of the Wahaneeta 5K
I love this Girl Scout Cabin it is cool and eerie all at the same time!
Credit:  Jana Walker

The Beer'd Running For Rescues run is on Thursday, I didn't confirm with Rachel, and couldn't exactly remember where we left it so I went anyhow.  That was fine.  I needed a double  I hadn't run much in the last week and if I made 2 miles straight I was fine with that, and if I make that sort of commitment to myself it is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy that I won't be able to run more than 2 miles.  Either way, I had a solid 5 miles running for the day and it was the only 5 miles I had run in a week and it felt good.

I met a counselor for the local women's shelter at the brewery.  We had a nice chat about dogs, one of their directors adopted a white boxer.  I remembered seeing her on their Facebook page.  Once he did tell me the name of the shelter I was able to put it all together and mentioned I had done some volunteer work there last year and it was truly an eye opening experience.  Their boxer companion is female and about 7 months old, it sounds like she is pretty mild mannered, more of a Gus than a Jax, which is good because boxers have an intensity to them that can be a little overpowering.  Sage was very much an alpha dog when she set her mind to it, it was obvious when she was turning on her "my way or the highway" attitude and we had different ways of managing it, some successful, some not so much.  She was very very very headstrong and very very very much a clown, so it made her stubborn times more manageable as they were temporary.    It was nice to chat with him, I will look for more opportunities to volunteer there, the experience really was moving.

Gus got a walk and we did a little illegal off leash at the old elementary school. Pretty packed day.

I've never noticed the etched writing on the glass.
What does it say?
The weather was to be crappy on Friday and so was my mood.  The office was bare and cold and I broke out my illegal space heater after two sweaters and a blanket on my lap wasn't keeping me warm.  Boot camp class kind of helped, it was a circuit and some tough stuff, got my mind off my foul mood.  It rained most of the day and night.  We needed it.

Saturday was my track clubs Wahaneeta 5K trail race. Results here. It is part of the fall trail series and the overall club series.  I have only hiked those trails with Gus, I was excited to run them!  So excited, in fact, my knee crumpled and I went down on the start line!  It's the second time this has happened in a month so off to the ortho I go.  It may be nothing, there is no pain, which I'm told is odd.  I got up, hobble a few steps and run the race from my dead last starting point (I finished 44th out of 50) 40:03 was my official time.  My moving time was 39:20.  It is funny now, but if this happens while I am running, even at my conservative pace it would be the opposite of funny.  Saying I tripped over the chalk start line seems to be the easiest way to explain it, I really can't figure out what happens.  I've had the feeling of it going one other time while I was walking, it took a good couple hours for it to feel like I had enough strength to stand on it that time.  Something is not right.

I'm laughing after I picked myself up and dusted myself off.
Credit:  Jana Walker 

The race was great!  The rain did make the bog bridges slippery and I walked over them, I had a couple slides on rocks I was up right for the balance of the race.  Glad I did it and the club wants to continue running it.

To the finish line
Credit:  Jana Walker

The afternoon was spent at a fundraiser for Dana Farber.  It is a corn hole tournament and emotional because the woman who hosts is a lung cancer survivor, mesothelioma, specifically.  She is a 4-year survivor, cancer free nearly 3 years.  She is also a year older than me, she discovered her cancer while training for a half marathon and when she could not comfortably complete easy 5 mile runs she knew something was just not right.   It most certainly was not.  Surgeries and chemo over the course of 15 months and she exceeded her oncologist's expectations.  Always a good thing, right?  Her event raised over $20,000.  Spectacular!  The amount of support she gets from local businesses is amazing, food donated, beer, wine, and special CancerIsCorny cocktails, plus the raffle prizes.  We won one this year!  Well, Dave did, he put the ticket in the canister for it.
Dave's prize! He's named it "Starry"

Gus got a walk, of course, he is pretty good about reminding me when it is dog walk time.

Ro and Mark, along with Grace, and Mark's son Jason and his girlfriend Jessica met up at the East Lyme track for a track workout.  I was a little curious how my knee would do, it was fine. Interesting.

  • Mile warm up at the slowest person pace (mine) 
  • 400's 4 with a 400 recovery between  (2 miles)
  • 100's or 200's 8 or 4 with the same distance recovery between I did about 100's, ran the straights recovered on the curves (1 mile)
  • 2-mile recovery jog - I bailed on the last 3/4 mile
Next week I'll get in the full 6 miles.  Probably 200's then 100's and a mile recovery.  The 100's are my favorite if I had to pick one.   I'll have to set my watch up for the right interval length for the 100's and 200's, better than guessing.

I had planned on a 40-mile bike ride.  When I got home I had the urge to clean.  When that happens it is not to be ignored, so I didn't and knocked a lot from my nagging to do list.  

Why did you have to clean my Hut and my bed?
It was decorated with slobber and dog fur just the way I like it.  Sigh...


No progress


Ulysses is as promised.  Confusing and bawdy.  


Feet:  31
Saddle: 41

Beth, back on track, just not sure which one.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Weekly Recap: 8/7/2017 - 8/13/2017

This is going to be quick.  ha ha ha.  I can blather on about anything...  so who knows.

Monday - Recovery day.  I was up by 5, per usual, tried to sleep in didn't happen.  Massage at 9 a.m. and that was great.  Got a quite a few household chores done after and then crashed for a nap for a few hours.

The picture of the day is a video of Jax destroying Harold the Hedge Hog.  I've repaired this guy numerous times.  This time I already had the sewing machine out so I gave his holes some serious stitches.  Jax was bummed.  Click the link... not sure if it will work.

Hope this works!

Tuesday - Back to work, I attempted to run.  That was a bad idea.  I made 2.5 miles, I probably could have gone more, I partly didn't want to and partly was just tired.

Couldn't find any picture worth sharing...

Wednesday - Hills with Ro was really welcome!  I totally forgot to start my space watch till we 3 miles into our workout.  Whoops.  Gotta get back into the routine!  I decided I wanted to take a ride and went down to the beach to see the fun runners.  Always a good time!

What front of the pack runner strides look like....

Thursday - 5 easy miles with Faith.  Easy miles, that always cracks me up.  Miles are miles?  or no?

Nothing worth sharing from the picture roll.

Friday - I decided to bike into work, biking home sucked, I hadn't thought that far forward.  Also could have been the 13.5% beer I didn't realize was a 13.5% beer I had on Thursday night.  I had another nap when I got home Friday.

Love their sneering faces.

Saturday - Trail maintenance at Wahaneeta for my clubs upcoming trail race. It was rainy and generally disagreeable weather, however nice to be outside and lopping off branches.  I let the guys know I'm not allowed to operate the weed whacker at home so there is probably a reason they should let me use the lopper instead of the weed whacker.  I had a several hour long nap later on in the day.  It never stopped spitting/misting rain.

Nothign worth sharing, or the dog sneer was from Sat....

Sunday - Back to the track!  It has been a year since I've been back to running,  Pretty good way to celebrate with a track workout.  We did a 20+ bike ride after.  I was spent after this.  Happy to be heading home and I had a very very short nap in the late afternoon.  I think I'm finally caught up on sleeping and feeling recovered.  Although I really don't know what recovered actually means.  That bike ride whomped me like a bike ride never has.  Probably the track workout before.  And I even shorted that!

Grace - killed the workout (seriously) with her injured paw!

Added one more for the bike ride
I was wiped out after all this


Feet:  an impressive 26
Saddle: 78 (hard to keep me off my bike)

I started back planking again, 30 seconds front rotate to right 30 seconds rotate to front 30 seconds rotate to left 30 seconds or some version of that for 00:03:30.  I'm less bored with rotating through versus holding a plank. I'm sure it is still beneficial.


I finished "The Underground Railroad" by Colson Whitehead, I wasn't impressed or moved by it.  I couldn't fall in love with the characters, this is what really does it for me for a novel.  Cora would start to tug at my heart strings then Whitehead would flip flop to another story.  I liked his play on the Underground Railroad as being an actual railroad underground, that was quite inventive and interesting.  I think this could be a great story of escaping from slavery, unfortunately, it wasn't for me.

I started James Joyce "Ulysses", I've tried to read this hard cover, not much success.  We shall see if listening to the poetic Joyce helps.  So far, not so much...  I loved "Dubliners" maybe I need a good long drive to get into the flow of this classic?


Made a few inches worth of progress on the latest baby sweater and found some buttons for the ones needing buttons.  Dave wanted me to watch a movie with him, knitting is how I get through focusing on movies.  It was a good movie, what was it?  I have no idea, some Detective Noir or something noir, a good mystery, well done.

Beth, short and sweet, the update, not me!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pan Mass Challenge 2017

This was my 4th Pan Mass Challenge (PMC).  My second out of Sturbridge.

It really is hard to know what to say about the two days on my bicycle with nearly 6,000 like minded bikers.

Billy Star provided some stats, so let's start there:

This charity ride is very important to me, really, it is the high point of my year.  I've been raising funds for Lung Cancer awareness and research since 2011, running 1/2 and full marathons for the cause was one thing, but to me, this is a bit more.  The whole event is focused around raising funds for cancer research, period.  My total fund raising for this event is approaching $25,000 for the 4 years I have been riding.  This is fully a result of my generous friends and family!  Thank you!

2017 is the 10th year my mother has been living with lung cancer.  That is truly astounding.  With a small hop forward in lung cancer treatment, the 5-year survival rate has budged from 15% to 17%.  We are still losing more than 50% of those diagnosed with lung cancer in the first year.

So 100 people get diagnosed, let us be generous and say 50 of them live a year, of those 50, eight or nine people will make it 5 years or more post diagnosis.  Pretty cruel fact, facts are facts, and I want to see those facts changed.

Oh and before you get all well they smoked, didn't they?  60% of those diagnosed with lung cancer either have never smoked or haven’t smoked for decades.  Honestly, does anyone DESERVE cancer?  no, no they don't.

In 2014 I joined Team LUNGSTRONG.  LUNGSTRONG was formed in 2011 with 8 riders in the PMC. We are now over 60 riders strong!  LUNGSTRONG rides to benefit LUNG CANCER research at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, under the direction of Dr. Pasi Janne, where there is a commitment to world-class care and innovative lung cancer research to develop new, more effective diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths, killing more Americans each year than breast, prostate, colon and pancreatic cancers, combined. Yet lung cancer research is the least funded, relative to mortality rates.  With increased funding for research, we can reduce the mortality rates for lung cancer.

The Lowe Center of Thoracic Oncology at Dana Farber is a leader in innovative research in lung cancer. As one of the nation's premier lung cancer programs, the Lowe Center of Thoracic Oncology is raising the bar for thoracic treatments by fostering collaboration between its clinical and laboratory researchers in order to provide optimal, individualized therapies to patients.

It is kind of a big deal, at least I think so and the people treated at Dana Farber think so and the people and their families benefiting, even if it is only for a short while, from the research done at Dana Farber.

So the fun part of this is the ride.  Like I said in my previous post I do get wiggy about things, more about the logistics and a little bit about the doing of it.  That many miles and hours on a bicycle is a big commitment, physically and mentally.  Anyone goes into a big event slightly sleep deprived and anxious, I can't believe anyone is completely calm.  If you are, what's your secret???

Friday I took the day off.  I was going to work from home, but only did a few things, probably enough to not take it as a vacation day, but we shall see how this all shakes out at the end of the year,  I usually end up carrying days over anyhow.

I didn't want to miss out on getting an overnight parking spot at the hotel, I wouldn't be staying at that hotel but that would be the hub and where I would be dropped off on Sunday evening.  I got up there way too early.  Lesson learned.  But I was able to find a nice cool spot to veg for a couple hours before registration opened and I could pick up my stuff, get my bike looked at, and take part in the drinks and food.

My pre ride bike evaluation turned up what looked like a small cut in the sidewall of my brand new front tire.  Do I get a new one or not.  I got a new one.  I could hear my father and my imaginary husband saying, 'They are just trying to get money out of you, you don't need a new tire'.  But then who exactly was going to be there when, in the predicted rain for Saturday's 109-mile ride, was going to be there them? or me?  Me.  So a new tire it was.  Did I do the right thing?  Sure, it gave me peace of mind.  Otherwise Randy said my bike checked out, he cleaned the chain and lubed it and pumped up the tires and I was ready to rack my bike and go find some food and beer.

After a bit of a snafu getting to the right hotel for the night, I snuggled in for a few hours for my 3:30 wake up to get this party started!  I slept fairly well for trying to sleep in a stuffy room with daylight peeking in through every crack in the curtains!

4 a.m. on the bus ready to get some breakfast and get on the bike to roll at 5:15 a.m.!

The rain was off again on again in that annoying misty spray, it was hard to know to put on my rain jacket or not and I was on the verge of leaving it in my car when I decided to keep it with me and managed to shove it in my cycle bag under my seat.  I ended up needing it with in a mile of starting and then again after lunch when the rain came down like BBs.

The first few miles we are rolling on US20 East bound closed to traffic.  It is AMAZING to have the whole road with just cyclists.

This also helps everyone sort themselves out so when we do get on secondary roads and have to stay to the right people are about where they belong pace wise, much like a trail race where the field sorts it self out and much like a trail race, the road runners get WAY too far up in the mid/back of the pack and then cause a traffic jam once we get on single track.  And like a trail race, the best place to pass these folks is up a hill.  Good thing I love hills!  Nothing is more self-satisfying than saying "ON YOUR LEFT" as you crank past someone struggling up a hill.  Tee hee....

It is so amazing to see how many people are out so early cheering on the riders.  The tears start quickly with the signs about survivors and especially the children diagnosed at a young age and then the child holding the sign, I'm so and so.  SOB SOB SOB!!!

The first stop is Whittinsville, 25 miles in.  Here I was able to get rid of my rain jacket and stuff it back in my saddle bag.  Had a 1/4 of a fluffer nutter sammich and took care of biological balancing.  I was feeling pretty good and making decent time.  I'm not recalling much else about the first 90 minutes of the ride at this point.  Oh, wait, yes!  Snickers bars!  OMG, I love love love the Fluffernutter sammiches but that Snickers Bar was like gold.  I also took a Salt Stick Cap, and I was behind on my water consumption.   I should have finished at least one bottle. This was also the end hilliest hilly section of the 109 miles.

The next stop was 18 miles away in Franklin, MA.  This sends us out on some very quiet residential streets, there are a few families out cheering people on.  Mostly in bathrobes with coffee cups and I love that!  The next 27 miles are pretty sedated, and I look forward to completing them as it is the last big climb and then the lunch stop where we join up with the folks who start from Wellesley.  We were met with rain for about 10 miles before lunch and when I stopped it was pouring.  I didn't want to take to long at lunch but still, I didn't want to ride soaked the radar was so spotty and any rain wasn't going to stick around too long.  Also, the next stop is only 14 miles away, less than an hour.

The rain pelted me like bbs for those 14 miles and finally started letting up just as we approached the last mile (mile 83) before the Lakeville stop.  This is where all the posters of the "Pedal Partners" are and usually their families at the poster.  Those kids with cancer tear me apart.  Most of the "Pedal Partners" are at the Lakeville stop.  Also at this stop is Del's.  I love this stop for a lot of reasons.  All of that and clearly the rain had stopped and I could put my balled up road grime covered and soaked rain jacket under my bike bag for the remainder of the journey.

You can see the rain drops on my helmet!!
The next stop is Wareham, it is 18 miles away and then it's only another 9 miles until Bourne.  It is a tough call to stop or not to stop.  I was jonesing for a Snickers bar and to biological balance (I caught up on my water drinking, clearly).  I was so glad I stopped!  I ran into a huge group of the Wellesley LUNGStrong starters!!  Whoop I could ride into Bourne with them!  Of course, I managed to drop a few of them and then waited and then at the last 1/2 mile I cross chained and dropped my chain and couldn't catch up to ride over that interim finish line with the gang.  Bummer.

I've been in the same dorm room since my first PMC so I knew where to go, but first I stopped for a beer and chatted with one of my team mates from St. Charles ILL!  I checked the dorm assignment saw 4 names and 3 bags and there wasn't a bag in the room. Ok, we'd only be three.  I took the top bunk and got my extension cord and fan all situated and one of my roomies came in.  She remembered me from last year, I, of course, oblivious, had no clue.  She remembered the fan and the extension cord, not me, I'm pretty sure.  She had her own fan and extension cord!

The shower was heaven on earth and it was nice to be in non-restrictive figure unflattering bike clothing for my hot dog fest at the food tent!

We got our team picture taken:

I'm front row third from the left (of the picture), Dave and Diane Legg are to my left (or the right of me in the picture - Dave's rocking his plaid shorts)

Diane did a great toast for Living Proof:  Seriously listen to it, it is very short.

And the Living Proof riders and volunteers got their picture taken:

Relive the ride here.

Up at 3:30 a.m. for Day 2!

I slept a bit, rested mostly.  I found out if you stay on the ship it is air conditioned.  You can't flip flop around in bed as there is limited space between you and the bunk on top of you and you sleep in a room with 10 or 30 other people.  Did I mention it is air conditioned?  No flipping fan needed!!!

We were to meet at 4:30 a.m. at a designated spot, before this you needed to get your bag packed and loaded into the right truck and get some food, hence the early wake-up!  Day 2 is bacon egg sammiches, my second favorite to Fluffernutter, at least for this weekend's gastronomical festival!

I didn't get any coffee knowing that we'd be rolling by 5:15 a.m. and the first stop was at Barnstable in 24 miles, I could wait for 90 minutes or less for coffee and the bathroom....  well everyone else had the same brilliant plan.  Well, I guess when you are trying to move thousands of people it is never going to be easy.  The coffee lines went quick and I could drink that while I waited in line and caught up with team mates and a coworker who also rides this ride.  I've worked with Dean for 7 years, he has never acknowledged me until that weekend, and true to form, he was back to looking through me at work this week.  Lawyers, waddayagonadoaboutem?

Back on the bike, and back with the team.  The rollers through Barnstable are a favorite of mine and a lot of people.  I couldn't help but blast up the hills and blast down them!  I did my level best to stay with everyone.  We were all a bit concerned because Diane passed on this stop and hadn't had anything to eat before we left at 5:15.  Diane Legg is our team leader, this is her 7th PMC, riding with Stage IV lung cancer.  She was diagnosed at age 42, 13 years ago.  Read about her here and here and well Google her, be inspired.  She is an amazing woman, no she is a force, a real force lung cancer has to reckon with.  She is winning. She is a face of Lung Cancer.

At the end of the ride in Provincetown

The stop in Brewster was 16 miles and we all regrouped there.  Diane ate and really looked and sounded great.  She knows her body and well she is in charge.  It is our job to worry!!

This is the part of the ride that usually makes me hate the PMC and hate other riders.  I stuck with the team and well I loved it.  It was awesome.

Ok, so I was biking and playing with my phone, a no no.  But awww all the little LUNGStrong girls right in a row, it's cute, no?

The next stop is Wellfleet, with the ice couch.  Ahhhhh

Cool the tush with some fresh chamois cream, ahhhhhh
Christine and Martha didn't know about this - I was happy to share the experience.

And we were ready to roll!

This is the last leg of the journey, well mostly.  There is a decision point to go straight to the finish or do the dunes.  I convinced Kim, a first timer on our team, to do the dunes.  She's forgiven me!

Kim and I at the finish
Kim's mom was diagnosed with Lung Cancer when she was carrying her first child,
he has welcomed a sister and her mother, their grandmother, has been there to celebrate every one of Ryder and his sister's birthdays
We had a minute to spare to meet up with the rest of the team and Dave and Diane to roll the last mile in our biker gang to the finish.

Yeah, playing with my phone again, cool shot, no?

And PMC 2017 is in the books!  About 1/3 of the team.  Some finished earlier, some went to the family finish.

 We showered, ate, drank and I got on the bus back to Sturbridge at 2 p.m.  Most everyone takes the party ferry back.  This wasn't so much fun the last two years so I thought I'd take the bus, get a seat on the right side window and sleep for the 3 ish hours back to Sturbridge.   I did get my desired seat, however, a very friendly and engaging investment banker sat next to me and we chatted about bikes, gear, power meters, carbon wheels, the best hills we've climbed, and the best bike rides we've done for the trip back to Sturbridge.

It was a great event.  It is an emotional weekend for me.  So many people have been impacted so many more people will be.

Relive it here.

That wraps up my 4th PMC.  I'm a few hundred dollars away from the Heavy Hitter goal.... so if you'd been considering donating, the link is here.  And if your company matches, don't forget to do that and let me know!  Seriously, don't feel obligated.

Beth, really it's hard to know what to say other than this is truly the highlight of my year.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Weekly Recap 7/31 - 8/4

So here's the deal, I get wiggy from time to time about big events.  Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) is one of the big ones for me.  There is just so much going on, between the anniversary of my mother's cancer diagnosis, and the constant nagging, is this the last one (sorry mom), and the fund raising, if I don't make my 4,800 goal the balance comes out of my pocket, (I made it), but then there is the can I make 7,500 for a heavy hitter designation.  I'm shy about $1,000 when all the matching dollars come in, so that won't happen.  I did get a $500 bonus at work; I could donate to myself and then double it, or I could do something for me for a change, or I could donate it to a local charity or another friend having a difficulty meeting a minimum goal.  Money is a constant worry for many people, and it tears me apart, and mine is about a charitable donation, somehow that seems really wrong.  I believe in the cause and the purpose.  The funds go towards lung cancer research at Dana Farber.  Maybe I'll just buy beer... yeah, right, it goes in the bank for retirement or layoff, which ever comes first.  Funny, I've not even had a second thought about riding 192 miles over 2 days.... I like riding my bike, it doesn't intimidate me.  Ask me to go on a run with you and I'll go apoplectic, it's not a strength.

I was looking for something else and found this.  Thought it was funny. 

Monday is a running day, I was looking forward to running.  I don't do much of it in the summer heat
so when I do it is kind of a treat.  The first three miles were like a knife through butter they felt good and smooth and then the last 3, and I walked 0.2 of them and turned off my watch while I walked them (oh hush, you know you've done it too to not make that over all pace go into the stratosphere - and even at my conservative pace I do the same thing, funny isn't it?).

Gus was totally not into a walk, but he walked a mile any how.  He wasn't completely into walking but was ok with it and much peppier when we turned towards home.  It happens.  Jax got out for a walk and was an angel, for Jax, which really isn't saying anything positive.  He will be 7 in September, and has mellowed greatly, still no where close to mellow.  For that, we are thankful.


Not a running day on Tuesday, I am digging.  I rode my bike into work.  A bit cool in the a.m. which says nothing for the guy that's out at 4:30 a.m. 365 days a year riding.  Who am I to whine?  I dread the rise in the first mile of the ride.  It wasn't as horrible as it usually is, so I am either doing something right or I really wasn't awake?  About 3 miles in I realized I forgot my ID badge and crossed my fingers Lenore was working the guard shack because she knows me and I didn't have my drivers license with me so I could get a Day Badge (or a Douche Badge as they are otherwise known).  Lenore was working.  John is on vacation in Ireland with the family so for sure my second possible option was not going to happen!!  I managed to get myself on to campus and into my work space but not into the gym to get ready for work.  The DB doesn't have my usual access only basic access, oh this was going to be a problem...  I managed to get in and cleaned up and presentable for work.

Boot Camp was killer, I've blocked it out.

Met up with Ro to ride to the Dog Watch Fun Run in Stonington Borough, fun ride.  It was just the two of us and we keep pretty good pace with each other.  We made it to Mystic just as the bridge went up. Ro said the usual group is there well after the bridge is back down.  Neither of us thought we were riding that hard, we weren't it was an average ride.  We walked with a couple other gals, I had my free beer and took the direct way home.  5.8 miles, who knew.  Usually, I meander my way home the long way.  Ro seemed really concerned so I wasn't going to do anything but go straight home and text her when I got there.

The Fountain in Westerly's Wilcox Park. Such a beautiful place for a stroll.

Hills with Ro is on tap for Wednesday.  She is still recovering from the Mount Washington Century and did admit they didn't start and finish at Tin Mountain but they did do that section the next day.  She said after you rode 108 miles you rode up that mile?  Yep.  That was the end I had to get back to my car and I was NOT going to walk any of that century +.  We had a good walk and I'm in for next years century.  I loved it the first time I did it and so what if it is the weekend before PMC, I could do nothing for the week and be ok for 192 the next weekend.  Right?  She wanted a less peppy pace, we were pretty on target of our usual pace, just a tad slower on the two last hills, but not by much.

This guy kinda scared me with all his accessories.
He was a super polite driver who stopped for people in cross walks.  Looks can be deceiving!

Boot Camp again on Thursday, at least there were no burpees.  Gus walk in the evening rounded out my activity for the day (well I did mow the lawn).

Chillin' on the porch watching the world go by.
Packing and getting myself and my bike to Sturbridge was all I planned for Friday.  A day of rest from time to time isn't a bad thing!

I'm publishing now, and updating for the PMC early next week.

Knitting:   Nothing....  not really surprising.

Books:  Started "The Underground Railroad" by Colson Whitehead.  The story is about an actual rail road under the ground helping the slaves make their way north.  Currently Cora and Caesar are at a stop along the way trying to decide if they should stay and make their life in South Carolina or continue north.  Based on what's happening at this station, akin to the Tuskegee experiment and not many degrees of difference from the slave life they knew, I hope they leave soon and make it much further north.


Feet: 19
Saddle:  41

If this weekend goes as planned I will have surpassed my 1,600 mile saddle goal for the year!

Beth getting ready to ride!