Sunday, June 2, 2013


I was lying (or is it laying, lying, I was right, whoop) on the couch this morning,  Gizzy at my feet,  catching up on WWF and Scramble.  Scrolled through Facebook.  Connie did her longest run ever 4.5 miles, GO CONNIE!!!  Kudos to you!!  The Endorphin Dude (I'd love to meet him some day) is running his 99th marathon.  The 5th member of the Fab 5, Erwin, is running the San Diego R&R half 6th on his quest for 13 in '13.  The girls and I roped him into doing Marine Corps with us in October (more on that later). Team Tuez kicked off their 90 miles in 60 days + 1,000 conditioning exercises today and the miles are rolling in.  Marie (who gave up updating her blog, woman get back to it, you have stuff to say!!) finished her run looking fresh as a daisy, how does she do it!?!? Nicole's awesome pic from her 5 miles along the Charles yesterday.  Poked over to Strava to see what the guys were up to.  Boy did I feel like a freaking slug.  It isn't the times, it is the miles.  Damn...  here I am sitting at a big fat zero for the month of June.  Still dizzy when I stand up, sit up, roll over, or open my eyes to fast.  Hubb thinks my childhood blonde hair is taking over, ever the supportive smart ass is he.  Big puffy hearts.

I got off my lazy bum before 10 and went out for my "around the house loop" and added in a lap around the Westerly HS Track.  Figure that works nicely with my remembrance loop around Wilcox Park?  Wow the track is nice and squishy too, weird.  I didn't really think of anyone in particular on my Wilcox loop, what was I thinking of? who knows, probably just to not twist my ankle on the uneven slabs around the fountain. When my MCM training starts the loop in the park is dedicated in support of or in memory of someone with lung cancer.

Fountain in Wilcox park, and the granite is uneven, although really doesn't  look it... hmmm
So there you have it, proof I'm really not a total slug run...  3.5 (hilly) miles / 37:03 min / 10:35 pace. Thanks all for the motivation!  OK bringing out my competitive streak...

What motivates you? What keeps you motivated?  Are you competitive with yourself?  With others?

I felt pretty good after my run and a shower, and the humidity sees to be waning, yipiee!!  Hubb decided we needed to rekindle the Sunday lunch tradition (tragically ending when 10 Sandwiches burned in March) he agreed with my suggestion to go to The Malted Barley for Pretzel Sandwiches, and a beer.  Heck if I'm going to feel dizzy anyhow...   After that I packed up the elder dog, Gizmo, for a hike at Bluff Point to explore some trails.  We were out there 104 minutes, I did something or something happened to the Strava App and it cut a nice straight point A to point B line and point D to point C line when I knew we twirled around on trails for the missing 54 minutes (Stravagate anyone?) We go at under a 20 min/mile pace, I'd say we went 5.2 miles.

That old pup is going to sleep like the dead tonight.  He is going strong for a 12 and 1/2 year old boxer boy.

Beth, thanking you ALL for the motivation to get some miles in, and feeling better (just in time for work on Monday phttt)


  1. Sounds like a pretty damn good Sunday. Who needs running when there's pretzel sammiches and beer to be had!

    1. Seth - you have it right. What am I thinking?!?? :)

  2. Seriously, I agree with Rhody Seth above! LOL Motivation goes both ways and without reading my daily post from all my running friends, I wouldn't get out at all. As for the missing 54 minutes, I am guessing Twilight Zone.

    1. As one of my tech friends used to say the problem is between the seat and the keyboard. I was trying to run two apps at one, DOH!! And yeah, Seth is right...