Monday, June 24, 2013

Race Recaps! Irish Festival 5K and Glow Bash 5K

Friday I did go out and test ride a bicycle.  Wow, so much nicer than my old clunker mountain bike...  stay tuned on this subject.  Hubb asked me to talk to one of his buddies about this whole road bike thing.  Sure, expert advice and opinions are ALWAYS appreciated.

Saturday hubb and a buddy went Fluke fishing somewhere between Jamestown and Newport so he was up and out of the house early.

Why he texts me these things I'll never know.
I had two races on Saturday.

Saturday morning I was to meet my old boss and his family in North Haven for a 5K.  Yeah, an hour and ten minute drive for a 28 minute event.  Think that is the last of them, ever.  Famous last words.   It was very easy to find Steve and his family and we caught up a bit.  His son was back in the UK house sitting for his brother, Bob, who was in the states visiting.  His eldest daughter, Nicki, is a marathoner so we caught up on each others latest races and next races.  Nicki and Uncle Bob are going to be running the NYC marathon together!  Nicki ran it last year and was proud to say she only vomited 4 times.  Yeah?  I'm not a puker so I have no idea if that is good or bad?  This was Bob's first race, ever.   Ah, OK.  The Elder brother (Steve) drug the younger brother along and they finished in 26:50 minutes, no puking.  Nicki and Laura finished in 31:37 and 31:36, Nicki dragged Laura along!  Must be an older sibling younger sibling thing?  Johanna, Steve's wife, did the 2 mile walk.  I finished in 28:52 feeling a little redeemed after the 5K at the Dog Watch on Tuesday night...  It was a pancake flat course, with one "hill" at the end, must have been a total elevation of 6 inches or something equally as intimidating!

Catching up with Steve today, he took Bob out on a nice hilly 8 mile run in the heat on Sunday. Nice guy, guess if the times you get to torture your younger sibling are few and far between better make the best of it. Bob is well on his way to meet with success for the NYC Marathon!  I'll be cheering him on.

And I didn't get a picture...

Saturday nights race was a Glow Bash in Bristol RI.  I went with Nicole, one of her regular running friends, a new friend and fellow Lung Cancer advocate, Sally, and two of her friends.  Sally made up Glow Babes (our team name) shirts and we all had fun putting together glow in the dark things.  Mine were actually still glowing last night!  I made up some 'collars' for the dogs and dressed them up and they glowed in the dark nicely until they wiggled out of them.  Diesel was my dress up guy, he LOVED to wear things.  These three, not so much.  In fact, Gizzy reaches a state of near paralysis when we put his life vest on him to take him canoeing.  Silly dog.  Boxers swim like rocks!

I'm sure our mothers are SO proud!
The 'race' was a scavenger hunt the team had 2 hours to complete and could run any where from 3 to 5 miles.  We managed 3.5 miles in 1 hour and 14 minutes.  We didn't run a lot but we did back track not as much as I thought we may have!  The clues were very relevant to Bristol, RI.  A place I've been to a sum total of twice.  The first time to run my first ever 5K at Colt State Park (yeah yeah, this whole driving longer than you are running thing started from the beginning) and then two years ago on a yarn crawl.  Nice yarn store as I remember it!  The remaining 5 team members had similar stories.  We thought this lack of knowledge would put us at a disadvantage.  Not so much.  Between our brain power and GOOGLE we only had to ask for help once!

There were 10 destinations and different things to do at each one to prove you were there.   A ring toss, posing for pictures, a 7 legged race, collect a stamp, collect a ticket.   The 7 legged race was one of my favorites.  The 6 of us tied one leg together and all decided right foot first.  After nearly toppling in a huge heap upon saying RIGHT.  We realized the only person with a free right foot was the person on the far right end!!  We determined shuffling was the way to go and manage to get the 20 feet from the start to the finish line for this 7 legged race.  (If you only had two team members it would have been a three legged race - follow me?)

I was a little skeptical about this, but figured it would be fun, how could dressing up with a bunch of glow in the dark stuff and running all over a super quaint New England town in the dark NOT be fun!?!?!

Sunday I brunched, lobster omelet to. die. for. and peach sangria.  Caught up on maybe three house work things I'd been putting off and suckered hubb into going to the beach after dinner to look at the moon.  He could ride his fat tire bike a bit and I could run a few miles.  Well it was a phoggy mess, so no moon.  Bummer.  We had a nice time and despite the rising tide and head wind I had a decent run.  How could a beach run be bad?

Today kicked off Marine Corps Training! Hoo Rah.

Beth, home alone and babbling to you and the dogs!


  1. I think your weekend sounds perfect! I can't believe today kicked off marathon training! How exciting! I guess my training will be sneaking up on me anytime now. LOL

    1. I can't believe it is already here... Yours will be right around the corner!!!

  2. your doing Marine Corps - NICE - Carol Rose in Supply Chain is also doing this race / the night race in Bristol look like fun, always wanted to do one but they are never close to home - you had a great weekend

    1. The night races are fun, and never close... alas...

  3. Always so much fun to read your posts! Although your adventures with the dogs received a little competition from Rusty the Red Panda last week! See you at the fun run?

    1. I have to catch up on Rusty the Red Panda!! I'm in NYC today so no Dog Watch, next week though!!