Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lonely Run

I goofed off on Saturday.  Slept in, really slept in.  After sleeping through the night.  So not much to post about.  Although I did finish my socks and pick out a new yarn and pattern, but this is a running blog not a kintting blog and well I don't want to be accused of false advertising!

And now on to something you may really like.

My long run plan this a.m. was going to be to run to the beach run a 5K with a friend and run home, which would total 13 miles, 12 was on the schedule so we were good with mileage for the long run.  Woke up to pouring rain, I love the sound of it drumming down on the copper porch roof just not that heavy drumming down on my head.  Ugh, I don't really want to deal with a race in the rain and potential blisters, since I now seem to be getting them, WTF?  Begged off the 5K plan and set out to start running when the rain lightened up and looked to be a gentle rain.

Rain!  That means bright clothes - check!  Then let's do this thing!
A fellow Team Lung Love member is running a 1/2 in Maine this weekend, so we ran our 1/2's together, in a manner of speaking.  Maine looked as dreary as Rhode Island from the picture she posted on FB.  She was smiling like the champion she is, love the always positive outlook and attitude!  You go girl!  Hopefully she fininished her 1/2 in less time than I did!!  (2:28)

While I was reviewing my stats and Hubb was asking some interesting questions about the data I collect and what it tells me I realized that I didn't do my loop in the park.  I did stop and snap a picture in the park, there were people doing what I think is Tai Chi in the mist.  Looked peaceful.

Tai Chi?  Wilcox Park

I just ran on through admiring the flowers and totally forgot to hang a right and do my loop.  How long have I been doing that loop and I forgot, really? Beth, really?  Wow... yeah, hope it was a joyful distraction to cause you to lose focus like that, impressive, actually.

Traffic was kind this morning, stopping way before I reached the cross walks to get over in to CT.   Thank you drivers, are my rantings paying off?

What I did run across, ok bad pun, were 2 runners and 2 walkers wearing dark clothes, really people it is rainy and cloudy, this is a windy hilly road and your not visible.  What are you thinking?  Obviously NOT!  I will give them credit enough they were running / walking respectively against traffic, so there is that little bit of common sense.  I was happy to see two bikers dressed brightly. LOVED the womans Elmo shirt, bright red and perfectly hillarious! At least I think it was Elmo, well my distracted mind thought it was so that is good enough for me, for now.  When I got back to RI, and was in town, there were two runners dressed brightly, KUDOS!!!

I could see them WAY off in the distance, as could the drivers!

I enjoy all the regular things I see on my runs.  Look forward to them actually.  I've run by the high water markers and evacuation route markers for many months now.  Today I decided to see how tall I was:

Nearly 10 feet tall!
Well when I run I certianly do feel tall and proud (look a little dorky, hey I own it)!!
OORAH Semper Fi, baby!
What was missing on this run was my shadow.  I love running with her, sometimes she is in front of me urging  me on, sometimes she is right beside me keeping pace, other times she is behind me, most surely pushing me on wards.  I love running in the rain, it is peaceful and exhillarating, I did miss my shadow.  I tried to see if I could see her in the puddles, not so much.  Alas, the sun did come out a few hours after I ran so I took my shadow and two of the dogs (and their shadows) to the beach.

Gus and Gizmo and their shadows


Feh, it will do.

Totally forgot the loop in the park!  Gahhhh

Pacing / Elevation  A little scattered, I'll have runs like these.  All in all I felt good.


Beth, looking forward to running with her shadow again, soon!!

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