Saturday, June 27, 2015

Weekly Recap: 6/22 - 6/28 (final)













I am still surprised no one called me out on my messed up dates, oh well...  of the three people who read this you are far to kind, thank you!

Monday - I didn't know exactly how far I could or would go.  I always have that "5 miles is the minimum for a kudo" rolling around in my mind.  Argh!  Thanks Jeff!  I think it is a reasonable benchmark for a run and I need to get back there consistently - hell I need to get back to consistently running.  All in due time.

My glutes were still very sore and not at all happy with this decision to run and the first little rise was met with, a resounding if you turn left and go up that next rise you will regret it.  I didn't, I headed straight towards the beach.  As luck would have it Dave B and Steve (AKA thanks to Mikey B "Your EB Boys" - just so you know they call you "Your Pfizer Boy" good grief) were gaining on me and joined me.  Oh great, I really wasn't sure about this and now I have to keep up?  They let me set the pace, and they meant it.  When I did slow to a walk they went on ahead and turned around to come get me when I started running again.  I felt better once I got back into the office, still not happy glutes.  Not really a surprise.

TRX was good, we have a 4th!  This will help to keep a more consistent class.  The leg work hurt, and the planks were painful, I was happy to get to the arm stuff and even happier it was finally over.  I needed it and the movement helped work out a little more pain.

Tuesday - During Monday's run Dave B was adamant speed work was starting on Tuesday.  They'd meet me in the Rainville Lot about 11:35 a.m. As luck would have it Mikey B was just starting out for his run and he decided to join in the fun.  I figured he'd be a good challenge for Dave and Steve, he runs about a 19 minute 5K and they run about a 21 5K, Dave may be a bit faster than Steve.  I'm not quoting PRs or anything, so don't get all offended.  I'm happy if I can continue to break 30 minutes.

Well, pretty deep subject.   The last time I did speed-work on that course was 1/20, 5 months ago.  There were a few treadmill speed-work outs before hill work started in March.

My goal time for that 0.2  / 1/3 mile loop was 2:14

Well isn't that ugly?

I think the whole thing bored Mikey B to tears, he's used to being the slow one in the group when he does speed-work with the kids from work.  I'm also wondering if I got the 0.3 wrong now...  Crap...

Dog Watch fun run was that night.  Jennifer and I did a lap, just enough to qualify for a drink then we stayed for dinner.  Never a disappointment when it comes to food there!!  We enjoyed catching up and I stuffed my face and she saved half for lunch the next day.

Wednesday - Legs felt better, still heavy.  Figured I'd go with a few more rises and see how that worked out.  All was well.  Took a bike ride after work to work out the last of the soreness and that definitely worked.  It usually did help with recovery after long runs last summer.  Thing is there haven't been any long runs to speak of lately!

Thursday - Rest day - short dog walk, mostly catching up from being busy the last two weekends with chores. Figured out that if Gizmo got his walk first he was a little more likely to go further. I think he believes his position of alpha dog means he goes first.  I tried that and we got in a mile.  Pshew.

Friday - Short bike ride with Jennifer and a walk with Ro and then Gus.  I really should have gotten in a run.

Saturday - Skies were clear and I went out with the intention of doing the Rhode Warrior course, 57 miles.  I got through the tough parts and called it and finished up the 57 on a different route home.  It felt good and it felt tough.  Definitely need to work on hydration and fuel. I felt much better after I'd stop at 25 miles to have a snack.  I probably could have made a metric century, probably should have the weather prediction for Sunday is poor for biking.

Sunday - "bike or run"  What happened?  I took Gus for a 5K walk and Giz for a 1/2 mile, went to a surprise birthday party for a friend who recently turned 60 and ran errands.  I'm fine with that.  I'll get my hands on my plan this week.

Beth, trying to fit it all in.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mt. Washington Auto Road Race - 2015 - Recap

I did this last year.  Recap here. It was fun to scan through my recap from 2014 and look at the pictures and remember my thoughts.

The main difference between 2014 and 2015?  Fitness and Attitude.

This year, it was more fun, a little slower, a lot warmer, a lot clearer, and much much more painful. 

As I ran/power hiked up the mountain I recalled certain points where in 2014 I was so hard on myself.

I didn’t do that this year. Guess what I've come to the realization:

  • I’m not Joe Gray or Kim Dobson.  
  • Living in the relative flat of Rhode Island, which actually is hilly compared to where I grew up in Michigan, is a training challenge.
  • This is not my job, I don’t do this for a living; I run and have adventures for fun, stress relief, and therapy. 
  • I enjoy the adventure for the sake of adventure and I'm not taking away from anyone's experience. (Years ago, I read a post by EJN, it hit a nerve/chord/something.  Every time I read it I get a different take away.  Mainly I vowed to not be a tourist in races, I still don’t think I am, yet am I?  I know the post was part satire, however there is some truth to satire.)
  • Taking in the  scenery was key!  The day was crystal clear at the bottom and all the way to the top.  This is a very rare occurrence.   

This was the day before

  • Talking to various people as they would catch up to me and then move on at a faster pace than me is a great part of the experience.  Sang a couple rounds of “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall”; we got to 97 and decided that we were probably wasting energy. It was fun though!!
  • This race requires getting puppy power, meeting up with a Vizsla/Wire Haired terrier mix pup, OMG adorbs!! With the sleek Vizsla body and the fuzzy beard, kinda looked like Seth! Really perked me up.

Did I train for this?  Yes, I did hill work, 10 sets, once a week for 3 months, was that enough, no not really. Twice a week would have been better. Should I have mixed in long runs? Yes, most definitely, this would have helped with the glute issues starting in mile 2.

2014 I was a month out from my first 50K (Yes I’m still saying first, there may be a second) and I was in great shape.  Granted my lungs were rebelling on me for most of that spring.  I sucked up the Albuterol and gave it my best. My body though was through the ringer with the 50K and probably mostly repaired.

2015 I walked more than I ran on a weekly basis, but I did hills.  I can’t judge my level of fitness, however my attitude is much better,  I have realized I am not a competitor, I enjoy the race for the run and the personal challenge, some people may not be OK with that, I am.  I’m working on tossing out the comments from the egotistical narcissists who believe if you aren’t half dead by the time you cross the finish line you are something less than them.  As Jennifer tells me “Don’t engage.”  I’m not.  Water off a ducks back, besides they only care about my opinion if it is how great they are; not my opinion in general, so why should I let theirs keep me up at night or ruffle my feathers?

So the race.

This year you could pick up your bib the night before or the morning of the race, we still opted to pick it up the night before.  The group broke up for the meal which was kind of a bummer.  I latched on to Steve, his son Brandon, and Brandon’s friend Cully (short for Culvert, IKR? It’s a family name, and he seemed to have also inherited wisdom with the name).  We went to a local restaurant, The Scarecrow for pasta.  Nice to see a lot of people come over and talk to Steve about the farm and what not and see how much Brandon, he just turned 18 and graduated High School, has grown and watch him recite his college plan.   Youth is wasted on the young.

We had a filling pasta dinner and some ice cream and they dropped me off at the 1785 B&B and they went off to the NH house, letting me know they’d be by at 6:45 a.m. and we’d get coffee along the way.  Fine by me, I’m liking this switch to coffee from Diet Coke.  I’ll tell ya though all those things they say will change when you stop drinking it, not so much.  I had a wicked detox headache for a week or two but none of the rest of the bloat or sleeplessness or anything went away.  Huh…

The morning of the race, it was clear this was going to be a beautiful day, I was up about 5 a.m. with the sunrise (no damn rooster) and could see Mt. Washington from my open window, yes the temps dipped into the 30s overnight and it was a lovely chilly in my cozy room.

See how clear it was!!
On time were Steve and the boys, Dunkin Donuts was mobbed, so we lost a bit of time to pick up the rest of the crew.  And then there was a 30 minute wait to get parked.  Oh wow, people were panicking and freaking out.  Drivers had to leave for the top by 8 or was it 8:30?  Where we were meeting our driver?  Does any have any cell service?  Should we get out and walk?  Chaos was begining.  All I can think is my brother who likes to wave his arms and shout “EVERYBODY PANIC” when this happens.  

What happened?  The driver was right where he should be, everyone got their stuff situated, and he zipped into line to take the truck to the top (this was how we were getting down). 

Now was time for the pre-race rituals and then lining up.

The usual suspects!
Me , Mark, Don
Steve, Ro

The gun went off at 9 a.m. right on time and off everyone went, this was the only down-hill in the whole uphill race.  My group was ahead at their breakneck pace, I know enough to conserve energy for later on!

I wanted to remember to get a pic at each of the 1,000 foot marks.  I managed a few, not all.  So funny to see the differences in the weather between the two years!

So clear!

Selfie, note this post is NOT securely put in the ground, I nearly toppled down the mountain!!
This was completely fogged over last year!

It was clear all the way to the top, as I’d look back and over the side I could see all the way to the parking lot and to the forest below depending on which side of the mountain we were on.   Spectacular!

Mile 2 my glutes started tightening up.  I tried to ignore it. Thought well maybe I need some water a GU?  What is going on, the only other time my glutes have done this was about mile 25 in the 50K (31 miles).  It was uncomfortable and as I climbed further and further, ran when I was able, it got worse and worse.  I think this is the lack of distance running and proper care for my IT bands?  Dunno…  Hiking/Marching backwards helped relieve some of the pain, but gave me a bit of vertigo and twisted my tummy, huh, well shit.

Getting to the halfway point (mile 3.8) you are greeted with breathtaking views.  These help to ignore the pain.  And I know thinking about it just makes it worse.  I wish I would have brought my iPod to distract my brain.  I tried counting games, multiplication tables, anything to distract my brain that wanted to zero in on the ever tightening glute muscles that were throbbing with every push up hill.

One of the guys I’d been running with found the camera along the way and did sort of a crazy dance in front of it.  Red shirt Brown socks.  I’ll have to find that and look for him.  I think Scott Mason or Joe Vigor got a great picture of him at the finish.

I made it.  I was back and forth for the last mile with a woman in a brown shirt.  I get crazy legs at the end and in the chute and I was gaining on her. I was not going to pass her, I couldn’t do that, I got her attention and said, “You’ve got this, lets cross together, I’m not going to pass you.”  She smiled through whatever her pain was and in synch we stepped on that timing mat together.  I looked at the results (here) and we were to the second the same time.  I didn’t have it in my heart to wiz past her, that isn’t what this was about for me.

Looking back, at the ½ way point I was at 1:05, if the second half was like the first half I could make my 2:20 I thought to myself.  I gave it a go for a few more miles, still enjoying the scenery and the people around me.  It became evident 2:20 wasn’t going to happen, then 2:30 wasn’t going to happen.  What was going to happen was I was getting one of those nifty blankets and a medal (I’ve managed to lose the medal – the first one I’ve ever lost, oh well).  And no it wasn’t a plastic one it was a metal one because anyone who starts and finishes this deserves a metal medal.  No, really.

Cully explained to me, that no, just because I, the old lady, could do this it didn’t mean anyone could.    You have to want it.  So much wisdom for a 16 year old, after I got over the shock, I agreed, yes, yes Cully you are right, thank you.

See Maine in the background?  You could see for miles and miles and miles - GORGEOUS!!

The next day the mountain was socked in....

Beth, while youth is wasted on the young sometimes the young teach us valuable lessons if we listen.

P.S.  My medal was found! 

Of all the medals in my collection, this one and my first Marine Corps are the ones I cherish.   I earned that medal in a lot of way, I didn't get frustrated with myself, I let the race unfold as it was going to unfold, I didn't get frustrated with myself, I enjoyed the experience, I didn't get frustrated with myself, I took in the beauty of New Hampshire and the views from each step from the bottom to the top are imbedded in my brain, I didn't get frustrated with myself.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Weekly Recap: 6/15 - 6/21 - My big fat week of ZEROS! (final)


Monday - Wednesday - NYC for big important meeting, I barely got any walking in.  Meeting was a roaring success.  I suppose since work is what pays the bills it's time for it to take center stage, even if for a week.

Thursday - restday - knitting - knitting buddy forgot her shit. Really?  I got home after 11 last night and I remembered my shit, really?    Meanwhile work overtakes the day with all the stuff that didn't happen in the last three days and the meager progress I made on projects in the last three months.  I need a vacation!

Oh, low tide is 4:15 maybe a bike run bike brick to Watch Hill is in order. 

Result:  I got a pedicure, the oil changed in Vinnie, and walked the dogs.

Funny story -   I had a little mishap with a pole, a couple weeks ago.  I was backing out of a parking space and clipped the pole.  CRUNCH!  So Vinnie has a little boo boo involving his left front quarter panel, headlamp, and apparently lots of other things up there.  The guy that did the review said, "Well miss you really messed a lot of stuff up."  Hey if you are going to do a thing, do it well?

So as the guys were driving Vinnie out of the oil change place.  I mustered up a look of horror and said "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CAR!!"  (trying my best NOT to laugh) They all looked at each other and I winked at one of them and they played along.  John did it!  No Chris did it!  We all had a bit of a chuckle.  No, there weren't any other customers, I wouldn't do that to them, I'm sure someone would find a way to be offended and one of them would suffer as a result. 

Friday - "Travel to New Hampshire maybe a bike ride, I don't see why not... I'm not competing up the rock pile on Saturday and I need some fun and I miss my bike."

Result:  I did get to NH, and trying to organize people is never easy... no ride, just a lot of walking and socalizing.

Saturday - "Mt. Washington Auto Road "Race" yeah race, ha ha ha..." 

Result:  My goal was 18:25 pace for 2:20.    The weather was perfect!  My glutes had other ideas!  I ached out a 2:32:11 and enjoyed the views.  Race report to come.

Sunday - "I'm bringing my bike I don't see why I can't get in a ride before I drive back to RI." 

Result:  And RAIN!  Stinkaroo!!!  I got a couple dog walks in before the fireworks ending the concert in the park sent Gizmo, old, slow, deaf, Gizmo scurrying home. It was like he was 10 again!  I had no idea he could still move that fast or that coordinated.  He heard the booms, looked up in the sky and saw the flame bursts, looked at me with this "Holy crap Beth the world is ending, we must go home." and took off scurrying at a frantic pace looking over at the sky he must have been sensing impending doom!

Beth, lamenting there is just a bit more of her after a week of resting and eating

6/22 - FINAL  (and actually getting on the scale did not produce a budge in the usual number)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weekly Recap - 6/8 - 6/14 or Week 6 of 12 Pan Mass Challenge Training - FINAL



Dog Watch Fun Run





Lung Force Walk




I seriously have to start getting serious about training....

I'm less than 2 months out from the Pan Mass Challenge - 164 mile bike ride over two days (from Wellesely MA to Provincetown MA - funds raised benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, my team, LUNGstrong raises funds specifically for the Lowe Center for Thoracic Oncology)  and just over a month out from the first of probably 3 century rides this summer.  Two of these century rides are confirmed the third is something being discussed, I think the guys may drop me from the list if I can't get my speed up!

Anyhoodles keeping track of my training plan for the 50K really kept me focused.  I can't do any catching up on miles on the bike, however I can work more towards holding myself accountable, it worked once, it should work again!

I can't get in all the weekday rides, so I figure if I get in 30 miles during the week, some may be more some maybe less, with the focus being on the weekend rides as well as hitting what really are measly miles for the week I should be ok.  Really for me this is about getting my butt in shape for the saddle.  The rest of me can handle the time on the bike and the miles, I'm confident in that, believe me, my confidence about my fitness level is low.  My confidence comes from this being a ride not a race!!

As you can see I've hit a 100 mile week once and I am woefully behind.   Next week will be tough with being in NYC all week and NH all weekend.  I may bring my bike and explore some of the Mt. Washington Century Ride route.  Probably the best idea I've had in a while?

So my week....

Monday - This stupid meeting is taking all of my time, not to mention my day job and another special project.  UGH.  I texted Dave and let him know I'd be running when I got home from TRX and then the grocery store, so go ahead and eat without me.

TRX was good, we got in a good work out as usual.  The plank curl unders are getting easier, so I need to do more, if it's easy you aren't working hard enough!

I figured I could squeeze in 3 miles before I started imploding on myself.  I managed 5 so I'm pleased.  Guess not running since Thursday night helped?  It felt good.  No breakneck speed, but then I doubt that's something I'll ever do.

Tuesday - HILLS!  Hill time.  Running Dave got his last kid married off and begged off  hills, a week of no running and checking off things on the honey do list for the future mother of the bride wore him out!  Ro joined me for 6 of the 10 hill repeats.  I did 4 on my own.  Kinda sucked kinda didn't.  They aren't easy but they weren't horrible.  I need therapy.

Dog Watch fun runs started.  I opted for a speed walk with Ro 13 minute pace per mile is what some people run at!!

Wednesday - "My running club fun runs start tonight, after being reminded no less than three times during the week hopefully I remember to go there on Wednesday night!!  I may bike into work, if I am able to get out by 6:30 so I can make my 8 a.m. meeting.  It will be touch and go...."

Biking to work didn't happen, I woke up not feeling quite right, ever get that feeling of pending doom?  Well that's what it felt like.  Figured putting myself on 18 lbs of carbon fiber and rubber was NOT a bright idea.

My lunch run turned into a disaster, or rather, a "recovery run".  I got to the water and decided I'd never sat on the rocks and watched the ferries go up and down the Thames River, so that's what I did till I felt a little more in sorts and ran back to campus, to get in a 5K.

Biked down to the fun run, with no intentions of running it.  Cheered on the little kids.  They are so cute and some are so competitive.  It was fun to see all the girls come in and then the boys!   I pedaled home a way I hadn't been in a while.  It was nice.  I've been avoiding a particular hill because I had to walk up it once.  Well I won't be bothering with that foolishness anymore.  There is one other hill that got the best of me.  I'll tackle that in a couple weeks.  My confidence on the bike is so much greater than last year.  I wish I felt that confident in my running shoes!

Thursday - "Rest day / not sure how much of this I will obey.  I knit at lunch so there won't be any running." 

For the first time in a long time I wanted to run.  I didn't, I really really did want to.   I think it was because it was a rest day.  Someone suggested I flip flop Wed for Thur for rest days as my Wed runs seem to suck.  I don't think it's that.  I think it was because I didn't HAVE to run.  Yeah, I said it HAVE to run. Dunno whats going on, I'm blaming it on Mercury being in retrograde (out of it 6:30 p.m. EST) for the last few weeks and once Friday hits it will all change, magically.

I had a late appointment. Dave took Jax out to let him run around and get rid of some of his crazies.  On their way home Dave picked up some dinner (yippiee) and I got home a little later. 

Jax crashed!  Ahhhh

Post dinner, I took Gus out then Giz for short walks, the humidity and boxers isn't a great combo.  Gus found it was garbage day and routed through many recycling bins looking for nibbles of food.  He hit the jack pot a couple times!  And with his special stomach, I shouldn't allow this, I do.  Fortunately he didn't have any emergencies in the middle of the night.  Giz wanted to go far, his legs weren't having any of that.  We all compromised and he somewhat willingly let me lead him home taking a lot of breaks.

Wasn't the best of the bunch, but he found trouble to get into!

Dave was up late fiddling around with a bass he is building.  It's nice to see him consumed with luthering (is that a word?) again.  The experimental Mandolin Bass seemed to work out well and he's unpacked his collection of electric bass and has been tinkering.  I do think I shall scream if I have to hear the bass line to "Heard it Through the Grapevine" one more time or be asked to play "Name this tune" based on the bass line.  Seriously?  The bass line is so hard to pick out and to figure out the song, kill me, kill me now.  Besides the fact I can't tell Rush from Van Halen on occasion.  Yeah who mixes up Geddy Lee and David Lee Roth?  This girl, that's who!

Mando Bass?  Acousic Bass?  Dunno...

Friday - "Bike with Jennifer, she said 25, I planned a 30 mile route with one killer climb - she is going to hate me."

Well that didn't happen.  Scheduling issues.  I did get a small project I've been avoiding done.  Figuring I could stay in the AC office a bit longer and avoid the heat.  Yes 75 and humid is uncomfortable for me, this whole hormone roller coaster isn't helping.  Anyhoodles.  I managed to figure a solution to a problem, it may need to be worked a bit more, once you get something on paper and started it is much easier to make progress towards a final solution.

When I arrived home there was a package of biking clothes, a brand of shorts I've wanted to try but not willing to fork over the big $$$.  They are nice, the legs are a bit tight, or I just have big quads. They were UBER comfortable for a quick 20 mile ride so they will work out fine for the Pan Mass Challenge, day 2.   I'll get some 50 + milers in them to be sure, but I think they will do the trick for that day two sore bum.

I wanted to go to the beach and stop by St. Clare's Annex for some ice cream in Watch Hill.  Well the traffic to the beach is bad on Friday.  I went out to see the cows in Ashaway.  That was just what I needed, some nice thick humid cow dung air and a fresh cutting of straw to fill my lungs and re-settle me.

Saturday - "Lung Force walk in Warwick - this is more for education than exercise.  I'll get a ride in later in the day.  I should figure out where the walk is and plan a route from there, always fun to see new places."

The walk was good.  Awareness?  Acceptance?  I read a blog post about a woman who is fed up hearing about Breast Cancer Awareness.  Her point was why can't we talk about acceptance of those people who don't go through reconstruction and get both or one breast replaced.  Very good post.  Made me think,  here, if you are interested.

Went on a 31 of a 55 mile bike ride.  I am so not ready for this century in a month.  Someone, me, really needs to get serious, and someone, me, isn't.   The Marine assures me he won't push the pace and we can take it easy.  HA!

Sunday - "Hill repeats and lunch at Paul's Pasta.  I don't think the gals are really serious about hill repeats, however they are my last chance before Mt, Washington as I am in NY M - W of next week."

Met up with Jennifer to watch The Marine in the Mystic River Y Tri.  He did well, his second, the first being Hyanis last weekend.  He was most worried about the swim and by far his worst of the three.  He made up a lot of time on the bike and a bit more on the run.  His transitions need a bit of work, but I think he is well on his way to a successful 1/2 Ironman in August.  

Nice to finally see who Jeff Duda is!  First place, by miles.  Amazing!  Good to catch up with a few people and see other WTAC athletes doing well.

Not feeling like a bike ride is going to happen, probably beer drinking and listening to the rooster, who really does sound like he's been smoking two packs of unfiltered Pal Mals for life, crow?  Packing for NY, ugh.  Well a rest week before the rock pile is ok right?  Not that every week this year hasn't had more than it's fair share of resting.  I should rename my blog "Beth the Sloth"

And for those up at the Westerly track in the wee hours of the a.m. can you hear that fowl creature?  The land lord won't address the situation and I'm thinking town hall won't be too happy to hear from us, they never are, we are, after all, interlopers...

Beth, not as bored as her dogs.

6/9/15 initial - not published
6/10/15 fist publish
6/12/15 - update
6/14/15 - Final

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Beth demonstrating how we count to 10 for hill repeats!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weekly Recap: 6/1 - 6/7 (final)





JP Morgan Corporate Challenge






Monday -  AKA Meeting Monday.  Erratically spaced meetings, with the kicker 10:30 - 1:30 meeting, left little time for running or eating lunch or getting actual work done.  TRX was good, Joy was telling us this is just as good or even better than weight training with weights.  I'm good with that, keeping that though in mind as I motivate myself to add in a second session.  The rain kept me away from a dog walk of any length to record.  Besides Map My Run has been either shorting me miles or adding them - think I'll use Strava for a while, much better recording.  I also use WoofTrax as they donate money to the local shelter for every mile walked.  It's not a lot, however with rescue every penny really does count.  I can't actually go to the shelter or I'd have a car full of dogs and cats and who knows what else.  Donate money or stuff, I'm capable of that.  Looking in those sad lonely eyes breaks my heart.  

Tuesday - Back to the hills!  Ro was out with meetings.  Dave's daughter is getting married on Saturday and he has a week worth of  honey do's.  It was just Steve and I.  We had fun with the arduous task.  Someone was also moving into a house on School Street and it seemed like the same point in the hill they'd be carrying a box across the street.  It finally came down to grunts of "Happy Ground Hog Day" and "She keeps telling me there is beer at the top of this hill."  It was funny.   On the run back to campus we realized we shorted by one hill, today should have been 11.    I think we should count the big ass hill we have to climb up to get to School St.  I'm not getting much support, for this, though...  

Wednesday - "National Running Day or some such thing, so I must run!"   Lunch meeting again, I did carve out a bit of time after that to sneak in a run.  The has subsided leaving behind unseasonably chilly temps, so I can finish up a few more of my stouts and porters, perfect weather for these!  I took a ride to the beach with a couple goals in mind.  To check out a house a friend is looking at and see what I could do about my time on a segment on a nice straight flat segment at the beach.  I got the segment!  But then looking later I think I may have already  had it and it isn't a very active segment.  But still, I got it active or not, I needed the little ego boost.  This trip to the beach reminded me I need to look up the tide charts for the summer to find the optimal time to run the beach!

Thursday - "NY and the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge.  A second opportunity to run in Central Park and to run with Tanya!"

Tanya and Neil and I met in the lobby at 6, a wee bit to late to make it for the team picture at 6:25 in Central Park.  We had our own!  We picked up Ravi along the way!!

Me, Tanya, Neil, Ravi

The race starts at 7 for the elites, the ones with the red bibs.  NOT US!!  We wandered our way to the start line over the course of about oh, 40 minutes?  Neil and I bonded over talking about bikes and bike parts and components and computers and him trying to help me not trip over the barriers. I swear I am walking through life half in the bag and I am completely sober.  I'm a little concerned but really it's kind of nice, in that half in the bag sort of way.    Ravi told tales of his first Iron Man through NYC and how he read all the rules, he is a lawyer, they like rules and that he could stop to drink while on the bike, he never really mastered the whole drinking and riding thing.  Per the rules it was completely ok.  Through the whole walk, it had to be more than a mile, through the starting corrals he obsessed over being a walker and going too soon and disqualifying the whole company.  He is on the injured list and running is not on his approved list.  

Well at the end he ran nearly the whole thing and didn't disqualify the team.

For sure I, as well as Tanya (who smoked me, kudos girlfriend) and Neil ran the whole thing and bobbed and weaved through the runners and walkers.  It was so cool to pass people.  It was even cooler hearing from both Tanya and Neil that I looked so at ease running like it was the easiest thing in the world, loping along at my calm pace.  Holy hell I was running for my life!!!  Considering I'd been up since 5 a.m. (not my usual get up time) and sitting through a day of meetings I was feeling pretty good for a 7:40 p.m. cross the start mat!

It was fun.  I would do it again. Seeing all the corporate teams out there in their uniforms was so cool.  And I do love running through Central Park.  After riding the train home post run  (Tanya pointed out a clean for Grand Central bathroom - I changed into non sweaty clothes) it wasn't so bad.  Even getting home at nearly 1 a.m. was OK.  I took Friday off. 

Friday - "Day off, to recover from Thursday and visit with the first Nephew, he is stopping on the East Coast for a little college scouting and family time with his grandparents and cousins and the dorky Uncle and Aunt in RI with the collection of dogs, on his way to visit his mom and siblings in France.  Running the hill with Jennifer and then hopefully staying awake to wander down to the Malted Barley to see Hip Bobsha."

The nephew didn't stay the night, pshew.  I spent the day on the couch alternating between napping with Gizmo and Jax and a few chores.  Gus isn't much of a snuggler, he stopped by for a few pets.  

Four miles of dog walks between Giz and Jax and I headed off to The Malted Barley for some entertainment.  

Entertained I was!! Between Hip Bobsha, seriously my WTAC bretheren why  have you not stopped out to see Seth in his other passion, totally awesome!!  Solidifying my point all bass players are awesome!  

And there was the crowd.  Two 25 year old girls stated this was not the place to pick up boys.  I couldn't agree more.  The asked "Did I know where to pick up boys?"  Well, um, after I got their ages and realized I was old enough to be their mother, I thought, well let's not go into my thoughts, I said, "I have no earthly idea."  They said well we are in grad school to meet boys and all we meet are old guys, like in their 30's.  SIGH....  Cute girls too, seemed like they had good heads on their shoulders.  Probably why they can't meet age appropriate boys, 30 and 40 year olds would go for them in an instant, they think and carry on conversations...  anyhoodles, as the respectable 20 somethings peeled out of the bar in search of their soulmates (I hadn't the heart to tell them I met mine through my younger brother), we were left with the bar flies.  Not much different than the bar flies of my 20's well with the drinking age being strictly enforced and an easy state line to cross to be in a lower drinking age 21+.  Full war paint and attitude.  It was entertaining. 


Saturday - "Bike or Run - Dave is off for his second bike race of the year leaving me with charge of the dogs and carrying Gizzy up and down the stairs, this should be fun... "  I cleaned, it needed to be done... 

Sunday - "Run - I really gotta start getting in some double digit runs on the weekends"  I biked, it was fun, would have been nice for a run, I felt like biking.   Found 5 bucks!  That will go in Gizmo's Dairy Queen bank, he's got $8 in there right now, thinking he won't be able to walk to and from so I'll drive him.  He is old, he likes his vanilla bowl.  Maybe a blizzard for me and Dave, the pup is loaded! That is all!

Beth, wondering where the first 5 months of the year went, heck how is it possible the eldest nephew is 16 this summer and considering college?

Initial draft: 6/2/15
Initial Published:  6/4/15
Updated 6/6/15
Final 6/7/15