Saturday, June 29, 2013

Views on a run

Do you visit the house you 'grew up' in?

Used to be when I pulled in the driveway in the house we lived in from the Blizzard of 1978 forwards (the house I 'grew up' in)  I regressed to the 12 year old me.  100% obedient and not the least bit confrontational.

Then in 2007 my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and I became, oh I dunno 6, absolutely a child, when I pulled in the driveway but at the same time 40.  Let us just stay it was a difficult reconciliation, at best.

For point of reference in 1999 I moved 750 miles from where I 'grew up'  having lived in several places I'll pick the last place my family settled as 'grew up'.

Now I am age agnostic, if that makes any sense.  I may be 2 I may be 50, it all depends on what I meet when I walk in that door.

Ok so now that we have all that 'grew up' business behind us and we all have a 'frame of reference' may I blather on about my day?

I drove out to MI on Friday.  This is my preferred method of transportation. I am able to listen to a book or two  argue a few points and generally just come to terms with reality in the 12 - 14 hours I spend in the car, just me, myself, and I.  I TRULY relish this time.  I left Rhode Island about 7:15 a.m. arrived where I 'grew up' just before 8:00 p.m.  Between the intermittent rain-showers and fiddle farting around I made good time! I was my present age, rather unusual....

My daddy had my favorite bottle and accessories laid out on the counter for me.

Girls and their fathers have many things to bond on.  We started with car maintenance so "No boy would take advantage of you." progressed to  "You are never to depend on any one."  were the teachings of daddy, a deity higher than any other. I successfully escaped the 'dirt bag guys' preying on the girls who didn't understand, in my father's words 'jack shit' we progressed to whiskey.  While he is a Jim Beam and Pepsi guy, he accepts my love of Jack and Diet Coke, unconditionally.  Daddy's need to let their girls be their own women when it comes to booze and mixers, not boys, PSHEW!!!  For those still negotiating these waters, no matter what, you win.  It just take MORE time than you thing/estimate/bargain for.

When I arrived, Friday, well before sunset, he left me and mom to chat while he watched 'the race' I had one drink knowing I was on tap for 10 miles in the a.m.  Mom and I discussed the route, not remembering road names!  Go past where Judy and I grew up,

I love this picture post card of Judy's Aunt's place scene
can you see the deer? I  should post a better picture.

turn on the road where Tammy grew up

The truck made this one for me!

and then up the road the Ragay's lived

Winter wheat nearly ready for harvest

and turn on Able back to Arkona.  Map My Run said this was 9.98 miles.

Well when I ran Arkona to a right on Macon, to a right on Hack to a Right on Able to a Left on Arkona to my folks it was under 7 so I did the out and back to US 12 and had a grand total of 8.15.

As Crutch says, nice Trapizoid...

Yeah sure I could have run to the old Trombley place (heart pitter patters for my one time crush) and back to get to 10 I said, "I am soaked in this humidity, fageddaboudit." in my best Brooklyn accent and took a 1/2 mile cool down walk to get a pic of Roger's corn, to document the fact the corn is more than knee high by the Fourth of July...

Those legs probably are NOT ready for prime time, but oh well...
I did my run, 8.15 miles with a 1/2 mile cool down.  In the nearly 100% humidity I was soaked and grateful it was only 68 degrees F!!!

The rest of the day was relaxing.  A cousin, Kate, Geology graduate student of University of Michigan, had a little family open house to see her new digs.  NICE!  More than that it was nice to catch up with family and cousins I see so very little of. Kate is in Ann Arbor but her older brother, Charlie, is in Portland and I doubt I've seen Charlie much in the last 13 years.... oh how I'd love to post the pics of him passed out at my  and Dave's wedding....soon, really soon...  but maybe before that the 'attack dinosaur' pictures....

first row - Jin (in the WAY aswesome shirt I gave him)
Me, Charlie, Kate, John, Julie

I am immensely proud to be related to Charlie, Kate, John, Julie, and Jin.  Very sad to not to see Mark and Judy on this visit but there will be more!!

Going home is filled with paradoxes.  I still see Kate and Charlie as young kids, when they clearly are not.  Charlie is approaching is 10th year HS reunion  If he is 28 in August what does that make me?

Beth, facing reality

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Keeping on and keeping up

“If you don’t like what they are saying; change the conversation.”  Don Draper Mad Men, stolen by Peggy in season 6

Tuesday I went to a Women’s Leadership Network conference in the NY office.  Oh you guys, don’t groan.  The guys I work with want to know why there isn't a Men’s Leadership Network.  And you know what; I have no idea why there is not one.  Yeah, yeah, the women scream we've been under the thumb of the white male executive since we started in the corporate world.  This is true. It is not a reason for men to not have a corporate sponsored leadership network.  Reality may be that men simply network better than women?  I tried floating that with the guys at work they thought perhaps that statement had some merit. And that is all I have to say about that.

The conference was interesting.  Held my attention for most of the 2.5 hours and I scribbled down some interesting thoughts.  Thing is there were suggested outcomes but no actions, not even WHAT the presenter did to close the gap on her deficiencies, to get to the suggested outcomes.  Even when our table asked very specific questions about a specific point, and specific actions to get to that outcome, we got nothing.  This is what I dislike about these sessions.  It was 2.5 hours I’m not getting back.  I did make some good connections, however the table assignments were determined I clicked with two of the women and we will keep in contact. So kudos to the table planner.  At the end of the day, I have more outcomes for my development plan and will noodle over how to get from point a to point b. 

Two of the statements struck me as important in both my corporate world as well as my athletic world. 

“Leaders are willing to learn in front of others” 

The ability to learn in front of others started with me back in the mid 80s when I taught step aerobics.  I remember my first class.  Wowza.  It is SO easy to THINK you know the routine when following an instructor, but when you are the one in front of the class, not. so. much. As embarrassing as it was I was dedicated to developing and learning my routines from that point forward.  I can honestly say this experience taught me the benefit of preparation more than any other and any since.  When we don’t do our best, when we fail, we learn.  It isn't easy to fail it does take effort.  Finding something else to do isn't always easy. This quote says it best:

"It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do. There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do. Wasting time is merely an occupation then, and a most exhausting one. Idleness, like kisses, to be sweet must be stolen." -Jerome K. Jerome, humorist and playwright (1859-1927)

“End as strong as you started.” 

This speaks to many things.  The annoying habit of women to trail off when they are speaking ending a sentence softly, losing the impact or the point.  Negative splits, your last mile being as strong as or stronger than your first mile.

What all this has to do with anything, I’m not really sure.  I've been typing and editing this since Wednesday morning.  I’m not really getting anywhere, or maybe I am, definitely I have not started as a meant to go on.

Wednesday I ran on the beach.  I checked the tide charts and found low tide was perfectly timed with me leaving work a little early.   I managed to get pretty close to my road pace on that firmer sand.  I was pretty pleased with myself!  Made it to the breachway and back to the start in the headwind, keeping my return pace as close to my out pace as I could.

Tonight I waited to run after work, figuring it may be cooler.  It was cooler, I wasn't all that into it.  I did what I could to avoid the inevitable: packed for my trip over the weekend, folded a basked of clothes, ironed, cleaned the bathroom (now you KNOW I am in full avoidance mode).  Eventually I came face to face with the inevitable; I wasn't going to not run around the track.  It wasn't the running it was this commitment I made to myself to actually run around the track as fast as I could.  I have no idea what I am doing.  So I ran the three blocks up-hill to the HS track and ran around it, and then tried to run around it really fast for as long as I could, a whopping ¼ of it.  I'd walk and pick it back up again. Like anything else you aren't good at something the first time you do it.  Next week is another week. So I ran familiar streets and felt better. 

Beth, keeping on keeping on...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Race Recaps! Irish Festival 5K and Glow Bash 5K

Friday I did go out and test ride a bicycle.  Wow, so much nicer than my old clunker mountain bike...  stay tuned on this subject.  Hubb asked me to talk to one of his buddies about this whole road bike thing.  Sure, expert advice and opinions are ALWAYS appreciated.

Saturday hubb and a buddy went Fluke fishing somewhere between Jamestown and Newport so he was up and out of the house early.

Why he texts me these things I'll never know.
I had two races on Saturday.

Saturday morning I was to meet my old boss and his family in North Haven for a 5K.  Yeah, an hour and ten minute drive for a 28 minute event.  Think that is the last of them, ever.  Famous last words.   It was very easy to find Steve and his family and we caught up a bit.  His son was back in the UK house sitting for his brother, Bob, who was in the states visiting.  His eldest daughter, Nicki, is a marathoner so we caught up on each others latest races and next races.  Nicki and Uncle Bob are going to be running the NYC marathon together!  Nicki ran it last year and was proud to say she only vomited 4 times.  Yeah?  I'm not a puker so I have no idea if that is good or bad?  This was Bob's first race, ever.   Ah, OK.  The Elder brother (Steve) drug the younger brother along and they finished in 26:50 minutes, no puking.  Nicki and Laura finished in 31:37 and 31:36, Nicki dragged Laura along!  Must be an older sibling younger sibling thing?  Johanna, Steve's wife, did the 2 mile walk.  I finished in 28:52 feeling a little redeemed after the 5K at the Dog Watch on Tuesday night...  It was a pancake flat course, with one "hill" at the end, must have been a total elevation of 6 inches or something equally as intimidating!

Catching up with Steve today, he took Bob out on a nice hilly 8 mile run in the heat on Sunday. Nice guy, guess if the times you get to torture your younger sibling are few and far between better make the best of it. Bob is well on his way to meet with success for the NYC Marathon!  I'll be cheering him on.

And I didn't get a picture...

Saturday nights race was a Glow Bash in Bristol RI.  I went with Nicole, one of her regular running friends, a new friend and fellow Lung Cancer advocate, Sally, and two of her friends.  Sally made up Glow Babes (our team name) shirts and we all had fun putting together glow in the dark things.  Mine were actually still glowing last night!  I made up some 'collars' for the dogs and dressed them up and they glowed in the dark nicely until they wiggled out of them.  Diesel was my dress up guy, he LOVED to wear things.  These three, not so much.  In fact, Gizzy reaches a state of near paralysis when we put his life vest on him to take him canoeing.  Silly dog.  Boxers swim like rocks!

I'm sure our mothers are SO proud!
The 'race' was a scavenger hunt the team had 2 hours to complete and could run any where from 3 to 5 miles.  We managed 3.5 miles in 1 hour and 14 minutes.  We didn't run a lot but we did back track not as much as I thought we may have!  The clues were very relevant to Bristol, RI.  A place I've been to a sum total of twice.  The first time to run my first ever 5K at Colt State Park (yeah yeah, this whole driving longer than you are running thing started from the beginning) and then two years ago on a yarn crawl.  Nice yarn store as I remember it!  The remaining 5 team members had similar stories.  We thought this lack of knowledge would put us at a disadvantage.  Not so much.  Between our brain power and GOOGLE we only had to ask for help once!

There were 10 destinations and different things to do at each one to prove you were there.   A ring toss, posing for pictures, a 7 legged race, collect a stamp, collect a ticket.   The 7 legged race was one of my favorites.  The 6 of us tied one leg together and all decided right foot first.  After nearly toppling in a huge heap upon saying RIGHT.  We realized the only person with a free right foot was the person on the far right end!!  We determined shuffling was the way to go and manage to get the 20 feet from the start to the finish line for this 7 legged race.  (If you only had two team members it would have been a three legged race - follow me?)

I was a little skeptical about this, but figured it would be fun, how could dressing up with a bunch of glow in the dark stuff and running all over a super quaint New England town in the dark NOT be fun!?!?!

Sunday I brunched, lobster omelet to. die. for. and peach sangria.  Caught up on maybe three house work things I'd been putting off and suckered hubb into going to the beach after dinner to look at the moon.  He could ride his fat tire bike a bit and I could run a few miles.  Well it was a phoggy mess, so no moon.  Bummer.  We had a nice time and despite the rising tide and head wind I had a decent run.  How could a beach run be bad?

Today kicked off Marine Corps Training! Hoo Rah.

Beth, home alone and babbling to you and the dogs!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Catch up

I haven't had much to say, well I have, thing is it hasn't been very coherent, well thought out, or considered in the impact it may have.  Times like these sometimes it is just best to keep ones yap shut, no?

Friday was my work anniversary 14 years at this company.  Holy wow... I remember that terrified person I was in my suit all ready for her first day at work in this brand new company and industry.  Leaving automotive was tough.  I was warned that people in New England weren't as, well, blunt, as I can be.  Nor would they "get" the world I cut my teeth on in the working world.  First on the shop floor in college where I ran an Injection Molding machine making parts for, well yeah, cars, duh!  This plant made head and tail lamp covers for Ford, oil filter casings for Freight Liner, mufflers for Tecumseh engine and bunches of other pieces of plastic goodness - whoopiee twang, right?  After Grad school it was on to the offices, white collar baby, where I ended up buying those same parts I used to make for one of my buying desks.  Talk about what goes around comes around.  My favorite commodity and my last was fasteners, yeah, I was a screw buyer, ok?  The only female in a group of 9 men in a predominantly male industry, with predominately female sales reps. I will hand it to a couple of the suppliers for assigning male sales reps, didn't help much their product was crappy and usually late, but they were fun to golf with.  Ah the good old days...  The group I work with now is very proper, the group I sit with, well, they check their morals at the door, it is nearly as good as those days in Dearborn.

The next anniversary celebrated was Monday the 17th, hubb and I celebrated 13 years of marriage!  I met him through my brother.  They were class mates then house mates during grad school.  I'd talk to this guy on the phone from time to time looking for my brother, he was always pleasant and rarely had a clue where my brother may have wandered off to.  My parents and my other brother even met him before I did, we met in 1996.  Guess you could say he was pre-approved?

Things haven't changed much, now my brother calls, looking for me and Hubb has no idea where I may have run off too but eventually I'll turn around and come home.

We decided to meet at  Captain Scott's Lobster Dock for Fish and Chips Monday night. The sky threatened rain, it rained maybe 50 drops, pshew.

Stunning sky @ Captain Scott's Lobster Dock, New London, CT

Nice greasy fish and chips post TRX for me and bike ride for him.  I think they are still with both of us. They were soooo good.   Nice anniversary!

TRX was just two of us so our leader had a good time abusing us.  My abs burned as the day progressed on Tuesday.

Tuesday night was the Dog Watch 5K.  I missed last week due to traffic. Didn't have the opportunity to run during work and wondered what impact this (and those fish and chips) would have.  I did a 3/4 mile warm up and could tell, yeah, not so much. Feh 30:30...  The sky continued to threaten rain so I went home to hang with the pups and read.

This is a very well done book.  I'm about half way through it and really enjoy Julie's writing style.  I met her at the Ice Age 50 in Wisconsin.  She ran the 50 Mile race with all the relentless hills and finished in 10:09.  Holy wow.  From time to time the book reminds of "Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Coast Trail" by Cheryl Strayed.  I am kicking myself for not picking up Julie's book on the PCT.  But you just never know, you know?

Wednesday I finally got my at work run, the full Native American, even ran into Mike B on my way back and caught some rays (read: teensy bit of sun burn, shhhh don't tell my dermatologist, Irish and Eastern European skin is a blessing and a curse). 

Opted for dinner out with some co-workers in from out of town at Ford's in Noak instead of the Tom McCoy fun runs at the beach.  Who would pass up Lobster Bombs and this sunset?

Sunset from Ram Island Yacht Club, Noank CT

Thursday nights are the runs with the Narraganset Running Association, met up with Nicole, I think it has been a month since we've run together.  I've REALLY missed them.  I gave her the glow in the dark goodies for the Glow Bash run on Saturday night.  Her kids will have fun putting things together and I'm sure they will be far more creative creating things for us to wear! Neither of us are sure what to expect but imagine it will be fun!  How could a team of 6 adults dressed in glow in the dark stuff from glasses, bracelets, hair pieces to tattoos NOT have a good time?  

I dragged Nicole along, you know those runs where you are feeling it but your not feeling it and you need a reason to not walk?  This was Nicole tonight.  I COMMEND her for sticking with it and getting in the 5 miles.  At the end of the day it was worth it, right?  *ducks*  

The major topic of conversation is what marathon training plan did she decide on for her first marathon, the Philly Marathon!  Probably a hybrid between "Run Faster Run Less" by Matt Frazier and Hal Higdon's Novice plan.  I'm super jealous that by the time her really long runs roll around her kids will be in school and she has the opportunity to run long runs during the week, and not beg the weather gods to please just a few nice hours, over the weekend, please!?!?  Her training starts in the beginning of July. I'm rather excited to hear and read all about her adventure!  GO NICOLE!!!  

Tomorrow afternoon I am taking advantage of a compressed work week to go bike shopping, I really like the mountain biking with hubb but it is such a pain in the rear, when it is just me, to pack up the bike and take it to the trail.  To be able to hop on outside the house and ride to Stonington or Charlestown or?  after work seems too perfect.  I am sure there is a flaw in this grand plan somewhere. Buller? Buller? Buller?  My goal is cross training to get in some decent cardio without all the pounding on the asphalt.  

Saturday I have a 5K in North Haven, CT in the a.m. and then the Glow Bash 5K in Bristol, RI.  Hubb asked if it was normal for people to sign up for so many races.  He was absolutely serious.  I said, not really, I'm an over-committer.  And there really isn't any response to that but "Do you want me to commit you or will you commit yourself?"

Sunday is TBD, the last brunch with a girlfriend before she and her hubb move to Dallas on the 26th.  I'm sad and will miss her and I'm excited for her new adventure, mostly sad though.  Once she gets settled in and finds her people I'll feel less sad.  Knowing her it will take about 45 seconds!

Beth saving it all up for one big word vomit.  Happy Thursday!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Branford Road Race - Recap

Today, Father's Day, was the Branford Road Race.  Part of the Shoreline Race series.  This is race 5 of 7.  I  am going to do the Sea Legs Shuffle,so I only have to run 7 of the 9, I am ready for this to be over!!  First I just wanted to run the Sea Legs Shuffle because I liked the shirt, then this whole series and a jacket thing.  I have a thing about jackets and coats, just ask Hubb.  I seriously need to figure out my running priorities, or maybe not...  Think I'll ruminate over that with a little Basil Hayden's as a toast to my father for Father's Day.  In fact I ran this race with him in mind.  It is that note he forwarded from the Lung Cancer Alliance about running with Team Lung Love that started this crazy train running obsession.

Note the date, March 17th, the Cox Rhode Race was May 1st.  This had disaster written all over it...  And out of disaster, occasionally something wonderful can be built.  At that time (March of 2011) had only run a few races (2), and hadn't logged very many miles.

And I'm off topic.  If your curious about how I started running, I think this sums it up.

The race kicked off at 10:15 from the town green in Branford.  It was controlled pandemonium, well as much as pandemonium can be controlled.  Tents with all you can eat breakfast, local businesses telling you what they do, and a bazillion people. I found the porta johns and eventually the starting line.  The walkers started first, then the runners, all 3,000 plus of us, after the walkers rounded the first corner.  The gun went off and a minute or so after that I crossed the start timing mat.  Wowza, people everywhere, no regard to lining up with your expected pace or abilities, this takes a  bit of energy and strategery for even Ms Middle of the Pack runner to figure out what is going on and who is actually going to run a similar pace.  Whoopsie, jogging stroller coming through and child exiting jogging stroller in the middle of the road.  Oh boy.  Well this ISN'T the 10K of Friday night, I just better figure 50 minutes or less 9:50 to 10:00 pace, oh heck, just run it and enjoy it and don't trip over anyone!

The crowed thinned out as typical by the end of the first mile, a little more after the first mile and a half, not to thin though.  My pace also slowed without the constant push to steer clear of people.  There wasn't an interesting conversation to eaves drop on either, not that I would have noticed I was listening to music. I think that may slow me down a little, not really sure.  I just wanted the company of the music this morning, not sure why.  The route was pretty, sections through town, through residential, along the water, back to residential and finishing up in town.  Tons of people out cheering on the runners, a couple bands, endless supply of water stations, the whole community gets involved, I like to see that.

A few hills, nothing steep, got a little crazy legs when I turned the corner and saw the finish and the timing mats.  Kudos to the race officials who kept everyone out of the finish chute.  There was none of that come to a screeching halt annoyance as everyone and their brother are ganging up on the people they know in the chute.  You front runners, you have no idea what horror erh fun you are missing.

All in all a nice race, worth the hours drive to Branford?  Definitely not.

Arrived home to find Hubb was back from his ride and gone again with the two young dogs.  Gizzy was fit to be tied about being left out and was giving me hell.  Ok ok, let me shower and eat and we will go somewhere. It is non-stop, when he gets his mind set on something. We hiked 2.5 miles in Burlingame a little North South Trail, and looped around on to the Ridge Trail and back to the car. Fun trying to figure out how all these trails connect in together.  Presently the old guy is softly snoring his contented snore, soon to start whining about dinner, no doubt.

Map My Run GPS output. I like Strava better.

Hubb and the guys biked Big River this morning, he said it was a nice change from the roots and rocks of Arcadia.  I bet.  Maybe next weekend I can get out there and get lost!

Beth, surrounded by content snores


Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
―Ana├»s Nin

Thursday I had lunch with an old friend, someone I've only only known two years, yet know deeply, inside and out, hence 'old friend'.  Our conversation revolves around whats going on at home, at work, a myriad of what ifs, I think we've only discussed current events once or twice, odd isn't it? Never the weather, always something of substance to one or the other or both of us. Each taking turns to bounce ideas and thoughts off the other, I always leave those conversations with more thoughts roiling around in my brain and sometimes a different direction or perspective.  Wonderful mental stimulation.

Saturday I had coffee with a new friend, someone who will quickly fall into that old friend category.  We share a connection over Lung Cancer.  Her mother passed away 6 weeks after diagnosis with stage 4 lung cancer, at age 57, she turned 30 the day her mother died.  Hell of a birthday present.  Being able to quickly get into such a serious discussion is normal to me.  It wasn't until after an hour of discussing lung cancer,  cancer advocacy, and cancer in general that we got to the general information, and only briefly.  There will be time for all of those details as we conspire together to bring more attention to the ugliness that is Lung Cancer.

I've met so many different people in so many different ways, each bringing something new into my life.  They may enter like a freight train  and stay for a very short time, making a lasting impact and always being in my heart.  They may stumble into my life through work and stay forever.  They may slowly creep in until I can't remember them not being there.

Beth, grateful for all my friends and friendships.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Niantic Bay 10K - Recap

Thursday was a NYC day, I left a few hours earlier than I usually do with the threat of rain being my driver, and my boss wasn't in the office for the afternoon.  We share an office when we are in NYC.  This is actually a GREAT arrangement because we can talk as things come up and not shelve them for our weekly discussions or forward on an eMail.  Plus it is just good to have some time with the boss.

When I woke up this morning I was still a little tired, even getting home early and going to bed early.  On the project plan was hours of User Acceptance Testing for a website redesign / relaunch.  Interesting but still, mind numbing having to repeat the same things over to make sure every thing replicates everywhere.  It is like running on a treadmill with the same 10 minute infomercial playing on a loop.  I was able to mix it up with some document review.  Intellectually stimulating Friday, it was not.

Figured I might as well drive out to Branford to pick up my Branford Road race bib.  This is part of the Shoreline Race series.  Actually a pretty nice t-shirt, feels like it has some wicking properties to it!

Nice logo!
 Easy pick up for this and you can get a 20% discount showing your bib on the day of pick up.  I checked out some skirts, but really I like the brand I buy so not even a bargain is going to turn my eye.

Back North to Niantic for the Niantic 10K by the Bay.  I didn't do early number pick up and it was very easy on site.

Post run photo... the bib was white, but who knows, trick photography and a soggy bib.

After a super easy bib pick up I had a half hour or so to kill. Determined this was definitely sleeveless weather.  Swapped out the T for a Tank and glad I stuffed my gym bag for any possibility!  Took a little warm up run for a mile or less.  Felt good to get moving and wake up.  Spied Don and Suzan and eventually Mike found us explaining that the rest of the WTAC guys took off like bats out of hell for a easy warm up run.  No doubt, speed demons, the lot of them!

Sometime between lining up for the race and the start it dawned on me this was a 10K. I remember telling the folks at work I was running a 10K after work in Niantic and one of them said Yantic?  Oh please tell me you aren't going to Yantic.  Quite a funny conversation about Yantic, he lives in a neighboring town.  Yet, for some reason I kept thinking it was 5 miles.  Sunday's race is 5 miles. Hmm 6.2 miles, what is my goal here, an hour which would be a 9:40 pace.  See Don, you are finally teaching me something about talking in pace versus total time.

It was a nice course, I didn't study the course map or really even read the directions, it became very obvious it would be an out and back course.  Not my favorite, however becoming something I like.  I get to see the front runners and cheer them on!  Started out on a little bit of an incline for the first mile and then sort of a sharp decline, nothing like the hills I'm used to running, but still.  I'd have to run back up it.

Along the way I picked up on a conversation between two women about a mysterious envelope. There was also a heavy foot slapper who seemed to like to run my pace.  I was dying to know what was in this envelope and dared not speed up,  but then I spied the cop car, the front runner was coming towards us!  Why this gives ME pep in my step is beyond me.  GO JOHNNY!!!  Love it when I know the front runner. The along came Jeff, who yelled Beth before I could yell Jeff. There were a couple other faces I recognized and I clapped.  When we were veering off for the lollipop part I spied Mike! Got a big wave and we both yelled.  Seriously that gives me energy, hope it does for y'all too.  I didn't see Don.  I really expected I would.

I sped up and have no idea what was in this envelope.  Was it a court summons?  Was it an acceptance letter?  Was it a DNA result?  WHAT WAS IT!?!?  Hey, writer friends that could be a good plot / sub-plot for NANO??

Eventually it was back on the long straightaway and foot slapper was back.  I said "Hey, you're back." He said "Yeah"  we chit chatted about this and that.  His parents signed him up for this race and then he left them behind.  Will is a long distance swimmer and goes to Clarkson.  Finally I established this was in Upstate NY, near Pottsdam (right Upstate NY?)  I told him my husband went to St. Lawrence.  He said it was in the middle of no where.  Yeah, pretty much.  Nothing to do but drink beer and watch hockey.  Just after mile 4 he said he was going to ease off.  At this point Hubb says "Oh you just loved that didn't you, some 19 year old punk kid backing off."  Perhaps...

Then that hill was upon me, just about mile 5.  It wasn't really that steep and I employed my counting backwards from 1000 and that seemed to work to distract me and I just focused on the fact the end of the race would be down hill and how awesome would that be!!!!  There was a teeny up hill just before the end, blargh.

I finished at 1:00:35 on my Garmin and same on the SNERRO results page.  9:44 pace, 5th out of 12 in my age group/sex. Splits were pretty reasonable, mile 4 and 5 were slower. I felt good at the end.  Curious to see the pics Don and Mike snapped..

Spying two of the bloggers I stalk, I went over to say hi.  Very nice to put a face to a name to a blog!  Great job guys!  Johnny came in first, Jeff in 3rd.  Mike 2nd in his age group and Don 1st in his age group.  You guys rock!!!  GREAT JOB!!

Beth, slightly irreverent, quite pumped after a great run, even missing goal by 35 seconds.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


A conversation in our house last night went something like this:

Hubb “Hon, which color do you like better?”

This requires me to get up and see what color and what it is.  A bike frame.  He switches between two, black with teal logo and teal with black logo.

“Hmmm, I like the teal better, there is some character to it, but don’t you already have a blue frame?”

“Yeah, but this is the new bike.”

“Wait, you need three bikes? Is this one a road bike?  You do know we don’t have room in the dining room to house a third bike, where will it live?”

This was my first mistake, too many questions

“Oh, I’ll keep one in the basement with your bike.”

“How about two in the basement?”

I get a very unconvincing “Sure” and he stares at the fish tank and starts talking about the anemone that can’t seem to find a home it likes.  I take the bait and before I know it we are discussing the wandering anemone.

Beth who needs to remember, one question at a time

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When all else fails, chase your tail.

Sunday morning I was greeted with a very short note from my mother. We eMail everyday but Monday,   Monday she has her Cancer support group and Yoga and that pretty much does her in for activity for the day.  It was a simple, very mom note.  She had something to say about my run on Friday.

There were a couple other Mom words of wisdom in there, I know she reads this blog from time to time so yes, mom I only pulled out the part germane to my story.  I do believe she would appreciate Mike and Seth calling me crazy.  Hubb didn't because well, he knew I'd be more tolerable.

Today, I did my at work run.  The Native American route, as my kid brother calls it.  Hey would you rather I called you Markey?  I think a balding gray haired nearly 43 year old male would appreciate being called a kid, no?

By mid morning the sky was starting to turn from cloudy to sunny, no sunglasses and nothing to catch the sweat dripping into my eye. We've established that I don't always think ahead, right?  Anyhoodles, as I rounded the corner to go up the hill, I was greeted with a big old exhale of cigarette smoke, and a look, lovely.  Listen, I always give a wave and say "Hi", I don't give you a look for smoking. Gimme a break, please?  I know, I know the rest of the running community turns left out of the gate, so it must be my bad for turning right.  But I like that route.

Skipping the first "feather" out and back, to hurry up and get to the breeze I'd feel off the Long Island Sound.  It was a nice breeze.  Then around to the hill on Meech, I didn't do to bad.  It did help that I spied a couple other runners heading my way.  Come on, that puts a little kick in your step too!  Still, even the last downhill I wasn't inspired to run any faster.  Soaking wet I was happy to get to the guard shack and retrieve my badge and get into the overly air conditioned building.

Looked like it was going to rain about 6:15, just in time for the 5K at the Dog Watch.... hmmm what to do what to do.  I figured I'd put on my running stuff and see what happened.  Well, the rain happened early, and with lightening.  Hmmm... maybe mom is on to something with her proclamation "Running in the rain is not a good idea."  I think the bad idea was me telling her, don't you?  She used to run, I think she preferred not to run in the rain, so hmmmm...  I got out of the parking lot and on to the road and the first sign something was amiss, besides the gallons of water in every drop of rain was all the traffic coming towards me, and turning to get to a different Northerly route.  Still this did not deter me, it must be an accident on the South bound lanes not the North bound lanes.  Yeah, quite apparent trying to enter the high way the accident or slow down or what ever was on the North bound lanes and the rain wasn't letting up.  Well, crap....

Tis what it tis, right?  Guess Mom knows best.  After a 20 minute commute taking 75 minutes I was greeted by a very ready for dinner Gizmo letting me know in no uncertain terms dinner should be served soon.  This was backed up by the ever goofy Jax practicing his Flying Wallendas across the foyer and Gus chasing his brown nub of a tail.  When all else fails, chase your tail??

If you were a white Boxer with a brown tail wouldn't you be curious what is going on back there?
Hubb went out for his usual Tuesday night ride and was met with the down pour. He arrived home a muddy wet mess and seemed rather pleased with himself that the runner didn't run in the rain after giving the biker some sort of snide comment about mountain bikers not biking in the rain before the runner left for work this a.m.  This was the perfect opportunity for him to say, what he just loves to say "God got ya."  Thanks, thanks a lot hon.

Long way to say, I didn't get in my double on Tuesday.  There is plenty of time for more doubles between now and the Bourbon Chase.   I also need to get in some night runs.  My second leg is in the middle of the night.  It is described as "Leg 17, 8.6 miles, once you leave Stanford behind, this monster of a leg runs on narrow country roads in serious darkness"  I'm thinking I should have sucked it up and volunteered for the most difficult section, being the new girl and all...  so, any of you ultra runners out there have any head lamp or night running suggestions?  The theme for this Bourbon Chase is the '70's so gimme the skinney, dude.

Beth, wondering if it is too late to listen to motherly advice?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Monday, so good to me

Met up with someone I worked with years ago in the parking lot.  I was so happy when she didn't say "Ugh, it is Monday." She simply said "A brand new week, what sort of trouble are YOU up to Beth?"  I replied that I hadn't quite decided but she looked like she had something planned.  The answer was something along the lines of "Muwahaaaaaaa".  Atta girl!!

Yesterday I did a little experimental run, then went back with the elder pup to do some exploratory hiking.  I was poking around on AllTrails a few months back, and found that there was a way to get to a local wildlife management area that wouldn't require a slightly scary section of road or a down right nerve wracking section of road.  I figured I'd log about 9 miles, out and back. Pretty darn close, figuring the GPS gets a little lost under cover of trees.

It was nice to see some of the same drivers and I was SO grateful NorthWest marina was open, and despite the members only sign on the rest rooms (real ones, NOT a porta potty) I used them and cursed the antibiotics I was taking for this blasted inner-ear infection causing my vertigo.  Which, by the way, I did not wake up with on Sunday morning (or this morning, whoop!).  So maybe I should just be glad all that is over.  The guy in the gray truck giving me the thumbs up, the dirty looks by other drivers, the bikers nodding or speaking greetings of good morning.  What a freaking beautiful morning.  

There were a bazillion swans along the Pawcatuck River, ok maybe more like 30.  I was happy they were down a steep hill and across the road.  They are so beautiful and so mean...

The white specs are the swans - a nice distance away and still observable!

A deviation from my normal Mechanic/River/Greenhaven/Mary Hall short loop and a right on Mary Hall, couple more walkers, a runner, and the guy that lifts weights and walks.  Across Greenhaven to see what this road, Stewart, held in store.  Would I actually be able to get to Barn Island?  

Passed some nice houses a big farm with a huge steer in the front yard, munching grass, doing his steer thing. This made me think of a friend back where I grew up, and her sons steer, Ernesto.  I wondered about Ernesto, but, well, he met his purpose.  Then the road narrowed and a couple out in their front garden waving hello.  Awww, nice!  Then there it was the end of the road, and a little trail. Whoop!

Ernesto and his duck friends!
I ran down about a half mile and there were three men running towards me, oh this is good they must be coming from where my ultimate destination is...  After passing through a really nice gate and finding the graveyard I remembered from other ventures out to Barn Island years ago I turned around.  Sort of expecting to run into these three men again.  When I got to the trail head, there they were, trying to figure out how far it was back to the dock.  I figured it was about 2 miles and they agreed, they'd been running not quite a half an hour.  We chit chatted about the trail, one commented on the mud, I just grinned and said, "That is the best part." One of the guys grinned too.  Some people love mud some people don't, to each their own!

Gate of some sort (and Gizzy) 

And back out the way I came.  By the time I got back across the RI border I was in the usual debate with myself about running up, ok slogging, the pace was slow even for me! So slogging the three blocks up the hill to home.  If there was a "WALK" sign at the cross walk I'd walk it.   If there wasn't I'd run it.  That light rarely ever shows WALK unless someone presses the damn button....  I got a nice breather and slogged up the hill, with just a bit more kick in my step because I knew it was less than a 1/2 mile to home.

Did the usual Sunday lunch with Hubb, he was wiped from riding Arcadia but still packed up and went out to the RC plane field to hang out with the guys.  I took a little nap and then packed up the elder pup to explore down this trail a little more.

Arriving at the trail a car pulled up behind me.  I did see the "No Parking" sign and thought, oh crap.  The man didn't seem to think anything of it and didn't want to block me in.  I assured him I'd be fine and Gizmo and I took off down the trail.  As I'm telling Hubb this tale, over dinner, he asks if I carry pepper spray.  I look at him quizzically and say, no, should I?  He says, well you've just told me you've run into 4 men you don't know in a desolate area, don't you think there could be a problem?  Huh.... Actually, I hadn't considered that....  Anyone else get the heebegeebes?  Do you carry pepper spray?  Is that even legal to purchase?

Gizzy and I hiked about 3 miles, in for 1.5 and back out the way we came.  I figured this would give me enough information on Strava and a Boy Scout Trail map to see where I was and what other trails I could get to.  I see plenty of options to add in this nice shady (other than the stretch along the marsh) out and back loop!  There are lots of un-marked trails in there, I was cautioned by Mike C.  So I better stick to the two track trails and possibly the fire road.

My at run work was thwarted by forgetting a sports bra.  Damn it.  I've done this more than a couple times and thought I had a process, apparently I do not...  I did have 5 pair of socks and the gal I ran into in the locker room said we could probably fashion something, but we both agreed that would be not such a good idea. Um yeah...

Tonight's TRX was cancelled.  Funeral for someone taken far to young with brain cancer... RIP Dan condolences. I did take the opportunity to hook up my rig.  Took quite a few tries in different doors to find the right spot. Ended up in the basement using a door for Hubbs shop.   The youngest member of the pack, Jax, thought all of this was great fun and wanted to lick my face or bite at the straps.  First, I know what you've most likely been licking and ewww.  Second, stop, please....  he eventually just decided to start barking at me, silly boy!!!  Ah well, he had fun and I got done what I needed to.

Beth, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Tonight I went to the luminaria display at Relay for Life at Connecticut College.

I had no clue what to expect.

A girlfriend and her 11 year old son, a cancer survivor, are walking in a Relay for Life in Monroe MI.

As I walked around the loop, looking at all the luminaria I imagined Linda her sons: Matthew (diagnosed with liver cancer at 3 months old) and Raymond, and her brother making laps around the luminaria display happening at the same time in Monroe.  

I wonder if they too heard the names being read with a bagpiper playing Amazing Grace in the background.

Yes, yes bagpipes CAN be background music.  I often wonder what ever became of the man who played his bagpipes at Misquamicut beach on Saturday mornings.  Their sound combine with the sound of the ocean made my weekly long walk with Lola the bananas boxer somewhat calming.

And I digress.

There were so many luminaria, so many names.

I am always perplexed when I meet someone whose life is void of cancer.  Really?  That's possible.  Then again I was also surprised that no other families left a shot and a beer for Santa Claus.  It has been in my life since I was 4.

Sometimes I am jealous, they don't know the pain, the worries, the angst.  Sometimes I am sad they don't know that feeling of victory and relief when a scan comes back clear or no change.

I managed to only shed a few tears tonight.  Thinking of how far cancer research has come since 1972 and thinking how far it hasn't come for so many cancers.

Tears won't cure cancer.  Tears won't bring awareness.  Tears won't increase research.  Action will.

Action in the form of raising awareness through races and walks.  Action in the form of lobbying congress to pass bills such as the Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act.  Action in the form of raising funds to support awareness and research.

Beth, running with the Lung Cancer Alliance's Team Lung Love, raising funds and awareness to bring assistance and hope to the people diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Catch Up

I didn't do a really great job of scheduling my week.  It happens...  Didn't even have time to update the blog... oh well, it happens...

Monday I didn't schedule in my run and didn't get to run…  so off to TRX to catch up with the girls and work some muscles.  I still haven’t hooked up the rig I bought for home.  Need to find a door that closes or I could use it in the hall and deal with the dogs being curious AKA their version of "helping"?  Hmmm…  I better just freaking get it done.

I did get a new toy in the mail. A Fitbit Flex. Setting that up was interesting, it doesn't come with instructions, just log onto and set it up. After a few problems between the seat and the keyboard it was all set up and operating.  I logged a whopping 204 steps that night and didn't manage to get the sleep setting correct. I did eventually find some instructions and *gasp* read them so I understand how it works.   Yes, I am one of the few people that actually read instructions.  GEEK!  You can track all sorts of things with this thing. Tracks steps and then converts to miles (I'm not sure what they use as the algorithm  but it was pretty accurate when I ran with it at tracking the miles I ran).  Track your calories out, and your sleep patterns.  You can input calories in and water in, plus additional activities.  It didn't track my Wed night bike ride.  I was really curious about the sleep pattern, which is why I waited for the Flex to come out.  I didn't manage to get it set for the first night, and the first night seemed a little off, although who knows.  Wed seemed reasonable as I have to get up at 5 to catch the 6:42 or 6:55 train in New Haven, an hour away, so yes 30 minutes to get all gussied up for NYC I'm amazing, no?  Thur looked about right.

Top Tue, Middle Wed, Bottom Thur

So yes, it is a toy and it is interesting.  I'll have fun playing with it and seeing what I can learn.

Tuesday was a twofer.  I ran 5 at work and then did the Dog Watch 5K after work.  Took 30 seconds off my time and am standing at 28:18.  Hmmm maybe that 5 mile warm up is working?  Hopefully I can make it next week, feeling pretty positive I MAY break 28.

Wednesday there was a health fair at work.  I tinkered around with the Wii and the putting green.  Holy cow it has been years since I've golfed.  Really need to get those clubs out of the attic and use them.  I do miss golf, or rather I miss spending an afternoon outside with a couple friends and some beer having a good laugh!!  I didn't get in a run, between a new project at work and a 5 p.m. meeting.  WHO schedules a meeting for 5... Hubb had a meeting for his RC club and I dug up the bike rack and packed up the bike for a 10 mile bike ride around the camp roads.  Looks like a chicken running with a sword, no?

Thursday - NYC.  I was surprised at how much walking I actually do do.  I didn't hit the 10,000 steps or the 5 miles but I did hit 7K steps and 3 miles.  In heels, I think that merits a pat on the back or maybe a cupcake from Crumbs?  Guess if I add in a walk to Bryant Park I may hit the 10K mark? 

Thursday's Tally

Friday - Holy rain batman.  I ran after work around the block at home in a brief slowing of the rain.  3 miles, good enough to lift my mood and put me in that goofy post run mood. 

I did find out what happens when you don't pierce a potato before you bake it.  I wondered what that pop sound was!!  Fortunately it cleaned up easily and I had three four footed helpers...

No races this weekend, there are plenty to run, it is nice to have my only commitment be to have "Amy of the pointy elbows" work on me Saturday afternoon and then go to Connecticut College to attend the Relay For Life Luminaria Ceremony and cheer on one of the walkers I sponsored.  Otherwise the weekend is mine to have a nice long run, read, and do housework.

I did get signed up with a team for a Glow Bash 5K in Bristol RI the 22nd of June.   Scanning through the website after I committed to this, having absolutely no clue what I was signing on for, I was pleased to know there is a benefit for Childhood Brain Cancer.  I'll do this with the memory of Alex Ahrens who passed away on February 28, 2012, age 10, after a 3 year battle with brain cancer.  I went to High School with his father, and the family also lives on a neighboring farm where I grew up.  Seems like a great group of people and will be a blast, a run at night with a scavenger hunt and the opportunity to dress up in glow in the dark stuff.  How could anyone NOT have a great time!?!?!?  Kind of a the city version of a Snipe Hunt!  Any of you participated in a Snipe Hunt??

So there you have it.  Not a lot of running miles, a whopping 11 and 10 on the bike.  Feh, no worries.  I can get in at least a 10 long run and explore a new route.

My dizziness seems to be only when I get up from laying down.  Hopefully this is temporary, because, wow, it sucks.  I'm fine, nothing to worry about!!

Beth, recapping the week and looking forward to a no race and no illness weekend.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


I was lying (or is it laying, lying, I was right, whoop) on the couch this morning,  Gizzy at my feet,  catching up on WWF and Scramble.  Scrolled through Facebook.  Connie did her longest run ever 4.5 miles, GO CONNIE!!!  Kudos to you!!  The Endorphin Dude (I'd love to meet him some day) is running his 99th marathon.  The 5th member of the Fab 5, Erwin, is running the San Diego R&R half 6th on his quest for 13 in '13.  The girls and I roped him into doing Marine Corps with us in October (more on that later). Team Tuez kicked off their 90 miles in 60 days + 1,000 conditioning exercises today and the miles are rolling in.  Marie (who gave up updating her blog, woman get back to it, you have stuff to say!!) finished her run looking fresh as a daisy, how does she do it!?!? Nicole's awesome pic from her 5 miles along the Charles yesterday.  Poked over to Strava to see what the guys were up to.  Boy did I feel like a freaking slug.  It isn't the times, it is the miles.  Damn...  here I am sitting at a big fat zero for the month of June.  Still dizzy when I stand up, sit up, roll over, or open my eyes to fast.  Hubb thinks my childhood blonde hair is taking over, ever the supportive smart ass is he.  Big puffy hearts.

I got off my lazy bum before 10 and went out for my "around the house loop" and added in a lap around the Westerly HS Track.  Figure that works nicely with my remembrance loop around Wilcox Park?  Wow the track is nice and squishy too, weird.  I didn't really think of anyone in particular on my Wilcox loop, what was I thinking of? who knows, probably just to not twist my ankle on the uneven slabs around the fountain. When my MCM training starts the loop in the park is dedicated in support of or in memory of someone with lung cancer.

Fountain in Wilcox park, and the granite is uneven, although really doesn't  look it... hmmm
So there you have it, proof I'm really not a total slug run...  3.5 (hilly) miles / 37:03 min / 10:35 pace. Thanks all for the motivation!  OK bringing out my competitive streak...

What motivates you? What keeps you motivated?  Are you competitive with yourself?  With others?

I felt pretty good after my run and a shower, and the humidity sees to be waning, yipiee!!  Hubb decided we needed to rekindle the Sunday lunch tradition (tragically ending when 10 Sandwiches burned in March) he agreed with my suggestion to go to The Malted Barley for Pretzel Sandwiches, and a beer.  Heck if I'm going to feel dizzy anyhow...   After that I packed up the elder dog, Gizmo, for a hike at Bluff Point to explore some trails.  We were out there 104 minutes, I did something or something happened to the Strava App and it cut a nice straight point A to point B line and point D to point C line when I knew we twirled around on trails for the missing 54 minutes (Stravagate anyone?) We go at under a 20 min/mile pace, I'd say we went 5.2 miles.

That old pup is going to sleep like the dead tonight.  He is going strong for a 12 and 1/2 year old boxer boy.

Beth, thanking you ALL for the motivation to get some miles in, and feeling better (just in time for work on Monday phttt)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Twilight Trail Run - Recap (and a very short book review)

Last night was the 13th annual Twilight Trail Run.  I've run this race the last 4 years.  2010 and 2011 I ran the 3.6 mile loop  (48.19 and 47.26 respectively) I've seen improvement on this time over the last 4 years of running that trail.  My best time is 34:14 (on 3/9/12).  2012 and 2013 I bumped up the game to the 7.4 (1:16:22 and 1:16:09) nothing stellar, DLF for my sex/age group this year and 12 out of 16 last year (none of the same women ran last year, if that means anything).  I felt like crap all day, and even leading up to the race.  Fortunately there were friends there to keep me laughing.  Amy with her pointy elbows, cheery cheerful too freaking cute Ro, and Don always positive offering to pull me off the course (after he finishes, of course).

Sure, I could have opted for the 3.6 mile loop, but really didn't want to have to deal with what ever I would need to deal with.  It was 7.4 miles on trails I love, suck it up butter cup.

The start is it's usual glom of people, the heard thins out about 1/2 a mile in.  I'm learning how these things work.  I pushed up the hills to secure some ground over people, smart?  dumb?  who knows.  I just know that I have always pushed myself to run those hills and the coast the down hills is my treat.  Then the cut off for the 7.4 mile and the 3.6 mile race.  Going down to single track, the woman ahead of me and I chatted back and forth about that last long slow climbing up hill.  We figured we were in the back of the pack, really someone has to be last, right?  (there were a few people behind us) When we got to the section that is all ledge and looking out over the water on the right we both gasped and said this is my favorite part.  Truly it is beautiful, any time of year.

OK so this is from 3/12... not yesterday...
I kept up with her until we got back on the two track, I stopped for water (oh yes I did) and never let her out of my sights but I just wasn't pushing to keep up.   Once out by the RR tracks it was time to see the front runners, lots of familiar faces.  You go guys and gals!!  Over to Haley Farm on more single track then two track and back towards Bluff Point (where apparently I am 2nd fastest Haley Farm to the Bluff - one more thing to figure out about Strava - so Yeah Me!)

I had a little gas in the tank for a strong finish!!  Love that crazy legs feeling at the end of a race. I've no idea where that extra little oopmh comes from, and it isn't always there.  Happy when it is!

After catching up with Don and Ro, I found Amy to dig those pointy elbows into my tight muscles.  I really think she enjoys people screaming in pain. (You do Amy, admit it. And I do enjoy it after it is over.)  On the way home, Hubb called to find out where I was and could I pick him up a Blizzard if I was planning on coming home soon.  Sure thing hon, I'm just coming home from a race.  Does that man not pay attention when I talk?  He said, oh yeah, I thought you mentioned something about that.  Thanks pal...  I had him text me his concoction, my brain was not going to remember anything, and said I would be along shortly. 

Dumb dumb dumb.  I was hungry, standing in the never moving line, hoping I didn't pass out.  The two drunk men, father and son, flirting with me was a nice way to pass the time.  Obviously they could not smell me was what Hubb had to say about the whole thing. Yes, he did appreciate his Blizzard and that was probably not an appropriate dinner for me?

My plan was to sleep like the dead, the stuffed up nose, sore throat, and bed spins (non-alcohol induced, thank you very much) didn't really allot time for that.  Well shit, just what I need a summer cold.

Missed Mike's race and spent the day sleeping and reading "The Impossible Cool" by Eric Orton.  Very good book. It is a training plan book, yes, and it is more.  It is a conversation with Eric Orton on what are your true goals and what is holding you back.  His plan is about what YOU want to accomplish and how much effort YOU want to put into YOUR goals.  Eric gives you the pieces of the plan, you just have to do it.  Very similar to "Run Faster Run Less" by Bill Pierce, Scott Murr, and Ray Moss.

Due to traffic problems a few weeks ago I wasn't able to hear Eric speak about his book at R.J. Julia Booksellers in Madison, CT.  But I did get an autographed copy and hopefully will get to see him speak at a future time.

I enjoy reading books about running.  Personally, I think we know what works for us and what doesn't, it is interesting to hear what works for others as well as the science behind it.  How about you?

Beth, feeling less spacey, and really needs to learn to listen when her body says rest.