Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Mixed Up Week

After yesterdays fiasco with no sports bra I packed two last night.  At least if I keep packing appropriately I'll always have a spare or save myself in the event I mess up again!  Smart cookie, I am.

40 days until Marine Corps Marathon.  Holy crap.  I'm nervous, my stomach is doing flips.  I guess this is to be expected.  I saw someone had posted a walk/run combo they were going to try.  It is too late for me to change my training, less than 6 weeks to go I shouldn't do anything new, right? I did do one thing new, based on today's run I think I am fine with the small personal tweak I made.

I snuck in a 4 mile run this morning, pre lunch.  It was nice.  The humidity spiked up with some weather system due to make tonight a wild night.  Tie down your boats and put away projectiles!  It was 73 F with a breeze and higher than expected humidity.  I kept it at about a 10 pace for my run.  It felt really good.  It has been a while for a coolish day to run during work.  Many of the other runners were out taking advantage of the weather.  Nice to see!  I always seem to be going opposite of them.  I like to do the steep hill towards the end.  (see pace/elevation).  My pacing was a little off.  Not sure what was going on, seemed to be all over the map. I wasn't checking my watch much, just running and waving and generally enjoying being outside away from my desk.

Do you dread the first couple of miles?  It seems to be narrowing down to the first mile and part of the second, so that is good.  Perhaps it is because I only planned on 4 miles?  Curious on your thoughts/experiences.


Right around a 10 m/m pace I walked the first "Lap"

Route, hill is the chin area
I run the route clockwise starting at the red blob

Pace / elevation

Beth, not having any amazing or funny stories from today's run

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