Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Shoes

Tuesday (my NYC day) I wore my new kitten heels.  Love them.  A couple of friends posted the picture of these shoes on their FB page and I just HAD to have them.

Ruby Slippers

Lovely aren't they?  Well I got an itty bitty blister on the inside of my right ankle.  I have a race coming up on Saturday and a girlfriend visiting Thur - Tue and we plan on doing a lot of walking and touristy stuff.  A blister is out of the question.  I'd normally slap a mole skin on it and just suffer through, but this is IMPORTANT to be fully functional.  Yes, I'm trying my flair for the dramatic, not working well, is it?  I've been told to let the drama folks handle the drama.  I should just do sarcasm....

All went well for the NY stint, the weather cleared up.  I guess it rained cats and dogs on the train ride.  I slept!

Today, Wednesday, back in CT offices.  I haven't seen my crew in what feels like a week.  I was glad to have the work hubb and A #1 Smart Guy there to keep me company along with the finance twins.  Gdogg was no where to be found, bummer.  It was a humid day, bound to be a wicked wet run.  I juggled my schedule around so I could sneak a run in from 9:30 - 11:00 and that worked out perfect.  I got in just as the lightening started and was soaking wet from the what had to be 100% humidity, luckily the temps were in the 70's and there was a strong wind coming off the water.    Weird now that school is back in session, the lot at UConn Avery Point was full of cars and very few people out an about.  Although the weather may have had something to do with that, thanks Isaac!  I got in a good 3 miles in, wait for it, another pair of new shoes!

Brooks Trance 10

They were great, nice and stable feeling.  I forgot my foot strap for the PF, the arch support was normal, I could use a bit more and this is where the foot strap comes in handy.  I need to consider getting inserts...  Nothing hurt at the end of 3 miles, so I'll call it good.

Route / Stats:




Beth, who is 2 for 2 on the latest round of new shoes!

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