Friday, August 31, 2012

Giggling During Shavasana?

Friday is usually a short work day, take the Old Fogies to the park, and Yoga!

I left by 3, I'll call that a short work day.  Used my time wisely!  I stopped by the Library to pick up two of the Audio books I reserved.  The 39 Clues Book #10 and Dearly Devoted Dexter.  YA Mystery and an adult mystery, no one said adults can't listen to or read YA, right?  And Dexter, he is just, well, funny, despite being a serial killer.  He is not a REAL serial killer so it is ok because it is fiction.  I don't find serial killers funny in real life, just to be clear!

Took the Old Fogies to the park.  The Rhythm and Roots festival started today, in the park I take the dogs to.  So, yeah, that didn't go all that well.  They got to go for a ride, run around a bit, and take a nearly decent walk!

Then it was off to Yoga.  Or as hubb calls it "Yogurt".  He is a funny one, isn't he?

It was the usual suspects, Heidi, Debbie, Jeanie, and me!  After a series of vinyasas with lots of plank and downward facing dog (heels are getting closer to the floor!) we did sideways crow.  I got up on my left side easier than my right.  Couple more tries and I may have this!  I know, I know yoga isn't competitive, I'm dealing with this by seeing how far I can take my body and what it does as a result.  Shavasana was welcome.  I was out like a light, total blackness hardly had to erase my mind until all of a sudden this picture of Sage popped into my head.  In the full picture there are people in the picture but I didn't believe it was OK to post them in my blog.  In any event, Sage is sitting on the couch, another person is sitting to her left and a person to the right in a chair.  I captioned the photo "Sage was thrilled to try out her new cocktail conversation topics."  I nearly busted out laughing in Shavasana... I tempered it with a big grin.  I laughed out loud after I got to my car.  Love my girl!!

This is a three day weekend!  Woot!  Hubb has a friend visiting, so they will be off doing their boy stuff.  I have long runs planned for Saturday and Monday morning.  Brunch with the girls on Sunday!! Think I will run the Surftown 1/2 course tomorrow morning.  It is too early to plan for Monday's run, I do plan on going to yoga as TRX is on vacation until the 17th....

Surftown Half Course

Surftown Half Elevation

Beth, who did NOT giggle in Shavasana, even though she REALLY wanted to

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday = Hills!

Thursdays are Hill Day!  Hubb goes off to fly his RC Planes in the evening.  I've generally had a long and productive day at work, haven't had the opportunity to sneak out for a mid day run, stopped at the grocery store to restock on lettuce, spent some quiet time with the pups, and then off for an evening run, and now it starts with hills!  I do love hills, they seem to get easier the more I go up them.  Nothing tweaked tonight, woot!

Cute elevation profile, eh?

Beth who is a little tired and doesn't have much to say tonight

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

5Ks Torture or Teaching?

Tuesday was a NY day.  I was able to hook up with my gal pal E for the train ride home.  It was my turn to buy drinks (I'm noting this so I'll remember it is her time to buy next) she caught me up on all the office gossip.  Mostly I wanted to hear about her new assignment that sends her to Washington D.C. on a regular basis.  Too freaking cool, she is so awesome, and she just doesn't realize it.  Love ya E!

Tonight I ran another 5K.  These are some sort of mid-evil torture aren't they? I am happy to report I am still sub 30.  My spits do tell a story and well they tell a story I need to listen to and keep in mind.  I need to work on pacing.

What I'm totally not understanding is this pace/distance.  Or maybe it is just telling me I need to work on my consistency.

The course was familiar to me, it was in the town I live in.  Super cool to stop by the Y and pick up my race bib and then jog down to the starting line.  My friends Don and Suzan were there.  Nice to see familiar and friendly faces!  I hope they had an excellent meal at 84 High Street, hubb and I love that place.

Kind looks like an eel?

Tomorrow is hill work!  I am looking forward to that, I really am not right, am I?

Beth still sub 305K!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday, back in the swing of things

Yes, yes, yes, 4 miles were on the schedule for today, so was TRX, and knitting.  I opted to knit at lunch instead of walking or running.  My knees were a little tender.  They feel much better now after TRX, amazing what a little movement and lubrication of the joint will do for a pair of knees!

Back to the Tue NY schedule.  I'll get in a run during work on Wed then I have a 5K in the evening, on one of my local running routes! Woot this should be fun.  Especially since all I have to do is walk up the hill to get  home from the end of the race.  Hoping to be sub 30 again. Oh hell I am aiming to be sub 30 and will run like hell.  Though it will be a little bit of a challenge having run during the day, but really I don't think that will have a major difference either way.  Thoughts?

Thursday will be more hill work.  I found a hill that is a bit longer and more consistent in its elevation.  Friday Yoga.  Saturday rest. Sunday long run.  We are also having company for the long weekend, this will be great.  A friend of Hubbs from when he used to 'work for the man' is coming for the weekend.    I am sure the boys will entertain themselves and I look forward to catching up him.  I may do a long run on Saturday and then another on Monday, who knows what may happen!?!?

Beth making plans and changing them!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Things Hurt

I did it, I freaking did it!  17 miles!!  I am on the verge of sobbing right now.  Is that normal?

Per usual the first 4 miles sucked, man that mind of mine really is a major downer.  I felt a knee tweak just after the 4 mile mark and thought, oh shit.  Then I remembered what a friend's husband commented about aches and pains "If you are changing your gait change it back to your normal gait."  Gary is one smart cookie, that is for sure.  I imagine I am changing my gait in some small way.    The pain is acute and behind the knee cap and only when it tweaks.  My knees are always sore after I run, sore, not in pain.  I suppose this is Runner's Knee?  I'll look into elastic braces and start the appropriate strength training exercises to get things to stay aligned.

During the first four miles I passed the usual folks.  The guys looking a little mystified as to where they are and where is their car.  The ladies who sit on the stoop and smoke and drink coffee. The old man taking his ailing pup out for a morning tinkle.  I imagine him as some bad ass Marine back in his day. Chomping on cigars giving the grunts hell.  He has that broad shoulder build.  He is always so nice and waves and says good morning.  The couple who walk side by side and don't skootch over for anyone, cars, bikers, runners.  They had their dog with them this a.m. the dog like to walk ON the yellow line!  It isn't a hugely traveled road, but still it is windy and hilly and we should all SHARE the road!

I got up and around and down on my first out and back and felt pretty damn good, and then the second out and back was just shortly after that.  Down there I ran in to the Watch Cat.  She watched me run by the first time and was still there on the back part of the out and back.  Didn't move, didn't blink.  Cutie, isn't she?

Watch Cat
My cheerleader in the gray truck wasn't out.  I was bummed.  Still a few people did wave back when I waved.  There were a ton of bicyclists out.  Wonder if it is the season or there is a race or something?  Always nice to give and get a "Good Morning" from a fellow masochist.

Just when I was starting to get a little tired, and where everything went to hell last Sunday, Sargent Vines came on the iPod.  Perfect timing, since the iPod was not on shuffle this would play for the next hour and get me damn close to mile 17.

I love "singing" along. It is nice to just grunt or bark or say something that would make no sense to anyone not hearing what I am hearing in my earphones.   Love Love Love Love

Traffic on US 1 was good, people skootched over when they could.   Drivers paid attention, awesome, thank you drivers!  Until I got closer to civilization.  What is it with New York drivers?  Do they not pay attention.  If I wasn't paying attention he could have run me over.  He was looking left to turn right (which is totes normal) but not right to make sure there were no pedestrians.  So I did what any one would do I smacked the window and then the back quarter panel of his car.  THEN he noticed me.  I continued on my run as he pulled over to the side of the road trying to figure out what the hell had happened.  Tee hee!  THIS is why runners need to pay attention and run defensively.

I spied a tennis ball in the middle of a parking lot.  Awww  Diesel is cheering me on.  Miss ya Big Guy.

Wow, this is getting long.  Well I could take a short cut and just wrap it up with my stats.  But like I did this a.m. I decided to tackle one more hill.  It is a lot steeper than it looks in this picture. Left would have taken me on a more direct route home, and it is down hill.  I went up hill and am happy I did.  What an awesome run!

I walked the last 0.25 miles home and did a check how do I feel.  The inside of my calves hurt, they had never hurt before, better pay special attention to stretching them.  Everything else ached as it normally does.  It wasn't until I got into the shower that I found the chafing.  YOWZA does that hurt when you get water on those spots!  I've been having problems with chafing and my sports bra and I should have used some glide.  What I wasn't expecting was the chafing under my arms from the tank.  Next long run I am wearing my Team Lung Love jersey, just to see if or where that may chafe.  YOWZA that hurt. Better dig out that "Glide" from my gym bag and use it!

My stats:

The route looks how I imagine a "Dementor" looking.

Stayed under a 12 min mile overall pace, woot!

Beth who is tender in new places and says "17 miles isn't for wimps, when do I get to do it again?"

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Restful Saturday

My agenda today was rest.  The activities making up 'rest': Laundry 6 loads, full change out of bedding, cleaning bathrooms, watching a movie, and catching up on blog reading.  I do feel rested, and I am wicked ancy to run run run tomorrow a.m.

One of my girlfriends asked how on earth two people generate THAT much laundry in a week.  Well it is a bit more than a weeks worth, plus two extra sets of sheets (company coming the next two weekends), a quilt and we seemed to go through extra towels this week. I don't know how people with families do it. Laundry is done daily?

I watched First Knight, yes, yes, I am decades behind in movie watching.  Nothing ever seems good so I wait for recommendations, this one was recommended this week.  Definitely on the re-watch list.  Although it seemed like they edited out parts and then referred to them later so that was a bit annoying.  If you know the story it flows, but if you don't it may be hard to get from one place to the next.   Plus spending a few hours with Richard Gere and Sean Connery is never a bad thing!

Caught up on Running Blogs.  It is so nice to read about other people running and their thoughts and challenges. Run Pretty Far is one I enjoy for her commentary and her music recommendations.  Sometimes it feels like Jenn is in my head.  I aim for her level of endurance. She is a mother runner.  I'm a non-mother runner, I guess?  We do have four dogs and I have a full time job so maybe that puts me up near the 'mother runner' level.  My time is limited too!!

Tomorrows run will be the same route from last Sunday.  That was a nice route, and I can add on more miles to up it to 17 if I'm feeling up to it.  Read: if my knees don't crap out like last time.  Since I didn't walk 8 miles to day I think they have a fighting chance!  Wonder if Mr. Gray Truck will be out there cheering me on??

Hubb should be home shortly, oh yes, I did get to spend the day alone, just me my rest activities and the four dogs, it was lovely.  I am sure enjoyed his time out of the house as much as I enjoyed my house time.  Yep, I have the perfect spouse and perfect marriage for me!

Beth, well rested and raring to go!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby Shower

My week is all bass-ackwards.  Tuesday I was in CT.  Thursday in NY.  Today I thought it was Wednesday when I got up. Then realized it was Friday and mammogram day.  Yeah.  Oh yeah and a baby shower, that is a real Yeah!

I've been getting mammograms since I was 35, as my grandmother had breast cancer young and I frankly am of the school it isn't "if" it is "where".  What ever testing and screening I can get I get.    Mammography has changed a lot in the last 10 years.  From the film machines to these digital machines and now they are asking a few questions beforehand.  I am not sure if they are to collect statistics or why.  I should have asked.  They were when did you start menstruation, how many pregnancies, how many live births.  I thought that was all very interesting as there are statistics on breast cancer cases and those three questions.  I'll watch this space. The process is the process, our radiologists are wonderful and I have never had a bad experience with any of the radiology services.  I like the digital because the radiologist can review the images and determine immediately if something needs to be re-shot.  As usual I have a couple that need to be retaken.  I am happy to have it done then rather than getting that phone call "We need you to come back in." No matter WHAT they say, it sets off alarm bells.

The baby shower was wonderful.  My diaper cake was a big hit.  I had thought I was the only person to not know what one was I was surprised to learn that the women at the shower had never heard of one either. Didn't I feel special?

The hostess put on a lovely party and several of us stayed until the early hours of the evening.  Her youngest son came home and we chatted with him a bit before he went off to spend the evening with his girlfriend/fiancee and we got all the dish on that.  Seriously we need to find him a suitable girl, he is a sweet stand up guy who deserves better.  Her husband came home an hour or so later, he had a few beers with us and we had a good time talking about the difference in people from New England and not from New England.

I missed yoga, which sucks.  And it is my own fault for not paying close enough attention to the time.  I was having a good time and it was nice to hang out with the women.  I didn't really care for the discussions on child birth and wasn't at all interested in feeling the baby move.  *shudder*

Tomorrow is a rest day and Sunday will be the 15 - 17 mile run take II.  I am psyched for it!!

Beth who socialized with actual people today.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'll be 15 Minutes Late

I texted the girlfriend I was meeting for drinks, "I'll be 15 minutes late".  I love friends that know when I say that it means I'll be what a normal person means by "On time" arriving no later than 5 minutes past the designated meeting time.  I was at the bar at 5:00 on the dot, I took a drive around the block so I would be there at 5:05 and she was just walking in.  Pshew.  I had intended at stopping at the library to pick up some books I had on hold.  I got to the door and they were closed for the day.  Seriously?  Closed?  Well that sucks.  I dug through my tiny purse no iPhone no Blackberry, well shit, I could go home and get them and deal with the ridicule of my husband but then I figured I'd be more than 15 minutes late, which I would have been at most 15 minutes late, if the library had been open and I went back to get the phones.  Seriously, closed, ugh...

Our Library, isn't it the coolest looking building?

So anyhow that tomfoolery didn't take the 15 minutes I thought it would.  I drove on to my destination, hoping to speed up to dry my hair and my body, now clean but sweaty, WTF?  Why do I insist that I'll be fine after a shower after a run?  It was a 'short run' only 6 miles, at a slow pace, why am I so boiling hot and sweaty?  Anyone else have this problem?  Buller?  My hair was happy to be free and flying all over the place, grrrr...  Makes me miss my Capri, Chip, my $8K hairdryer as someone called him.  He was a darn good hair dryer, better than four open windows in a Volvo, for sure.  Much more even.

1991 Mercury Capri - loved this car!!
As I was jumping in the shower Hubb arrived home from his fishing trip, he caught three fluke and brought two home, mmmm we will be eating fresh fish for a few nights!  Before a scurried off to my 'date' I mentioned I met the new neighbor, Marsha.  After she said Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, I doubt I will forget her name! Nice lady, widower.  What shocked me was when she said "Where ARE you from, I can't place the accent." Krikies after living in New England for 13 years I still have my MI accent, good to know. Not that I didn't doubt I still whined my A's and dropped my T's.  Marsha bought the house up the street where the wife died on the back porch and the husband fell down the stairs in a drunken stupor, broke his neck and died just about a year later.   Wonderful couple and he really died of a broken heart, it was nearing the 1 year anniversary of her unanticipated death.  The teeny tiniest little spitfire of a compassionate giving lady you'd ever get to meet, died of a massive coronary on her back porch.  Totally not the image of someone you'd expect to keel over from a coronary. Goes to show you that you can't tell what is going on with a person just by looking at them.  Marsha didn't know all of the story, she'd cobbled it together from newspaper articles.  She just wanted to be sure he didn't off himself in the house.  I assured her it was not a suicide, he died of a broken heart.  As she is also a widower, recognizing the second anniversary of her late husbands death she 'gets it', and I believe her.  She said the first year was the worst and while it isn't easy it does get easier.  I congratulated her.  I couldn't think of what else to do.

It was nice catching up with my girlfriend, having a few cocktails, gossiping, having a cheese burger and fries, YUMMO.  Although I haven't weighed in for Weight Watchers this month, I indulged.  I'm up a few pounds but still under goal, at least according to my scale at home. Saturday, I'll go Saturday!  We caught up on the goings on of General Hospital.  I think I may start taping it and watching it...  I do so love to look at Jason, and as Steve Burton is still on the show I imagine he has only improved with age, just like a fine wine.

Today's run was 6 miles.  I managed to get turned around in my own town.  How is that for funny?  I'm blaming it on my not quite right stomach.  No!  I'm not pregnant, although that is a panic point, especially at my advancing age, and the near impossibility of it actually happening!!  I think I gave myself a touch of food poisoning by drinking tea from a mug I had stashed in my drawer at work and had not washed before drinking out of.  So anyhow, I was a bit concerned about vomiting on my run, but figured I'd run anyhow because who knows if I'll ever have to vomit on a run and well it would be good to be prepared, right? Well, not to disappoint, but no vomiting occurred.  My stomach did feel better a few miles in to the run and I got my groove on, slowly.   

See the little stair steps?  Got a little turned around there.
Beth who when she says she'll be 15 minutes late means she will be on time....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

History Lesson

Quick catch up.  Monday night was TRX.  Great class, love those gals they really make the time go by fun and fast.  Although I do need to do a little googling around to find out if drinking alcohol really does make you sweat more and more quickly.  I read somewhere when your body is in shape it sweats more quickly and more profusely.

I did smell my sweat to see if it smelled like Jim Beam Red Stag (Black Cherry), it didn't, it smelled like, well, sweat.  Hmmmm  Note: I am still a Jack girl, one of the cooks at work suggested this and it is MIGHTY tasty!!

Tonight was The Battle of Stonington 5K race.  I haven't run a 5K race in quite a while.  Girls on the Run the first weekend in June doesn't really count or does it?  I was a running buddy for that race, it was HER race not mine.

Anyhoodles the guys at work, always supportive of my running, asked why on earth was I in the CT office on a TUESDAY.  I fear I may have messed up one of their diabolical plans or something?  I explained that I had a race tonight and as luck had it my project team meeting was changed to Thursday so I'd be in NYC then.  Ah they said, the fates lined up for you, are you sure your 'charms' didn't have anything to do with this meeting moving?  I am quite certain I had nothing to do with this meeting change.  Some times things just work out.

This is when I found out there was an ACTUAL battle in Stonington CT, in August, during the War of 1812.  Holy crap.  I sucked at history, and as the daughter of a history teacher, this pains my mother to no end.  To help me learn a bit about history she always offered me historical fiction to read.  So my Civil War knowledge came from "Gone With The Wind", African slaves from "Roots", and so forth.  Even now I tend towards the historical fiction novels, what can I say, I like a story, maybe a little romance, with my history, it holds my attention.

At the start, do I ever not smirk?

My goal for the 5K was sub 30 minutes.  My girlfriend suggested I aim for 27 minutes.  Ok so that was the stretch goal.  I suppose had I not stopped at my car, to get a drink of water, I may have made it. Oh yeah and there was a lady handing out water, you can see on my pace where I stopped and hydrated.  I'm a hydrater...  we all have our vices!  I'll have to remember my friend Rod's comment.  "Your SUPPOSED to suffer in a 5K."  He has a very valid point.  There is a 5K in my town next week I think I'll sign up and work on that suffering business! And I'll bring my 7 oz handheld with me!

Splits, not too bad


Can you pick out the water stops?

So according to this time I could estimate my Marathon time right around 5 hours.  I am sure I will need to work on my speed, BIG TIME, but hey this does give me some encouragement and I will work on my speed and those hill workouts definitely do increase my VO2 max, I could feel that even after one (or maybe that was psychological?)

Beth now a sub 30 5Ker, woot.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Road Less Traveled

Today's run was 15 - 17 miles.  I had it mapped out, with the alternatives to extend to 17 if I felt like I could handle it, and ready to go!  Loaded up my Fuel Belt with water, GU, and money (so I could buy more water along the route I mapped out).

The actual route, 14.2 miles
Like every good plan there are contingencies you just aren't prepared for, and just hope for the best. I am so grateful for the folks at Greenhaven Marina, well more grateful for their porta potty.  One of the things I was very happy to see on my training run today.   And looky you can even see the little line off the course where said porta potty is located. Tee hee.

This was the second time I noticed the guy in the gray pick up truck, he beeped softly and stuck his hand out the window with a thumbs up.  Damn that made me smile.  My more paranoid friends would probably go into stalker alert mode.  I was happy for the positive affirmation.

The next off the beaten path was The Road Less Traveled, not maintained by the town, not really sure what to expect, but I figured the three miles out and back would be worth it!

Nice and shady, so far so good, little bit of a hill, not bad.   The sights I saw took me away to different times, and one well, just was disturbing.

My Father needs one of these!!
There was also a little cabin just past this sign.  Interesting little place, very neat and tidy, not at all Ted Kaczynski style. But I sorta thought I heard some banjo music.

This was a bit weird.  I know, how does a tree stump and a sign weird me out?  I think it was the glowing eyes, they caught just a hint of sunlight peeking through the trees...  Congratulations to Tom and Laura for what ever they accomplished!

Then I started seeing what I expected to see, nice houses, really nice houses, cobble stone driveways, and expensive cars.  Less than a dozen of these houses. What a view.

The view, Stonington Borough in the background

And it was back up the 1.5 miles to the main road.   A mile or so in to the same old same old, then the gray truck drove by again!  WOOT! Another THUMBS UP!!! Oh you paranoid people, settle down.  He is probably a runner too!!

My path took me straight rather than my usual right to head back home.  Uncharted territory again.  30 MPH seems to be a suggestion on the roads, as do Stop signs.  I take it all with a grain of salt.  What I didn't remember from driving this route were the hills.  Well more the big down hill.  My knees did not like that.  I think they were tired from walking yesterday?  I've never had both of them hurt so much.  After mile 11 the walking (well a little hobbling) started. Mile 12 was the gas station I thought was closer appeared.  Some Chocolate Milk and Gatorade.  Why, yes, I do have a strong stomach!  And had I been running it would have seemed closer!!

Elevation Chart

Had a nice chat with a lady advertising for her tag sale.  She asked how I liked the Fuel Belt and I gave her the pros and cons.  She has been running with a bottle on a waist pack.  She ditched the hand held a while ago, it gave her neck problems too.  Hmmmm... I wished her well on her tag sale and she wished me well on my training and on I went.

I was never to happy to see this f-cked up intersection, ever.  Crossing it in a vehicle is tough.  It is a usual 4 way intersection, however you have the added bonus of a rail road bridge pylon turning it into a nightmare for anyone turning left in any direction.  I hobbled across knowing I was nearly home, just one long hill to climb.  Fortunately going up is way easier than going down!

So what did I learn:

  1. A mile walked is way longer than a mile run
  2. What I thought was a convenience store is actually a bar
  3. A rest day pre-long run is important
  4. The road less traveled should be taken, everyone needs to see new sights
The gray pick up never appeared again.  Wonder if I will see him for next Sunday's long run? I do so love the drive by cheers!!!

My splits, if your interested.  I think I'm getting slower...

Beth enjoying icing and writing this entry.  

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Walk Day

Schedule was an 8 mile walk.  Woke up to rain and cooler temperatures.  This warranted a long sleeved shirt.  Found a nice bright pink one, perfect for the occasion on a somewhat dreary rainy Saturday.  Laced up the shoes, donned the waist pack with two bottles of water, some cash, and some GU Chomps.  The iPod shuffle seems to be working again.  I reset it. I wonder if that will do anything to help the battery hold a charge?  Donned my new Garmin Forerunner 410, I don't know why I felt the need for a new watch.  The 110 worked OK, granted it didn't pick up a signal quickly and never seemed to hold it in the beginning of my run and I had a devil of a time getting it hooked up to charge or to down load data.  So yeah, those inconveniences and for some reason I am feeling cash rich and needed a new gadget.

A fellow walker commented that she liked my top, it was easy to see from very far away.  I commented back that was the point.  I wanted to be seen, sometimes it is scary walking or running on the road.  It rained pretty much the full 2 plus hours I was out walking.  No blisters to report, and my shoes are drying out.

I run this course weekly and have walked it now twice.  I see it so differently at 16 minute mile versus a 10 minute mile.  Nothing really picture worthy what with all the rain.

The big project for the day was preparing for a girlfriends baby shower on Friday.  This required a trip to Babies R' Us.  Scary scary place for childless me!  I managed to not get lost and it only took me an hour to figure out what I wanted to purchase and how I would incorporate it into the presentation of the gift.  Shhhh.... it is a surprise.  I'll post a picture after Friday, she may read the blog.

Tomorrow's route is partially unknown, 15 - 17 miles.  I've driven it several times but never run or walked it.  Slightly apprehensive and slightly excited. Better make sure the iPod is charged I'd really like to have tunes for the run.  I'll see if it holds the charge until Monday why take a chance it really is dying.

Beth walker for a day

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday? Must be a Yoga Night!

I look forward to Friday, not because it is the end of the week, because it is Yoga night.  I look forward to each day because they all hold some special activity and the opportunity to spend time with my Hubb, the dogs, read an eMail from my mom, basically breathing.  I've never quite gotten the whole 'count down' mentality.  It seems like some people are wishing time away waiting for an event; birthday, graduation, wedding day, the weekend, or who knows.  Maybe they aren't.  I am in count down to Marine Corps Marathon, I'm using the time to prepare for the event and marking how much longer I have to prepare versus what I need to do to prepare and making a plan to use the time wisely.

Perhaps I need to change MY attitude towards count downs?  Perhaps they aren't all about wishing time away. Perhaps they are about being fully prepared for what ever is being anticipated?  Anticipation being the key word, not waiting for.  Hmmm....  thank you for giving me the time to noodle through that concept.

So Yoga, I love it.  My very first Yoga instructor was Betsy.  She was part of the Ann Arbor Public Schools Yoga program, I think.  I did a quick google search and that didn't help me place what organization she was associated with. She and her husband are/were, however, the owners of the drive through liquor store on Williams Street.  (Of course she'd remember THAT I can hear some of you saying) My mom participated in this program and that is how I got involved with this particular organization.  Betsy taught Iyengar yoga, 90 minute class on Thursday nights. I practiced under her for 5 years or so.  It was wonderful.  When we moved out East I spent a long time trying Yoga classes and just never finding the right fit.  They say that you can never replace your first Yoga teacher, true, Betsy is irreplaceable.  I have found a new Betsy in Heidi at the Westerly Community Yoga Center.  Heidi has the same qualities, she is a happy, generous soul who understands and has over come challenges in life.  This comes through in her teaching and her meditations and her being her.  After an extended break from a consistent Yoga practice I am happy and centered having once again found a Yoga instructor I click with.

Heidi started class asking us what we were looking for.  I volunteered "A medium practice", yeah sometimes it is nice to sit on the fence, right?  Debbie volunteered "Hip work".  We all agreed Medium Hip work.  Heidi was a bit bouncy at the beginning of class and we asked if perhaps she had been sipping cappuccino again?  Well, no she hadn't but she certainly felt like she had been.  After 30 minutes she said, "I think we are at a little more than medium, what do you guys think?"  We agreed and said it actually seemed like the exact right pace.  So medium had turned in to medium high and we were satisfied.

During Downward Facing Dog (I'm going to use the common terms, I am hopeless when it comes to the Sanskrit) a rest pose, I remember back 20 years ago thinking "Are you kidding me?  This isn't restful at all.  Will it ever be restful?" Now, I am happy to say it is a rest pose.

Yeah I know, hard to believe right, THAT is restful.  It is, I am totally serious!  My goal is to one day get my heels on the mat. I have wicked tight hamstrings, they are getting looser and looser.  As they get looser I am noticing other changes, my knees hurt less, my feet hurt less.  Isn't the human body just an amazing machine?

Tonight I once again got up in Crow Pose (arms straight would be Crane, the NEXT step).  This has been a tough one for me.  I am not sure why.  Well, yes I am sure why, it is mental.  Amazing how the mind has such control and you just have to well 'free your mind and the rest will follow' as the song lyrics go.
And yes we did get our Hip Opening work in!  I'm feeling mighty flexible!! 

Whilst this is not the Friday nights of my misspent youth, I am quite happy in my advancing age to have Yoga be the highlight of a Friday night.  OOOOOooooooommmmmmmmmmm

Beth the soon to be Jack swillin' Yogi.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hills, Hills, and More Hills!

Per my schedule hill work was to start two weeks ago.  Well it didn't, it started today.  And technically all of my runs contain hills so I thought BFD.  The problem was finding the right 0.4 mile hill.  There is one a few steps from my door, that will do I figured.  Not a lot of traffic so my 5 laps wouldn't prompt too many strange looks from the neighbors.  Seriously how much weirder can they think we are, we did have an orange tractor in the front yard, which turned into the front garden for about 5 years.

By the time it was removed the flower garden had pretty well grown in around it and now it is a lovely wild flower herb garden.  Although I wonder what ever did happen to those purple tulips. I don't recall them coming up this year, hmm.

In any event between the orange tractor and the metal chicken in a different garden our neighbors can't possibly think we are normal.  Oh let us not even mention the four boxers...  okay...

The elevation chart from the hills and then the run afterwards.  Oh yes, tonight was an 8 mile run, so of course I needed to log as damn close to 8 miles running as I could.  I'm just that much of a masochist.

Isn't he just the cutest elevation chart?  I did my 5 hills and then went on to apparently tackle a bigger hill.  I have to review the player to see where that monster is and how I can better incorporate that into my Marine Corps Marathon training.  Although that hill at the end is leading up TO my house so there is that gem. 

So my splits weren't brilliant but here they are anyhow:

Frankly I'm mostly thrilled I finally learned how to use the "lap" button on the Garmin.  I can segment out parts of my run I want to pay more attention to.  Like that last 0.5 miles heading to home!

All in all I feel like a million bucks.  My left foot hurts a bit when I walk on it, good nights stretch in the boot will doctor that right up.  Heck a good nights sleep does wonders for just about everything.  I'm feeling like I'll sleep the sleep of the dead tonight because I'm tired and I feel like I accomplished something.

Beth, Queen of her world tonight

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

73 Days!?!?! OMG

73 days until the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C.  I am so thrilled to be participating in my 3rd event with the Lung Cancer Alliances Team Lung Love!  We will even have new racing singlets, I hear they are no longer white, pretty excited to see what they look like. What I am most excited about is being part of the Lung Cancer Alliance family.  All the rest is just the whipped cream and cherry on top of the hot fudge sundae, but the best part is that base the core the reason for the cherry and whipped cream!

The new Lung Cancer Alliance logo is pretty styling, check out their website here:  Lung Cancer Alliance

I love love love their "No One Deserves To Die" campaign.  No One Deserves To Die

The campaign stirred up a lot of controversy and that is exactly what is should have done.  The statistics are amazing.

1 in 14 diagnosed
2 of those 14 will live 5 years

The deadliest at 160,340 deaths per year
The least funded at $1,442 in federal funding per death

Compare this to Breast Cancer

39,920 deaths per year
$26,398 in federal funding per death

Shocking isn't it?  Terrifying isn't it?

And wait there is more....

The smoking stigma must be removed.  This disease does not only happen to smokers, it happens to anyone with LUNGS.  Children, mothers, daughters, fathers, brothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, A.N.Y.O.N.E. Lung Cancer simply does not care.

This is why I am running with the Lung Cancer Alliance's Team Lung Love, this is why I speak my mind and my heart about Lung Cancer.  I run for my mother, a 5 year survivor of Lung Cancer, a non-smoker, had her last cigarette more than 20 years pre-diagnosis, setting her odds at developing Lung Cancer the same as a non-smoker.  I run for friends mothers who were never smokers, taken just months after their Lung Cancer diagnosis leaving a huge gaping hole in her and her siblings hearts.  I run for Cyndi's mom who was months away from her 5 year mark.   I run for a better, more open, non-confrontational discussion about Lung Cancer and who gets it and what can be done about it.

The Lung Cancer Alliance provides support and advocacy for those living with and at risk for Lung Cancer.   Being the voice for those who aren't able to be their own voice and increase federal funding for Lung Cancer research, prevention, and screening programs.

I am progressing on my training.  Small set back with an injury, more of an over use just needed a couple weeks rest injury before it became a 'no more running injury'.  All in all I am feeling confident and ready to take on the rest of the miles in my schedule!!!

I am falling a bit behind in my fundraising though...  If you an spare a couple of bucks for this most worthy cause I would be appreciative!!!  Plus it is tax deductable AND your employer may MATCH your contribution, wouldn't that be nice to donate $25 and have it go on record as $50, pretty cool, eh???

My personal fundraising page:

Beth, who loves to run and really gets weirded out by this asking for money stuff....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Rest Day

It is Tuesday so Beth must be in NYC.  Yep.  Strangely enough my CT based co-workers were all in NY and most of my NY based co-workers worked from home.  So it was a bit of a strange day.

Hubb asked if I had any of my usual social commitments, I think he thinks he is wise to my drinking a couple drinks with a NY based colleague.  Either in a bar on or on the train depends on which colleague...  no harm in that, right?

Today is a rest day, I am feeling a little bit of soreness from TRX, so yeah!  My calf needs a bit of work with "the stick" and I am ready for 4 miles tomorrow and hill work on Thursday!

Beth enjoying her rest day

Monday, August 13, 2012

Feeling Like a Million Bucks

I am feeling like a million bucks, really.  

Work was work, filled with Monday challenges and plenty of people with "a case of the Mondays" once you get past that and focus on what really matters, the work, and the people, all is fabulous.

My PF is doing great.  I bought another boot in Ohio.  Gus had eaten my first boot and I didn't think I really needed another one.  Well I did.  The difference that boot has made has been remarkable.  Combine that with the consistent stretching and the use of "the stick" and except for a little pain if I hit on the right spot barefoot I'd never know I was hobbling for the week before the Susan G Komen 3-Day walk.

Tonight is a TRX night.  There were three of us and the instructor.  Lots of laughs and stories.  I missed that the last two weeks.

Arrived home to the Old Fogies completely beside themselves with dinner being 30 minutes late.  This was quickly rectified by my feeding them.  I strapped on my 'fuel belt' and filled two bottles with water and was out the door for a 4 mile run.  That went well.  Loop around the park, no drivers trying to kill me, and a nice run along the RI side of the Pawcatuck River followed by a 1.5 mile uphill slog.  Well not a total slog I kept up my pace focused on smaller footsteps and when I got to the top the Marine Corps Rhythm was playing on the iPod.  I felt compelled to shout out on occasion.  Hey why not, right?

Stretching out after a shower involved me and the Old Fogies.  They 'helped' by licking me and and Gizmo "wooooo" ed to cheer me on?  Sage decided right over the top of me would be a good time to get Gizmo to play.  Thanks girl...  I managed to get all stretched out and massaged the legs with extra special attention to the left calf using "the stick"  it works, I'm sure of it.  The tightness and tenderness are nearly gone.

I also reviewed my schedule to see just how far off I am.  Well I realized I made a mistake with the dates for the SGK walk.  Below is the revised schedule with the dates right.  My 8 miles on Sun was only 2 off from what was on the schedule so I'm really not doing THAT bad!

8 13 12 Marathon Training Plan

The 17 mile run for this Sun seems a little much, but hill work does start on Thur and I am looking forward to that, really I am!!!


Beth who has her groove back

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back in the Groove

Today I was up and out on a run by 8 a.m.  Feeling fan-freakin-tastic!  Eight mile run felt great.  Easy pace, perfect cadence with the Drill Instructor "Running in Rhythm".  It was a lovely run.  Yeah, I know "Lovely" and :Drill Instructor" don't quite go together.  It was lovely because it was just a perfect pace, my PF wasn't giving me any issues.  My calf still felt tight, never painful, and never tight enough to stop and stretch.

Per schedule I was to run 15 miles.  I was nervous enough running 8.  Yes, I am terrified of injury. Hopefully not to my own demise!

I did two loops around the park, I really do like a nice run around the park.  On the first loop there was a dog training class going on.  On the second loop there was a group of Asians practicing thai chi.  It is wonderful the park is so well used and appreciated.

Ran my usual route up along the Pawcatuck River in CT and looped around and back down town and up the hill to home.  I saw some bikers, they always wave.  So sweet.  There is a couple who walk, side by side, even when there is traffic!  Really?  You can't go single file or even scootch over to the side.  It is people like this who give runners / walkers / bikers a bad name.  Automobiles and Pedestrians/Bicyclists should share the road.  Don't you agree?

In one of the vehicles was a woman waving at me!  This gave me such a kick.  I wave at 95% of the vehicles.  I try for 100% sometimes I miss a few.  Anyhow, this was so sweet.  Either she has seen me out before and remembered me waving or she was a fellow runner.  I can't tell you how many runners I wave at!  They probably think I am a weirdo, really I am so excited to see people running, and a little jealous I want to shout "GO! You are a champion!" but that would make me super weird, an energetic wave only makes me sort of weird, right?

My girlfriend begged off brunch this morning.  I was looking forward to splitting a French Toast Souffle and Eggs Benedict.  She had date day with her husband and was getting a pedicure in the afternoon.  I can only hope pedicure was code for an afternoon delight!  I used my time finishing laundry, watching more Downton Abbey, finishing a baby sweater, and making progress on my socks. Alas, no pedicure of either kind for me this afternoon, bummer.  There is always next weekend for brunch!

I picked up some compression socks at the local drug store.  I've had them on most of the day and been using "The Stick" my calf will be ready for a nice at run work tomorrow, I am quite sure.  I really am amazed at how well "The Stick" has been working to break up the knot.  Each time I use it the pain and knot are less and less.  WOOT!!!  Thursday starts Hill Work!  Two weeks late, yes I know...  remember once a schedule is put together it goes out the window.  I am not too far behind and I am not injured, I think that is a WIN, don't you?


Beth feeling fine fit and fearless

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lazy Saturday and "The Stick"

I slept the sleep of the dead last night all the way into the late hours of the morning.  The first day in two weeks I haven't had to get up to the alarm.  It was pure bliss.

Hubb took the young ones to the field to get them out of the house and the old fogies and I lazed around in bed for a few minutes and when I got up took a peek outside, it was sort of less humid and cloudy.  By less humid I mean 80% rather then 90%.  It looked like rain so I thought a quick walk around the neighborhood would do all three of us some good.  Half way down the block and we turned around, the park sounded like a much better idea!

Loaded the old fogies in to the car and off we went!

Run Run Run

And they enjoyed a little drink from all the rain we have had!

Gizmo: "Sage, really? Must you stand IN the water?"
Sage: "slurp slurp slurp"

There were some geese but they didn't bother chasing them, seems way to early to have the Canadian geese starting their trek down South.

Geese?  Already?
And nice yellow and purple flowers, making me think of two very special ladies in my life.

Once we arrived home it was decided to watch "Downton Abbey" and knit!  Yes, I am relaxing. Love love love "Downton Abbey"  Jane Austen meets sarcasm meets "oh my" meets British Aristocracy = Entertainment.  One more episode and the latest baby sweater will be 'stick a fork in it' done!

Oh "The Stick"  I had a boss who used to call me "The Stick" mostly because I would quietly observe a situation and then jump in with a well thought out question and stir up thinking (or trouble),  He would just shake his head and mouth "Stick" to me from across the table.

Not the same sort of stick is "The Stick".  My calf is still super tight, despite all the stretching and walking and yoga.  I bought "The Stick" at a big box sporting goods store and used it.  WOW!  It really did help to break up the fascia causing all the tightness.  Woot!

Tomorrow a.m. long run.  I am so looking forward to this. It has been too long, two weeks is a long time.  I have enjoyed my recovery however it is time to start back pounding the pavement. Plus I received the best gift today!  A CD of Marine Corpsesque Drill Instructor Rhythm, should be grand!

Beth back in her shoes again!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Broccoli Worms and Inner Peace

Feeling like a champ after Yoga tonight!  Heidi ended class reminding us that not only are we doing a good thing for ourselves we are doing a good thing for others.  Our yoga light also positively impacts those we come in contact with.  I really like this sentiment.  Sometimes I do feel if I am more centered and aware of myself it does improve my interactions with others and hopefully that positive interaction results in them having a positive interaction with the next person they come in contact with.

Class was lovely and we took a walk through the community garden behind the yoga center.  One of the ladies wondered if they were growing any dill but wasn't sure what it looked like.  Well I know about dill, my mother and father grew that in their garden and we always had a crock of pickles going.  I could smell the dill before I saw it and it was lovely.  Brought back childhood memories of the garden in the back yard.  The smell of the broccoli, the cauliflower, the general plant and dirt smell plus the dill.  It was so wonderful.  Something I didn't even think I really had any memories of the garden other than broccoli worms.

Oh you want to know about broccoli worms?  Well there was one in a stalk of broccoli and I freaked out.  My father simply, directly, and plainly said "Beth, eat it.  The only thing the broccoli worm has been eating has been broccoli, so it tastes just like broccoli."    I can't tell you how many times I've thought of that in one situation or another.  I doubt I ate the broccoli and had to sit at the dinner table until  both of my parents could stand it any longer, but then there were always consequences so I may have finished it.  Much like when they tried to get me to eat mashed potatoes; no matter how thinly I smeared them on my plate they could always tell I hadn't eaten any of them...  now?  I love both broccoli and mashed potatoes and I don't investigate the broccoli to much, if there is a broccoli worm, I won't even notice, as it will taste just like broccoli.


Beth who eats broccoli worms or may not, she doesn't dissect her broccoli anymore in an attempt to not eat any of it and make it look like it has been eaten.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

SGK - 60 Miles in 3 days is not for Whimps

I've been absent since the 30th of July.  Krikies...  I'll run you down on what I've been up to.

  • 7/31 That was a Tuesday so I was in NY....  what a wasted trip that was.  The folks I needed to meet with worked from home.  My usual train home partner worked from home...  I got out early enough to participate in Girls Night Out with my CT based crew, yeah!  Margaritas and Mexican food, Yumo!

  • 8/1 Dinner with the BIL and the Niece and Nephews
  • 8/2 Drive out to Cleveland for the Susan G Komen 3-day walk.  60 miles in 3 days...
  • 8/3 Day One SGK 
  • 8/4 Day Two SGK
  • 8/5 Day Three SGK
  • 8/6 Drive home with swollen legs
  • 8/7 Hair appt first day back at work
  • 8/8 Making a lame attempt at a post....
  • 8/9 Today editing and posting...
I signed up for the Susan G Komen 3-Day prior to the controversy with Planned Parenthood.  I struggled with participating.  Either way I signed up I had to raise the funds if I participated or not.  They weren't letting anyone skate out.  I can't blame them, SGK is a corporation.  It started as a non-profit (don't know this for sure) and turned into an industry.  I am a capitalist and don't fault capitalism,  It is what makes the world go round.  Socialism certainly doesn't, someone has to make the money to distribute to those who don't do for themselves.  And I am not going to fight or acknowledge political views.  So, let us just move on.

So anyhow I was apprehensive.  My PF was HURTING from the Blessing of the Fleet on the 27th.

Blessing of the Fleet towards the finish
I was petrified this could sideline me for MCM.  Of course that is a self fulfilling prophecy.  I altered my gait and caused some problems with my hamstring and calf muscle.  Focusing on getting back to my normal gait fixed most of the problem  But walking 60 miles over 3 days one is bound to get some over use injuries.

Working with the Sports Med folks they stretched me out and all was good.  Then someone said "Try this" and threw a pack of Biofreeze at me.  Icy Hot on steroids.  Well this made my leg blow up...  Petrified I had done some damage Day 3 I went to the sports med folks post lunch and they poked and prodded and said you didn't tear or strain anything, your not yelping in pain and you walked in here.  I said, "Perhaps a reaction to the Biofreeze?"  We agreed that was it.  Don't wrap it, no more Biofreeze and keep ice on it....

I finished the 3-Day with ice wrapped on my leg, well it was ice when it was wrapped, it wasn't ice at the finish line.

Let me break it down:

Day 1 - 22.2 Komen miles, they tend to be longer than real miles.  Went well, a little sore, ready for some Jack and bed by 9:30.  I was out like a light
Feeling OK
Day 2 - 21.7 Komen miles.  We both thought we were going to die.  It was hot, it was humid.  2 miles from the 'finish' we wanted to give in but didn't want to let each other in.  Out like a light by 9:30 after a nice soak in the hot tub.  I was also introduced to Biofreeze
Dying would be nice

Day 2 - 17 Komen miles.  We were happy to be done and have spent three days together.  Trish's husband was there to take pictures and be supportive.  He rocks!

All in all it was amazing, not as amazing as the first time.  Numbers are down so there were half the number of participants, only 640 so there wasn't the energy from the participants.  The city of Cleveland and the Western Subs ROCKED, totally ROCKED.  SO supportive and appreciative.

The number of houses we passed with survivors either out front greeting us or with a simple sign saying 'In support of' or 'In memory of'  what got us both choked up was the sign saying 'four survivors live here'...  and I am getting choked up, again.

After nearly two weeks break I ran again tonight, 3 miles, felt great, still muscle soreness and tightness behind the left knee, nothing else seemed off!  It was tuneless and watch-less.  Tuneless because my iPod was out of gas and watch-less because I just wanted to run and not watch my pace.

Beth who totally needs to wear another color besides pink for a few days