Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflecting back on 2012

I see so many good bye you horrible rotten no good year 2012 hello wonderful 2013 don't let me down like 2012 did. It was a year, an inanimate object it can't cause good or bad events.  Anyhoodles, 2012 is nearly over, let's reflect...

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We all had awful moments, loved ones died or were diagnosed with terminal illnesses, jobs were lost, our fat pants turned into our skinny pants, we found a few more gray hairs or a few less hairs on our head, a new wrinkle appeared here and there, the Washington Redskins won and screwed up your Fantasy Football game thingy, and fill in the blank _____________.

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We all had awesome moments.  Come on, it wasn't ALL bad, didn't you have some ups?  New members joined our families, we reconnected with old friends, we landed that fab new job, we paid off a credit card, a car, a home, that new wrinkle is a memory of all the fun times laughing with friends, who the hell cares about pants, some of you guys really need to realize you are way hotter with a few less hairs and a few more gray around the temple, and fill in the blank _____________.
Happy Dog!!

OK OK there were horrible awful rotten national and international incidents, each having an impact on our lives.  We are still at war, crazy people gunned down innocent men, women, and children, hurricane Sandy wiped away homes and lives, Benghazi, Lybia, the economy, and topping it all off:  Kim Kardashian is going to be a mother....

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My point is to reflect on what comprised the year, the 366 (it was a leap year right?) days of ups and downs, successes and failures, poor judgement calls and stellar ones, goals achieved and goals still being worked on, all part of  the journey through this life.  I've enjoyed my journey through these 366 days, no regrets, lots of laughs, and awesome memories.

My goals for 2012 were simple:

  • Run once race a month, including a 1/2 marathon and train for a full marathon (stretch to run a full marathon)
  • Read or listen to 100 books (stretch 150)
  • Knit 10 pairs of socks (stretch 15)

Nothing out of my immediate control.  No solving world hunger, curing cancer, bringing world peace, these are things we need to do jointly, each of us playing our own part in efforts to achieve those goals.

So let's see how I did:

  • Running -  16 races including 4 1/2 marathons and 1 full marathon.  Logged 1,031 miles!
  • Books -  116 (does not include reading to my nephew)
  • Socks - 2 pair so guess someone was reading or running and not knitting?

Totally with in my immediate control.  My efforts to cure cancer came in the form of fund raising and running races.   I did my little bit towards easing local hunger.  As for solving world hunger and bringing world peace, well, not so sure I have any documented proof...

Looking back on my year.  That NY driver could have actually taken me out (affording me the opportunity to knit more?).  My running adventures allowed me to explore different running routes.  I figured out the importance of communication and friendship.  Like many others I learned that running is cheaper than therapy.

I am grateful for all the experiences of 2012 and can only hope as many, or more, opportunities for experiences are presented in 2013!

Beth, who needs to set some goals for 2013!

Monday, December 24, 2012

The world didn't end, huh....

Friday I committed to an End of the World Run, 12.21K, anywhere, anytime, any place.  I like those because you do have to commit and honor the commitment. It had been raining like hell for days, so what a better time to hit the long trail at my most favorite place on earth!?!?!  Friday was the last work day for the year for MOST people, being stingy with vacation time I am not wasting a vacation day for 12/31 and will go in.  It was just me and Gdogg in the office, both of us dragging in with the same excuse "the alarm went off at 6:30 and I thought there is no way it is 6:30 it is still dark"  a dark raining day, perfect way to start off the end of the world, right?

Around noon, the sun started peeking through, by 1:30 it was looking wonderful, I skipped out of work in my running gear and was on the trail by 2:10.  I noted the entrance was flooded, high tide and all the rain, and the lower parking lot was flooded, and I KNOW this means the lower trail will be flooded...

Huh, are those whitecaps?
So what do I do? Yes, I take off on the lower trail.  It is cold and windy and the sun has started to disappear.  When I get to the flooded part I debate, 7 miles with wet shoes or no?  I turn around. And take the trail backwards figuring I'll do an extra loop in Haley Farm to make up the miles, to reach 12.21K  It was a lovely run, a few nice muddy spots and rather enjoyable.  Then I figured the tide must have receded and I could go left and not right once I was back on the main trail.   Then I did a quick calculation and knew I needed another 1/2 mile to get to 7.6 mile to be at 12.21K...  I thought, well I'll just do a loop around the parking lot to make up the lost miles from the flood.  My brain decided that I'd do a little out and back on the main trail and then finish up at the trail head...  I think, well was I thinking?, I think, I was avoiding the inevitable flooded area.  It was still flooded, I plowed through, water up to my knees halted the running and I was more wading.  The women standing on the other side of the flooded part debating to walk across or not decided that I was 1) crazy and 2) their boots weren't tall enough to wade across.  We all laughed as I emerged from the water.  They asked "Isn't that cold?"  I replied that yes, yes it was, but it felt good.  The sad part about this is, all the wonderful mud I collected on my shoes and legs was now gone... poop...


I squished my way back to the trail head and clicked off the Garmin at 7.63 miles (7.58 is 12.21K).  Rummaged around in my gear bag to find some dry warm socks and drove home, satisfied, and a little chilled to the bone.

Friday night was a Secret Yoga session at a beautiful building down town.  It was a bank, and just has such a wonderful vibe inside, and a beautiful cupola letting in the moonlight.  We all placed our mats in a circle around a bowl of lit crystals and did our yoga practice.  It was 90 minutes and team taught, I'd never been to a team taught practice.  I hadn't met any of these Yogis before and the leader welcomed me and asked how I found out about Secret Yoga.  I said "I received an eMail."  Technology a wonderful thing, isn't it?  Keeps us close to the ones we love and allows us to meet new people along the way, people we may have never met before.  It is also not such a good thing for keeping secrets, eh?

I left practice feeling centered and ready for a new beginning, if, in fact, the world did not end on the 21st of December 2012.

Waking up Saturday morning, I was, yes, alive on the 22nd, the day after the world was to end, unfortunately not quite feeling my perky jump out of bed and greet the world self...  damn...   Hubb and I had a trip into Manhattan planned and I wasn't going to miss it!  I pulled myself together and we went on our adventure. By Saturday night it was blatantly obvious I was under the weather, welcome to my bones, chest, and neck some sort of ick and ache with a side of laryngitis, whoopiee twang...

A day of rest on Sunday and I'm feeling better, still with the laryngitis.   I want to run, I also want to get better.  I haven't been sick in a long time and what ever ickies befall me tend to land in my throat and chest, which is pretty critical for running...  I'm erring on the side of caution. I put in some miles tomorrow a.m. I have a Santa hat, just perfect for the season!  Ding dong here has a marathon in less than a month and needs to be healthy AND trained....

Beth with 7 more running days and 2 races left in 2012!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Drawing to a Close

I left work with Jackass giving me a hug and a kiss saying, "You've had an awesome year, it has been fun cheering you on.  See you next year unless we can get together for drinks over the break."  We are off the 24th - 28th, with everyone but me taking the 31st off.  I'm not wasting a vacation day...  Hopefully the guys and I and the spouses can get together for drinks over the break.  If not I made them all some rum balls.  I'm a girl after all and like to do these dorky homey things.

It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of the year.  I finished up my self review at work with the goals I had set out how they were achieved or delayed and the other things that were not on the plan and accomplished due to always changing business needs.

Runningwise I set a goal to run 1 race a month in 2012, continuing on from running one race Oct, Nov, Dec of 2011.  Athlinks tells me I ran 14 races last year.  Definitely my goals!  I should go count my bibs to see if it all matches... I'm sure I have more than 14 bibs from last year...

The last race I ran in 2011 was a 5K trail race in Wakefield RI, at Old Mountain Field, this is part of Off Rhode Racing 4th Season Trail Race.  The race director set a series of 5 races for the winter, with the last ending in March when the time changes back to Daylight Saving Time.  The cost to enter is a minimal fee plus two canned goods to go to the Johnnycake Center.  The last series raised over 1,000 lbs of food! 

Sunday was the kick off for the second year of the series.  The course was a bit different and more challenging.  Instead of a good distance of  wide open spaces the race director kept it to the first 0.1 and last 0.1 being open field and the rest were single track.  Which means you need to pick your place early on in the race.

I picked a nice pace, not a fast pace, and was semi-content to run at the end of a string of runners were were less aggressive than I am on the trails.  Not that I am wickedly aggressive, I do push myself to jump over stumps and rocks and pick a route over obstacles that doesn't require me to stop and walk across and obstacle.  I do love running through the mud...  It was a little frustrating.  However passing on single track takes A LOT of energy and was a I willing to expend that much that early in the race and risk having them pass me later or just end up passing me on a less technical part of the trail?  I ran conservatively until the last mile.

A woman in pink over took the glom of us, 9 runners I think.  There were some nice S curves coming up ahead and perfect for over taking someone and getting more than a few steps ahead of them.  She over took. I over took. Then she slowed down and I over took her.  I felt great, and confident and then WHOMP tripped over a rock and I was down, she whizzed past me.  Oh well.  I lost my cadence.  Ok I gave up a little bit, too.  There was no way I was going to beat my time of last year, well perhaps there was...  I finished strong on the nice wide open flat.  The next race in the series is the 6th of January Beach and Trail in Narragansett.

Comparison of this year to last year...  Interesting, eh?
Final Position
AG Place
40-49 F

Sunday afternoon was reserved for the most awesome massage therapist in the world to come over and un-stick my sticky muscles.  As I screamed and writhed in pain I could hear Hubb downstairs chuckling.  He said, "You seriously find benefit in that torture?"  I assured him that I do.  He shakes his head and says he will never understand me sometimes.  I really really need to make friends with my foam roller more often.  Amy just said "Beth you are a mess."  I am feeling exhausted and must more flexible.  That was the point, right?  Tonight over dinner he said, "You seem a lot less stiff, I'm surprised.  I hate massages."  Well, to each his own, right?

Tonight was TRX, what happens in TRX stays in TRX, I took the opportunity to tell a story I've been DYING to tell.  OMG, it felt so good to tell it in a safe environment we all got a bit of a chuckle and the others shared similar stories.  Ah.....  Do you have any safe environments you can let your ass show and not have any repercussions?

In what I can report on TRX, I managed 6, yes 6 plank rolls on the right side with out having to cheat by resting my elbow.  On the left 8, but I cheated a bit with a teeny rest on the elbow.  Hoorah!  I'm happy with that progress.  Last week I couldn't even get one unassisted on either side.

Oh goodness this is full of words and no pictures....  well sorry folks...  next time?

I could show you my knitting?

Beth, master of the plank roll (well at least for today)

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Not sure really where to start today...

So Friday was quite shocking in Connecticut.  The second largest school massacre, 20 elementary school aged children and 6 adults were killed.  The first was Virginia Tech.  But how can one compare an elementary school massacre to a college massacre?  Or can one?  Senseless death is senseless death?

One of my friends posted "... things don't happen for a reason ..."  I agree with him.  Another friend posted "... what kind of god would allow this ..." I remember saying that exact same thing about 11 years ago when a friend called me to tell me her 3 month old son had Cancer. I said that because I wanted to blame someone?  or I just didn't understand?  Either way, things happen, shit happens, as for a reason behind it, we can invent one, if that helps us cope, we can wonder what kind of god would allow this, if that helps us cope.

It all boils down to how does one cope or process these sorts of horrific events?  I don't have the answer to that, it is a personal process.

My personal process for processing is yoga, running, meditation, chatting with other people, and long talks with Jack, Jack Daniels, that is!

Perhaps my discussion with Jack last night led to a less than stellar long run this morning?  Perhaps an exhausting week led to a less than stellar long run this morning?  Perhaps running on Saturday, when my long run day is and has always been Sunday led to a less than stellar long run this morning?  Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps...

So the run was nearly 17 miles and it took me 3 hours 24 minutes for a 12:12 pace, not my slowest long run, obviously not my quickest.  I wasn't feeling it from the first step out the door. I went for 20, made 17, and will get the rest in tomorrow as I have a trail race and intend to run it hard, well maybe hardish, who knows how my lead legs will feel.  My time on this race last year was:  33:53.  I think I can break 33 minutes!  Famous last words.  Mike did change the route a bit and it is more single track, there was about a mile of open area.  Should be interesting.  He did a great job last year with this inaugural off rhode racing series, looking forward to the 12/13 series.

The CT Governor asked that flags be at half staff in remembrance of the victims in Newtown.  I live in RI on the CT RI border and one of my long run routes takes me into CT.  A nice long winding hilly road with very light, nearly non existent traffic.

Among my thoughts were the shooting.  Why would someone do something like that?  Will we ever know what prompted this 20 year old kid to go on a shooting spree in an elementary school?  What is the connection between all these shooters?  Why?  Is there a mental dysfunction?  What is it?  How can this be prevented?  Can it be prevented?  Is gun control the answer?  Is mental health research the answer?

I thought about the scenery around me and how HAPPY I was Hubb said, "It is 27 degrees out there, I don't want you coming back looking like a boiled lobster, dress appropriately." (see Runnercicle post) I heeded his advice and dressed appropriately and was quite happy I did.  At points running with the wind at my back I was a little warm, when the route shifted and I was going into the wind, I was happy.  It really was a beautiful day for a run, sunny, mild breeze, sure it was cold temp wise, feh, not that cold for December, for sure!  Little bits of ice on the still parts of the river I run along and looking so beautifully glassy.  Mother Nature really does some beautiful things.  I am always in awe of what a little snow can do for a field of grass or trees, and the sight of ice melting off of branches is so lovely...

I thought about yoga.  Last night was detox yoga, and it was just Heidi and I.  I love our one on one classes! We dedicated last nights practice to the victims and families in Newtown, CT.  I hope they felt the healing energy we sent them.   After a series of sun salutations to warm up, time for Crow!!  I'm nearly getting balanced!!  Next up were back bends, Heidi mentioned  wheel pose.  I said, rather excitedly  I've always wanted to do that, but never have.  So we went through the set up process and I made it up, with a little help!  Final pose was shoulder stand with plow, then everyone's favorite Shavasana!!!  What a nice session.  I went in feeling rather grouchy and left feeling more centered.

Wheel Pose, nifty, eh??

I thought about running and why was I letting this self defeating attitude of "I'm not feeling it."  "How many more miles?" "This really is nuts." Take over my generally happy disposition.  I pushed out those thoughts as much as I would let myself and determined to head home for mile 17...  Perhaps I gave up?  Perhaps I gave in?  Perhaps. Perhaps.  Perhaps.

I thought about the pups.  I woke up to Sage snuggled between me and Hubb quietly snoring on the inhale with a little "whoop whoop whoop" on the exhale.  Frankly happy she was still breathing.  Poor girl is so achy with arthritis and is generally not aging well.  Hubb reported that I was not to be awakened when he got home from his night out.  "The dogs were barking and jumping all over the bed.  I was nervous you were dead, but I could feel you breathing so figured all was OK."  When I sleep I can sleep through anything.

Gus was all dressed up in his Santa suit this a.m. probably wondering why I wasn't taking him with me.

Beth, processing....

Thursday, December 13, 2012


One of my maternal Uncles, my Godfather, has an interesting way of putting things.  He tells stories, very much the Irishman, and I'll never forget him explaining that something was clockstupid.  I have no idea how old I was the first time he used this term, it has always stuck with me.  That and the smell of his potato pancakes we would wake up to as he was driving across country and just stop by to see his sister or because the state police were closing the highway during blizzards and ta da, there he was!

I run my at work route clockwise.  That was the way it was explained to me and I just have run it that way.  Talking to one of the runners in the gym yesterday he noted that I seem to be going against the grain, everyone else runs the route the other direction.  I said, "Oh, yeah, clockstupid."  Yeah, he looked at me like I had three heads.

Today I decided to run the route clockstupid.  Noting that there was more of a climb at the end of the route this way, I figured it may have some benefits?  Of course running with out a day off in between makes my pace the next day a skitch slower, and it was true to form, a skitch slower, plus I ran later in the afternoon which also affects my pace to the slower end.

As I'm approaching the last set of up hills I see another runner running clockwise.  I was so jealous, that way feels so much more comfortable to me.  She waved and said HI!  Wonder if she normally runs clockwise or was trying something different?  I'll have to ask when I see her in the gym next!

Do you try routes a different direction?  Isn't it different?  A very different view, isn't it?  Does it make the run different?

Beth, who wanted to use clockstupid in a post!


Clockstupid 12/13

Clockwise 12/12

Clockstupid 12/13
Clockwise 12/12

Clockstupid 12/13
Clockwise 12/12

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Miss Piggy

Hubb looked over at me a few minutes ago and said "Is it really Sunday?"  I had to break it to him gently *sneering* "Ah, yeah."  Ok so maybe it was sarcastically?  Really?  For someone who works for them self, how horrible could Monday possibly be?  Buller?

Friday I was able to get in a quick 6 miles at work.  OMG I so needed it after eating and drinking too much for two days in Manhattan, the beginning of the holiday season socializing, I'm not one to pass up hors d'oeuvres and cocktails.   It was quick, a 9:39 pace, so I could get back to my ever growing "To Do" list.

Friday's Run
My Garmin was not charged and the charger was not in my gym back so Map My Fitness on the iPhone it was to record this one.  This got me to thinking how different are the results from the MMF and the Garmin. Also am I slower or faster with the Garmin? Below is nearly the same route on the Garmin from Tuesday.  I took a bigger loop, on Friday, in a parking lot to get up to the 6 mile mark.

So not really to terribly different, for pace and mile, widely different for calories burned!

Friday night WWIII nearly broke out in the house as the Hubb wanted to see a movie.  I will watch anything and not be phased by it, Hubb, he is a movie snob and if it sucks I never hear the end of it.  After saying "Absolutely not, this never ends well." I reconsidered, he seemed to really want to go to a movie, "You pick the movie, and there will be no further discussion."  Quickly adding "We are also getting popcorn." We went to see "The Life of Pi" and didn't get home until after midnight. I was wired from the diet coke and popcorn, and had a hard time falling asleep, thankfully there were some Words With Friends people to keep me entertained.  This late night wasn't going to bode well for the next day, it never does, does it?

Saturday was nuts, I over committed myself and was able to accomplish two of three events, the third was a pipe dream and on my way there I realized I would probably be lousy company and called off and went home to go pass out in exhaustion.

Sunday, long run day!  Woot!  Wait, no... we had a brunch in the middle of the day.  I needed to get in my long run.  I am off my training schedule and really didn't even check for what my mileage goal WAS for the weekend.  I got in 12.  6 before a brunch with the in-laws and 6 after the brunch with the in-laws.  This was time to test a few things, running twice, running in the dark, running after gorging myself at a foo foo buffet brunch.  I consumed: half a dozen oysters, half a dozen shrimp, two eggs benedict, fruit (there had to be something healthy, right?), pastries, ham, sausage, two desserts, I did limit myself to one mimosa, had to show SOME restrain!  Piggy piggy, I know...  it was SO GOOD!!!

We arrived home around 3:30 I got out for my run about 4 p.m. just in time for the sun to start going down and test out this whole business of running in the dark.  I really really dread running in the dark in my town, not because it is unsafe but because the drivers are nuts and don't pay attention (daylight or darkness).  So, yeah, it is unsafe in that aspect. When I left I thought, well the Tue Fri test with the running route was interesting what would the results be if I ran the same course I ran this morning.

The pace was 10 seconds slower, not bad considering what Miss Piggy ate, oh yeah and she had no GI issues, maybe a belch or two but nothing of note!!  The elevation was what surprised me, off by 30 feet? Really a drop in the bucket...  I was just glad the mileage was the same!!  I didn't check the Garmin too terribly much, it was dark and raining, so not really easy to see for run, the second.

Do you consistently run the same courses and notice variations in what data is captured by your GPS watch or other means of tracking?  If you don't track, then why not?

Beth, eating and drinking and running her way through this holiday season.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why not Wednesday...

Checking in from Brooklyn NYC!  Don't ask me how I ended up in Brooklyn, between booking a room for a set of meetings requiring the overnight stay in Manhattan getting canclled and not a day later another meeting getting scheduled with the same requirement, of course I couldn't get the original room and ended up out in Brooklyn versus Midtown for the night. 

This mornings conversation with one of the admins:
Liz:  "Beth, how is it you come in to the city once a week from RI and are here at 8:30?"
Me:  "Ah, it is much easier commute earlier?"
Liz:  "Your nuts. Hey, we have the department holiday thing tomorrow. Are you coming in tomorrow?"
Me:  "Yep"
Liz:   "Please tell me you are staying overnight."
Me:  "Brooklyn"
Liz *looking very concerned*:  "Where, exactly?"
Me:  "The Sheraton on Duffield Street" 
Liz:  "That isn't a great neighborhood. You couldn't find something in Midtown?"
Me:  "Ah, no... Well, it will be an adventure!"
Liz:  "You are simply not right in the head are you?"
Me:  "Your just figuring this out?"

I met up with a gal pal I haven't seen in far too long for some dinner and drinks and catching up.  But that isn't why you tune in...

Monday was batshit crazy at work so no squeezing in a run for me... blargh...  Although I do need to give my knee a break, so all in all for the best.  TRX was on the agenda and good as always.  I'm nearly able to complete rolling planks for the full 30 seconds.  Whoop!

Tuesday I got to run, and nearly 6 miles.  Yeah, why didn't I just keep going the extra 0.03?  I thought I did...  oh well.  But hey, my minute per mile pace is improving!!

Green shirt to remember a friend!

It was a yucky cloudy rainy day.  The rain started getting a little more serious as I was finishing up.  Hmm  I should have gone another, mile I like running in the rain.  Stretching in the gym after I met up with someone asking if it was raining outside.  "Ah, yeah, and getting a little bit more serious about it."  She said, "You LIKE running in the rain?"  As if there is something wrong with it?  I replied that I liked it and she replied that she didn't like to get her shoes wet.  Huh, never really considered that...  oh well.  I can't stand the dreadmill. To each his own.  Although I do sort of feel sorry for the hampsters on the dreadmill when I venture outside for my run.  Maybe they think I'm nuts?  Feh, whatever...  I'm happy, and that is what matters, right?

What are your thoughts on the dreadmill?  Running in the rain?  Wet shoes?

So now we are at Wednesday.  I remember my few years at Star Prairie Elementary School in Star Prairie Wisconsin and spelling.  Not sure which grade, Mrs. Kanutson or Mrs. Fish and the name of the 4th grade teacher escapes me.  Huh...  well February and Wednesday were two words I could NEVER get correct.  Ok milk was also one, but that was because of phonics and I say it "melk" and well it isn't spelled like it sounds.  Anyhoodles, whichever teacher sat me down and sounded out  wednesday and februaryand how to spell them, thank you!  Each time I spell one or the other I think Feb RU ary and Wed Nes Day.  Educators are an important part of our lives and society and they just don't get the recognition they deserve.

I'll get to run again on Friday, hopefully on the trail, but work is batshit crazy, so perhaps not...

Beth, in Brooklyn

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Self Doubt

All high on an endorphin buzz from Marine Corps and three new Marathon girlfriends I signed up willingly for the Rock n' Roll marathon in Phoenix AZ, January 20, 2013.  I am off my training plan, not FAR off my training plan, but off enough to freak me out that this marathon is a month and a half away and I haven't been on longer than a 16 mile run.   What I NEED To do is take sometime and review my MCM training plan and what actually happened against where I am right now in the AZ Rn'R training plan.  I bet if I look at the data I am not so far off.  Have I done this? No, not yet.  Will I? Of course.

Yesterdays 5.8 was good.  I figured I could run 14 today and be good for 20 for the weekend.  I managed 11.5 and walked the remaining 0.5 home.  My right knee, and the IT band.  Wonder if it was running back to back or my shoes?  I ran in the Asics Kayano 19 yesterday and the 18 today.  They both have nearly the same amount of mileage on them and the Green Feet inserts, so hmm..  I'll pack the 19s for tomorrows at work short run and see?  Or maybe it is the short run?  Have to see if I've worn the 19s on a longer run.

My loop around the park I spied a father and son.  The son was having a blast playing in the leaves, so sweet. He kicked them up into a big pile for the little guy and the little guy was having a blast running up to and jumping in the leaves.  Ah childhood, the innocence, the freedom.  Youth is really wasted on the young, isn't it?

Father and Son playing in the leaves. 

I continued on with my route, I was a little later in the a.m. than usual so I didn't see the usual suspects, sort of sucked, but hey that it what you get when you have other things to do first thing in the a.m.  It was time to get rid of the gray and tame the wild mane, sometimes, vanity takes a front seat.  

I was sort of feeling like a long run and sort of not.  Still a bit in my funk from Friday that carried over from Saturday?  Or maybe it is like Frank Sinatra says "I feel sorry for people who don't drink.  When they wake up in the morning that's the best they are going to feel all day."  Or it is just the crummy Michigan gray weather we are having here in Southern Rhode Island were the sun USUALLY shines!

Along the way I took in the sights, ran my out and backs with traffic instead of against traffic (there is no traffic, so not really with or against traffic, but you get my meaning.  I was just trying to give my left leg a break from the camber of the road) this enabled me to see different sights.  Which was really cool, a whole different perspective and new things around every corner!

Couple things that caught my eye, other than the blue jays who wouldn't hold still for a picture!

This fence post just struck me as interesting.

The stairs to no where.  Wonder what they once went to?

By about 11.5 miles my right knee was really bugging me so I slowed to a walk (as you can see in my splits in the stats below).  Maybe it was the camber on the road.  Maybe it was that I didn't start running until nearly 11 a.m. Maybe it just was.

Yeah, really apathetic aren't I?  I should be happy I CAN run while there are a couple people out there facing challenges and pain when they run.  So why am I having self doubt?  Or am I?  Is this normal? Buller? Anyone?  


Consistency once again!!!  

Beth who better freaking snap out of it!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Between work and life in general I was wiped out emotionally and physically on Friday.  Couple that with getting out of work later than planned, not being able to find my check book, realizing I hadn't let my water bottle dry and it was moldy, and just feeling rather toxic meant that it was really important I honor my commitment to myself to go to Yoga Detox on Friday nights. I really just wanted to dive into the bottle of Jameson Gold Reserve I received from an Irish colleague.  I reminded myself of my commitment to Yoga and I would feel much better and appreciate my special bottle of Irish whiskey all that much more AFTER yoga and a few errands.

The pose of the night was bhujapidasana.  This requires quite a bit of hip, core, and lower back warm up and opening.  Of course arm strength and balance once in the pose.  Heidi got us all warmed up and then demonstrated the pose, all I could think was, wow, we were really going to be pretzels tonight!

Bjujapidasana - Shoulder Pressing Balance

Pretty cool, eh?

After a quick trip to the grocery store and a protracted process of trying to figure out how to get AT the bottle of Jameson in its fancy schmancy box I did get to settle in and enjoy this fine whiskey.  Ahhhh...  Nice end to the work week and a welcome to the weekend.

For whatever reason, perhaps a dog's foot in my face? or another dog insisting on sharing my pillow AND snoring (I can deal with the pillow sharing, the snoring, not so much)? or the cloudy, gray, raw day?  Getting out of bed was not a priority and not pleasant.  Eventually it had to happen.

My facebook post this a.m. was "Smith woke up grouchy, now she is going for a run maybe that will help? Blargh"

I did run and I did feel better.  Maybe it was just getting up.  Maybe it was just getting out.  Maybe it was just doing something. Maybe it was the random play list.  I flipped the shuffle on shuffle and was given this play list:

Captured after the fact!  So cool!!  Yes the weirdest things make me smile.

Somehow each song helped me reflect on the last week and lightened my mood.  Starting with The Cars telling me "Let's Go" to the Paper Birds "Lost Boys" helping me up that first hill ending with Kid Rock reminding me summer will be here before I know it.  I really focused on just running and moving forward.

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent."  -- Victor Hugo

"Without music, life would be an error."  -- Friedrich Nietszche

How does, or does music influence you?  What are some of the songs that get you out of a funk? What are some of the songs on your play list?


Spikes were where I had to wait for traffic lights.  Not to shabby for a grouch!

Beth, a bit less grouchy!