Saturday, August 31, 2013

To Do Lists

Between leaving work Friday and going back on Tuesday I have three things to accomplish:
  1. Clean the pantry
  2. Clean my junk room
  3. Run my first 20 mile run of this MCM training plan
Three days, three things.  Not a very high bar?  Well, each of these will take ~5 hours, so yeah, three days three things.  

So, what did I do today?  House work, mowed the lawn, worked out my proposal and sent to the team for van decorations and shirts for the Bourbon Chase, and took an easy bike ride with Hubb. Full on avoidance mode.

Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow, no point in putting off the inevitable.  Why does this distance scare me so much? Probably because it can take me pretty far away from home. I mapped out a route on Boombridge over to Clarks Falls ~22ish miles, but not really sure where I can stop for water.  1L is probably not going to cut it with this weather.  I enjoyed the ride we took out there a couple weeks ago, not really recalling anything other than the ice cream place at the point Clarks Falls Road turns in to Woodville, probably won't be open at 8 in the a.m.!  Sure some of the roads are a bit narrow, however not really remembering too much traffic.  Maybe this will be the 3rd 20 mile run it will be dryer or I'll stash some water...

I'll run the route I've run the last two weeks, and go all the way down to Weekapaug Rd.  It gets me 19.7 miles (on the roads per Map My Run), figure the loop in the park is 1/4 mile, I can add on once I get back to my neighborhood to top off the 20. The goal is to kill two birds with one run the first 20 (and kill this anxiety) as well as the Strava challenge. I am going to allow myself some walking. I've never gone into a training run with 'walking is ok' thought I'd try something different this time.  Perhaps less beating myself about the head and neck?  Or with it being allowed I won't do it?  Be interesting to see how all this processes in my frayed synapses tomorrow a.m.

The afternoon may require starting on one of the 2 chores.  Although #2 became much less important as the visitors due for the weekend of the 13th have bailed.  Hmmmm...

Beth, ready or not here the long run comes!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chatty Thursday AKA Friday Eve!

Catching up on blogs looks like most everyone had a sloggy run on Friday.   Wonder what that was all about?  Planetary alignment?  Weather?  Mercury isn't in retrograde again until October 20th, oh yippie just in time for fall marathons, well if you go for that kind of stuff…

Monday –
My schedule was pretty full and wasn't going to allow for a run mid day, I bring my stuff, just in case, plus I had TRX so it wasn't going to be completely sedentary desk jockey day.  Well the schedule went into spastic fits freeing up the middle of my day.  Well, what a bummer.  I went out for a mid day run, and discovered the reason I was having such difficulty saving runs and hikes on Strava on the iPhone, seems you have to turn ON the GPS.  Whoopsie!  So that was at least 4 in 40 or 45 minutes, I’m going to grade myself easy on that one.

TRX was good, I wasn't as sore as I should have been on Tuesday I better step up my game a bit.  But I am getting 10 solid curl under planks on both sides, kinda pleased with that!
Run:  at least 4

Tuesday –
NYC.  The boss left early to co-sign a lease on an apartment for her eldest daughter in Brooklyn, leaving me to skip out an hour early and attempt to catch what used to be the 4:34 train.  Apparently it now is the 4:39.  Someone has been monkeying with the schedule and now leave earlier from New Haven (the 6:42 a.m. now leaves at 6:33 a.m.) and arrive later at GTC and outbound leave later and arrives even later, go figure.  Supposed to be temporary and no printed schedules to be found.  I know my quirks, I need that pretty red schedule tucked away in my wallet to be sure I’m on the express and not the local and when the train leaves and arrives.

I’m all snuggled in my seat, if you’re curious about this idiosyncrasy, right hand side against the window.  And the announcement is grumbly mumbly and something didn't sound right, fortunately I was on a new train and could see the stops flashing --> Greenwich, Stamford, New Cannan.  Oh great.  I'm on the wrong train?  Me and many other people who either couldn't read the train board correctly or the train destination changed.  I’m going with the train destination changed.  Quickly, quite a few of us, found the right/new train and snuggled in there.  Everything is so overly air-conditioned.  4:39 the train took off and the car I was in was practically empty?  Seriously?  The post 5:30 trains are all standing room only, huh.  I feel odd enough leaving after 5, but I do get in the office well before 9 and have left my house by 5:30 a.m.  why am I justifying this? Catholic Guilt?

I was home before 8 and before Hubb!  Ah, just me and the boxer boys.  Rustled up some dinner for all of us, well their meal is pretty easy, I decided on chopping up a lone baked potato in the fridge tossing it in a nice hot frying pan, a little butter, onions, egg, and topped that off with cheese.  Healthy?  Well lots of potassium, a bit of calcium, some protein, sure, healthy…

Run: 0

Wednesday –
Late meeting meant no 5K that night.  Bummer.  I did get to take a spin class so got some exercise in.  Hubb was home when I got home and I asked if he wanted to go down to the Y to see the runners finish.  He was game, but take the bikes.  OK.  Everyone was just lining up so I was able to give Don a high 5!  Takes like a minute to bike down when it take 10 to walk, huh.  These things still amaze me.  Nice to see everyone finish, y'all looked great!!!  SO nice to see you actually running, a rare treat for me. Made it home at dog dinner time, so Gizzy, Mr. Schedule, was happy about that. 

Nice evening of nothing planned.  Since I've been putting off unknitting (I didn't notice my big stars to check directions at that part of the pattern and just kept on knitting) four rows of a Fair Isle vest I've been working on since November.  Way back last summer a girlfriend and I bought an on-line knitting class, and finally got started watching the lessons and knitting in the Fall.  She moved to Manhattan in February and that threw a big monkey wrench in our Saturday night knitting get together (oh yeah, I know how to party).   

Fair Isle knitting is stranded knitting, each row has two colors and there are no more than 7 stitches between colors, makes some beautiful fabric.    It is all knit in the round, so you just go round and round knitting and changing colors and decreasing as the pattern specifies.  This makes a tube, or really a cone.  To put in the neck edging and the arm edging (this is a vest – if it were a sweater then sub in sleeves) the knitted fabric needs to be cut, yes cut the knitting, this is known as steeking.  Then the appropriate number of stitches are picked up around the hole and more knitting.

More tedium is going to be weaving in all of the little ends of yarn.    Now to urge Elizabeth to finish up her vest so we can steek together.  I don’t want to do that by myself for the first time.  Yikes!

Run - 0
Biking - 5 + spin

Thursday - 
Howie “I’m an idiot”
Tim “Yes, yes you are, if there was an idiot contest you’d come in second place.”
Howie “Why?”
Tim “Because you are an idiot.”

The guys were in rare form, between today being the eve of a long weekend and a week-long vacation for some, one of their hens finally laying their first egg, and the jackass, well being the jackass, lots of laughs all around.  

It was tolerable to deal with this knowing I was going to run with Nicole tonight!!  I was also enjoying the book I've been listening to. Generally I go for more historical fiction, but I love the way Binchy tells  story!! Driving to Narragansett I was zoning out waiting for Fiona to finally dump Sean the asshat, I didn't even notice the flashing red and blue lights behind me then the siren.  Well crap...  I know I was speeding, I speed, I'll fully admit to that.  The second point was a bit of a shocker!!

Debated on using the "So how fast was I going?" line from when I got pulled over in North Carolina...  And decided against that.  I never know if it is OK to fumble through my glove box for the registration and proof of insurance.  I wait until the officer comes to the window.

CT State Trooper:  "You were going 80 in a 65 and following two closely. Licence, registration and proof of insurance."
Me:  "That isn't good.  Is that the right insurance card, I know the insurance flips in September."  Thinking:  Well actually I wasn't following too closely, you should see how close on someones bumper I can get, and I wanted to hear how Fiona dumped Sean so I was not tailgating, tailgating takes concentration.
CT State Trooper: "Either one is fine."
Me:  wondering can I turn back on my book?  wonder if I can get a picture of his lights in my rear view.  Oh wow there were TWO cop cars as the second one pulls off to nab someone else.  I'm a scofflaw!!
CT State Trooper: Walking up to the window with an envelope, well crap...  "I decided to give you a break and only give you a ticket for following too closely. That is how most accidents happen."
Me:  "Thanks!" Grin
CT State Trooper: "Have  nice holiday weekend."
Me: "You to!" Grin

Huh...  I haven't gotten a ticket in over 30 years.  I'll be contacting a CT Trooper buddy and see what would happen if I plead not guilty, the guy didn't have any sort of way to measure my distance.  Not saying there aren't occasions where I follow too closely, this wasn't one of them.

Hubb's only comment on this was "You weren't following too close by Michigan standards, even when you leave space, it is still a little close.  Set the cruise at 72 and just listen to your book, try leaving 3 white lines between you and the next car."   3 white lines!!  A car length, I'd loose my MI driving edge!! 

Anyhow, Fiona did dump Sean the asshat and I was 10 minutes late meeting up with Nicole.   We had a nice run and TONS of things to catch up on.  I'm amazed we kept a decent pace for all the flapping our gums were doing!!!  I really missed running with her and hearing her stories!

Run - 5.1

Beth, perhaps needs to slow down and back off...  it is tough being such an intense person.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Marine Corps Marathon Training - Week 9 - Recap

Ok, so I've really not been in a story telling mood, and if you don't have anything funny or sarcastic to say, just don't say anything at all...

Today wrapped up week 9 of MCM training, half way there!  Guess it is all down hill from here?  

On the positive side the only injury I am nursing is a sore left knee.  Think I need one of those under the knee strap thingys, but will investigate PT first.  Amy of the pointy elbows figures it is something to do with how the muscle is tracking over the kneecap and mentioned something about Piriformis Syndrome.  She has always been spot on, so I will listen!!  Last year it was PF and the left knee in pain, like stopping at mile 4 and 10 and screaming, not just sore...  probably something else.  In any event I am pleased and enjoying training far more than last year!!

Monday:  0 for the run and TRX

Tuesday:  4.1 run and 1.5 walk - I went out for a run mid day.  Things in the open space were getting dicey and I needed a break from the guys.  I ran a mile then saw Don and Ro and well barged in on their conversation and walked back to the site with them.  They chastised me for running when I had a race that night... oh pshaw... 

Battle of Stonington - recap I ran this last year.  My splits last year were a bit faster, and my time was 20 seconds faster.  But hey, tis what it tis and I am just getting slower, probably because I am getting fat?  HA!  Well, there is a little truth to that.  But that is neither here nor there.  I've immensely enjoyed the fun runs on Tuesday nights.  I missed them last year as Tuesday was my NYC day as I had a class on Thursday night and well my boss is in the city on Tue and Thur and what would be the point of going in on Wed, if she isn't there?  Well other than to meet up with friends, share some drinks, and laughs after work?

29:40 was my time on this 5K, I'm pleased, it is under 30.  Let's not look back a the beginning of the fun runs when I was seeing times in the 28s, ok?  (oh yeah and I was running 5 miles during the day - must be the heat and the high dew point?)

Wednesday:  big old ZERO!  I had a full day of meetings and dinner out with a couple girlfriends.  I did treat myself with some ice cream from Drawbridge in Mystic and walked around for half an hour or so....  hardly makes up for lobster tacos and a tall tall cocktail...  whaeves...  but we did see Inge's new yacht!!  Ok it is Rupert Murdoch's, but Inge appreciated me saying, "Hey your boat is here!!"

Thursday:  Oh you guessed it NY, watched that 5:23 pull away from the platform and had to stick around for the 5:48, blargh.  I didn't even manage to get in a walk to Bryant Park, double blargh.

Friday:  6 on the road and 15 on the bike.  I enjoyed my 6 mile lunch run until I got back to the office to find out this was actually Lauren's actual last day and her really, this is her final going away lunch, lunch.  Damn that girl out did me with going away lunches and happy hours.  Although I have a sneaking suspicion she will be back as an Employee versus the Temp she has been for the better part of 18 months.  Hmmm... how long has it been?  Well in any event.  I only managed two going away lunches and one HUGE happy hour before I managed to get off a lay off wave and land a permanent job.  That was a miserable 14 months...  it all turned out ok and I am keeping my fingers crossed for Lauren!!

There was much talk about how legs felt heavy and fortunately one of the guys said, well my 9 is compared to my usual 7, so I didn't feel so sluggish for a 10:47!! 

I took advantage of a compressed work week and was home by 4 to get in a ride out to Watch Hill and explore a bit.  It has been years since I've been down to the light house and took the paved?  Wait, when did that get paved? Road.  Observe the magnificent view and take the opportunity to snap a pic of TS house, I think I see a couple guys I recognize running down the beach?  Bwahaaa...

Saturday: 26 on the bike.  Hubb goes out to fly RC planes in the a.m. leaving me to sleep in (like that ever happens with Jax the wrestling king) and get some house work done.  

Dog (Giz) as his co-pilot!  He designed and built this P-29!!

So we go on our ride in the early afternoon.  Quite enjoyable.   I took some cues from Jeff and 5Ks ride and an overwhelming curiosity to see what was on 216 plus wanting to take a ride through Watch Hill with Hubb and show him some of the places I run.  

Sunday: 16.5 run and 5 on the bike.  The Saturday night dinner choice was breakfast for dinner or baked potatoes....  OK so breakfast for dinner (waffles and sausage) was not a great idea.  We both had a sugar buzz and then Hubbs phone making noise from the texts he was getting about Sunday a.m.s ride, seriously, set your phone to QUIET or leave it downstairs, blargh.   We both got late starts.  All in all not a bad run.  I looked at my 17 milers from about this time last year and I ran it a little faster, so yeah, me! 

I enjoyed my run down to Watch Hill and over to Misquamicut last week so decided to try the same thing and add commit to the rest of the miles.  OK I went out for 18 and did 16.5, still and all.  I'm not disappointed and got asked out by some guy taking money for parking.  Woot... old smelly lady still has it.  HA HA HA!!!  

Hubb and I took a pre dinner ride in hopes to just work out some kinks from our sore legs.  Apparently he had a difficult time keeping up with his buddy who rides a single speed mountain bike.  DAMN!!  Impressive!!  We did see one of his other biking buddies out with the wife and kids for a Sunday evening ride.   Nice!

Beth, training is on track, fundraising is not...

PS You've gathered I am very passionate for Lung Cancer advocacy, well really any cancer (my family is riddled with it).  I became addicted to running training for my second Half Marathon (Providence Cox in 2012 - Providence Cox 2011 was, well, a very valuable lesson in proper training) and went on to sign up for the Marine Corps Marathon with Team Lung Love mid way through my Providence Cox 1/2 Marathon training...  

I'll beg and plead with family, but if you want to get in on the action supporting me, I'd be completely OK with that!  Yeah, I am not one for sales and feel weird posting this here but here goes.... because maybe my cancer discussions/rants reached you or you know someone with Lung Cancer, or have it?

My Team Lung Love page

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Marine Corps Training - Week 8 - recap

Today ends week 8 of MCM training.  Wow, 10 weeks till the big show. 

I am running the Marine Corps Marathon as a member of the Lung Cancer Alliance's Team Lung Love. The Lung Cancer Alliance is the only national non-profit organization dedicated solely to providing support and advocacy for people living with or at risk for Lung Cancer.

My Sunday long runs include a loop through Westerly's Wilcox Park. I dedicate this loop in memory of someone lost to or in honor of someone surviving with Lung Cancer.

My loop in the park was dedicated to Arthur Pignataro, a Westerly native highly involved in local theater.  As this is the last night for Taming of the Shrew in Westerly's Wilcox Park I thought it very appropriate for this loop to be dedicated to him.  He was diagnosed with Lung Cancer at a very late stage.  Truly a loss for the community.

There was a father with his two young children having a little breakfast by the fountain, this was just so sweet.  What a treat for everyone on such a beautiful morning!

It was nice to see The Runaway Bunny was all cleaned up from his graffiti attack. Who would do such a thing?  

And that wraps up the 1/4 mile loop through the park!

I decided to run my side of the river today, it was early enough and the weather cool enough the beach traffic wouldn't be crazy as I worked my way down to Watch Hill over to Misquamicut and back home.  I skipped the run down Atlantic and back up Shore, you just know when the old body is going to have a fit, and it was on the verge.  Perhaps the 26.2 mile bike ride with Hubb wasn't a great idea?  Hubb did say I was pushing it up the hills so possibly using new muscles?  Feh, I enjoyed the ride yesterday and my run this a.m. it is all good.  I remember being reminded to not under estimate my level of fitness, thanks JB!

The hill at the Ocean House was something I wasn't and was looking forward to.  I stopped at the top to admire the view, wowza...  no matter how many times I run, ride, or drive by that place is just amazing. Someday it would be nice to stay there.

Opting for the hill, I passed up the opportunity to take a run by TS's house, I'm sure I'd of seen one of the local running club members?   HA! 

My favorite part of the run was seeing John Hammett Sr.  leading a group run.  Nice to recognize someone and have a few seconds to just stop.  The run along Atlantic was nice and up Winnapaug, got a couple waves from beach goers, ok so they aren't ALL bad...  

I will say that I took a GU with caffeine at about mile 11, huh, that does make a difference, the rest of the hills on the roads home didn't seem all that bad.  I may have to rethink this GU thing.

Mileage stats:

Monday - 0 (recovering from the wicked sunburn from Falmouth, really didn't relish the thought of sweating and tech shirt combo) and  TRX

Tuesday - 3.1.  and Spin

Wednesday - 0 and 23.4 mile bike ride

Thursday - 3.4 with a couple three spins around the track, run the straights jog the curves

Friday - 0 and 5 mile hike with Gizmo

Saturday - 0 and 26.2 bike ride with Hubb

Sunday - 14.3 

20.8 out of 33, whoops, nothing to beat myself up about my head and neck over, I had an active week and will get back into the swing of things!

Beth, slightly sore and a little exhausted with a big helping of smiles!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Focus Shcmokus

Wednesday’s 8 miles were usurped by a bike ride.  I really need to limit these distractions and get focused on my training plan for Marine Corps.

I had my ahem yearly exam and the usual discussion on health, medication, and activities:  Medications, all but one I’m off and I’m not giving that one up, ever.  How’s mom’s lung cancer? 6 years surviving fit as a fiddle other than the tumor, good, good.  Still running? How was the marathon? Oh you've done two, nice. Anything else, I bought a road bike and have been biking.  Nice!  Any Dualtholons or Tris in your future?  Ah, thinking more I'd work on biking to the beach and running and biking home (apparently these are called bricks) into my training but the whole swimming in the ocean thing has me a little wigged out. 

We had something to discuss during the process.  Bike routes! Doc is a biker, I've seen him out on his Saturday group rides when I run. Well I've not been very far on the bike so he suggested some routes. The Borough/Mystic, and yes the Greenhaven loop is much nicer than that narrow part of U.S. 1; Avondale/Watch Hill/Weekapaug/Noyes Neck is nice; of course Narragansett for a long ride, there are plenty of places to get away from U.S. 1 and the cars. 

Sounds like a fine plan! The plan was for both of us to be home by 6:30, finish up the rest of that fluke for dinner and go down to the park to see Taming of the Shrew (with a quick stop for cookies at McQuades).  Since I had a couple hours, Avondale/Watch Hill/Misquamicut/Weekapaug was a good goal.  

Avondale, RI

Weekapaug, RI

23 miles of beautiful views I’ll call that a good mid week ride.  I suppose I could say it was nearly an 8 mile run?  What is the ratio 3:1 bike to run?  Does that even count?  I’m not so sure.  I felt like I used my legs, I wasn't going all that fast, I probably should wear the HRM to see what my heart rate is doing.  I can’t see the watch to see the BPM, when I run and wear that fool thing it scares the crap out of me I don’t want to know, I can feel it beating and that is just fine by me.

Taming of the Shrew was well done.  Much less shouting of lines and more emotion in the voices of most of the actors.  Maybe it is being outdoors that prompts this yelling of lines?  Feh, I do love Shakespeare in the park.  The Bard meant his plays to be seen and not read.

Today was back to the track.  I found an article on track workouts and they said start with running the straights and jogging the curve, 2 - 4 laps.  It was as fun as it could have been and I enjoyed a few mile run afterwards.

Beth seriously taking a rest day tomorrow, hiking with Gizzy, he is feeling very neglected and has been telling me all about it!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Quiet Monday

Arriving home from TRX Hubb's truck was gone. He was convinced it was going to rain today, I wasn't so sure.  Then again only one of us (not me) regularly tunes into the National Weather Service.  Since it was a beautiful evening I figured he went out riding and I braced myself for the onslaught of three barking boxer boys. 

Quiet, absolute quiet.  I snuck into the kitchen wondering if they were in the back yard?  or one or two of them were...  no dogs.  Oh a quiet evening for me!  

Did the things that take concentration.  Then caught up on blogs.  And now I'm kinda bored, it is nearly 9 p.m. I've been home for two hours...

Saturday hubb and I went for a nice bike ride.  After I bought a road bike, hubb looked around for a used road bike.  Because, yeah, we need 4 bikes in the dining room!   He found a nice used one at Stedmans. 

We went out for 25 - 30 miles, Westerly to the Borough to Mystic and back.  He let me set the pace for the most part and was rather impressed at my speed being a runner and not a biker. He is also my hubb so there is that to factor into the equation.

We had a lovely time and we reviewed routes for next weekends ride over dinner on Sunday night!

Beth, surrounded by barking boxer boys!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Falmouth Road Race - Recap

Rebecca posted "Hey Beth you interested in running Falmouth?"  I answered in the affirmative, after checking to see if I or we (as in Hubb and I) had anything going on on the 11th of August.  Well we did not.  Wayyyyyyyy back in February a cousin posted on my wall I should run Falmouth.  I shrugged off the idea of this, race a bit to far to drive by myself  for 7 miles and I'm sure I had other reasons.  But pass up a chance to run and hang out with Monica and Rebecca?  I think not.

Rebecca had bibs through The Easter Seals.  The only charity I've run for is the Lung Cancer Alliance so I get the donations and all.  It is a great organization and what an opportunity to run a race few get into.

Monica was gracious enough to pick up my bib on Thursday night, she had an easy time picking up the bib and enjoyed the expo.  Rebecca picked up our Easter Seals singlets.  The next hurdle was getting out to Falmouth and not missing the last bus to the start.  Well...  up at 4:10 a.m. to pick up Monica (in Providence) by 5:30.  I was there at 5:30 a.m., on a Sunday, just at the wrong door.  Yes. The. Wrong. Door.  Got a text from Monica, "Hey, I'm ready!"  I texted back "I"m at the door?  Am I at the wrong one?"  After rechecking her message, oh yes, I was at 208 and she lives at 102.  At least I had the correct street.  After laughing out loud, and waking up then neighbors dog, I skedaddled back down the street two blocks...

We were in Falmouth by 6:40 and looking for the school to park.  After following a couple of cars we assumed were going the same place we were going we got turned back around and pointed in the right direction.  Note to self:  Don't assume the car in front of you, despite all the runner stickers, is ACTUALLY going to the same place you are.

We got all parked and porta pottied and petted the sweetest Great Dane and chit chatted with his owners.  It wasn't even close to 7 a.m.  the race started at 10 a.m. and by the time we'd be released in corral 6 it would be 10:20.  We managed to kill a couple hours at the race start till meeting up with Rebecca and Katie and changing into our Easter Seals singlets and still had another hour and a half to kill...  Rebecca and Katie were interviewed for one of the local TV stations.  We snapped a pic.... and we chatted and we lamented we forgot the sun screen.  I'm a bit of a lobster. I had sunscreen I just didn't put it on.  Doh...  Fair skinned people should really know better, shouldn't they?

Rebecca, Monica, me, Katie

Ok so finally corral 6 gets released, just as the elites are nearing the finish line, pretty much.  It was a herd of people in a narrow space.  It thinned out a bit after mile 4.  I tried to focus on the beauty of the course as we bobbed and weaved through walkers and slower runners.  I'm cynical and a little grouchy.  Seriously though I had to give them my last 10K time for corral assignment, it was just shy of an hour.  I'm no speed demon, for sure, and I am OK with that.  Again, I'm cynical and a little grouchy.

Mile 1 - 3 bobbing and weaving and shuffling with oh 10,000 runners and walkers
Mile 4 blasted bladder
Mile 5 - 7 finally sort of moving

Truly a beautiful course and to see the stream of people running up ahead was quite a sight.  I am looking forward to aerial race pictures.

Beth, looking forward to digging into the 9 lb 8 oz fluke Hubb caught today!

Well he had a good day, wouldn't ya say?

Saturday, August 10, 2013


At work on Friday I decided that I'd come home and take a nap.  I was going to get my new shoes broken in at Bluff Point, they are far far to white and a night and a day of rain makes trails nice and muddy, but I was really feeling the need to nap.  It was a long and taxing both emotionally and physically week and I love to nap.  I got all settled in and dug into "Relentless Forward Progress" pre-nap. Hubb tooed and froed about going for a ride and finally decided he was going to go.  Well how long were you going to ride?  2 hours. Hmm, I could run, I haven't been on the trails in Burlingame in a while.  Oh he was going to Arcadia.  My knowledge of Arcadia is limited to the JB Hudson trail.  We used to take the dogs, Gizmo, Diesel, and Sage out there.   I could run on the road to the trail head and then follow the marked trail? Hubb rambled on about fire roads and trails and rattled off things I wasn't possibly going to remember.  Rather than getting lost I'll just do what I know and take it from there for the next adventure.

I still tooed and froed as I changed my clothes and packed dry clothes and a towel.  It was the right decision.  The memories came flooding back as I ran that trail we used to walk so often.  I remembered when the three of them emerged out of the woods carrying a huge stick down the trail.  It was so funny to see their team work and pride with this HUGE stick! The big mud hole Sage used to motor through, that girl LOVED to get muddy and dirty.  Gizmo would carefully pick his way over the stones to not get a speck of mud on his paws.  Diesel could take the mud or leave it he just wanted to run and run and run and run a little more.  It was really special to run down and back up that trail and remember all of their group and individual rituals along the trail.

Before my mother got sick and she and my father used to visit we took them and the dogs out there and hiked the JB Hudson to the white trail all the way to Breakheart Pond.  


The white trail is a little more direct than the JB Hudson, I think. I stuck to the yellow blazed trail and followed that out partially around the pond until the Garmin beeped 3 miles.  6 was what I planned on, figuring that would take me less than 90 minutes and give me some time to stretch and explore once I got back to the truck, before hubb was due back in 2 hours.

It was a pretty appropriate end to a taxing work week.  When I arrived back at the truck, I was there a few minutes when a man arrived with his elderly beagles.  Oh they were cute!  The male ran on over to investigate who this person was, I am sure he could smell our dogs.  He was all up for some scratches and I poked around in the truck, apparently Hubb doesn't keep treats in his car like I do.  You just never know when you will see a dog and if it is ok with their owner, give them a little snicky snack.  The female wasn't so sure about all of this but she was happy to walk by me just not come to me. I bet if I had a treat she would have changed her mind...

Slightly more respectable!

He hadn't been gone long and Hubb appeared out of the woods!

Beth, ending the week a little muddy and much happier!  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dog Watch - Recap / First Real Ride on the new Bike!

Dog Watch Fun Run 

After a “I double dog dare you to ask me how my day was” Monday, I was a little fragile Tuesday a.m. not to mention really worn out from two races, a bike ride, and being on my best behavior (and out past my bed time) at the Worcester Country Club for the in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary dinner Sunday night.

 I tooed and froed about an easy run during the day.  My aching hip and exploding eMail won out and I decided the fun run on Tuesday would be an easy run, 11 minute mile, what do the pros call it a ‘shake out’ run, just to keep things moving help the aches and pains calm down a bit. 

Well it ended up being a decent 5K for me, huh.  When Stephen shouted out something that sounded like 14:30 at the ½ way mark I thought, huh, and checked my watch.  Wow…  I just ran along not really pushing it and enjoying the scenery.   The Borough really is an interesting and beautiful place.  My tight calf felt better, my hip, well it is still a little tender and I need to pay some special attention to it and get back to my at home PT.  I've been slacking. 

It was nice to catch up with Buzz and find out he is feeling ok after kidney stones kept him out of the Blessing.  The usual crowd was there to enjoy a beer and good conversation!

First REAL Bike Ride

As I was leaving the house this a.m. recapping the agenda for the day, explaining that I had a late meeting and was going to take a ride tonight and wouldn't be home for dinner, Hubb pitched in that he had his RC club meeting so he wouldn't be home till late ahhh, I have the evening to goof around and do Beth stuff, yeah!!  He did ask if I’d been to spin class lately?  Oh awesome idea! I quick grabbed my shoes and stuffed the bike gear into my overstuffed gym bag.  I am so glad I did this.  There is a spin class at noon (Mon and Wed).

After the 20 minute discussion on clips and pedals at the bike store, my head spun.  I like my mountain bike shoes, and even more that the clip is protected or rather the floor is protected from the clip by the lugs.  Sure the shoes may be a bit heavier, nothing that I notice.  

After Spin class I noticed one of the gals shoes and asked about them.  She said that they are mountain bike shoes, so not exactly the right shoe for road cycling, however they are much more comfortable than her road shoes, plus the whole lug protecting the clip or floor thing.  Another gal pitched in that she too used the mountain bike shoes the lugs protect the clip and the floor and if you intend on doing any type of walking, even a few feet, you were better off, even with the few extra ounces. They both agreed their mountain bike shoe was way more comfortable than the road bike shoe.  I felt so validated that I stuck with the same shoes I already had.   I’ll figure the whole shoe thing out as I go along.  I am sure there are many more things to figure out, there were with running.  Trial and error till you get what works for you. 

Decided to bike to Watch Hill then out to Misquamicut after work.  Thinking I needed a little side view mirror for my helmet I stopped at Mystic Cycle shop on my way home and they sold me this mirror that went on the handlebar cap...  I had a good view of my leg, I already know what that looks like, I wanted to see traffic behind me.  Guess that will be going back?  Or I may read the directions?  Could go either way.

It was a nice ride and I didn't feel scared with the traffic.  The only heart stopping moment was someone coming out of no where on their bike and me nearly crashing into her and her looking at me like I had 2 heads.  She was going the wrong way, bikes are supposed to follow the traffic pattern right?  She was coming up a one way street she should have been going down...  I'm sticking to that story and being a bit more careful.

Beth, digging this bike and looking forward to a NYC rest day and a little stroll to Bryant Park for lunch!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sealegs Shuffle 10 miler - Recap

Bib pick up started at 10 a.m. on Saturday at the Branford soundRUNNER store, so I took the scenic route from Killingworth to Branford, CT on rte 80.  CT really does have some beautiful drives, even in the rain it was lovely.

The gal handed me the sheet to find my number, number 2 I said a little questioningly.  She pulled bib #2 and said, “Beth?”   “Yep that is me”   Bibs were issued in order of sign up.  Wow…  that drunk woman who signs me up for races has impeccable timing!

Hubb now has a nice yellow tech shirt to ride in!

After not really sleeping well, even though the FitBit says I got 6 hours of sleep and wasn't all that restless, I felt like crap.  Showered, fed the dogs, and picked up my bag of stuff for the race and plodded out the door.

Arriving at the Guilford Fairgrounds I wished I had brought a cap the sun was bright, not hot, just bright and unrelenting I was pleased I packed a light fleece as it was chilly.  In fact it was really good racing weather. 

This was the first time I had witnessed the phenomena of the men’s bathroom line longer and slower than the women’s.  Yes, REAL bathrooms pre-race! 

All the 10 mile runners were rounded up at the start and I think this is the first race where they didn't play the national anthem, that seemed weird.  The gun went off and then I realized this was gun timed, not chip timed, so I was about 10 seconds off the times shouted out at the mile markers. 

I thought this was going to be a flatish course, on the shore and all.  It wasn't  it wasn't hilly either, there were bumps, hard to call them hills.  Some of them felt killer, could it be that someone’s legs were a teensy bit tired and she was letting her mind take over what the machine can do?

The first few miles were nice, sun at my back, I could run with my old dependable running partner, my shadow.  I noted how less often, hardly every I needed to remind myself there was a string off the top of my head, as Don says, pulling me up to run with my back straight.  Things have changed a lot in the last year. Beautiful course to observe, nice runners, great volunteers, funny conversations going on, and lots of bikes.  And my mind wandered back to my bike and how much I’d rather be riding and when would my next ride be!?!?

During miles 5 and 6 I ran with a lovely British woman.  She said, “Mind if I pace with you a bit?” Absolutely not!  We talked about past races and upcoming races and this is along her normal running route and the hills are tough.  She was running the “Reach the Beach” relay in September.  I told her “My old boss asked me to run that with him, he is British.” I let out a little chuckle, and  finished with “It’s a small country do you think you know him?  She laughed and said there were no other Brits on her team and we don’t all know each other.  She asked where I lived and I said Westerly, Rhode Island, we talked about the local area and she laughed and said “I know someone who lives, there, it’s a small state, do you think you know her?”   I wished her well as I dropped back.  Nice conversation.  Wish I could remember her name.

During mile 7 I managed to convince myself there was no earthly way I was running a marathon then I reminded myself I had run two, so that wasn't an excuse, and now was not the time to be making those decisions anyhow.

During mile 8 there was a water station.  The gal said “Gatorade here, water back.”  I said “I’d love a Gatorade with a water back!”  Ahhh…  yeah I’d of rather a whiskey with a water back, beggars can’t be chooser, now can the!?!  No matter what my sense of humor and sarcasm rarely leaves me!  The gal shouted out the time when I passed mile marker 8, 88 minutes.  Whoop!! I was all excited I was going to meet my goal of 100 minutes for this 10 mile race.  I picked up my pace a  bit to be sure to stay under a 12 minute mile, it was very hard to lift and turn my legs over, but I only had a mile to go.  Then I started noticing an unusual number of people doing a cool down.  Huh… 

Mile marker 9 was approaching, the end, where were all the crowds of people?  Where was the finish line?  Wait the fair grounds are back there.  Then someone said a mile to go.  Oh crap, this is a 10 mile race ding bat, they aren't cooling down they are running towards the finish line. Feeling a little silly there was a mile left to run I walked a few steps at mile marker 9, sucked it up and ran till the end. 

Beth, glad to be done with the series 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Killingworth 4 miler – Recap and a new bike!

The 6th race of the 7th I needed to complete for the Shoreline Race Series was Saturday a.m.  8:30 start time in Killingworth, CT.  Yes, again I drove for longer than I ran, but after the race I was able to drive up to Branford and pick up my race bib for Sunday’s race.

Bib pick up was day of, starting at 7:30.  I managed to get up and out and was there pretty close to 7:30 as they were just starting to pass out bibs.  Doubtful I needed an hour, and had only planned on being there 30 minutes early.  Seems like no one really explains their logic with the check in sheets to the volunteers checking people in.  The poor man realized he gave out the wrong bib numbers, he was going by the line number and not the bib number.  Hopefully this didn't make things to wonky at the end.  I’m remembering the same thing happening for the Frosty 5K (the first race in the series), when my bib was given out to someone else, their line number was the same as my bib number.  Now I think I understand why people put the stickers on the back with the runners name and other info?

It was cool and raining, drizzling probably describes it best, better than heat and humidity any day.  The runners gathered around under trees.  I was surprised at the number of dogs.  There was one woman with a small yellow lab and we struck up a conversation.  Her pup is 2 and ready to run, she says the dog keeps her going and that she did!  Even after the 4 miles her pup was still ready to rumble!!

This was a nice course!  I didn’t check the elevation on the course profile, just noted it was a square with a little out and back.   The first 2 miles were mostly downhill.  What goes down must come up, and I kept waiting, wondering when, it never really felt like it did until the last ¾ of a mile.  And I got a CR on Strava for my effort in that segment, cool…

In any event, my goal was 40 minutes and my gun time was 39:24!  Solidly meeting goal.  12th out of 20 for my Division, creeping up on being middle of the pack!

New Bike

Saturday afternoon hubb and I were off to Stedman’s for some bike shopping.  I go into these things with the idea to purchase.  All I know is what I’m willing to spend and the level of components we should be looking for.  Of course red would be my preferred color.  I know what I like and don’t like about my mountain bike and how that feels.  After a lot of discussion and explanation of the different types of bikes, finally out for a couple test rides to find the right sized bike. I landed on one I liked the feel of, full carbon frame,  the price was far more than I was willing to, or even should spend on a first road bike.  The next level bike was the same dimensions just different material, aluminum with a carbon fork.  I took that for a spin around the block and it felt just a little more stiff than the higher end model but with a pair of gloves and bike shorts all would be right with the world.  Plus it was so much more comfortable and lighter than my mountain bike.

Talked with one of the guys I know through running the races he puts on in the winter.  Nice to finally introduce Hubb to one of these guys.  They had met a few weeks earlier at a bike time trial or something. 

I left very pleased with my purchase and anxious to go for a ride.  Hubb installed the clips that went with the pedals in my shoes and I practiced getting in and out of them.  I never used the clips mountain biking.  Knowing how often I crash and how quickly I don’t think, it was best to just not tempt fate and lock myself on the bike.   It wasn't so difficult getting in and out and I didn't feel insecure and went out for a little spin up and down the road.  Hubb insisted I remove the reflectors, don’t be a dork Beth…

The second one came off later.

New Bike

After getting all appropriately dressed and helmeted I took a spin around the neighborhood and then tackled the hills.  Yeah, someone has a 10 mile race in the a.m. but it is along the shore, so how hilly could it be??  The ride was fun and I would have loved to go longer, however my legs were tired and I was tired and it was time to spend some time with the Hubb and the pups who have been very much ignored lately.

Apparently some further adjustments need to be made to the shoes / clips…  Seemed fine to me but what do I know?

Beth one more race re-cap in the wings... happy for a rest day today, well just TRX