Sunday, September 23, 2012


Yesterday someone asked "Who is doing LSD tomorrow?" I love that phrase Long Slow Distance.  Somehow making it OK for the long run to be slow gave me a little more encouragement to be positive about my long run and to, most importantly, take it slow.  Slow and steady gets you to the finish line.

I left the house before 7:30 and walked to the end of the block, already for my new goal: 20 miles.  I would truly be a distance runner when I got back to my home, wow!

I took it slow knowing that I had hobbled a bit yesterday with the PF, yeah that and I did run a 5K race at a decent pace Sat a.m. plus a 3.5 trail run on Friday.  Instead of setting myself up for failure I took it in, ahem, stride and knew that these two events pre-long run were going to present me some over use challenges with this PF injury I continue to nurse as it slowly gets better.  It IS getting better, just slowly.  PF can be beat, or maybe managed.

Everything felt fine before I left the house and pretty much during the whole run.  Porta potty break at Green Haven Marina mile 4.5ish, what am I going to do if they remove this for the winter.  YIKES!!!  The view at the end of the second out and back was stunning as usual.  It was a gorgeous day. Started out a little wet and as the sun woke up the puddles dried.

My heel did start to ache around mile 11 and I fought changing my gait as I knew that would cause other problems. This part of the run there are some steep up hills and down hills so not unexpected.  Keep on keeping on as nothing was in PAIN.

I did have ONE knee tweek when I stopped for water and Gatoraide (mile 13).  This was a pretty lengthy pause maybe two minutes and I stood still for part of it to refill my water belt bottles. 20 or so steps to get everything back moving again and I was fine to continue on.  Only 7 more miles to go.

The usual run back in to RI from CT.  I avoided any incidents at the gas station by crossing over a block or so before.  Seriously drivers we aren't targets, the only points you'll get for hitting us are the ones on your drivers licence.  Oh that and a potential manslaughter charge.

As I would get tired and frustrated, this seems to come and go, weird, or maybe not?  Anyhoodles, my thoughts went to the people in my life. I thought about my friend Marie who also had her very first long run today.   Thought about my BIL and the 250 lb man chasing him and keeping him keeping on.  Thought about Don running a 1/2 this a.m. and how the hell does he run so fast.  Thought about Ann and wished all to be well, it will be, someone just needs to worry and I've nominated myself as that person.  Thought about my husband how he made it a point to stay home until I got home in the event I called desperate for him to pick me up.  Thought about my parents and all the hell with the rebuilt of their house after the fire on December 26th and what a lousy piece of crap to be handed to still not be in their home.  Thought about Cathy and Joe  running for the Brookfield Zoo, go team Pride Rock! Thought about JoAnn, I did not die, and how the hell is her Iron Woman training going, and wouldn't it be nice for my biggest hill to be a boat bridge.  Thought about Wade (unmentionable), Rod he will run again, Sheila how much YARN does she have...

All of these thoughts seem to happen at just the right time, comparing and contrasting the challenges and success these folks experience with my current reality.  We ALL have "opportunities" and we all have chosen to deal positively with these "opportunities".  Impressive.  Perhaps this goes back to peace, and being at peace internally and the positive impact that has on the external world?  Hmmmm....

Just before I got home this guy was cheering me on.  Thanks pup!  I always say "Hi" to all the pups I see when I run.  Dogs are so happy when they are out on a walk, out on a run, or out riding shot gun!

I had aimed for 4 hours to complete the run, I completed in 4:16 (well 4:22 elapsed time).  I'm not going to pick on myself for the 16 minutes (or the 22 minutes).  Krikies 20 miles is tough, tough, tough.  Guess this makes me tough, tough, tough?


Overall Stats

I like this because is shows elapsed time.  That and elevation - JoAnn!!! 
Pace / Elevation  -- Stops noted, this makes up the 6 minutes of non moving & elapsed time!


Route - pretty funky looking, eh?
Beth who did it!  Damn I really did it!

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