Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The weather was perfect for running today.  Breezy, sunny, slight chill in the air.  I packed my long sleeved Team Lung Love jersey in my gear bag and was quite happy to wear it for my lunch time run.  What I forgot was my Garmin.  Luckily I have an iPhone and Map My Fitness so I could see what I did pace wise once I was done.  And since I had my iPhone I also stopped a few times to snap some pictures.  Worked out perfectly as the next run after a long run be a recovery run?  Leaving the Garmin on it's charger in the kitchen was my enabler to run at what ever pace felt right.

My usual route at work.  I seem to run it clockwise while everyone else runs it clockstupid.  I'm not sure why.  I really like the steep hill at the end and the long slow climb at the beginning, rather than the other way around.  But then again Sir GIS Alot was the one who showed me the route to begin with and that is how he ran it so, well, there you go. I'm a creature of habit and training.

The lovely weather and blue skies were my enablers to just stop and snap a few pictures here and there.

I love all the neatly stacked lobster pots and fishing gear!
My route takes me on one out and back and there was a small out and back I took just after that one.  I may explore down there a bit more.  No pictures snapped.  My boxer buddy wasn't out guarding his yard at the end of out and back #1.  My next 'stop' is UCONN's Avery Point Campus, the view of the Long Island Sound behind the buildings was so sparkly.  There are also a bunch of ducks perched on the rock in the middle, sunbathing I imagine!

Then we get into campus a bit and this is the first bit of beauty I see.  Up a set of stairs and on to a brick walk way, and around the point. Lots of interesting sculptures.  I started thinking about how awesome a place this is to work and to run in, and why didn't I marry for money instead of love so I could spend more time enjoying the scenery.

Then I saw this bench, I had never really noticed it before, the flowers caught my eye.  This is why I married for love instead of money.  The feeling of love and contentment just radiated out of that granite bench.  Awwww.

And then it was back on the road and up and around and back to Crazy Land.  

This run enabled me to bear through the rest of my work day, that and a note saying "Sunday 10 a.m. - Inaugural Lions Club 5K in Misquamicut"  Sundays are my long run days, they have been for such a long time that I hate to mess with that equation.  But hey Misquamicut is 5 miles from my house so I can run to the race, run the race, and run home and I'll get in 13. How could that plan fail?

Further enabling me to focus on my work and just plow through and be productive was this popping up in my in-box "6 p.m. Dog Watch, Be There" I haven't heard from this friend in ages.  She is going through some crap and sometimes people just need to be left alone.  I was there at 6 and so was she.  Couple of cocktails and probably the messiest and best burger I've had in eons!  Of course the gossip and chit chat was awesome.  She seems to be doing better, or at least is realizing that she is completely normal.  Don't we all need to be reminded that we are completely normal?


Not a fast run, but I did enjoy it and snapped a few pics!

The lines are blurry but there is a second out and back before the Avery Point loop and I have no idea what that blue segment is all about

Pacing is consistent!

Beth who appreciates all who enable her to live each day to its fullest!

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