Saturday, September 22, 2012


The day started out with the off loading of heavy equipment outside our home just before 7 a.m. Damn, the only day this week I get to sleep in.  Well there was a 5K I wanted to run today, wanted to and didn't want to.  I have 20 miles on tap for tomorrow, hence today my only sleeping in day this week.   I figured I would just run with the goal of keeping my pace even.  I do believe I did that!

It was a beautiful morning for a race, despite starting with the beep beep of heavy equipment and cloud cover and sprinkles, the ugly weather was gone pretty darn quick.  I decided to wear a long sleeved shirt, whoopsie.  It wasn't too warm with it on.  It is fall after all and appropriate to wear long sleeved running gear!

The reason for the race was to raise funds and awareness for Mesothelioma.  Gary fought a valiant battle against this horrid rare disease. It was an honor to run among many New London firemen supporting Gary's family and the cause.   Following is an article I can't even begin to paraphrase.  Be sure to have some tissues handy.  Gary Batch

The course was an out and back, plenty of volunteers directing people and trying their best to keep the drivers from plowing us over.  There were a couple of irate drivers.  Seriously people, share the road, I know we runners do our best to share with you!  Besides, killing someone by running them over with your car is still murder, so hey, don't commit murder, relax and ease by us, please.

When got back home from my adventure the workers were still digging up the street, they had moved down to in front of my house, yippiee and I had 80 lbs of dog food to lug in the house.  Good thing I was all mellow from meditation last night and endorphin-ed up from my run, or it could have gotten ugly.

31 minutes, not bad!


Route, out and back!
Race Results:
Place 42/118, Chip time: 31.31.3, 6th in my division.

Beth welcoming her favorite season, fall

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