Friday, September 21, 2012


Today is International Day of Peace and National Run at Work Day AND National Run at Work Day

National Run at Work Day: Started in 2006 by the Road Runners Club of America to promote physical fitness.

While I didn't run at work, I did leave early to run my favorite trail, Bluff Point.

Bluff Point (Sept 2011)

It was a nice run, felt like being back in a lover's arms after a long absence.  I felt the love of the trail and the love for the trail.  It went well with the whole International Day of Peace theme and meditation the balance of my day experienced.  Running itself is meditative and peaceful for me, it takes me out of my own head and into my own head all at the same time.  My pacing was even especially on the hilly part and the last 1/2 mile was down hill and smooth and I felt like I could have kept running to the car.

My initial thoughts running down the trail were about a friend who told me today she spent last Friday with a Lung Specialist, and this week getting all sorts of tests.  They don't know what is wrong yet.  She has pain in her back, low and only on one side, probably pleurisy, swollen lymph nodes  probably pneumonia, nodules in her lower lungs, undetermined, biopsy pending.  All I could say was "This is going to sound alarmist, however you know where it is coming from, a place of caring and love. Please tell me they did not rule out Lung Cancer out of hand." She said "The doc did not."  The doc did ask about her smoking history AND her exposure to cigarette smoke.  Oh how this makes me happy.  Her exposure to cigarette smoke was through her childhood, and she never smoked.  She also has Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis so there is a whole autoimmune thing going on there too.  Doubtful it is Lung Cancer, however to have the doc not dismiss it as a possibility really gave me hope.  So many women with no smoking history get diagnosed with Lung Cancer because they didn't smoke, Lung Cancer is dismissed, well you only have to have lungs to get Lung Cancer, right?

A lot of my run was thinking about my friend, and her family and hoping, praying, meditating this was just pneumonia she picked up on a business trip.  She was also a focus of my meditation tonight.

Towards the end of my run I was recalling when I couldn't even run the full 3.6 miles of that trail.  Feeling like I could run more when I finished was such a wonderful feeling!!  Driving home I felt very proud and at peace and excited for my next two adventures Yoga and Mediation.

International Day of Peace:  In 1981 the United Nations General Assembly stated September 21st the International Day of Peace, the first day was celebrated a year later in 1982.

Peace starts from within.  If you are peaceful and interact peacefully with others, chances are pretty high they will interact peacefully with you.  Several times a week we have an announcement "This is a bird free day".  Ever heard of the game Angry Birds?  This is where the statement was coined, because when specific people are in the office they are, Angry Birds, and generally bring a wholly unpleasant atmosphere to the office.  I do believe this has been discussed with them, and they see no issues with their behavior.  To each his own.  When the birds arrive the ear buds are firmly implanted in our ears and we try our best not to be subjected to the toxic conversations.

Angry Birds (from Angry Birds website)
Someone noted yesterday the vibe changes to the work space.  One of the birds was in for a half day.  It was noted, the ear buds went in and heads down elbows up was the stance assumed by nearly everyone in the work-space. When the bird left, it was like everyone's neck grew 3 inches and their smiles returned, the vibe was happy, and the air seemed cleaner.

I went to Yoga tonight, and then to a meditation specifically honoring International Day of Peace, afterwards.  One of the regulars brought two friends.  Sister desperately in need of some peace.  Their brother committed suicide earlier in the week. Yoga is good for finding peace and getting into out our of your own head.  What a wonderful friend to bring them to yoga.  They also went to the meditation afterwards.  Ultimately, seeing them during and after the meditation, it looked like they found some peace.

When Heidi talked about peace, and the four stages of inner peace, all I could think about was the general calm and jovial vibe in the office. And how, that negativity by one, two, or three people just makes the office unpleasant, poisonous, or toxic.  I do my level best to maintain a good and positive mood and vibe.  There are days when I am off my game and the guys (and my Hubb) call me out on it.  I love them for that.  They just say it like it is "Beth, what crawled up your ass?"  "Beth, who pissed on your grapes?" or my Hubb's favorite "What IS your malfunction?"  Generally I will announce that I am "In a mood, give me some time, I'll get back to normal."  for the times I don't I do appreciate being 'called out'.  Part of peace is being true to yourself and those around you.  This honesty at home and at work, is a blessing.

The meditation was interesting.  For starters it was in an old bank building I've always wanted to see the inside of, so there was also that motivation. My insatiable curiosity does serve me well!  There was a spiral laid out in the center of the room with a candelabra in the middle and small candles around the outside of the spiral.  Kinda reminded me of the Godsmack video Voodoo, yeah, I am weird like that.  We meditated for 30 minutes with bowls, gongs, bells, being played softly in the background, very cool.  We ended the meditation standing in a circle around the spiral holding hands and singing "Om Shanti Om".  Very cool.

I felt very centered and at peace.  There were a few tears shed during yoga and during meditation.  Emotional cleansing.


Route, looks like Italy in the mirror, eh?

Splits, that last 0.5 is down hill and I love it!

Decent pacing with the hills!  Happy Happy!

Beth, who is feeling peaceful and hopes to radiate peace to others

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