Saturday, June 27, 2015

Weekly Recap: 6/22 - 6/28 (final)













I am still surprised no one called me out on my messed up dates, oh well...  of the three people who read this you are far to kind, thank you!

Monday - I didn't know exactly how far I could or would go.  I always have that "5 miles is the minimum for a kudo" rolling around in my mind.  Argh!  Thanks Jeff!  I think it is a reasonable benchmark for a run and I need to get back there consistently - hell I need to get back to consistently running.  All in due time.

My glutes were still very sore and not at all happy with this decision to run and the first little rise was met with, a resounding if you turn left and go up that next rise you will regret it.  I didn't, I headed straight towards the beach.  As luck would have it Dave B and Steve (AKA thanks to Mikey B "Your EB Boys" - just so you know they call you "Your Pfizer Boy" good grief) were gaining on me and joined me.  Oh great, I really wasn't sure about this and now I have to keep up?  They let me set the pace, and they meant it.  When I did slow to a walk they went on ahead and turned around to come get me when I started running again.  I felt better once I got back into the office, still not happy glutes.  Not really a surprise.

TRX was good, we have a 4th!  This will help to keep a more consistent class.  The leg work hurt, and the planks were painful, I was happy to get to the arm stuff and even happier it was finally over.  I needed it and the movement helped work out a little more pain.

Tuesday - During Monday's run Dave B was adamant speed work was starting on Tuesday.  They'd meet me in the Rainville Lot about 11:35 a.m. As luck would have it Mikey B was just starting out for his run and he decided to join in the fun.  I figured he'd be a good challenge for Dave and Steve, he runs about a 19 minute 5K and they run about a 21 5K, Dave may be a bit faster than Steve.  I'm not quoting PRs or anything, so don't get all offended.  I'm happy if I can continue to break 30 minutes.

Well, pretty deep subject.   The last time I did speed-work on that course was 1/20, 5 months ago.  There were a few treadmill speed-work outs before hill work started in March.

My goal time for that 0.2  / 1/3 mile loop was 2:14

Well isn't that ugly?

I think the whole thing bored Mikey B to tears, he's used to being the slow one in the group when he does speed-work with the kids from work.  I'm also wondering if I got the 0.3 wrong now...  Crap...

Dog Watch fun run was that night.  Jennifer and I did a lap, just enough to qualify for a drink then we stayed for dinner.  Never a disappointment when it comes to food there!!  We enjoyed catching up and I stuffed my face and she saved half for lunch the next day.

Wednesday - Legs felt better, still heavy.  Figured I'd go with a few more rises and see how that worked out.  All was well.  Took a bike ride after work to work out the last of the soreness and that definitely worked.  It usually did help with recovery after long runs last summer.  Thing is there haven't been any long runs to speak of lately!

Thursday - Rest day - short dog walk, mostly catching up from being busy the last two weekends with chores. Figured out that if Gizmo got his walk first he was a little more likely to go further. I think he believes his position of alpha dog means he goes first.  I tried that and we got in a mile.  Pshew.

Friday - Short bike ride with Jennifer and a walk with Ro and then Gus.  I really should have gotten in a run.

Saturday - Skies were clear and I went out with the intention of doing the Rhode Warrior course, 57 miles.  I got through the tough parts and called it and finished up the 57 on a different route home.  It felt good and it felt tough.  Definitely need to work on hydration and fuel. I felt much better after I'd stop at 25 miles to have a snack.  I probably could have made a metric century, probably should have the weather prediction for Sunday is poor for biking.

Sunday - "bike or run"  What happened?  I took Gus for a 5K walk and Giz for a 1/2 mile, went to a surprise birthday party for a friend who recently turned 60 and ran errands.  I'm fine with that.  I'll get my hands on my plan this week.

Beth, trying to fit it all in.


  1. I finally picked back up on the speedwork today after a bit of a hiatus. Sometimes it feels good to not do speed work and just run. Great job with the 57 mile bike ride!

  2. We have a TRX cable in our basement that I love, but I fall into the routine of only doing the exercises on it that I like (probably because they're the easier ones)