Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lonely Run

I goofed off on Saturday.  Slept in, really slept in.  After sleeping through the night.  So not much to post about.  Although I did finish my socks and pick out a new yarn and pattern, but this is a running blog not a kintting blog and well I don't want to be accused of false advertising!

And now on to something you may really like.

My long run plan this a.m. was going to be to run to the beach run a 5K with a friend and run home, which would total 13 miles, 12 was on the schedule so we were good with mileage for the long run.  Woke up to pouring rain, I love the sound of it drumming down on the copper porch roof just not that heavy drumming down on my head.  Ugh, I don't really want to deal with a race in the rain and potential blisters, since I now seem to be getting them, WTF?  Begged off the 5K plan and set out to start running when the rain lightened up and looked to be a gentle rain.

Rain!  That means bright clothes - check!  Then let's do this thing!
A fellow Team Lung Love member is running a 1/2 in Maine this weekend, so we ran our 1/2's together, in a manner of speaking.  Maine looked as dreary as Rhode Island from the picture she posted on FB.  She was smiling like the champion she is, love the always positive outlook and attitude!  You go girl!  Hopefully she fininished her 1/2 in less time than I did!!  (2:28)

While I was reviewing my stats and Hubb was asking some interesting questions about the data I collect and what it tells me I realized that I didn't do my loop in the park.  I did stop and snap a picture in the park, there were people doing what I think is Tai Chi in the mist.  Looked peaceful.

Tai Chi?  Wilcox Park

I just ran on through admiring the flowers and totally forgot to hang a right and do my loop.  How long have I been doing that loop and I forgot, really? Beth, really?  Wow... yeah, hope it was a joyful distraction to cause you to lose focus like that, impressive, actually.

Traffic was kind this morning, stopping way before I reached the cross walks to get over in to CT.   Thank you drivers, are my rantings paying off?

What I did run across, ok bad pun, were 2 runners and 2 walkers wearing dark clothes, really people it is rainy and cloudy, this is a windy hilly road and your not visible.  What are you thinking?  Obviously NOT!  I will give them credit enough they were running / walking respectively against traffic, so there is that little bit of common sense.  I was happy to see two bikers dressed brightly. LOVED the womans Elmo shirt, bright red and perfectly hillarious! At least I think it was Elmo, well my distracted mind thought it was so that is good enough for me, for now.  When I got back to RI, and was in town, there were two runners dressed brightly, KUDOS!!!

I could see them WAY off in the distance, as could the drivers!

I enjoy all the regular things I see on my runs.  Look forward to them actually.  I've run by the high water markers and evacuation route markers for many months now.  Today I decided to see how tall I was:

Nearly 10 feet tall!
Well when I run I certianly do feel tall and proud (look a little dorky, hey I own it)!!
OORAH Semper Fi, baby!
What was missing on this run was my shadow.  I love running with her, sometimes she is in front of me urging  me on, sometimes she is right beside me keeping pace, other times she is behind me, most surely pushing me on wards.  I love running in the rain, it is peaceful and exhillarating, I did miss my shadow.  I tried to see if I could see her in the puddles, not so much.  Alas, the sun did come out a few hours after I ran so I took my shadow and two of the dogs (and their shadows) to the beach.

Gus and Gizmo and their shadows


Feh, it will do.

Totally forgot the loop in the park!  Gahhhh

Pacing / Elevation  A little scattered, I'll have runs like these.  All in all I felt good.


Beth, looking forward to running with her shadow again, soon!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Magic 8 Ball Says "Signs Point to Yes"

The Friday night Yoga class is advertised as detox yoga.  I desperately needed to detox this week.  The combination of blowing off some steam by acting like an irresponsible 20 something at a bar and yoga, may have brought me to homeostasis.  Good grief, between work craziness and training for my first marathon it is no wonder I haven't been sleeping. I haven't had a full nights sleep in I can't remember how many weeks. It can't possibly be normal to not sleep like a rock after a 20 mile run, I didn't.  2 a.m. is wicked mistress, she is desperate to get between me and my pillow and seems to be succeeding in her quest.

So I ask myself, "Self what is going on?"  Of course, when presented with any serious questions in life who or what does one consult?  Why, the Magic 8 Ball, of course!

I shake the ball and ask:  Could it be over training? "Don't count on it".
I shake the ball and try:  Could it be caffeine"? "Reply hazy, try again".
I shake the ball and plead: Could it be stress?, "Better not tell you now".
I shake the ball thinking I may be on to something: Could it be I be in a rut? "Signs point to yes".

So yeah, a rut.  Same thing week in and week out.  While the OCD in me LOVES being on a schedule, loves the predictability of knowing what is going to happen next, the, other, would it be ADD me or just plain wahooo lets open door #3 and see what happens side gets bored.  Bored bored bored and wants a surprise, a new adventure, something unexpected every now again.  The par for the course getting shaken up is wicked fun!  Desire for both stability and surprises don't have to be mutually exclusive, do they?   I crave a bit of both. 

In Yoga tonight Heidi started differently. Hmmm...  I thought, has she had a 3rd cup of cappuccino, if so we could be in for a wild ride, giddy up!  Usually we do three OMs in a seated position and start our practice in Chakravakasana (Cat - Cow stretches).  This time we started practice in Balasana (Child's Pose), then to Chakravakasana and finally up on our feet in Tadasana.  This is where we, with hands in Yoga Mudra over Hearts Center, did three OMs.  Exactly the surprise I needed. So different, the sound of the OMs.  Peaceful yet invigorating.  

Practice was not easy, we did a lot of Phalankasana (high plank) and Chaturanga Dandasana (low plank) in our asanas. Twists to get the toxins out.  Virabhadrasana I and Virabhadrasana 2 (Warrior) for strength against the universal warrior (ignorance).  All that made Adho Mukha Savasana (Downward Facing Dog) and Balasana (Child's Pose) both resting poses, so much more rewarding and restful.  Heidi encourages us to verbalize during class.  Well, the ahhing and groaning from four middle aged women in a Yoga studio on a Friday night, resulted in snickers.  When Heidi said "screaming is ok too" snicker giggle snicker giggle and then  "Oh, I wasn't going THERE" was said.  We all lost it.   Oh good grief, what are we going to do if men show up in the class?  Guess we, the Friday Night Yoga Chickens, have been so used to being the Friday Night Yoga Chickens will have to cross that road when we come to it?  Maybe answering the age old question of "Why did the chicken cross the road?".

Weather on tap for the weekend is fairly rainy.  Long run for tomorrow is 13 miles.  It will be a wet 13 miles, it will be 13 miles. Maybe more?

Beth, the middle aged teenager

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Catch Up On Odds and Ends Wednesday (Rest Day)

Rest Day!  Time to catch up on odds and ends and spend an evening at home, ahhhh....


I didn't report back on how the Superfeet Insoles worked for yesterdays run.  Yes, I did wear them for my 6 mile mid day run on Tuesday.  They felt a little stiff and weird at first, like anything new takes a bit of a trial period to figure out what is going on.  I totally forgot they were in my shoes before the end of the first mile.  At the end of the sixth mile I did remember they were in there mostly because my heel didn’t have any ache to it.  I did ice my heel after the run and will continue to sleep in my boot.  I do think this insert will help me manage the PF heel pain and guide my strides to be less focused on hitting on the heel first!  Not sure if this is a forever or a temporary thing.

This really doesn't have anything to do with the insoles, but most days I feel sort of stiff if I sit for too long.  Last night upon getting up from the high top table I 'needed a minute' to stretch everything out.  I usually do when I sit at my desk for long periods of time.  My friend said "When do you turn 50?"  I said "5 years" She said "You aren't OLD enough for that crap and besides, your in decent shape, what gives?"  Honestly I hae no idea.  Anyone else out there have any thoughts on this?

I may try spending a few hours a day standing instead of sitting at work.  I can raise up my workstation to work standing.  I know, doesn't that seem a little weird? It does seem weird to me.  Then again, running a marathon seems a little weird to people to. Weirdness is all relative.


A couple weeks back I put out a plea for sponsorship for the Marine Corps Marathon.  This will be my first marathon,  I am running with the Lung Cancer Alliances's Team Lung Love.  A little bit about the Lung Cancer Alliance, their mission is to provide support to Lung Cancer patients and their families, advocate for more government funding for Lung Cancer treatment and early diagnosis program.  While I do have a donation goal, I am also respectful if people don't or can't donate.  If they did want to support me, they could still support me by nominating songs for my running play list.  Of course the donors could also nominate songs. This was the latest batch of nominees:

“Express Yourself”  Madonna
“Jump Rope”  Blue October
“Hate Me” Blue October
“Get A Grip” Aerosmith
“American Pie”  Don McLean
“Saturday Night” Bay City Rollers
“Flashdance…What A Feeling”  Irene Cara
“I Wanna Be Sedated”  Ramones
“I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” Ramones
“Praise You” Fatboy Slim
“Right Here, Right Now” Fatboy Slim
“Enter Sandman” Metallica
“Leave Out All The Rest” Linkin Park
“You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid”  The Offspring
“Working My Way Back To You Babe” Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
“We Will Rock You” Queen

No one is every voted off the play list unless I really can’t deal with it for whatever reason.  Just because “Mambo Number 5”  Lou Bega is on my list doesn’t mean absolutely ANYTHING goes, the fact “I’m Too Sexy”  Right Said Fred does, or so I’m told.

Anyhoodles a brief recap of getting used to some of the songs:

Aerosmith, I listened through the list at work and found I wasn’t a big fan of the song.  I was at my desk, and well the environment is fairly caustic, so consider the environment.  When Steven Tyler belched in my ear and told me to “Get a Grip” it was at the precisely right time during my Sunday long run, damn I love it when things work out like that, I was sold.  A long slow up-hill I had been dreading from the beginning of my run.  Don’t you hate it when you do that to yourself?  So I got a grip and got up that sloping long hill and was a better person for it.  Thank for getting me out of my own head for that span of time!

Fatboy Slim, oh good grief I had no idea who sung those song so when a friend said “Anything by Fatboy Slim”   actually she said “Anything by Fatman Slim”  220 221 whatever it takes.  I did the sneak peak listen on Amazon and went, wow, so cool I had no idea who ‘sung’ those songs.  I downloaded the whole album and may pick a couple more.  Awesome to run to, I can sing along and get lost in my head, beauteous!

Ramones, really Beth?  Why did you have no Ramones?  Perfect, for just pounding along and recalling a band from my youth that played a few Ramones covers their original 'melodies' were in that same style.

I’d of never added Madonna to my list, “Express Yourself” is perfect and was suggested because, my friend always does have a unique way of expressing herself and I can think of some of the crazy things we did together, way back when.

Hubb nominated "Working My Way Back to You Babe” while it is a little slow, it is always a reminder that eventually I will be back home.  Awww…

All the songs are appreciated and I think about the person who recommended them to me and just smile and run along lost in my thoughts, memories, or just taking in the beauty of my running routes.

I'm finally finishing a pair of socks I started knitting in February!  My goal was one pair a month for 2012.  Well that didn't happen.

Gus decided to experiment with 'free feeding' yesterday.  He ate too much, we aren't quite sure how much but he put a big dent in the food bag. We are switching foods so the 'new' food isn't in the container (with a screw top), and well he found the bag and nosed it open and had a ball.  Well, tonight at dinner he was not too hungry and a little scared of the food.  Hubb said he figured it out with the morning poop clean up.  There was A LOT of Gus poop... Poor guy.  We have the bag closed with a piece of granite on it to thwart further 'free feeding'.


Beth, relaxing

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The weather was perfect for running today.  Breezy, sunny, slight chill in the air.  I packed my long sleeved Team Lung Love jersey in my gear bag and was quite happy to wear it for my lunch time run.  What I forgot was my Garmin.  Luckily I have an iPhone and Map My Fitness so I could see what I did pace wise once I was done.  And since I had my iPhone I also stopped a few times to snap some pictures.  Worked out perfectly as the next run after a long run be a recovery run?  Leaving the Garmin on it's charger in the kitchen was my enabler to run at what ever pace felt right.

My usual route at work.  I seem to run it clockwise while everyone else runs it clockstupid.  I'm not sure why.  I really like the steep hill at the end and the long slow climb at the beginning, rather than the other way around.  But then again Sir GIS Alot was the one who showed me the route to begin with and that is how he ran it so, well, there you go. I'm a creature of habit and training.

The lovely weather and blue skies were my enablers to just stop and snap a few pictures here and there.

I love all the neatly stacked lobster pots and fishing gear!
My route takes me on one out and back and there was a small out and back I took just after that one.  I may explore down there a bit more.  No pictures snapped.  My boxer buddy wasn't out guarding his yard at the end of out and back #1.  My next 'stop' is UCONN's Avery Point Campus, the view of the Long Island Sound behind the buildings was so sparkly.  There are also a bunch of ducks perched on the rock in the middle, sunbathing I imagine!

Then we get into campus a bit and this is the first bit of beauty I see.  Up a set of stairs and on to a brick walk way, and around the point. Lots of interesting sculptures.  I started thinking about how awesome a place this is to work and to run in, and why didn't I marry for money instead of love so I could spend more time enjoying the scenery.

Then I saw this bench, I had never really noticed it before, the flowers caught my eye.  This is why I married for love instead of money.  The feeling of love and contentment just radiated out of that granite bench.  Awwww.

And then it was back on the road and up and around and back to Crazy Land.  

This run enabled me to bear through the rest of my work day, that and a note saying "Sunday 10 a.m. - Inaugural Lions Club 5K in Misquamicut"  Sundays are my long run days, they have been for such a long time that I hate to mess with that equation.  But hey Misquamicut is 5 miles from my house so I can run to the race, run the race, and run home and I'll get in 13. How could that plan fail?

Further enabling me to focus on my work and just plow through and be productive was this popping up in my in-box "6 p.m. Dog Watch, Be There" I haven't heard from this friend in ages.  She is going through some crap and sometimes people just need to be left alone.  I was there at 6 and so was she.  Couple of cocktails and probably the messiest and best burger I've had in eons!  Of course the gossip and chit chat was awesome.  She seems to be doing better, or at least is realizing that she is completely normal.  Don't we all need to be reminded that we are completely normal?


Not a fast run, but I did enjoy it and snapped a few pics!

The lines are blurry but there is a second out and back before the Avery Point loop and I have no idea what that blue segment is all about

Pacing is consistent!

Beth who appreciates all who enable her to live each day to its fullest!

Monday, September 24, 2012

What Happens at TRX Stays at TRX

I woke up and bounced out of bed.  Hubb said "Your pretty spry this a.m., not feeling any pain?"  I thought about it a minute and said "No, wow, my body must be getting used to this abuse." Hubb said "I do believe it is, congratulations for not hobbling!" It is the little things that sort of make you realize that while it is MONDAY, there is no reason to have "A case of the Mondays".

While my sleep was interrupted for about an hour insomnia or lord knows what, perhaps still a bit jacked from my accomplishment?  While Jack and Jim do assist me to get to sleep  they don't necessarily keep me asleep.   My girl Sage was there to be cuddled with and my asleep hubb held my hand as we both cuddled with our girl.  Sleepy time came back soon enough.  I love those little moments and I think hubb does too.

Mondays are TRX and the class start time moved up 30 minutes so it gave me some time to run a few errands.  One being getting a new headlight bulb.  If the parts store wasn't so busy I'd of asked the guy to 'help' me change it, unfortunately it was busy and I'll attempt this tomorrow, looks simple enough, famous last words.

A stop at the sporting goods store was in order.  I picked up a pair of Super Feet inserts, a fellow yogi said they were awesome and should help with my PF and give my arches some support.  What the heck.  I will try them on my next short run.  There weren't any interesting running clothes on the clearance rack so I only bought the inserts.

Of course I had packed my running gear along with my TRX gear.  It was such beautiful fall weather for a run, but I really should give my legs/hips/feet a break and let them rest.  Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Plus, now, I have these new Super Feet things to try out.  My at work course is between 3 and 6 miles, I think I'll opt for the long route and see how it goes. As Scarlet says "Tomorrow is another day."

One thing discussed at TRX, I will share, was the Shades of Gray trilogy.  I could barely get through book 1, it was poorly written and same old same old with the S&M.  I like to get attached to my characters and felt like I'd never know why Christian was so f'd up.  Apparently you get to that towards the end of book 3.  I'll still pass.

TRX  from Centered Work Out Studios

Beth, who is not in pain!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Yesterday someone asked "Who is doing LSD tomorrow?" I love that phrase Long Slow Distance.  Somehow making it OK for the long run to be slow gave me a little more encouragement to be positive about my long run and to, most importantly, take it slow.  Slow and steady gets you to the finish line.

I left the house before 7:30 and walked to the end of the block, already for my new goal: 20 miles.  I would truly be a distance runner when I got back to my home, wow!

I took it slow knowing that I had hobbled a bit yesterday with the PF, yeah that and I did run a 5K race at a decent pace Sat a.m. plus a 3.5 trail run on Friday.  Instead of setting myself up for failure I took it in, ahem, stride and knew that these two events pre-long run were going to present me some over use challenges with this PF injury I continue to nurse as it slowly gets better.  It IS getting better, just slowly.  PF can be beat, or maybe managed.

Everything felt fine before I left the house and pretty much during the whole run.  Porta potty break at Green Haven Marina mile 4.5ish, what am I going to do if they remove this for the winter.  YIKES!!!  The view at the end of the second out and back was stunning as usual.  It was a gorgeous day. Started out a little wet and as the sun woke up the puddles dried.

My heel did start to ache around mile 11 and I fought changing my gait as I knew that would cause other problems. This part of the run there are some steep up hills and down hills so not unexpected.  Keep on keeping on as nothing was in PAIN.

I did have ONE knee tweek when I stopped for water and Gatoraide (mile 13).  This was a pretty lengthy pause maybe two minutes and I stood still for part of it to refill my water belt bottles. 20 or so steps to get everything back moving again and I was fine to continue on.  Only 7 more miles to go.

The usual run back in to RI from CT.  I avoided any incidents at the gas station by crossing over a block or so before.  Seriously drivers we aren't targets, the only points you'll get for hitting us are the ones on your drivers licence.  Oh that and a potential manslaughter charge.

As I would get tired and frustrated, this seems to come and go, weird, or maybe not?  Anyhoodles, my thoughts went to the people in my life. I thought about my friend Marie who also had her very first long run today.   Thought about my BIL and the 250 lb man chasing him and keeping him keeping on.  Thought about Don running a 1/2 this a.m. and how the hell does he run so fast.  Thought about Ann and wished all to be well, it will be, someone just needs to worry and I've nominated myself as that person.  Thought about my husband how he made it a point to stay home until I got home in the event I called desperate for him to pick me up.  Thought about my parents and all the hell with the rebuilt of their house after the fire on December 26th and what a lousy piece of crap to be handed to still not be in their home.  Thought about Cathy and Joe  running for the Brookfield Zoo, go team Pride Rock! Thought about JoAnn, I did not die, and how the hell is her Iron Woman training going, and wouldn't it be nice for my biggest hill to be a boat bridge.  Thought about Wade (unmentionable), Rod he will run again, Sheila how much YARN does she have...

All of these thoughts seem to happen at just the right time, comparing and contrasting the challenges and success these folks experience with my current reality.  We ALL have "opportunities" and we all have chosen to deal positively with these "opportunities".  Impressive.  Perhaps this goes back to peace, and being at peace internally and the positive impact that has on the external world?  Hmmmm....

Just before I got home this guy was cheering me on.  Thanks pup!  I always say "Hi" to all the pups I see when I run.  Dogs are so happy when they are out on a walk, out on a run, or out riding shot gun!

I had aimed for 4 hours to complete the run, I completed in 4:16 (well 4:22 elapsed time).  I'm not going to pick on myself for the 16 minutes (or the 22 minutes).  Krikies 20 miles is tough, tough, tough.  Guess this makes me tough, tough, tough?


Overall Stats

I like this because is shows elapsed time.  That and elevation - JoAnn!!! 
Pace / Elevation  -- Stops noted, this makes up the 6 minutes of non moving & elapsed time!


Route - pretty funky looking, eh?
Beth who did it!  Damn I really did it!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


The day started out with the off loading of heavy equipment outside our home just before 7 a.m. Damn, the only day this week I get to sleep in.  Well there was a 5K I wanted to run today, wanted to and didn't want to.  I have 20 miles on tap for tomorrow, hence today my only sleeping in day this week.   I figured I would just run with the goal of keeping my pace even.  I do believe I did that!

It was a beautiful morning for a race, despite starting with the beep beep of heavy equipment and cloud cover and sprinkles, the ugly weather was gone pretty darn quick.  I decided to wear a long sleeved shirt, whoopsie.  It wasn't too warm with it on.  It is fall after all and appropriate to wear long sleeved running gear!

The reason for the race was to raise funds and awareness for Mesothelioma.  Gary fought a valiant battle against this horrid rare disease. It was an honor to run among many New London firemen supporting Gary's family and the cause.   Following is an article I can't even begin to paraphrase.  Be sure to have some tissues handy.  Gary Batch

The course was an out and back, plenty of volunteers directing people and trying their best to keep the drivers from plowing us over.  There were a couple of irate drivers.  Seriously people, share the road, I know we runners do our best to share with you!  Besides, killing someone by running them over with your car is still murder, so hey, don't commit murder, relax and ease by us, please.

When got back home from my adventure the workers were still digging up the street, they had moved down to in front of my house, yippiee and I had 80 lbs of dog food to lug in the house.  Good thing I was all mellow from meditation last night and endorphin-ed up from my run, or it could have gotten ugly.

31 minutes, not bad!


Route, out and back!
Race Results:
Place 42/118, Chip time: 31.31.3, 6th in my division.

Beth welcoming her favorite season, fall

Friday, September 21, 2012


Today is International Day of Peace and National Run at Work Day AND National Run at Work Day

National Run at Work Day: Started in 2006 by the Road Runners Club of America to promote physical fitness.

While I didn't run at work, I did leave early to run my favorite trail, Bluff Point.

Bluff Point (Sept 2011)

It was a nice run, felt like being back in a lover's arms after a long absence.  I felt the love of the trail and the love for the trail.  It went well with the whole International Day of Peace theme and meditation the balance of my day experienced.  Running itself is meditative and peaceful for me, it takes me out of my own head and into my own head all at the same time.  My pacing was even especially on the hilly part and the last 1/2 mile was down hill and smooth and I felt like I could have kept running to the car.

My initial thoughts running down the trail were about a friend who told me today she spent last Friday with a Lung Specialist, and this week getting all sorts of tests.  They don't know what is wrong yet.  She has pain in her back, low and only on one side, probably pleurisy, swollen lymph nodes  probably pneumonia, nodules in her lower lungs, undetermined, biopsy pending.  All I could say was "This is going to sound alarmist, however you know where it is coming from, a place of caring and love. Please tell me they did not rule out Lung Cancer out of hand." She said "The doc did not."  The doc did ask about her smoking history AND her exposure to cigarette smoke.  Oh how this makes me happy.  Her exposure to cigarette smoke was through her childhood, and she never smoked.  She also has Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis so there is a whole autoimmune thing going on there too.  Doubtful it is Lung Cancer, however to have the doc not dismiss it as a possibility really gave me hope.  So many women with no smoking history get diagnosed with Lung Cancer because they didn't smoke, Lung Cancer is dismissed, well you only have to have lungs to get Lung Cancer, right?

A lot of my run was thinking about my friend, and her family and hoping, praying, meditating this was just pneumonia she picked up on a business trip.  She was also a focus of my meditation tonight.

Towards the end of my run I was recalling when I couldn't even run the full 3.6 miles of that trail.  Feeling like I could run more when I finished was such a wonderful feeling!!  Driving home I felt very proud and at peace and excited for my next two adventures Yoga and Mediation.

International Day of Peace:  In 1981 the United Nations General Assembly stated September 21st the International Day of Peace, the first day was celebrated a year later in 1982.

Peace starts from within.  If you are peaceful and interact peacefully with others, chances are pretty high they will interact peacefully with you.  Several times a week we have an announcement "This is a bird free day".  Ever heard of the game Angry Birds?  This is where the statement was coined, because when specific people are in the office they are, Angry Birds, and generally bring a wholly unpleasant atmosphere to the office.  I do believe this has been discussed with them, and they see no issues with their behavior.  To each his own.  When the birds arrive the ear buds are firmly implanted in our ears and we try our best not to be subjected to the toxic conversations.

Angry Birds (from Angry Birds website)
Someone noted yesterday the vibe changes to the work space.  One of the birds was in for a half day.  It was noted, the ear buds went in and heads down elbows up was the stance assumed by nearly everyone in the work-space. When the bird left, it was like everyone's neck grew 3 inches and their smiles returned, the vibe was happy, and the air seemed cleaner.

I went to Yoga tonight, and then to a meditation specifically honoring International Day of Peace, afterwards.  One of the regulars brought two friends.  Sister desperately in need of some peace.  Their brother committed suicide earlier in the week. Yoga is good for finding peace and getting into out our of your own head.  What a wonderful friend to bring them to yoga.  They also went to the meditation afterwards.  Ultimately, seeing them during and after the meditation, it looked like they found some peace.

When Heidi talked about peace, and the four stages of inner peace, all I could think about was the general calm and jovial vibe in the office. And how, that negativity by one, two, or three people just makes the office unpleasant, poisonous, or toxic.  I do my level best to maintain a good and positive mood and vibe.  There are days when I am off my game and the guys (and my Hubb) call me out on it.  I love them for that.  They just say it like it is "Beth, what crawled up your ass?"  "Beth, who pissed on your grapes?" or my Hubb's favorite "What IS your malfunction?"  Generally I will announce that I am "In a mood, give me some time, I'll get back to normal."  for the times I don't I do appreciate being 'called out'.  Part of peace is being true to yourself and those around you.  This honesty at home and at work, is a blessing.

The meditation was interesting.  For starters it was in an old bank building I've always wanted to see the inside of, so there was also that motivation. My insatiable curiosity does serve me well!  There was a spiral laid out in the center of the room with a candelabra in the middle and small candles around the outside of the spiral.  Kinda reminded me of the Godsmack video Voodoo, yeah, I am weird like that.  We meditated for 30 minutes with bowls, gongs, bells, being played softly in the background, very cool.  We ended the meditation standing in a circle around the spiral holding hands and singing "Om Shanti Om".  Very cool.

I felt very centered and at peace.  There were a few tears shed during yoga and during meditation.  Emotional cleansing.


Route, looks like Italy in the mirror, eh?

Splits, that last 0.5 is down hill and I love it!

Decent pacing with the hills!  Happy Happy!

Beth, who is feeling peaceful and hopes to radiate peace to others

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Another hill session tonight.  A couple friends suggested a hill in a neighboring town.  It was a about a 1.5 mile run TO said hill.  Not bad, good warm up.  I wasn't quite feeling like running tonight, but I begged off taking all four dogs to the beach to run hills.  I better run hills, damn it.

Isn't he a beauty? 70 feet in elevation over 0.2 miles.  Puffy heart!


Arriving home I found a package waiting for me!  Woot!  A Nathan water belt, the new one with the zippered pocket and all four bottle with race caps.  Hubb said, "You need two of these belt things?"  I said "Yes, like you need an entire room filled with RC plane kits."

Half of the room

I washed out the bottle for the new Nathan (it is pink, so cute) and filled them with water.  Changed over the iPhone holder.  The iPhone fits in the zipper part but I wasn't sure how well a pack of GU chomps would work.  Doubted I needed them I wasn't going to run more than 5 or 6 miles I figured.  But always good to test stuff out.  The belt is a little bouncier than my fuel belt, I think this is because the belt is more meshy and lighter and doesn't fit as snugly.  I should have gone down one size.  It sat nice on my hips and a mile or so in I wasn't even really aware of it.  Just like my Fuel Belt.  I know I wasn't going out on a long run, why bring that much water?  Well, I was running hills and I did want to see how my new toy worked and frankly I'm over feeling like a big geek wearing the thing.

To get to that hill there was a little hill at the bottom of the street and a rail road crossing. The evening train was coming so I ran up the hill to the crossing, back down and by the time I got back up the train had passed so now it was on to the 'real' hill.  He is a beauty.  Slow slope in the beginning and then a whoop up to the top.  It was fun.  I felt more power each time I went up.  All 5 times.  It was starting to get late and my PF foot was squawking a little.  I do have a 20 mile run this weekend, so I need to not injure myself prior to it or DURING it.

I walked back down the hill.  I wanted the more extensive recovery and to save my knees a little bit.


Aren't the little hills cute?

My pacing was decent.
Beth who ran hills and is happier for it

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Mixed Up Week

After yesterdays fiasco with no sports bra I packed two last night.  At least if I keep packing appropriately I'll always have a spare or save myself in the event I mess up again!  Smart cookie, I am.

40 days until Marine Corps Marathon.  Holy crap.  I'm nervous, my stomach is doing flips.  I guess this is to be expected.  I saw someone had posted a walk/run combo they were going to try.  It is too late for me to change my training, less than 6 weeks to go I shouldn't do anything new, right? I did do one thing new, based on today's run I think I am fine with the small personal tweak I made.

I snuck in a 4 mile run this morning, pre lunch.  It was nice.  The humidity spiked up with some weather system due to make tonight a wild night.  Tie down your boats and put away projectiles!  It was 73 F with a breeze and higher than expected humidity.  I kept it at about a 10 pace for my run.  It felt really good.  It has been a while for a coolish day to run during work.  Many of the other runners were out taking advantage of the weather.  Nice to see!  I always seem to be going opposite of them.  I like to do the steep hill towards the end.  (see pace/elevation).  My pacing was a little off.  Not sure what was going on, seemed to be all over the map. I wasn't checking my watch much, just running and waving and generally enjoying being outside away from my desk.

Do you dread the first couple of miles?  It seems to be narrowing down to the first mile and part of the second, so that is good.  Perhaps it is because I only planned on 4 miles?  Curious on your thoughts/experiences.


Right around a 10 m/m pace I walked the first "Lap"

Route, hill is the chin area
I run the route clockwise starting at the red blob

Pace / elevation

Beth, not having any amazing or funny stories from today's run

Monday, September 17, 2012

I Got Nothing

No TRX, No Running, just a walk in the park with the old Fogies.  The weather is cooler and dryer and the two of them tore around like maniacs.  I am sure they will sleep well tonight!

I did go to the gym to change to run this afternoon.  Opened up my bag started taking things out and no sports bra.  Well damn.  I can't run in the regular, not the right kind, and then what would I wear back to the office?  I did have 5 pair of socks, I suppose I could have fashioned something?  One of the women said you can borrow mine.  Ah, no.  I"ll just keep spare in the zipper part of my bag, just in case.

Lesson learned!

Tomorrow morning I can sneak in a short run and I should be able to get a long one in on Wednesday, perhaps a trail run!  Woot Woot!

Beth who isn't about to run in an inappropriate bra

Sunday, September 16, 2012

We All Run For Something

Today was the 4th half marathon I have run in my running career, we are approaching the end of year #2 of me as a serious runner.  Seems like this is something I have always done, I suppose in a way I have...

I set a goal of 2:15, knowing my PR is 2:17.  Ok, so not really pushing it, but hey I have another 7 miles to run later to day to keep on track with my marathon training plan!!!  Cut a girl some slack.

I met my goal, at least according to my Garmin.

After laying out my racing outfit, I had a momentary concern that the temps (predicted to stay in the 50s until 10 a.m.) would be too cool.  Do I go with a short sleeve or a long sleeve shirt?  I went with short, and it was perfect.  Long would have been too much, plus it isn't really fall yet!  It was  BEAUTIFUL day for a race, cool, dry, breezy, who ordered this weather?  I want to tip them!!

It was pandemonium at the starting line.  2,000 runners I heard someone say.

I think that may be a little high, but we shall see when the official race results are published.  There were pace runners.  I lined up in the area of the 2:15, which was my goal and I figured this would help me to not blaze out of the gate.  Well the bazillion runners in front of me did help with that.  I kept it at a 10 m/m pace for mile 1.  Perfect.

We went out and around Weekapaug and were able to see the elite runners as they passed back towards the beach.

The first water stop was just that a STOP.  WOW!  I was not paying attention and smacked into someone, whoopsie.  I was off in my own la la land with the new tunes on the iPod!  The Weekapaug loop is nice, although the pavement is a little bumpy and you do need to watch where you are planning for your next foot fall or it could be a shocker if it is a hole or a bump!

Back towards the beach I was feeling really good, focusing on landing mid foot and PUSHING myself forward rather than landing heel and PULLING myself forward. My heel is in a bit of pain as I type this, but nothing like races or long runs previous.  I saw an older man with a shirt honoring his fallen son.  Later on in the race we both walked the same water stop.  I put my hand on his shoulder and said "I am truly sorry for your loss."  He said "Thank you."

Captain Ben "Pokey" Sammis MARINE Semper Fi

This made me think, we all run for something.  I run for Lung Cancer, well yeah, and to have long talks with Jack, mostly I run for my mom, for a cure / awareness / compassion about Lung Cancer.  This got me thinking about my race singlet for Marine Corps Marathon.  A dear friend lost her mother in February to Lung Cancer, Diane and my mother shared the same Oncologist and support groups, my mom says how weird it is to not see Diane and her husband Al in support group.  I think I want to have an additional mom on my race shirt.  I know my mom would be proud to share the space with Diane, I can only hope her daughter will agree, and I'm pretty sure she will.

There were lots of interesting shirts in the race.  I liked these two next best.

Chasing Down a Dream - Old Guys Rule
I have no doubt the woman in pink is going to achieve her dream.  She was clipping along brilliantly and had a smile on her face!  Makes me proud.   And well Old Guys Rule, well they do.  Someday my hubb may actually have gray hair, just a bit around the temples, for now he has his full head of thick sandy brown wavy hair.  He may not look like an old guy till he is in his 60's and possibly will never loose any hair.  Totally not what I am accustomed to coming from a family where the men loose their hair early and every one starts getting gray in their 20's.

We ran past the beach and down through Watch Hill.  What a beautiful place.  I figured out where my training run went wrong, route wise wrong.  I went up the longer sloping hill rather than the race courses steep get this over quick hill.  That was really the only hill and then it was down hill with a couple of mini hills until we reached the end.

I was so sad so see this girl start walking. I got up next to her and said, "you are doing great, you only have a little ways to go (0.2 miles) don't give up!"  She said she was on her 'walk break' and everything was OK.  Pshew I hate to see anyone, so close to the finish give up.

There were a couple of women in orange shirts they wizzed past me, well not wizzed but were going faster than I was.  Less than a half mile to go and it was time to get on my crazy legs, as did the women in orange.  The three of us just tore it up to the end.  Kind of nice to find other crazy legs in the chute.  I told them they were an inspiration for me to step it up and the one said to the other 'she made me and I think I am going to vomit'  I agreed that was a good idea.  My tummy had not felt right since the pre-race porta potty visit. *shudder*

Once through the chute, medal and water obtained. I ran into a former co-worker.  I could only remember his nick name "Buzz Light Year" (eventually I did remember his proper name) and said "Hey Buzz" and lifted up my sunglasses.  He said "Damn Beth how the hell are you?  How is Crazy Land?"  we bantered back and forth about Jackass (Work Husband), Number One Smart Guy, Shrek, and G-Dogg.  He isn't really enjoying the 'California Culture' of his new company, he said at least at Crazy Land if you pissed someone off they were right in your face about it and you could settle the issue, California Culture is full of backstabbers - he is slowly getting used to it.

Yep, he still looks like Buzz

A nice couple in the parking lot snapped a post race picture for me, I felt pretty damn good about what I had just spent the last 2 hours and 15 minutes doing.  It is lovely to feel proud of oneself, don't ya think?



Pace / Elevation

Beth who is feeling proud of herself.