Sunday, December 10, 2017

Weekly Recap: 12/4/2017 - 12/10/2017

Monday -  A running day.  I was feeling really good and positive and with the encouraging note from Connie I set out the usual way on the work loop, a right out of the gate.  I am faced with a slight incline no matter which way I turn and I usually go right, then the fast runners don’t have to pass me.  Doing my best to not make them uncomfortable for flying by me and my conservative pace, always accommodating!  Everything felt really good and I decided I’d try all three points.  Jupiter was up first and the one I like the least feels like I’m crawling out of a hole is near as I can figure why I don’t like it so much.  That felt fine.  It is sad to not see the elderly lady and her corgi anymore.   I always enjoyed seeing them, made it easier to face Jupiter Point.   I haven’t seen the crazy boxer in years, but he was the first fun thing to look forward to on this part of the route.   Avery Point is better in this direction because of the chilly SE wind off the water, plus it feels like wee tiny push.  Avery Point is short and similar,  it is a nice way to tack on 0.40 of a mile to a run.   When the space watch hit 5.2 I saved the run and walked the remaining ¾ mile back to campus.  Partially because I was tired and partly because while I wasn’t feeling it at the moment, the likely hood of feeling the run later in the day would increase if I kept on. 

I don't have many pictures from this week, so here are some oldies. 
Jax loved this game.  
 I went to take Gus on a short walk and once he realized my plan he was having nothing of it and stopped, stood behind me, and waited with his “Really?” look on his face.  This means he wants to go a different direction and I get to figure out which direction that is.  He wanted to cross the street.  I eventually steered him, albeit unwillingly, back toward town and the park, we did a loop in the park and went home for 1.5 miles.  He had a long walk on Sunday and usually, he stops and turns us around a ½ mile into the walk the day after a long walk.  I can’t figure him out.  Definitely has it in his mind what he wants to do, communicating that, not so easy for him.

Georgia Peanuts - one of our fosters
She was a sweetie.

Tuesday – Not a running day, circuit class wasn’t going to happen with meetings, spin later on in the day would be fine.  It was also going to rain, meaning I’m not taking anyone out for a walk in the rain, nope, no, definitely not.  The class was good.  I didn’t feel as exhausted as I did last week.  Perhaps because this wasn’t a double workout day?

Why is there a tree in the house?

Wednesday – A running day.  The day Ro and I do the hill loop.  She and Mark are in Martinique for about 6 weeks, and I haven’t gone on the route since the week she left, either I wasn’t feeling up to the route or I had something else going on.  I headed out that way and ran most of the loop, I knew I couldn’t maintain our power walk pace solo.  I did walk a couple of the hills from the ½ way point.  Considering I hadn’t done the loop in a month and having let my endurance lag, I am happy with what I accomplished.

Gizmo leading the pack on a run!

Gus took me on a long walk, and while we were gone the Imaginary Husband pulled the Christmas decorations out of the attic, set up the tree, and put on the lights and waited for us to get home so the hoomans could decorate the tree.  It was 9 p.m. before I finally got to sit down and had a few things I had to get done.  I was wired going to bed, meanwhile, I hoped the sound of two softly snoring boxer boyz would lull me to sleep.  

Sage, mid-flight.  She was a bruiser!

Thursday – Not a running day.  Another crazy meeting day so no strength class, my knees were aching, Vitamin I fixed that.  I didn’t need to torture them with the jumping parts of the warm up.  I took a spin class for some exercise and a short Gus walk in the evening. 

Diesel and Gizmo

Friday - A running day, I wasn't feeling it, so I didn't.  Stopped at the store because we actually needed milk, and with the pending snow, cracker soup and sammiches (tomato soup and grilled cheese) would be perfect for dinner, so I picked up bread (not something we have regularly).  The grocery store was insane, as was traffic.  Tis the season, nothing to do but smile at the people having meltdowns, some were nuclear and amble my way home.   I napped when I got home, probably about 30 minutes, but it was enough to give me a boost of energy for a nice long Gus walk after dinner.  

Always a favorite of Jax and Gus

Saturday - Pending snow set my mind at accomplishing little but catching up on recorded TV, Vikings, Good Behavior, and Blind Spot (the only violence I enjoy) and knitting on the Wild Boy sweater.  

Sage, waiting to attack.

Sunday - Newport Christmas 10K.  Hard to believe it this day and age a race is still allowed to be called Christmas anything, but as people insist it isn't a war on Christmas it's a war on close-mindedness.  Whatever.  Seems to me from the dawn of time what you do or don't believe is what causes war, hate, and discontent.  Can't we all get along, and accept that your neighbor doesn't have to believe in your diety to be a good person?  

Gus was late but at least you can see his face.

Race Recap:  My goal was 1:15.  I crossed the finish at 1:13.  I really didn't expect that to put me squarely in the actual back of the pack, with the police car breathing down my back.  I was happy at mile 5ish when they finally pulled away to direct traffic.  I was a little relieved to see someone in the car.  Another runner who bailed...  believe me the thought of bailing was running through my mind.  I looked at the results and was a little mortified to see my name as DFL (Dead Fucking Last), kinda made me sad to see how far I've fallen from my middle of the pack status.   Dave, the Imaginary Husband, reminded me I hadn't run that distance in several months and was barely trained for a 5K, let alone a 10K.  It was August the last time I ran that far.  It is what it is, and as much as it bothers me, it is what it is.  I enjoy biking so much more and have come so far with my bike handling skills, I do have something to be proud of.  Full results here.  


Feet:  28.8
Saddle: 30  


"My Cousin Rachel" by Daphne du Maurier is getting better, the mystery is starting to open up.  Phillip, for being 24 is rather a nieve man which makes me chuckle at times.  His Cousin Rachel is a character, she is hard for me to trust, however, Phillip is very enchanted with her and can't for the life of him figure out why!

I started reading "Long Journey Home: A Young Girl's Memoir of Surviving the Holocaust" by Lucy Lipiner.  I mainly listen to books, however, with a small change in my routine I have about 45 minutes of slack time and decided I'd use that to relax and read.  This is an interesting book.  I love reading about the horrors of the Holocaust, the inspiration of people surviving through such horrible events is really what draws me to this time period.  Lucy discusses leaving Poland just days before the occupation of the Nazis, he father was very insistent the family leave, and stay away.  Lucy is a child of 6 when her family and extended family fled their home.  Seeing this through a child's eyes is very different than seeing it through an adult's eyes.  


Dave yelled downstairs "When did we get a walk-in closet in the guest room?"  I said, "What are you talking about?" He was commenting on my yarn stash spread out on the bed, and the half-full closet, and how could I possibly have pulled all THAT out of the closet.  I explained that yarn is very squishy.  He was amazed at how much I had managed to squirrel away in the small closet.  I have a very large project ahead of me deciding what stays and what goes.  Any suggestions on local elderly care facilities or centers I can donate the yarn too?  

Meanwhile, I am nearly finished with a sweater for a baby born this month, and have a couple more specific recipients for sweaters!  And here I gave all of the stash away.  I really did want them out of the house.  I'm happy to continue on with my favorite pattern and merrily knit away.

Beth, looking forward to getting back on the mountain bike next weekend, I missed riding Barney this weekend.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Weekly Recap: 11/27/2017 - 12/03/2017

It sucks when your body betrays you. Kind of my theme for the week.  Sucks to have a goal of running 5 miles in one run to be a stretch goal.  It is what it is and I'll figure it out.

Monday - 5K around the button hook and back.  

Gus was up for a short walk.  Goofy boy.

Hey, Snoopy what's got you so deflated?

Tuesday - double day, weight/circuit class for lunch and a Spin class after work.  I was wiped out.  Made pumpkin/curry/coconut milk soup for dinner, soup, something more to love about cooler weather!

Jax has the right idea, curl up with the pillows and catch some ZZZZZZZs

Wednesday - Run, a whole 4 miles, I made it around two of the points.  Yeah me!  Gus got a walk, nearly 3 miles and he was ecstatic with that. I should be just as ecstatic with 4 miles. I'll get there, it will take time.  No, no I won't, but I'll do my best to fake it.

Thursday - Circuit class no spin.  I had a hair appointment and Maggie was so excited as finally, she got to blow out my hair straight.  The Imaginary Husband was quite surprised, it's been 15 or so years since I've gotten my hair blown out.  I have a selfie, it's not great but I'll post it anyhow.  Took both the boyz out for a walk, this is miserable for all three of us, but at least they got out so they will let me sleep, and really that was all I cared about.

Friday - Got in little over 4-mile run, felt pretty ok.  Ran to Jupiter Point, the point I like the least.  At least I got all three points done in a week, maybe next week I'll get all three points done in one run!!  Here's hoping!!  Gus and I had a long walk after the sunset and before dinner, I was surprised!  We were downtown when the 6 p.m. chimes rang so we headed home, and the dogs had dinner at close to dog dinner time.  I'm the stickler, dog dinner time is 6:30, Dave feeds them earlier if they are pestering him and pleads with me to feed them earlier when I am home and ignoring them...  

Saturday -  Lots of errands to run and it was going to be warmer in the afternoon.  Perfect for a road bike ride,  a short one, 15 miles.  I inspected my back tire and found some cuts in the tire and patched them put the tube back in and pumped it up and was on my way with my new comfy cozy riding pants, the best $100 I've ever spent!  I did need my windbreaker I wore my vest, my hands were warm in the gloves so it was OK to have a bit of a chill on my arms.  Just about 8 miles in a spectacular blow out.  The guy walking around the corner said: "You ok?" I said, "Yeah, pretty spectacular sounding, huh?"  He said, "I thought someone was power washing their house."  I got the new tube checked to make sure I didn't pinch the new tube in the bead and pumped it up.  Put the tools back in the saddle bag and PSSSSSTTTT.  Holy crap...   I checked my phone to see what time it was.  Dave was due home by 3 p.m. and it was 2:30.  I texted, "Home yet?  I'm having a very bad tube day.  In Watch Hill.  Patching the first blow out.  But I'd love to be rescued."  He called and said he was just in the next town over asked exactly where I was, I told him and said I'd walk the bike the way he was coming, it was warmer than sitting on the curb!   That worked out well.  Clearly, I am doing something wrong.  Now to figure it out.  Or maybe it was the small cuts in the tire. I will get a new tire.  Get Gatorskins Sir George says, they are the best Sir George says,  you'll never get a flat Sir George says, well now I'm on my second set in the course of 6 months. Michelin it will be, they seem to serve Dave and Jeff well...  gahhhhhhhhh  

Bill and Dace dropped by when we were gone and left the dogs an Advent Calendar.
There are treats in each of the days.  They are NOT amused!
Someday we may paint the door to match the trim... someday.

Sunday - Dave, the Imaginary Husband, and bike mechanic, fixed up the tubeless back tire in Barney (the mountain bike), he held air all night and I even had to let some out before I went for a ride in Barn Island in the morning.  Barn Island is in CT and there is no hunting on Sunday in CT.  I'm good with that, shotgun season opened on Saturday so it is going to take a while for the hunters to sort themselves out.

I got lost and misdirected, and had a grand time.  I wanted to go out for an hour and I was riding for about an hour, so goal met.  I think I can load the route I want to take into the Garmin and it may direct me on the trails, if not, I may feel a bit more secure about where I am going.  The trails aren't marked and aren't well used so they are a bit hard to follow.  

Gus was happy to take me on a long walk, I am beginning to think he is walking me and I'm not walking him.  I'm only making sure he doesn't get hit by cars as he goes from garbage can to garbage can crossing streets willy-nilly.

Jax was not at all cooperative getting his picture taken with a favorite beer.

I tried a selfie and he was having none of that, Dave got a HUGE laugh out of that spectacle, he said it was good I hadn't taken the top off the beer or that would be alcohol abuse!  Ha ha ha. 

And so ends the week.


Feet: 24
Saddle:  29

Not spectacular, I'll take it.  I feel good at the end of the week and that counts for something!!


Finished:  "The Girl From the Train" by Irma Joubert.  I'm really not sure how I feel about this book, if I liked it or not.  The story was good, a young girl and her sister jumping off a train headed to Auschwitz.  The train was unscheduled and the Polish resistance troops had bombs set to blow up the bridge the German troop train was going to cross.  The train containing Gretl's mother and grandmother reached the bridge first.  It was good till it wasn't, I could see how the story was going to unfold for Gretl.  I'm one of those people who forgot the ship sank in the Titanic, that is how involved in a story I get.  Dave is one of those people who tries to figure out the ending and when it is obvious he is bored and annoyed.  He still went with me to see Titanic and chuckled when I was surprised the boat sank.   So for me to figure out an ending, the story didn't wrap me up enough.

Started:  "My Cousin Rachel" by Daphne du Maurier.  I MAY have to start this one over.  I loved "Rebecca" in all the formats I could consume it.  I think this is going to unfold similarly, but I'm not sure.  


Made some progress on a sweater.  Vikings started again for the season so that is what I'm watching and knitting.  It was nice to get back to feeling the yarn and the needles in my fingers.

Beth, chugging along, merrily!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Weekly Recap: 11/20/2017 - 11/26/2017

Monday - There was a short dog walk so Gus would let me sleep through the night. Otherwise, I don't want to talk about it.

These are the things that go on in our house.  We have a circle, perfect for 5-year-olds to ride bikes around, or 51-year-olds... not really much of a difference?

Tuesday - Spin class!  It is a bit boring not being able to stand on the pedals, however, a good time to work on my climbing muscles.  Gus and I had a nice walk after I got home.

I want the chair, make Jax get out of the chair.

Wednesday - The sun was supposed to be out at 3, so I was going to run then.  It didn't come out but it was nice for a dog walks, they each had their own walk.

Dave, the Imaginary Husband, volunteered to help out with Thanksgiving dinner at his parents, house.  And when he volunteers, he does, he isn't voluntolding me, he is volunteering himself.  We had a small crisis with a roasting pan after I got back from a short Jax walk and a long Gus walk.  Tom the Turkey wouldn't fit into the pan and how the hell was he supposed to fold his wings behind his back?  Were they supposed to go back like he was arresting the turkey or like the turkey was sitting in an office chair with his hands behind his head?  Nothing was really working.  Then there was the dilemma of no turkey baster or string....  I offered several times to make a trip to, ugh, Wal-Mart, TJMaxx or Home Goods MAY have what we are looking for but at 9:40 p.m. we had a limited amount of time.  Wally World was most likely to have what we needed.  They did!  We only need a few inches bigger pan, and I found it!  The baster and string were procured at Stop and Shop and I was on my way home.  Leaving Stop and Shop at 9:59 p.m. just as they were closing!  Pshew.

Tom was all situated and bound in his vessel, the wings go behind like he's in a desk chair, not the back of a police car (in case you were wondering), he was nestled quietly in the fridge with the sides ready for a 6 a.m. wake up call!  Well done, Dave, the Imaginary Husband!  He asked if I'd dry if he washed the 1/2 a gajillion pots, pans, bowls, and other things he used.  Sure, anything to get the kitchen put back together.

Thursday - Up and at 'em at 6 a.m. to get Tom layered in some cheesecloth and in the spa for his day of tanning.  Dave asked me to hold off until after the 10 a.m. basting to leave the house.  He was going on a Turkey Burner Ride.  Oh goodie, I didn't have to leave till a civilized hour!  Tom looked all tanned and crispy with a little cheesecloth all browned from the butter and wine basting sauce.  Very cute!  I was able to use the time to futz around with the tubeless back tire on Barney.  After several inflations and rapid spinnings FINALLY the tire held air!  I was pretty lucky and it was 45 minutes of riding before the tire started going flat and I had to re-inflate to get back to the car.  I could see where the 'stuff' was leaking from the tire during the multiple inflations and spins.  I'll call that a win and Dave said he'd put in a new application that probably the last application leaked out over the summer and with the re-inflation and spinning.  Or there was a problem with the binding.

I had such a lovely ride.  I was so happy to be in the woods, and have warm feet, and be on the bike, and be muddy, and have clear skies, and sun, and the best of many worlds for me.  I could feel that smile I get when I bike emerging on my face.  One of my co-workers sees me out on the road from time to time and says I look very happy on my bike.  He also thinks this is very weird, and wonders if there is vodka in my water bottle.  HA HA!!


Jax came with to MA and Gus stayed home.  Gus isn't good in the car, he hates it.  He was very happy to have us home and when I went to bed he curled up next to me and put his head on my shoulder.  Not something he normally does.  I would have preferred to leave both of them home so they could keep each other company.  Somethings aren't worth fighting over, it's pointless.

Friday - Faith and I were able to run, and we went to Champlin Glacier Park.  You can get a surprising amount of elevation in the teeny nature preserve.  I managed 3 miles before I really needed to throw in the towel.  It had been nearly two weeks since I ran, and of course, Thanksgiving dinner was sitting heavy in my gut.    It was a fun run, nothing to be disappointed in, then we went to a packy and got a mix-a-six of beers I thought she and her husband would enjoy.  I picked up a few things too...

Saturday - The weather was supposed to be perfect for a road ride, low 50's, sunny, barely any wind.  I was so excited to be able and get out for at least an hour of riding.  I stretched it into nearly 2 and then topped it off with a spectacular blow out less than a mile from home.  I seriously have something wrong with my back tire.  Either I'm putting in the tube wrong or there is something wrong with the tire.  Taking the whole thing apart and carefully going through it with a bright light and glasses could unearth any defects in the tire or the rim.  Or I'm just a buffon who can't put in a tube without it getting caught in the bead on the tire.

Gus and I went out for a hike.  This was the day I was going to let him take the inner trails of Riverwood Preserve, they are hilly and after learning a friend's parents lost their boxer boy to a heart attack on Thanksgiving Day I wasn't going to deny Gus to do something he loves, while it terrifies the hell out of me when he recklessly scrambles up the ledge and then wanders to the edge, he clearly enjoys it based on the look in his eye and his nub wiggles.  We heard gunshots pretty quick into our hike and Gus wasn't having any of that and took the quickest exit out of the preserve.  Fortunately, he had a really good scramble up a ledge, and one where he was sort of stuck (which happens when you take the steepest route) and I had to give him a little push to get him to the top.  A reminder we should embrace each day and do something that makes us happy.

Sunday -  The Imaginary Husband had a 30-mile mountain bike ride between the Woody Hill Preserve and Burlingame on his schedule.  I planned on going to Barn Island and exploring more.  My back tire on Barney wasn't holding air well and he was going to take a look at it, probably needs more of the 'stuff' as it is tubeless.  I did grab a tube and put that in my pack, just in case....  what I forgot, and found out a mile away from the car, when the tire wouldn't hold air, were tire irons.   Whoops.  I walked the bike back to the car.  All good experiences!

I'm nearly capable enough to ride right through these old stone walls.


Feet: 17
Saddle: 49

Nothing too impressive.  I think I'm ready to get back to more running miles.  It has been nice having knees that don't feel like hell, however, it hasn't been nice not having that freeing feeling I get from running. 


"The Girl From The Train" by Irma Joubert, it is an interesting story about a young girl, 6, who jumped from a train heading to Auschwitz.  Her Oma and Aunt were on the train, they did not make it off, only she and her older sister, who became very ill and died.  She was adopted by a family in South Africa when she was 12.  I'm not sure it is or isn't a great book or if I just haven't had enough time to think about it, it's not really grabbing me.


Found homes for all but two of the sweaters, and I'm not too keen on giving either of them away due to size issues with one and a small defect in the other.   Finished another sweater and started one.  From the count, in my knitting notebook, I am starting sweater #39 since I started keeping track a couple years ago.  

I'm not quite ready to sort (determine what to keep with a specific project and what to give away) the yarn stash I've amassed over the years, there is more yarn than I can knit, and getting slapped in the face finding a HUGE bag of yarn hiding behind a chair in the guest room was a little overwhelming.  Even if I lived to 100, I would never get through all this yarn.  

I am ignoring the bags and bags of fabric, at the moment.  That may just get shipped to my Aunt in IL, she will put it to good use.  Quilting is her obsession.  

Beth, remember, enjoy every single day.  

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Weekly Recap: 11/13/2017 - 11/19/2017

Happy news!  I found homes for all but two of the sweaters. One I think is more a preemie size, or an American Girl Doll size (anyone Buller?) I'll pass on the preemie because it isn't a very soft sweater.  The other sweater I am holding on to for a girlfriend who is expecting in March, she is just 40 and married a year.  It's a girl sweater, so her baby is a girl, whoop!  If not then it goes in the pile with the rest of them to find homes.  I don't sell them, I give them away.  Maybe it is a weird Midwestern thing?  or a knitter thing?  I seriously have collected more yarn than I will ever knit and need to make some progress on my stash to a point before I donate it to a retirement home.   My husband suggested I make socks and give them away.  Um NO.  Socks are a whole different game than my basic baby sweater pattern.  If you get a pair of socks from me, that is a HUGE commitment you need to make to me for the rest of your life and the life of the socks. 

Monday -  Running today would be a two day in a row run for me.  I didn't bring my spin shoes and  had stupid meetings at the spin class time (I think) so I went out for a run in the neighborhood south of campus, it has wee tiny hills and close enough that I'm not more than 1/2 mile away in case I was so miserable I was done done done.    I got in 3 miles and was happy with that. 

Gus got out for a short walk where clearly we did not go where he wanted to go and then I dropped a glove and we had to backtrack.  His expressions and demeanor represented his disappointment in the entire walk. I do love curmudgeons, so it's hard not find his grouching completely adorable.

This was a different day, but he was very happy to dig through the recycling and he found something to nosh.
Tuesday - Not a running day, it was a meeting day, I never got to the gym.  I was in distress when I got home.  Gus was in a better mood, or I let him lead (surprisingly a guy I danced with said to me "Beth this would be so much easier if you let me lead."  Huh...)  We wandered here and there and down roads, I am not a fan of.  He was happy and that is really the purpose of our outings. 

Jax - he looks so sweet and innocent?
Don't let the asymmetrical face and tongue too big for his mouth fool you.

Wednesday - Run with Faith on the schedule.  After an issue with parking, we ended up starting from the Eastern Point Beach parking lot.  I got in just over 4 miles and that was good.  I am so not prepared for Li'l Rhody.  There will be a lot of walking and a LOT of pain after... but oh well.  I spend the day after Li'l Rhody under anesthesia, so I have that going for me pain management wise!! 

Took both the boys out for a walk, this is a miserable exercise, why do I do this?

Watchaug Pond at Burlingame

Thursday - Not a running day a cross-training day, Chris' HEAT class was its usual torture.  Cardio and Super Set intervals.  The jumping with the cardio makes my knees ache when I can modify to keep up my heart rate I do, and for the other times, I hope he shows the LOW IMPACT way to do the exercise.  Weights aren't a problem, well squats, I can go down 30%, so it is really a focus on engaging the right muscles and not being lazy.  Even though I feel like people watching are all like 'WTF that girl isn't doing it right'  but seriously any further and I am experiencing a level of pain you may never comprehend in my knees.  Pain isn't a good thing.

He's too freaking cute.

Friday - I felt like crap, I took a nap, I felt better, end of story.

Saturday - Helped mark the Li'l Rhody Runaround course.  My first time!  Very fun, and I enjoyed talking to John Hammet very much.  Went out with super cool runners for drinks and dinner!  All in all a great day!

Some of Runners Love Their Beer

When we run the same race, Leslie is the first woman I am the last!
Sunday - As I worked registration and realized I'd be running 8 miles on an empty stomach I was able to make the smart decision and not run.  Gus couldn't even get me out for a walk.  I'm really not pleasant when I can't eat.  End of story.

Add your own caption
Photo by Paul Gray


Feet:  21.8  (totally NOT meeting 2,016-mile goal this year, I'm 66 miles behind, no way to make THAT up - oh well)
Saddle:  0  (off week a the gym, no spin, and well otherwise it is dark or I was crabby)


Success in finding homes for sweaters!

Nearly finished a rose-colored sweater.  Happy to make some progress, it is TV and Knitting season for the evenings. 


I finished "A Man Called Ove" by Fredrik Backman  I love, love, loved this book. Ove is a curmudgeon, but is he really? He has a huge heart it just takes a while to find it and a clear understanding of what it means to be Ove's friend. I listened to this and the narrator did such a great job, possibly making me love this book and Ove even more.  

I started "The Girl From The Train" by Irma Joubert, a book about a child escaping a train (which was blown up) headed for Auschwitz. 

All in all, not a bad or great week, it was a week.

Beth, happy to eat again, that was a long freaking 36 hours.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Weekly Recap: 11/6/2017 - 11/12/2017

Monday - Happy Monday I got to run again!  I ran 2 miles, I wanted to run more.  Ro reminded me to not overdo it.  2 was good, then we walked for a bit and ran another 1/2 mile.  I felt it in my quads on Tuesday morning!  I kinda missed that sore feeling from a good run.  Guess that was a good run?  I didn't want to walk any dogs and definitely didn't want to go twice, I took both of them.  The three of us were miserable.   Gus wants to walk, Jax wants to sniff, and I wanted to work on my to-do list (I never want to do that).

Thought this was really pretty.
Riverwood Preserve, Westerly, RI

Tuesday - Sore quads, were eased a bit in Addy's Circuit Class, or really "death spiral".  I can't even think up a good phrase.  Batan Death March comes to mind, but that may be a BIT over dramatic....  Then I went to Spin.  The second helping of torture was my call.  But I need to get back on that spin bike because the real bike is heading into the not so much season.  I was exhausted when I got home and it was raining and told Gus he needed a rest day.  He was not convinced.  He went to bed early and I am sure will have me up at 4 a.m. which he thinks is 5 a.m.  Maybe I'll walk him in the a.m. if I'm feeling up to it.  Bwahaaaaaaaa  I love to laze around in bed in the morning even if it is from 5 - 6 a.m.  it stills feels decadent. 

The Art Project - paw prints.  I have to get more clay and try over.
The treacherous trios look much better.

Wednesday - Awesome opportunity to tour the Dana Farber Cancer Insitute (DCFI) Lung Cancer research center.  This is where the money I raise (from a lot of you, thank you!) goes for research in detecting and treating lung cancer.

It was great to catch up with Diane and Kim and meet Lily, and David Sach's widow, Julie (it was their wedding anniversary) and Adam Klein (Survivor Fiji winner) his mother passed away from lung cancer two days after taping ended, she was diagnosed while he was on the show.

Diane looks great!  I was relieved, but I also know that anything to do with Lung Cancer advocacy energizes her and she gets such a lift from these events, it is good for her overall health.  Her cancer has made a reoccurrence and she is undergoing experimental treatments at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

Kim's mother (7 years post diagnosis) had some reoccurring metastasis in the brain and had brain surgery earlier in the month, she is busy picking apart what information her parents share and trying to put together a story.  I am lucky, my parents tell me what they know, not what they think I should know.

Lily's father is newly diagnosed, March of 2016, and he rode his first Pan-Mass Challenge this year, and Lily will be riding next year.  Lily is young, just out of college, too young to be dealing with a father having Stage IV lung cancer.  Her father is involved with a clinical trial out of MD Anderson Cancer Center in Dallas TX, he and Lily's mom fly down as necessary for treatment and examinations.

Bottom line: THIS is what the donations to LUNGStrong (or Stand UP 2 Cancer) provide, research and hope to a cure, and if not a cure, a way to control the progress of lung cancer.

It was emotional and draining.  I was glad to meet Julie, she wasn't so much into meeting new people, David passed away in August, it is very soon for her.  She did mention that they met while running a marathon, that is a cool story! I remember him from my year 2 and 3 PMC rides.  Such energy and passion.  Encouraging me to latch on to a pace line and zip along!  Not much older than I, 55, with kids in high school.  Far far far too young to die from Lung Cancer, his was due to a genetic mutation.

I can't see you.
You can't see me.
Thursday - my real activity was walking a very energetic Gus on the long route.  He was happy to get out, I worry about him, possibly too much, but I don't want him to have a heart attack while we are out, but then again, he'd die during something he loved.  It is a tough call.  I think I'll take him on the ledge in Riverwood, he loves that.  If it's the last hike, I'll know he was happy scrambling up the ledge.  Being a dog guardian isn't exactly easy, as a few of you know.   Bottom line, them being happy and fulfilled is of the utmost importance.

Dave did remind me that we let Diesel do as he pleased when he was going through chemo and on on the Sotolo.  He got to be almost as crazy boxer boy as he wanted to be until he couldn't anymore.

The trauma of a 10-year-old having to color inside the lines per her aunt and grandfather.
Friday - My second run post shot series.  It took a little shove by a co-worker to get me out there.  I was having a major confidence crisis.  She assured me we ALL feel like that and it passes.  She was right.  It was a good run and it felt good.  It was chilly with some wicked heavy gusts of wind.  So bad I couldn't face the Eastern Point Beach loop, I turned into the wind and was at a standstill.  That swiped about 1/4 mile from my run. I really wasn't in the mood for wind and sea spray, not yet.

I found these sheer curtains, they have really impressed me SmartSheer keeps out the cold in the winter and the heat/UV in the summer.  I was skeptical, a sheer curtain.  Well, it does work there is a marked difference of the temperature on the other side of them!  We have old windows, as old as the house. This should help a little with the drafts.  We both figure the drafts keep the air fresh.

Treat time!

Saturday - One of those bitter cold I don't want to move days. Assembled the baby sweaters I have been knitting through the summer and washed them and found most of them homes!

Gus and I got out in the afternoon for an in town walk.  In the park, he skedaddled when a little two-legged creature came running towards 'pretty puppy'.  Gus was all 'let's get the hell outta here'.  The mother had to chase the kid, even Gus, when smelling something very interesting has better recall than that toddler focused on 'pretty puppy'.  Sorry to the parents out there, but you have to ASK if a dog wants to be petted by a child, I have no remorse for making that mother run across the park after her kid.  I'd put a yellow ribbon on his leash, however who of you knows what that means? 

Baby sweaters summer 2017

Sunday - Setting the Pace for Conservation 5K at Avondale Preserve - Rachel said she might go, I never followed up to see if she'd be there or not. I brought her beer, and a singlet just in case she was there.  Nope.  Nice catching up with folks in person versus online (FB, Strava, Instagram, eMail).  The race is super flat, so even crossing the road, you know that less than wee tiny hump in the middle, felt like a hill!  HA!  I started out in the back and actually had to reposition myself to move towards the back of the middle.  Interesting.  I had no idea how this was going to go and only had the goal of not falling at the start.  I managed that, so the rest of the race was a gimme, right?  It was interesting to see how much I slowed down around corners, wonder if that took some of the wind out of my sails or I was plain tired because I haven't been running!  I had perfectly executed positive splits for the 3 miles of the race and was passed in the last 1/10th of a mile, and couldn't even work harder, clearly, I 'left it all out on the course'.  YES even someone who runs a 31:29 5K can say that!  I have no idea what my official time or place are, frankly, I finished, but if you are curious the results are here.  Some great showing by the WTAC crew, for sure! 

I was surprised I found this!
My parents' Conservation efforts recognized by their alma mater Bradley University

Gus and I had a nice hike.  He scared up a flock of turkeys and I can't tell you who was more rattled the turkeys or Gus!  We also saw and talked to a mountain biker.  Hmm... I really need to get back on Barney.

We are bored.
Do something for us.


Feet: 23.5
Saddle:  15


Finished "The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett" by ...   cute book about teen angst and finally realizing how you are perceived by other people doesn't really matter as long as you are true to yourself.

Started "A Man Called Ove" by ...  OMG, he is a cranky old bastard, very set in his ways, and a few chapters in I can understand why. 


Sewed up the collection of baby sweaters, put buttons on them, threw them in the washer and the dryer and found homes for most of them!  One did have a small tragedy and has a hole in the back.  I don't remember having to change yarn or weaving anything in, I'm not sure what happened there.  I'll hold that one for a bit and wash it again and see if my repair is OK.  I couldn't tell you how many of these I have made, I enjoy it and it keeps my hands busy and I can pay attention to conversations or books or television or movies, plus it slows down the amount of beer I can consume.  All good things.  Oh yeah and the maintaining what little sanity I do have to a fairly constant level.

All in all a pretty good week.  I pushed it a bit with Monday's run, I kinda knew I was going to do that and I also knew I wouldn't have the opportunity to run again until Friday, it all worked out.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Weekly Recap: 10/30/2017 - 11/05/2017

Monday -  So we had the whole flip-flop rooms around on the first-floor thing going on Sunday, upsetting the dogs to no end.  They were upset all week.  Boxers like their schedule and their routine and everything to be a really similar day in and day out.  I think it’s a German thing.  Gus got a walk but still didn’t seem to quell the “what the hell are you two thinking” expression on his face.  Jax was beside himself and could hardly play with his ball.  This is serious.

I'm FREAKING out!!! -- Jax

Tuesday – Halloween, I got home just in time to sneak in the house with the Monday groceries, I THOUGHT I avoided the trick or treaters, they start early around here and I don’t get home until 6 p.m.  A few of the munchkins got on the porch and peeked in the door but the light was off, if they knocked no one heard them.  I didn’t have any candy, the only thing I have a surplus of is ‘fun size’ toothpaste, clearly, that was NOT going to cut it. 

With all the people out, no dog walks, people everywhere, wanting to pet the sweet/handsome/beautiful Gus.  He loves to see and watch people but not so much to let them touch him; everyone wants to pat a dog on its head.  Think about it, would you like to be towered over and have someone smack your head?  He’s good with a gentle ear scratch and he may lean into it but that’s about it.  

Ro and I had our last hill workout until she gets back from Martinique in December.  Since she was my last running partner before my three-week break she’ll be my first running partner on Monday.  Unless the weather is decent and I attempt the 5.5 mile Tarzan Brown race on Sunday.

ZZZZ  -- Gus

Wednesday – Last shot!  No exercise while the Euflexx does its thing.  Beer meet up with some gals, good time, too cold in the brewery for my achy joints.

The first day of HEAT!!

Thursday – First spin class since April 5th.  No standing in the pedals for me, so I had to figure out something to do for the standing and hovering parts.  Working on my climbing muscles seemed like a good idea.  I could crank up the tension sit a little back in the seat and focus.  I think I can make this work.  It was the spin class Ro teaches and she does 10 minutes of arm weights while we spin at a medium cadence.  Those always kill my arms, even with 3 lb. weights!!!  I’ll be happy to get back to this and get out on one of the bikes for the weekends.  

Gus was happy to get out for a walk and we went very far at an extremely peppy pace, good for him.  I was exhausted!

My turn!

Friday - With the temps nearing 70 this is perfect biking weather, unfortunately, work is heating up, performance review time, the only time of year people are productive and think I'm all for the "lack of planning on your part constitutes an emergency on my part" and jumping.  Um, no, however, if you've done me a solid, I'll do you one. 

Another Gus walk, in the daylight, that was nice.  I wanted to get some special release beers from Beer'd and they opened at 5 and I didn't want to go too late, so I took Gus to Stonington Borough for a walk so after the walk I could get the beer I wanted to get.  It all worked out well.  The only hurdle was going to be the train bridge.  It is a wire bridge over the railroad tracks, you can see right through.  How would Gus handle this?  He gave me a WTF look and tentatively took a step up after a bit of urging.  Once he determined, that yes he could see the ground but we were going up and he wasn't falling he carefully picked his way up the stairs.  We got over the tracks, this part is cement, clearly not a problem.  Then the down.  Oh, my... how was THIS going to go.  He was even more tentative, however, trusted me enough to walk down the stairs.  His preferred method of descending stairs is hopping, landing on his two front feet and only his back right foot keeping the left bent.  It's his thing, the three foot down the stair hop.  We will know when he is really having stair trouble when he uses all four feet.   He was happy with some new scenery and we went over the car bridge for the return trip to Beer'd.

Sunset from our walk in the Borough

Saturday - I agreed to meet Faith at 11 a.m. at Clyde's Cider Mill, Relive here.  The big elevation drop after restarting the Garmin at Clyde's was weird.  She was going to run there and back and I'd bike.  She wasn't ready for 30 miles on the bike.  OK.  I rode to Clyde's on the route I rode last week and happened upon Faith running.  It was chilly and slowing down to a running pace was really welcome so my body could warm up a bit.  We had some delicious hot cider with caramel and a cider donut.  She ran back to where she started and I biked back home.  It was really nice!

This was my first experience with bib shorts.  Oh wow.  I loved them.  No binding at the waist of a waistband, just not super easy to go to the bathroom....  hmmm...  

Both the boyz got a walk.  Jax has figured out the put on the harness process!  I was really impressed.  It goes something like this:

  • He thinks he is going for a walk.  
  • I get his harness he spins wildly and punches things.
  • I say firmly "STOP"  he continues to spin about wildly and punch things. He is a boxer they punch things.
  • I sing "collaborate and listen" and he slows down a bit.  
  • He stops.  I hover over him attempting to get his feet in the right parts of the harness, left foot first.  
  • He explodes in another fit of spinning and punching.  
  • Repeat from STOP two more times and finally, he gets into the harness and we are off.  Tonight he didn't explode into the second round of spinning, he pulled up his left foot (the one I put in the harness hole first) and it took a few tries but we got it where it needed to be.  I was stunned by the surprise and more bracing myself to quickly back away as I don't want to get my head bonked by the spinning and punching.  He really is something.  I was pretty impressed and proud of him!

Caramel Cider and Cider Donuts

Sunday - I had a list, the list is all checked off.  A partial day and a full day of housewifery and I'm set for a while!

The dogs were not so happy with either the art project I had them involved in or the delayed dinner time.

This sucks, for ALL of us.


Finished "The Penderwicks at Point Mouet" by Jeanne Birdsall, so cute, albeit a little predictable, however what a charming story.

Started:  "The Penderwicks in Spring " by Jeanne Birdsall, I am nearly done.  Oh, my heart broke for Batty, her dog died of a heart problem and then all the rest that piled on top of that.  As I am nearing the end it seems to be all working out for a very happy ending.  I'm glad I read Sheila's review and these piqued my interest.  It has been a lovely journey.

Up next: "A Man Called Ove" by  Fredrik Backman or "The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett" by Chelsea Sedoti. Depends on if I want to listen to the radio after the last Penderwick saga ends.


Nearly finished with the tan baby sweater.  I should start sewing up the arms and putting on buttons on the ones to be finished bag.  And finding homes for them!  I know a wee one that may need one for her outside adventures with her mum and dad...


Another low week.  Funny how my weight hasn't skyrocketed and I haven't been that careful with my diet...  weird.

Feet:  18
Saddle: 46

All in all, not a bad week, finally feel settled in the house we moved into 18 years ago.

Beth, looking forward to running on Monday!!