Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflecting back on 2012

I see so many good bye you horrible rotten no good year 2012 hello wonderful 2013 don't let me down like 2012 did. It was a year, an inanimate object it can't cause good or bad events.  Anyhoodles, 2012 is nearly over, let's reflect...

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We all had awful moments, loved ones died or were diagnosed with terminal illnesses, jobs were lost, our fat pants turned into our skinny pants, we found a few more gray hairs or a few less hairs on our head, a new wrinkle appeared here and there, the Washington Redskins won and screwed up your Fantasy Football game thingy, and fill in the blank _____________.

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We all had awesome moments.  Come on, it wasn't ALL bad, didn't you have some ups?  New members joined our families, we reconnected with old friends, we landed that fab new job, we paid off a credit card, a car, a home, that new wrinkle is a memory of all the fun times laughing with friends, who the hell cares about pants, some of you guys really need to realize you are way hotter with a few less hairs and a few more gray around the temple, and fill in the blank _____________.
Happy Dog!!

OK OK there were horrible awful rotten national and international incidents, each having an impact on our lives.  We are still at war, crazy people gunned down innocent men, women, and children, hurricane Sandy wiped away homes and lives, Benghazi, Lybia, the economy, and topping it all off:  Kim Kardashian is going to be a mother....

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My point is to reflect on what comprised the year, the 366 (it was a leap year right?) days of ups and downs, successes and failures, poor judgement calls and stellar ones, goals achieved and goals still being worked on, all part of  the journey through this life.  I've enjoyed my journey through these 366 days, no regrets, lots of laughs, and awesome memories.

My goals for 2012 were simple:

  • Run once race a month, including a 1/2 marathon and train for a full marathon (stretch to run a full marathon)
  • Read or listen to 100 books (stretch 150)
  • Knit 10 pairs of socks (stretch 15)

Nothing out of my immediate control.  No solving world hunger, curing cancer, bringing world peace, these are things we need to do jointly, each of us playing our own part in efforts to achieve those goals.

So let's see how I did:

  • Running -  16 races including 4 1/2 marathons and 1 full marathon.  Logged 1,031 miles!
  • Books -  116 (does not include reading to my nephew)
  • Socks - 2 pair so guess someone was reading or running and not knitting?

Totally with in my immediate control.  My efforts to cure cancer came in the form of fund raising and running races.   I did my little bit towards easing local hunger.  As for solving world hunger and bringing world peace, well, not so sure I have any documented proof...

Looking back on my year.  That NY driver could have actually taken me out (affording me the opportunity to knit more?).  My running adventures allowed me to explore different running routes.  I figured out the importance of communication and friendship.  Like many others I learned that running is cheaper than therapy.

I am grateful for all the experiences of 2012 and can only hope as many, or more, opportunities for experiences are presented in 2013!

Beth, who needs to set some goals for 2013!

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