Sunday, December 31, 2017

Weekly Recap: 12/25/2017 - 12/31/2017 and 2017 Recap

Ok so maybe not everyone starts their week on a Monday and ends on a Sunday.  This is how it worked out best for me...

Monday: Spend the day with family, my middle brother hosted Christmas and my Mom's birthday celebration.  

My youngest brother and my nephew
This is an AI track, but only if you set the cars to the AI setting so they don't go off the track.
The cars were all over the family room and the boys were having a grand time.

Tuesday:  Drove back to RI

The snow on the berries, so pretty.
From the back 80 at my parent's house.

Wednesday:  A day to get some exercise.  Gus put me through my paces with a nice long walk after Dave took me to a nice heavy breakfast, the rest of the day was spent with his family.  His cousin does a two-day event, they have a perfect home for entertaining 14 people.  We don't stay, dogs, and sleeping in our own bed.  The evening ends with Left Right Center or breaking the Peppermint Pig.  I bought singles for Left Right Center, but we ran out of time.  When we break the pig we tell what we were happy for in 2017 and what we are looking forward to in 2018.  Dave and I aren't really mushy people, clearly, as he is referred to as my imaginary husband and he finds this hysterical, he gave thanks for a list of things and ended with having a supportive wife.  Well crap, someone was cutting onions next to me...

Quite the couple...

Thursday:  The day started with what sounded like a freight train coming down the street and an arctic blast of wind, breathing hurt when I went outside.  Dave braved the temperatures with heaters for his biking boots and handlebar mitts.  I stayed inside other than to run a few errands.  I'm not ending the year on a high mileage note, good on ya if you did!

Jin and his new bike!
Finally no training wheels!!

Dave dragged me out of my cocoon to do some more Swedish Death Cleaning.  It was a very small space, the entryway/vestibule but damn did we cram a lot of stuff in there.  A lot was pitched or donated, and more put away where it belongs, leaving the minimal stuff we need in there.  I was up and down the stairs to the basement and the attic and got a bit of exercise so I did feel better.  Funny how he manages to figure out how to make me do what I need to do, to not be a grouch.  Not too bad for an imaginary husband, eh?

Deer trails through the snowy prairie

Friday:  Not going to warm up and my fingers and toes have started becoming really really not so fun in the cold.  I was hoping for 20F but the temperature didn't get there.  I got the dogs out for some walkies.  Gus longer than Jax.  The Imaginary Husband wasn't home when I got home, odd...  so I took Jax so they didn't have to go out in the dark.  Dave was out on his mountain bike, I was a bit surprised he wasn't home, figured he may have gone for a beer with the guys.  The subsequent text and phone call explained why.  Their new Glenn took a header off his bike and needed to go to the emergency room.  He spent a few hours with him in the emergency room.  For those who know the area, it was by the inchworm bridge on Sammy C's, at the triangle rock.  He must have smacked his face on the rock and they found him propped against the tree next to the rock.  Something to be said for a full face mask...

Made me think of Mikey and his love of both snakes and cold.
Ha Ha Ha
Saturday:  SNOW!!! Yeah!  I planned my day based on when the snow started, and it started early!  Yeah!!!  First up was a bike ride at Barn Island.  I begged off the Imaginary Husband putting on my new knobby front tire on Barney so I could get out there and not have to worry about flats.  We didn't go far, we did stay mainly on single track and I took a pretty good tumble, I was going to slow, and Arte Johnsoned myself onto a rock on my hip and my elbow and a few branches nearly missing my face.  It's crazy how this happens in slow motion.  I've learned to relax into the fall and that helps.  

Gus' new winter coat arrived.  I thought he might like a sleeveless vest type coat better.  He still didn't seem completely comfortable.  Of course, I panicked he's not doing well. He has aged a lot in the last year, considering he has a heart condition and a year in dog life is like 7 in people years I talked myself out of where I was going with that train of thought.  

The Imaginary Husband has also noticed he's been a little less spry on his right back leg.  Then we remembered!  He tried to pass me going down the stairs two weeks ago and he slipped and fell/toppled a little bit.  Must be that he has an injury that was probably healing when he wasn't walked while I was in MI and now that I'm home and taking him on long walks, in the cold, yeah....  so we will go for shorter walks so the old guy can heal up!  For now, this is what we are going with.  He's not failing in the hips like Gizmo, it is more favoring the left leg over the right.

They are ridiculous.
Gus on the couch and Jax on the dog bed.

Sunday:  Slept in, shoveled the walk, and did my own Swedish Death Cleaning on linens.  I am surprised how much stuff I can squirrel away in the steamer trunk, under the guest bed, and the linen closet.  Found a sweater my favorite aunt knitted for me and it fit perfectly and a vest my mom knitted for me, and the sweater my mom's boyfriend gave her in High School, I think she will be receiving this in the mail soon.  She is very heartbroken over everything they lost in the fire. This may be something from the past she will enjoy.  

No miles, however, I did meet my activity goal per my watch, I'm satisfied with that.  Competing with others on Strava got me down so much last year, I need to do my own thing in my own time, their goals aren't my goals, their requirements aren't my requirements.  This will be an inner fight until my dying day, it needs to not be a benchmark which I measure myself.  As always, a work in progress.

Credit to Westerly Town Hall
Such a beautiful photo of our Town Hall and Christmas Tree

So to end the  year some metrics:


Feet:  1,470
Saddle: 2,694

If you noticed my Lbs column in my chart, I'm down 20 since I started tracking the first of January 2017.  I gained most of this over a two year period.  It was time to get serious, and I did.  While 20 lbs loss over 12 months is not a spectacular achievement, it is an achievement in developing a new relationship with food and beer.  I honestly think goals taking the longest to achieve, in this case, to be back to my weight of 2012 (minus the months in 2014 when I was 10 lbs lighter and looked emaciated), are the hardest to earn.  This, of all my achievements, will be the longest lasting.  Losing weight is the easy part, maintaining that loss is the hard part, clearly, as I gained 20 lbs over the course of 2015 and 2016.

But let's get back to  the "important" stats:


I honestly don't know how many books I've read.  I'm sure Goodreads can give me that answer, frankly, that isn't a contest, either.  I am done with metrics, I read what I read, and however long that takes and whatever it is, that is my thing.  I love when other people review books and have read some great books as a result.  I've also read some not so much my thing books as a result.  Right now a friend is questioning my taste in books as they read one I dearly loved.  I'm good with that.  I really thought they would love it, well love one part of it.  I don't regret recommending it and they don't regret reading.  It's all good!


I knitted a lot this year, what exactly, I'd have to look through my knitting notebook.  The bulk is finishing two sweaters for myself, only one I love, the other I need to find someone who will love it and it will love, (I have a person in mind) and lots and lots of baby sweaters.  Each was given away.  Pay it forward. I love knitting these sweaters, it is a pattern adapted from a knitting icon, Elizabeth Zimmerman, to me, the Patti Catalano of knitting.  

All in all, this was a good year, I'll do a goal review in January, much like work I have to find my goals to compare what I actually achieved to what I set out to achieve!  And like work there is nothing tied to those goals, my raise, if I even get one, is far below the cost of living increase and does not reflect anything I've accomplished. 

I'm glad you've stuck with me another year or joined me on this journey.  

Beth, who drops the last bomb of 2017, I finally know what's been my problem for most of the last year.  I have Lupus.  I probably won't say much more about it, however, it explains, to me, a whole lot and leaves a whole lot of questions.  To all who live with their body attacking and betraying them, it really does suck, doesn't it?  Keep on keeping on and smile, fake being healthy, no one gets it if they can't see it on the outside.  

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Weekly Recap: 12/18 - 12/24

Monday – My week started with two days in NYC.  

I took a long walk after work to look at the light displays in NYC.  I’ll share those pictures here, it is so pretty.  The temperatures were mild and I really enjoyed my adventure.

Chrysler Building

Tuesday – The General Counsel award ceremony!  Finally!  It takes 4 months to plan this event and this time I wasn’t getting an award however I was on the planning team.   It takes a team to get this done and get all the details correct.  It went very well and I am proud to be behind the scenes for this.  A holiday volunteer project with my workgroup and then cocktails and tasty things at The Kimberly.  It was all super nice and I ate way too much.  My boss and her boss laughed when I asked if it was ok that I got a beer.  I really don’t like wine or champagne.  I work with a great group of people.  I’ve been at my current company 18.5 years and the last 6 in the Legal Division have been the best by far, the work, the leadership, and the people. 

A very exhausting day and I was happy to crawl into bed and pass out.

Rockefeller Center tree
Wonder why my edited versions disappeared.... oh well...

Wednesday – Back to the routine!  Ro is back for a couple weeks before she goes off on her next adventure.  We did our hill loop and I was a little concerned I’d be dragging her down, but we weren’t too far off our usual pace!  So maybe I’m not as out of shape as my mind thinks my body is?  It was nice to catch up.  We’ll get in probably two more walk/runs before she is off again for CO.  

Gus got me out for a quick walk, very quick!  He was on task as his walk was late and I think he wanted to get to bed early as much as I did.  I was so exhausted!

Saks Fifth Avenue light display

Thursday - My first day of vacation until I go back to work on January 2nd. I didn't use up all my vacation time in 2017 and won't make that mistake in 2018!!!

Saks again - this is set to music and really magical

Friday - Drive out to MI. 


Saturday -  I got my mom out for a walk around the forest and a short trip to get Dave's Christmas present (Bells Two Hearted Ale)

Largest Menorah

Sunday - I went out with the intentions of maybe 3 miles and I'd see how I felt.  It is fing cold.  I made about 3/4 of a mile on the road and then ran the trails in the forest for a bit, the hunters were out so I stayed far from where they were.

I really liked this


Very low with travel and visiting.  Hopefully, not too much of that will show up on the scale next week!  Ha ha ha....

A whopping 15.7 on my feet and nothing in the saddle.  


Finished the girl sweater I started last week and started a new girl sweater.  My mom had some buttons in need of a home those will be put to good use!  These two also have homes!


Finished: "The Identicals" by Elin Hilderbrand, it was good, a take-off on the Parent Trap with a twist, the twins are adults and the parents do not get back together.  All of this was juxtaposed against the 'twin' islands of Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard, the differences in the twins and the islands.  A good light read with a happy ending.

Finished: "On Trails: An Exploration" by Robert Moor, very good!  A biography of trails! Fascinating. From the earliest existence of trails to the longest trail and everything in-between where they come from why they exist how they are used, the friendships created, the book unfolds much as a hike unfolds.  I don't buy many books, this one may end up in my library.

Finished: "Long Journey Home: A Young Girl's Memoir of Surviving the Holocaust" by Lucy Lipiner, I think this was a Kindle freebie, definitely worth reading.  An inspiring story of heartbreak and survival before during and after the Holocaust told from a young girl's point of view.

Finished: "Midnight and the Bright Ideas Bookstore" by Matthew J. Sullivan, well done!  A mystery and a family drama all wrapped up in a who done it with crazy clues.  I enjoyed this very much.  

Started:  "Norse Mythology" by Niel Gaiman, I'm enjoying it so far, I know bits and pieces of Norse mythology, this is putting structure around it for me.

Started: "Beneath a Scarlett Sky" by Mark T. Sullivan, another Kindle freebie, I'm not sure how invested in this I'm going to get.  It is about the Nazi occupation of Italy, something we don't hear much about.  It will be worth the time to read.

All in all, not a bad week mentally, physically, well we all have them where we don't get to do as much as we usually do for one reason or another.

Beth, a little late in publishing with travel.  Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Weekly Recap: 12/11/2017 - 12/16/2017

Monday – After licking my wounds over the race and several people commenting.  “You weren’t prepared”; “You can’t be good at both running and biking”; “You are lapping everyone on the couch”; “Think about the people stuck in the hospital and can’t even get outside";  "For crap's sake Beth stop being so hard on yourself".  I do excel at beating myself about the head and neck.  We all have to be good at something right?  :)

Clara finally got Andrew's "hat"
This is the back of the stone, a fitting epitaph for Andrew.
This put a lot of perspective on my pitty party, I could hear his hearty belly laugh and his booming voice
"AAARRRGGGHHHHH, give it up."

The sun was shining and I went for a walk.  My right knee didn’t feel right and I know I was lacking the energy to run, however, it was taco salad day for hot lunch and I needed to get ahead of those calories!  It was a lovely sunny peppy walk and I felt much better for it.  Even got a bit of a sunburn on my nose and cheeks!  Lucky me and fair skin, eh?

The front, and the Russell Sprouts.
Adam, Eli, Erin
Adam and Eri are twins

Gus got a walk at night, I didn’t get him out on Sunday and knew he was bummed about that.  He wasn’t so much into a walk he wanted to climb hills, so we did that.    He steered me up two of the steeper hills and seem to be satisfied with that level of activity and marched us home.

Tuesday – My plan was to try another double day with the strength class at lunch and then spin after.  All the jumping in the warm-up for Addy’s class really isn’t so great for me.  I have to figure out an alternative.  Chris doesn’t do that, well maybe not as much, hmmm…  The class was good, three circuits with 3 minutes of cardio in-between,  I really do enjoy the classes and am seeing some improvements.  I do wish I was more motivated to do stuff at home or even do something solo in the gym, I just can’t get in the groove.  Although years ago I did do the 7-minute scientific work out from the NYT fairly religiously before my weekday shower.  I have to find that sheet, oh here it is!   I could forgo 7 minutes of WWF to do this again.  Ok so 21 minutes, three reps would be best, right?  Oh and now there is an App for that.  Of course, there is.

Spin was good, and a welcome sweat fest.  Still sucks to be the only one staying seated the whole class.  Jeff, the instructor, gets it and says he’s amazed I can stick with it as sitting is pretty boring.  I’m feeling some improvements, and definitely able to increase the tension a little bit each time for what is my ‘easy’ tension.  

My in-laws were visiting and The Imaginary Husband was cooking up a storm, I guess they would be my imaginary in-laws?  I think he enjoys having his parents all to himself.  I know I certainly do when I go to visit my parents; I have not done enough visiting this year.   It’s nice to have their undivided attention.  Dave has to compete with his siblings their spouses and their children and pretty much gives up trying to tell a story or make a point. Despite the newest daughter-in-law’s incessantly texting Dave’s father, it was a pretty good visit for them.

Clearly, this is me.

Wednesday - I had plans to run with Faith at lunch, unfortunately, my boss finally got a huge data set to me and it had to be dealt with immediately.  Considering it was probably 20 below with the wind chill and my right knee wasn’t feeling it, this wasn’t a bad thing.    I begged off the run and managed to get done what needed to be done and double and triple checked for accuracy.  Nothing popped back up in my inbox on Thursday morning so I’ll call it a success or Lori was too busy with kid stuff to take a critical eye to my analysis.

Jax has taken up snuggling under quilts, this is a new thing.

Got Gus out for a walk, it is time for a coat for him, I think it has been for a few walks.  I’m not sure if he like the coat or not.  It was Deisel’s coat, and he LOVED to be warm and snuggly and would be happy in the coat under a quilt on the couch, after a walk. I think the jury is still out if Gus likes the coat or not.   We didn’t get too far the wind was strong and cold and we made it ¾ of a mile till he turned us around.  I wasn’t very surprised. 

He is a dapper dude!

Thursday -  Pretty packed day, the work fun run, Jess (I can't call her New Girl anymore she's been there 4 years!!  When did that happen??) asked if I was walking or running it and I said I'd be happy to walk or run with her, but she'd have to slow down!  She's a before work exerciser.  By the time I'm at work and have my coffee she's already done with her workout, so no not running, walking would be great.  Awesome!  We did the course, and it was nice to get to know her a bit better.  Hardly felt like we walked a 5K, wished it would have been longer!   

After work was the WTAC Holiday Party and Jingle Bell Trail 5K beforehand.  I was so unprepared for a dish to pass and picked up a veggie tray once I located them in the store, after 3 laps around the store.  I'm a moron sometimes.  I kept muttering I KNOW I've seen these things here, and just as I was about to give up I remembered where they "hid" these things!  HA!   So I was a bit later than I wanted to be getting to the venue.  The fun runners were there and the leader wasn't, he was running late from marking the course.  Perfect.  Jeff was busy giving directions on the route and it became clear I should have paid attention as Colburn would be out there by himself and that was not acceptable to have someone alone in the dark.  

Colburn is 84 and really didn't want to be in the woods by himself, smart man, guess that happens once they get older?  I bought boots and was willing to hike the trail with him, no problem.  Colburn chatted my ear off!  It was great.  I was worried what to talk about and he handled that from his first great-grandchild to be born in February and all the trips he and Lori took for the years they were together before she passed to fixing cars to asking me questions on who was the Lazor and who was the Smith and why?  He started running when he was 49 and that was when he was his fastest and it has all gone downhill from there.  It was a really enjoyable hike in the snow-covered trails in the woods.  The snow gave an extra level of comfort we were going the right way because we could see the runner's footprints, and Jeff put out signs and strung LED lights around them. It was really fun!  

The party was a new format: potluck and that went well.  I can see improvements for next year, but for the first time putting this together it all went really well and the snowy hike or run in the woods beforehand was the highlight for those who participated.  The goal was to have more interaction between the members and the board.  I think we did well.  

Stolen from Jeff's Strava post.
Colburn and I could see these from 1/4 to 1/2 mile away.
Friday - I took the day off from work, the Imaginary Husband and I were going to do some furniture shopping, but he decided maybe we'd peek online to see what it was we'd be looking at before going to the store.  Brilliant!  We need small tables and bookshelves.  The end result is he is going to have his furniture/cabinet building buddy make exactly what he wants.  I think that will be perfect.  Jim has already made us some nice stuff.  I'm much happier spending the money on a quality piece of handmade furniture from a local craftsman.  

Nothing to see here... keep walking...

Saturday -  It warmed up over 30 and I took Barney out to play in the snow on some trails!  We had a grand time, 8 miles of snowy trails on the 29er+ was a workout for sure!  The packed parts were easier pedaling the unpacked presented a bit more of a challenge, there were some slippery spots on the single track, usually where they are when I run these same trails and I was equally as cautious, even with my knee pads, because who knows what can happen.  Plus I didn't have my phone with me because it would probably freeze.  I'll take the chance next time.  The woods are so pretty in the snow, I drank as much of it in as I could still, it is nice to have a picture of the beauty.

Jax, wondering where Dave went.

Thinking I need some 'lobster gloves' or some 'bar mitts' my hands got a little colder than I would like plus my hands felt too stiff in the gloves and my wrists were at a funny angle.  Not sure if this is a glove thing or a break and shifter level adjustment on the bar or a rider adjustment.  I'll figure it out.

Gus, wondering where Dave went.

Sunday -  Both the dogs got out early for exercise, probably early than they would have liked.  How unfair of us interrupting post breakfast pre-lunch nap nap!!!

Wilcox Park in Westerly
Town Hall is in the distance.
Always beautiful any time of year.
Eventually, I got out to Barn Island.  I rode for an hour.  I'm still dialing in how to stay warm on the bike.  This time I wore my PI Barrier Pants,  OMG, they are awesome on the road bike AND on the mountain bike.  My knee pads fit under them and those give me a bit of extra security if I actually do try and conquer an obstacle.  The rocks and roots and branches were pretty slippery today, as well as very leafy areas.  I toppled over a couple of times, more for going to slow than being too daring!  HA HA HA!  It was beautiful in the woods and I feel extra secure as there is no hunting in CT on Sunday.  For some reason this year I'm more paranoid about hunters than in previous years. 

Barn Island


Feet:  16.8
Saddle: 15

Kind of a light week and I didn't run a step, not sure if that is good or bad, my knee does feel better and my bruised ego is healing.


"My Cousin Rachel"  by  Daphne du Maurier - finished - this was good!  I loved Rebecca, the plot twists and turns kept me enchanted. Same with this. It started slow, and I was about to give up and then the mystery started. Why DID Ambrose die? Who was this Cousin Rachel Philip was so obsessed with? Why was he so obsessed with her? Was he falling for her being foreign? Was she really that enchanting? Wait, maybe I have this all wrong, or do I?

"Lusia's Long Journey Home: A Young Girl's Memoir of Surviving the Holocaust" by Lucy Lipiner - In Progress - I haven't picked this up in a week, I continue to think about it.  I'm looking forward to hanging out with my mom and reading in the afternoons when I visit in a few days.

"The Identicals" by Elin Hilderbrand - In Progress - This is a take on The Parent Trap but the twins know each other, they were just raised one on Marthas Vineyard and the other on Nantucket.  Once Billy, their father dies, they are reunited.  Why they stopped speaking is still a mystery 1/2 through the book.  It is kind of formulaic but well written and interesting enough to not give up!


Finished the Wild Child sweater, just needs buttons.  Started a sweater for one of The Imaginary Husband's friends freshly minted granddaughter.  On deck is a sweater for a friend, who shared she is having a girl in her Christmas card, this has been a hard-won pregnancy and it will be fun knitting that sweater for her!

All in all one of the best weeks I've had in a long time,  feeling very positive despite my waining athleticism...

Beth, remembering one day at a time really is a good idea, we don't know what the future holds.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Weekly Recap: 12/4/2017 - 12/10/2017

Monday -  A running day.  I was feeling really good and positive and with the encouraging note from Connie I set out the usual way on the work loop, a right out of the gate.  I am faced with a slight incline no matter which way I turn and I usually go right, then the fast runners don’t have to pass me.  Doing my best to not make them uncomfortable for flying by me and my conservative pace, always accommodating!  Everything felt really good and I decided I’d try all three points.  Jupiter was up first and the one I like the least feels like I’m crawling out of a hole is near as I can figure why I don’t like it so much.  That felt fine.  It is sad to not see the elderly lady and her corgi anymore.   I always enjoyed seeing them, made it easier to face Jupiter Point.   I haven’t seen the crazy boxer in years, but he was the first fun thing to look forward to on this part of the route.   Avery Point is better in this direction because of the chilly SE wind off the water, plus it feels like wee tiny push.  Avery Point is short and similar,  it is a nice way to tack on 0.40 of a mile to a run.   When the space watch hit 5.2 I saved the run and walked the remaining ¾ mile back to campus.  Partially because I was tired and partly because while I wasn’t feeling it at the moment, the likely hood of feeling the run later in the day would increase if I kept on. 

I don't have many pictures from this week, so here are some oldies. 
Jax loved this game.  
 I went to take Gus on a short walk and once he realized my plan he was having nothing of it and stopped, stood behind me, and waited with his “Really?” look on his face.  This means he wants to go a different direction and I get to figure out which direction that is.  He wanted to cross the street.  I eventually steered him, albeit unwillingly, back toward town and the park, we did a loop in the park and went home for 1.5 miles.  He had a long walk on Sunday and usually, he stops and turns us around a ½ mile into the walk the day after a long walk.  I can’t figure him out.  Definitely has it in his mind what he wants to do, communicating that, not so easy for him.

Georgia Peanuts - one of our fosters
She was a sweetie.

Tuesday – Not a running day, circuit class wasn’t going to happen with meetings, spin later on in the day would be fine.  It was also going to rain, meaning I’m not taking anyone out for a walk in the rain, nope, no, definitely not.  The class was good.  I didn’t feel as exhausted as I did last week.  Perhaps because this wasn’t a double workout day?

Why is there a tree in the house?

Wednesday – A running day.  The day Ro and I do the hill loop.  She and Mark are in Martinique for about 6 weeks, and I haven’t gone on the route since the week she left, either I wasn’t feeling up to the route or I had something else going on.  I headed out that way and ran most of the loop, I knew I couldn’t maintain our power walk pace solo.  I did walk a couple of the hills from the ½ way point.  Considering I hadn’t done the loop in a month and having let my endurance lag, I am happy with what I accomplished.

Gizmo leading the pack on a run!

Gus took me on a long walk, and while we were gone the Imaginary Husband pulled the Christmas decorations out of the attic, set up the tree, and put on the lights and waited for us to get home so the hoomans could decorate the tree.  It was 9 p.m. before I finally got to sit down and had a few things I had to get done.  I was wired going to bed, meanwhile, I hoped the sound of two softly snoring boxer boyz would lull me to sleep.  

Sage, mid-flight.  She was a bruiser!

Thursday – Not a running day.  Another crazy meeting day so no strength class, my knees were aching, Vitamin I fixed that.  I didn’t need to torture them with the jumping parts of the warm up.  I took a spin class for some exercise and a short Gus walk in the evening. 

Diesel and Gizmo

Friday - A running day, I wasn't feeling it, so I didn't.  Stopped at the store because we actually needed milk, and with the pending snow, cracker soup and sammiches (tomato soup and grilled cheese) would be perfect for dinner, so I picked up bread (not something we have regularly).  The grocery store was insane, as was traffic.  Tis the season, nothing to do but smile at the people having meltdowns, some were nuclear and amble my way home.   I napped when I got home, probably about 30 minutes, but it was enough to give me a boost of energy for a nice long Gus walk after dinner.  

Always a favorite of Jax and Gus

Saturday - Pending snow set my mind at accomplishing little but catching up on recorded TV, Vikings, Good Behavior, and Blind Spot (the only violence I enjoy) and knitting on the Wild Boy sweater.  

Sage, waiting to attack.

Sunday - Newport Christmas 10K.  Hard to believe it this day and age a race is still allowed to be called Christmas anything, but as people insist it isn't a war on Christmas it's a war on close-mindedness.  Whatever.  Seems to me from the dawn of time what you do or don't believe is what causes war, hate, and discontent.  Can't we all get along, and accept that your neighbor doesn't have to believe in your diety to be a good person?  

Gus was late but at least you can see his face.

Race Recap:  My goal was 1:15.  I crossed the finish at 1:13.  I really didn't expect that to put me squarely in the actual back of the pack, with the police car breathing down my back.  I was happy at mile 5ish when they finally pulled away to direct traffic.  I was a little relieved to see someone in the car.  Another runner who bailed...  believe me the thought of bailing was running through my mind.  I looked at the results and was a little mortified to see my name as DFL (Dead Fucking Last), kinda made me sad to see how far I've fallen from my middle of the pack status.   Dave, the Imaginary Husband, reminded me I hadn't run that distance in several months and was barely trained for a 5K, let alone a 10K.  It was August the last time I ran that far.  It is what it is, and as much as it bothers me, it is what it is.  I enjoy biking so much more and have come so far with my bike handling skills, I do have something to be proud of.  Full results here.  


Feet:  28.8
Saddle: 30  


"My Cousin Rachel" by Daphne du Maurier is getting better, the mystery is starting to open up.  Phillip, for being 24 is rather a nieve man which makes me chuckle at times.  His Cousin Rachel is a character, she is hard for me to trust, however, Phillip is very enchanted with her and can't for the life of him figure out why!

I started reading "Long Journey Home: A Young Girl's Memoir of Surviving the Holocaust" by Lucy Lipiner.  I mainly listen to books, however, with a small change in my routine I have about 45 minutes of slack time and decided I'd use that to relax and read.  This is an interesting book.  I love reading about the horrors of the Holocaust, the inspiration of people surviving through such horrible events is really what draws me to this time period.  Lucy discusses leaving Poland just days before the occupation of the Nazis, he father was very insistent the family leave, and stay away.  Lucy is a child of 6 when her family and extended family fled their home.  Seeing this through a child's eyes is very different than seeing it through an adult's eyes.  


Dave yelled downstairs "When did we get a walk-in closet in the guest room?"  I said, "What are you talking about?" He was commenting on my yarn stash spread out on the bed, and the half-full closet, and how could I possibly have pulled all THAT out of the closet.  I explained that yarn is very squishy.  He was amazed at how much I had managed to squirrel away in the small closet.  I have a very large project ahead of me deciding what stays and what goes.  Any suggestions on local elderly care facilities or centers I can donate the yarn too?  

Meanwhile, I am nearly finished with a sweater for a baby born this month, and have a couple more specific recipients for sweaters!  And here I gave all of the stash away.  I really did want them out of the house.  I'm happy to continue on with my favorite pattern and merrily knit away.

Beth, looking forward to getting back on the mountain bike next weekend, I missed riding Barney this weekend.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Weekly Recap: 11/27/2017 - 12/03/2017

It sucks when your body betrays you. Kind of my theme for the week.  Sucks to have a goal of running 5 miles in one run to be a stretch goal.  It is what it is and I'll figure it out.

Monday - 5K around the button hook and back.  

Gus was up for a short walk.  Goofy boy.

Hey, Snoopy what's got you so deflated?

Tuesday - double day, weight/circuit class for lunch and a Spin class after work.  I was wiped out.  Made pumpkin/curry/coconut milk soup for dinner, soup, something more to love about cooler weather!

Jax has the right idea, curl up with the pillows and catch some ZZZZZZZs

Wednesday - Run, a whole 4 miles, I made it around two of the points.  Yeah me!  Gus got a walk, nearly 3 miles and he was ecstatic with that. I should be just as ecstatic with 4 miles. I'll get there, it will take time.  No, no I won't, but I'll do my best to fake it.

Thursday - Circuit class no spin.  I had a hair appointment and Maggie was so excited as finally, she got to blow out my hair straight.  The Imaginary Husband was quite surprised, it's been 15 or so years since I've gotten my hair blown out.  I have a selfie, it's not great but I'll post it anyhow.  Took both the boyz out for a walk, this is miserable for all three of us, but at least they got out so they will let me sleep, and really that was all I cared about.

Friday - Got in little over 4-mile run, felt pretty ok.  Ran to Jupiter Point, the point I like the least.  At least I got all three points done in a week, maybe next week I'll get all three points done in one run!!  Here's hoping!!  Gus and I had a long walk after the sunset and before dinner, I was surprised!  We were downtown when the 6 p.m. chimes rang so we headed home, and the dogs had dinner at close to dog dinner time.  I'm the stickler, dog dinner time is 6:30, Dave feeds them earlier if they are pestering him and pleads with me to feed them earlier when I am home and ignoring them...  

Saturday -  Lots of errands to run and it was going to be warmer in the afternoon.  Perfect for a road bike ride,  a short one, 15 miles.  I inspected my back tire and found some cuts in the tire and patched them put the tube back in and pumped it up and was on my way with my new comfy cozy riding pants, the best $100 I've ever spent!  I did need my windbreaker I wore my vest, my hands were warm in the gloves so it was OK to have a bit of a chill on my arms.  Just about 8 miles in a spectacular blow out.  The guy walking around the corner said: "You ok?" I said, "Yeah, pretty spectacular sounding, huh?"  He said, "I thought someone was power washing their house."  I got the new tube checked to make sure I didn't pinch the new tube in the bead and pumped it up.  Put the tools back in the saddle bag and PSSSSSTTTT.  Holy crap...   I checked my phone to see what time it was.  Dave was due home by 3 p.m. and it was 2:30.  I texted, "Home yet?  I'm having a very bad tube day.  In Watch Hill.  Patching the first blow out.  But I'd love to be rescued."  He called and said he was just in the next town over asked exactly where I was, I told him and said I'd walk the bike the way he was coming, it was warmer than sitting on the curb!   That worked out well.  Clearly, I am doing something wrong.  Now to figure it out.  Or maybe it was the small cuts in the tire. I will get a new tire.  Get Gatorskins Sir George says, they are the best Sir George says,  you'll never get a flat Sir George says, well now I'm on my second set in the course of 6 months. Michelin it will be, they seem to serve Dave and Jeff well...  gahhhhhhhhh  

Bill and Dace dropped by when we were gone and left the dogs an Advent Calendar.
There are treats in each of the days.  They are NOT amused!
Someday we may paint the door to match the trim... someday.

Sunday - Dave, the Imaginary Husband, and bike mechanic, fixed up the tubeless back tire in Barney (the mountain bike), he held air all night and I even had to let some out before I went for a ride in Barn Island in the morning.  Barn Island is in CT and there is no hunting on Sunday in CT.  I'm good with that, shotgun season opened on Saturday so it is going to take a while for the hunters to sort themselves out.

I got lost and misdirected, and had a grand time.  I wanted to go out for an hour and I was riding for about an hour, so goal met.  I think I can load the route I want to take into the Garmin and it may direct me on the trails, if not, I may feel a bit more secure about where I am going.  The trails aren't marked and aren't well used so they are a bit hard to follow.  

Gus was happy to take me on a long walk, I am beginning to think he is walking me and I'm not walking him.  I'm only making sure he doesn't get hit by cars as he goes from garbage can to garbage can crossing streets willy-nilly.

Jax was not at all cooperative getting his picture taken with a favorite beer.

I tried a selfie and he was having none of that, Dave got a HUGE laugh out of that spectacle, he said it was good I hadn't taken the top off the beer or that would be alcohol abuse!  Ha ha ha. 

And so ends the week.


Feet: 24
Saddle:  29

Not spectacular, I'll take it.  I feel good at the end of the week and that counts for something!!


Finished:  "The Girl From the Train" by Irma Joubert.  I'm really not sure how I feel about this book, if I liked it or not.  The story was good, a young girl and her sister jumping off a train headed to Auschwitz.  The train was unscheduled and the Polish resistance troops had bombs set to blow up the bridge the German troop train was going to cross.  The train containing Gretl's mother and grandmother reached the bridge first.  It was good till it wasn't, I could see how the story was going to unfold for Gretl.  I'm one of those people who forgot the ship sank in the Titanic, that is how involved in a story I get.  Dave is one of those people who tries to figure out the ending and when it is obvious he is bored and annoyed.  He still went with me to see Titanic and chuckled when I was surprised the boat sank.   So for me to figure out an ending, the story didn't wrap me up enough.

Started:  "My Cousin Rachel" by Daphne du Maurier.  I MAY have to start this one over.  I loved "Rebecca" in all the formats I could consume it.  I think this is going to unfold similarly, but I'm not sure.  


Made some progress on a sweater.  Vikings started again for the season so that is what I'm watching and knitting.  It was nice to get back to feeling the yarn and the needles in my fingers.

Beth, chugging along, merrily!