Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Beach Run!

6 miles on the beach this morning.  No shoes, no tunes, just the feel of the sand in my toes and the sound of the surf in my ears.  I got a bit of a late start.  Intended on getting up at 6 and heading out the door.  The alarm went off, and I didn't get up.  Lazy I suppose?  Or in need of more sleep?  In any event I was out the door after 8 and some what reluctantly...  by mile 3 I was in the grove and happy to be out running and kicking myself for delaying.

The wind was at my back, which made for a bit of a sweaty run.  Approaching the Charlestown Breachway the seaweed made the ocean look like Borscht and smell even worse.  When I touched the rocks on the breachway and turned around, I felt the breeze and smelled the smell a bit stronger.  But wow, it was nice to run into the breeze.

Love the elevation map from the run.  All of 10 feet.

My pace of 11:39 may not be stellar, but hey it was in the sand and barefoot and this is my fun run for the week.  I will make this a tradition to start my Saturdays, when I am not racing.  My Saturday run schedule per 'the plan' varies, but hey, once the plan it put together it sort of goes out the window right?

It is pretty though, isn't it?

Took a nice hour long nap this afternoon.  I may have over done either the running or the drinking or both last week.  Or just underdone (is that a word) the sleeping/recovery?

Tomorrow is a 10 mile run, in-land, with a co-worker.  I'm nervous and excited.  He is a speed racer and I am a distance slogger, so it could very well be interesting.  He is hoping I help him with distance and I am hoping he helps me with my speed.  Could be a match made in heaven or hell... only time will tell.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Today is a rest day.  Boy did I need it!!!  Between starting a TRX class and over doing it a bit and then upping my weekly mileage, yep, no running was a good idea.

On the schedule was Yoga, so maybe not a total rest day, more an easy day?  How is a rest day defined?  In any event, Yoga.  We celebrated our legs and feet tonight.  I owe mine a great deal.  They get me from place to place quite nicely.  They put up with being stuffed in shoes, with being stuffed in 4.5" pumps from time to time.  They enjoy being left free to roam the beach with just toenail polish to adorn them.  They also garner me compliments from passing strangers.  Who doesn't appreciate a "Nice gams honey" or "Nice thighs" or "Killer calves" from time to time?

I took my lovely and wonderful legs and feet for a walk on the beach with my elder dogs to celebrate the end of the week and my legs and feet.  Dorky?  Perhaps.  But all in all my other choice was to go see "Magic Mike"  which I will take myself to see at some point.  My dogs, my tootsies, and my gams however, are far more important and deserving of my attention.

And my girl certainly took the opportunity to scrub off a little bit of energy.  Love her!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

3.5 miles on the trail today.  I love Bluff Point.  I really really do.

The route is about 3.6 miles, for the main loop, there are variations of the loop you can do, a steep uphill climb to the left at about 0.8 miles in takes you to a break point where you can continue on the Bluff Point trail or head out to Mumford Cove and hook into the Haley Farm trail.  Or you can do the loop, and have the benefit of the nice long slope down to the end to really push it to the finish line.

All in all a great run.

I do love this trail, it was one of my very first accomplishments as a runner.  Took me 49 minutes the first time around and I can clip it out in about 30.   Not to shabby.

I am loving running with the water bottle, although my neck muscles would say differently.  I need to RELAX.  Yeah, right.

Tomorrow is a rest day, yoga in the evening, the hubb is out to boyz night and I think I may take myself to see Magic Mike after yoga.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5.5 miles in the books!  5 miles on the schedule. I don't need to over achieve but once I hit 5 I just don't want to stop!!!!

My body aches from TRX and then the run.  A good ache.  A little Advil and some Jack is helping.  A good nights sleep will be the best remedy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Today is a rest day if I go to Manhattan.  I did not go to Manhattan....  Walked 3 miles at lunch with a friend who IM'd and said 'Wanna walk?' Fortunately I had my sneakers with me as I was going to a TRX class at a friends house.  So we walked and talked and caught up, and got a little sun and a break from the overly air conditioned office

TRX was 5 - 6 and great.  There is room for 4 students and there were 3 of us.  I can feel it a bit and will feel more tomorrow.  I am fairly muscular and incredibly weak, which is weird.  SO there is lots of room for improvement.

After dinner I took two of the four dogs for a walk on the beach...

So this is what a rest day is like?  I'd hate to see a busy day!

Tomorrow is a 5 mile run on the schedule.  I may need to swap my Wed and Thur runs.  I will see as this training program progresses.

Monday, June 25, 2012

3.4 miles, 3 miles on the schedule.  Legs feel great.  75 minute yoga class.  Body and mind feel great.  All in all a great Monday.  I read something on Facebook that said Mon is French for ME so truly this MONDAY was a MEDAY.   Think I can deal with Mondays, now, knowing this fact!

Tomorrow is a rest day. It will be a TRX day as tonight's TRX was cancelled due to not enough of the gals being able to make the class.  The instructor needs 2 of the 4, it was just me.  She had an opening in tomorrow nights class.  I am so there.  Generally I am in NYC on Tuesdays, due to a bosses vacation and a no one to meet for drinks, what would be the point of getting up at 5 a.m. and then not getting home till 9 or 10.  I'll take my breaks where I can get them.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Volunteered for a local Sprint Triathlon and Olympic Distance Triathlon this morning.  I didn't look at the course map and really had no idea what this was all about.  Fortunately this did not deter me from being helpful.  My job was to stop pedestrians from crossing a pedestrian bridge which was part of the race course.  Most people were OK with clearing off the course.  There was one little girl, 2 maybe 3 who I would have love to have kicked as she stared at me with this 'die bitch die' look in her eye after I asked her nicely to get off the path because there were runners coming.  Let me just say that I didn't say anything nice to the little girl after that and her mother had to drag her off the course.  SO yeah, there is a mean girl in training, right there.  What is it with all these lenient parents, kids should be respectful of adults AND terrified of them...

Anyhow, it was somewhat inspiring to see all these people running, swimming, and biking.  Not nearly as mind boggling as the marathon runners at the Gansett Marathon, but what do I know from Marathons to Tris?  So I'll put one of these on my list for next year and begin working on the swimming part.  I am NOT a strong swimmer, in fact I am a teensy bit scared of the water, so this should be interesting.  I can bike, mountain bike so how hard could street biking be.  Wonder if I'd have to buy a new bike, hmmm.....

Today was a 'long run' well 6 miles on the beach with not shoes I don't know if that qualifies as long, but it sure was fun!  I think I may have a little blister developing on my left big toe, either from my hike in the woods with Jax yesterday or the 6 miles on the beach.  Who gets a blister when they run in sand?

18 weeks from now I will have finished my first marathon.  Krikies, hard to believe it is 4.5 months away.

*bites nails*

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good lord did I last post on the 5th of June?  I did take a little vacation away from reality and life, so that accounts for 9 days of the lost 18, lets chalk 2 up to prep and recovery and now we are at a loss of 7 days...

My Marathon training starts in earnest on the 25th, Monday.  This gives me 18 weeks to built up my body to prepare physically for the 26.2 mile I will run with Lung Cancer Alliance's Team Lung Love during the Marine Corps Marathon on October 28th, in Washington, D.C.  Mental preparation, who knows.  Anyone have any suggestions?

I ran during my vacation, logged 35 miles, thanks to two runs of 10 miles each I either didn't read the map right or got lost, so there you have it.  I can get lost in a circle.  Wonder if I can get out of a wet paper bag with a toothpick too?

Not really sure what I want to accomplish here, other than logging my training and getting into the habit of writing every day.  I suppose I should let friends know I am writing this so I can get feedback?

Sometimes it is nice to just blather on to someone, but I am never really sure if they appreciate my blathering or it is just an annoyance.  I once had a co-worker who said he enjoyed my stream of consciousness eMails because they first gave him insight into how my twisted mind worked and second they also gave him an alternate way to look at a problem.  This didn't prompt unnecessary stream of consciousness eMails to be sent, maybe more to be composed and then reflected upon later.  I do miss working with him, doubtful I will ever have the opportunity as he has relocated to Northern WI and there is no way my husband is going to be willing to re-locate there no matter how much money I make!

The inner geek in me drafted a training plan, albeit a bit optimistic, in excel.  I just need to fit in the miles and I should be well prepared for the 3 half marathons, and 15K this summer topping off with a Marathon before the winter trail series starts.

Tomorrow I am volunteering, traffic and safety for a local triathlon.  I am hoping for mucho inspiration watching and cheering on these athletes.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We had a few hour reprieve from the relentless rain.  I took two dogs to the beach, hubb took two dogs to the field.  We now have four exhausted dogs! Yeah!

The three miles on the beach wore me out a bit to. All the storms have churned up the very soft sand and walking definitely expended a few more calories then usual!

I had the two G boys, which is a switch up.  Usually I have the old fogies and hubb has the young ones.  Fortunately G the first was not trying his damdest to influence G the second to be a bad dog and we had a mostly pleasant walk, except for the parts where the beach is narrow due to the Piping Plover fence off...

No running today.  Tomorrow, for National Running Day I am breaking in a new pair of shoes.  Totally different than my usual Asics Kayano, we were supposed to do something different.  Hope this qualifies.

My panic about mapping routes for my vacation is settling in.  I will do that on Thursday, most likely because work has decided to get crazy, of course, the moment they find you are going on vacation chaos abounds!

Monday, June 4, 2012

4.1 mile run around campus today.  My GPS watch is giving me problems again.  Pace was about 9:30, pretty typical and not to shabby for the wicked wind.

Yoga tonight, nearly balanced in Crow.  I'll get there.  May need to try when I am fresh and not at the end of class.  It is totally a mind thing.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Need to write every day...

Friday's trail race was great.  I had been averaging 11:20 pace on it (7.4 miles) and blew that out of the water with a finishing time of 1:16 and a pace of 10:20  Just the thing I needed to get me moving faster again.  Races seem to do that for me, sort of a tune up or a re-calibration.  I need to throw in a couple of 5Ks to get my pace up.  Or run on the dreadmill... ugh.

Saturday was Shape Up RI to benefit Girls on the Run RI.  I was a running buddy for a 4th grader named Sophie.  She was a cutie, a little nervous.  We finished in just over 40 minutes, which isn't bad considering the first 5K I ever ran I was well over 40 minutes.  Which reminds me I do need to start a log of all my races and times and how I was feeling.  I should mention it was POURING rain.  I give Sophie a lot of credit to run in the rain.  One of the other running buddies said she wasn't sure she would show up if it was just her racing in the rain.  I don't know if I would or not.  Going forward I will run more in the rain.  What fun splashing through the puddles.  Probably will be fun until I get my first blister from such nonsense!

I didn't run this a.m. Jack and I had a long chat last night and well I'm a little delicate.  Probably tonight though.