Sunday, June 3, 2012

Need to write every day...

Friday's trail race was great.  I had been averaging 11:20 pace on it (7.4 miles) and blew that out of the water with a finishing time of 1:16 and a pace of 10:20  Just the thing I needed to get me moving faster again.  Races seem to do that for me, sort of a tune up or a re-calibration.  I need to throw in a couple of 5Ks to get my pace up.  Or run on the dreadmill... ugh.

Saturday was Shape Up RI to benefit Girls on the Run RI.  I was a running buddy for a 4th grader named Sophie.  She was a cutie, a little nervous.  We finished in just over 40 minutes, which isn't bad considering the first 5K I ever ran I was well over 40 minutes.  Which reminds me I do need to start a log of all my races and times and how I was feeling.  I should mention it was POURING rain.  I give Sophie a lot of credit to run in the rain.  One of the other running buddies said she wasn't sure she would show up if it was just her racing in the rain.  I don't know if I would or not.  Going forward I will run more in the rain.  What fun splashing through the puddles.  Probably will be fun until I get my first blister from such nonsense!

I didn't run this a.m. Jack and I had a long chat last night and well I'm a little delicate.  Probably tonight though.

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