Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why not Wednesday...

Checking in from Brooklyn NYC!  Don't ask me how I ended up in Brooklyn, between booking a room for a set of meetings requiring the overnight stay in Manhattan getting canclled and not a day later another meeting getting scheduled with the same requirement, of course I couldn't get the original room and ended up out in Brooklyn versus Midtown for the night. 

This mornings conversation with one of the admins:
Liz:  "Beth, how is it you come in to the city once a week from RI and are here at 8:30?"
Me:  "Ah, it is much easier commute earlier?"
Liz:  "Your nuts. Hey, we have the department holiday thing tomorrow. Are you coming in tomorrow?"
Me:  "Yep"
Liz:   "Please tell me you are staying overnight."
Me:  "Brooklyn"
Liz *looking very concerned*:  "Where, exactly?"
Me:  "The Sheraton on Duffield Street" 
Liz:  "That isn't a great neighborhood. You couldn't find something in Midtown?"
Me:  "Ah, no... Well, it will be an adventure!"
Liz:  "You are simply not right in the head are you?"
Me:  "Your just figuring this out?"

I met up with a gal pal I haven't seen in far too long for some dinner and drinks and catching up.  But that isn't why you tune in...

Monday was batshit crazy at work so no squeezing in a run for me... blargh...  Although I do need to give my knee a break, so all in all for the best.  TRX was on the agenda and good as always.  I'm nearly able to complete rolling planks for the full 30 seconds.  Whoop!

Tuesday I got to run, and nearly 6 miles.  Yeah, why didn't I just keep going the extra 0.03?  I thought I did...  oh well.  But hey, my minute per mile pace is improving!!

Green shirt to remember a friend!

It was a yucky cloudy rainy day.  The rain started getting a little more serious as I was finishing up.  Hmm  I should have gone another, mile I like running in the rain.  Stretching in the gym after I met up with someone asking if it was raining outside.  "Ah, yeah, and getting a little bit more serious about it."  She said, "You LIKE running in the rain?"  As if there is something wrong with it?  I replied that I liked it and she replied that she didn't like to get her shoes wet.  Huh, never really considered that...  oh well.  I can't stand the dreadmill. To each his own.  Although I do sort of feel sorry for the hampsters on the dreadmill when I venture outside for my run.  Maybe they think I'm nuts?  Feh, whatever...  I'm happy, and that is what matters, right?

What are your thoughts on the dreadmill?  Running in the rain?  Wet shoes?

So now we are at Wednesday.  I remember my few years at Star Prairie Elementary School in Star Prairie Wisconsin and spelling.  Not sure which grade, Mrs. Kanutson or Mrs. Fish and the name of the 4th grade teacher escapes me.  Huh...  well February and Wednesday were two words I could NEVER get correct.  Ok milk was also one, but that was because of phonics and I say it "melk" and well it isn't spelled like it sounds.  Anyhoodles, whichever teacher sat me down and sounded out  wednesday and februaryand how to spell them, thank you!  Each time I spell one or the other I think Feb RU ary and Wed Nes Day.  Educators are an important part of our lives and society and they just don't get the recognition they deserve.

I'll get to run again on Friday, hopefully on the trail, but work is batshit crazy, so perhaps not...

Beth, in Brooklyn


  1. Dreadmill? How dare you call it that! I love it, helps me with keeping a consistent pace...